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A beautiful mountain with amazing views of all of StarClan's gorgeous starry lands. Because of this, it's often used as a meeting or discussion place for former leaders, deputies, medicine cats, and other various Clan staff. However, cats of any rank are allowed to climb the mountain, if they so choose. In fact, many cats make the monthly trip up the mountain to gaze at the sky during the full moon.

A seemingly endless plain, stretching far beyond where anyone in StarClan can see. Some are said to have walked the entirety of the plain, though no one has any proof. Some even say that you can rejoin the land of the living by walking all the way across the plain, though most dismiss this as an old wives' tail.

A luscious garden, filled with a variety of different flora and fauna that mimic the flora and fauna of the living world. Medicine cats spend a great deal of time here, studying different plants and herbs in case a living medicine cat ever needs their knowledge. Kits and apprentices also like to spend time here, due to the variety of nooks and crannies that are great for playing in.

StarClan's primary hunting grounds, which never runs out of prey. The trees stretch so tall that its nigh-impossible to see their tips. Close to the middle of the woods, there is a pool of water that leads to a stream; cats who were adept at swimming while they were alive love to take a dip in the water, much to the confusion of some of StarClans less water-loving members.

StarClan is a heaven for cats who followed the warrior code and lived an honorable life. They are responsible for guiding the clans with signs and omens. When a clan cat dies they are guided by a StarClan cat who made an important mark in their lives whether that be a fallen mentor, mate, kit, or other valued figure in their life. When a cat dies it merely like closing their eyes and reopening them, alive one moment and transported into the spirit realm the next.

StarClan Territory

The land mimics the waking world of a moonlit night in greenleaf. There is endless prey and no true responsibilities unless the waking world is stirring up trouble.

StarClan Cat Physique

StarClan cats leave starry paw prints, their eyes shine like stars, and their pelts glow with a strange light that makes them look like they have stars in their fur. Frost sparkles at their paws and glitters in their eyes. Their pelts shine like ice and carry all the scents of the seasons: the tang of leaf-bare, the green scent of greenleaf, the musk of leaf-fall, and the sweet blossom of newleaf. You appear in the form of yourself when you were most happy. If you were happiest towards the end of your life as an elder than that is what you would appear as

StarClan Apprentices

When an apprentice dies they receive a spirit warrior name based on their death

Sickness: Soul
Injury: Seer
Valor: Spirit
Natural disaster: Angel


1. All leaders are equal and as such they make decisions as a council and have the power to reincarnate a cat. Deputies are advisors.

2. Reincarnation can be granted to a cat by the council of leaders, but must be a majority, if a leader were to allow reincarnation to a cat without the rest of the groups decision they would be kicked out of StarClan and the reincarnate would pay the price when they return to the after life

3. No cat is allowed to travel to the land of the living through dreams or other means, they must be allowed to live their own life. This is only allowed through express permission. Failure to abide by this rule results in wandering as a ghost for a certain amount of moons

4. Living leaders who have lost 5 lives are able to walk into StarClan more easily at will, the shorter their amount of lives the more they can stay and see

5. StarClan cats keep the name of their highest rank they had or would have achieved such as an apprentice who died would receieve a warrior name in StarClan even if they appear at an apprentice age. Refer to the About section for more info

6. StarClan cats shall not affiliate with Dark Forest cats and while StarClan cats are welcome to talk to those from other after lives and can welcome them into StarClan, Ghosts are not a welcome presence in StarClan. Ghosts and Dark Forest cats can be allowed in through a trial
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roleplayed by Faith
Born as a rogue she ate her siblings out of starvation with her brother Zaffer. She survived and lived in Primal Instincts dreaming to be a Shaman. She couldn't because she needed to be related to Shaman Mouse. She found WaterClan and became an apprentice there for the medicine cat. She became medicine cat and wanted a family. She did not realize that unlike in the league she could not have kits as a medicine cat. Heart broken Blakely had kits with Zandernightmare and hid her pregnancy. She faked her death and left the place she once knew including Crescentstar, Musicalstar, and Cardinalstar. She found Toxicity while they were suffering from a plague. She created a plague doctor looking leaf mask so she would be safe from the disease and helped cure them becoming chief of Toxicity. However she became infected by the disease when her mask was torn off. She went insane and pretended the disease was still there. Her last sane thought was curing the disease so she ripped a part kits and rogues trying to find a cure that already existed. She took Commander Largo's life from her insanity and lost a life of her own. Her old leader Chief Tyre left her three kits that she raised as her own. In the end she was defeated by Primal Instincts, Renegade Regime, her own clan, and a rogue clan. She died, but was given the lives she lacked as Toxicity chief. She lived the rest of her four lives with Chaman Pebble in Renegade Regime occasionally returning back to WaterClan to assist them with finding herbs. She was a leader and medicine cat and has calico fur, with a kinked tail and yellow and green eyes.
CLAN: Primal Instincts/ WaterClan/ Toxicity/ Renegade Regime || DEATH: Killed by Kotori || GIFTED: Yes

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roleplayed by Honeystorm
Sleek red tabby fur drapes over his frame, intense amber eyes peering from the long legged, angular cat's face, yet with torn up ears and a grotesque smile permanently carved into his face. Of the StarClan cats, he is perhaps one of the more violent among them. His life was harsh, abused by his mother, the WaterClan cat, once upon a time WinterClan Medicine Cat, Yellowmoon. She killed his brother, his sister, would have killed him if she could, he imagines. And just when life became well again, when DayClan settled down, Foxstar had to come in and ruin it all. Had to kill all but one of the only litter he ever had, kill the she-cat he'd grown to care for, who he'd just convinced to leave the Regime for his own clan, perhaps with some members of her family. And then they were all dead. Two of his three kits, his mate, everyone. So he's a rather angry cat, unsurprisingly. If he could get away with it, he would raze SunClan itself, burn it to the ground in retribution and leave none but the innocent kittens alive.
CLAN: WaterClan, DayClan || DEATH: Murdered by Foxstar || LIVING RANKS: Immortal Council (DayClan)

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roleplayed by Summerthyme
Once upon a time snow collided with the sun's heat and created a tornado. Leatherstar was born and raised in WinterClan. His father, Blisteringstorm, being a harsh reserved and very masculine tom. His mother, Coralsnow, sweet, caring, gentle, and soft spoken. During Leatherstar's kithood WinterClan was lead by Goldenstar, a rather harsh leader who ruled with his claws. Young cats and adults were separated into Hunters and Prison Guards. Like his father, Leatherstar, was expected to become a Prison Guard. He had inherited Blisteringstorm's large muscular form, thick legs, neck, and tail. Long ivory claws, tall charply pointed ears, long lean muzzle, and thick chocolate brown pelt. Of his mother he had a crisp emerald gaze. Because of his fathers personality and strict expectations his parenting choices bordered on abuse. Forcing Leatherstar as a kit to walk on thorns, joust with extended claws, and hold his breath while his head was forced under rushing water. His fathers intentions to thicken his only kits skin, to force him to be the Prison Guard he know he could be. To prepare him to receive the intricate scar that would mar his pelt for life as a tribute to his strength and will power. But Blisteringstorm would never see that day. As WinterClan wound up for a battle, Blisteringstorm fell to a Primal Instinct cat. Coralsnow, brokenhearted, died in the night just a few days later unable to live without her mate. Leatherstar was now an apprentice at this time and finally had an appreciation for what his father had done to him. He did not morn his parents deaths. Instead he turned his attention on the path that had been predetermined for him since before he was kitted. But StarClan had other plans for the chocolate tom. As the feud between Goldenstar and his mate began to unravel the clan the two fought to the death leaving the clan surprised and in ruins. Within a blink of an eye an unexpected outsider stormed in and killed off the remaining heirs to the leadership, aside from one kit, Littlekit: Goldenstar's daughter, was spirited away to SunClan. Leatherstar often thought back on that time as he had grown fond of the small she-kit in ways he wasn't quite sure he understood clearly. As the stranger known as Understar took the reigns of leadership, he merely chose Leatherstar as an apprentice from the crowd and named him his deputy. Breaking every rule in the book. He received his warrior name as Leatherfern but Understar denied him his request to undergo the Prison Guard trials. The witty outsider realizing the wound marred on Leatherferns soul left by his father. During his time as deputy under Understar, you could say he looked up to the strange tom as a kit would to its father. Adopting the backwards morality lessons and tricks handed down to him by the unforgettable tom. While settling into his new role as deputy and proving himself to his older clan mates, that he was indeed capable despite his youth, he ran across a certain kit he once knew, now all grown up and as stunning as the snow covered mountain in springs clear skies. Littlekit was no longer a kit but a priestess promised of SunClan and wearing his colors like a robe of honor painted across her fluffy gray and white pelt. Her name now Littlebird. Leatherfern could remember thinking how fit that name was for the she-kit she once remembered her as. They met along their border always keeping to the unclaimed territory and rekindling that flame of friendship that grew into something more. A few short moons later Leatherfern was named Leatherstar upon Understars strange disappearance after a botched attack on SummerClan. Suddenly responsible for so much more so fast he looked forward to those moment he could sneak away to meet the love of his life. But happiness wasn't one of the cards dealt Leatherstar by StarClan. During one of his meetings with Littlebird she informed him that she was expecting. Elevated with joy Leatherstar was unprepared for what she said next. That they needed to remain loyal to their clans. They had to stop meeting. She would raise their kits in SunClan and Leatherstar needed to forget her and forget them. Life needed to move on for them both. Devastated, Leatherstar relented but as a passing gift, gave Littlestar his Warrior Bond. A bond intended only for the most connected of cats. A bond allowing each-other to feel the emotions and physical connections even across distances. Time went by in a blur. But leatherstar couldnt help but keep tabs on Littlebird. She had chosen a new mate among her own clan mates and was having a hard time with her pregnancy. He felt her pain as she gave birth to his kits in Sunclan. He ran the distance between WinterClan and SunClan as if stamina and weariness were not known to his aging bones. He arrived for their naming and was quickly and promptly threatened by Foxstar and ushered back to the border. As his kits aged he met them off and on. Fernkit and Lionkit proving to be so much in their own ways like Leatherstar and Littlebird. More time passed and he lost lives, lost leadership, wandered the territories in civil war, and returned back to claim WinterClan as StarClan lead him to. His kits were now warriors and his love now a leader. His heart was full from experiences and his body tired from a life lived over and over again. While he was a leader to many in a clan on top of a snowy mountain, he spent most of his life caring for one she-cat who chose duty over love and protecting her and his kits from the shadows. In his final moons, Leatherstar lead WinterClan to a new home, taught his daughter, Fernskip the ways of her blood heritage, and tried to right so many wrongs. In the end, the snowy mountain he loved so much claimed his final life and died beneath an avalanche of snow and ice. Fernskip spent several days and nights digging him out after the storm to give his body a proper burial. Though the she-cat was expected to lead WinterClan after her fathers death, she felt unprepared and sorrowful for her fathers passing. She decided to return to her birth clan of SunClan for the time being. Leatherstar was greeted by StarClan and welcomed in despite his many mistakes and faltering faith as a living cat. Now among the StarClan ranks he remains vigilant to Littlestar's and his kits needs. He follows them in the swaying breeze, runs with them in the tall grasses, and rests beside them in the suns warmth. Even if they can not see him. He remains close by. As he will be for them, their kits, and their kits kits. His will power and unruly heart raging within his kits. His love for Littlestar, even in death. Unwavering.
CLAN: WinterClan || DEATH: Avalanche || LIVING RANKS: Leader

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roleplayed by Honeystorm
How does one summarize an entire lifetime of meaning into but a few sentences? How do they define their happiest moment, when there are too many to count? Phoenixstar is a cat who has lived a full life, albeit one that wasn't all too easy. Her father attempted to drown her as a kit because she threatened his control of their family with her quick wit and willingness to be outspoken, her mother dead at only a half-moon of the young silver tabby's life. But she lived, and built a life for herself from the ashes. She was taken into WaterClan and raised, and one day, she became co-deputy, then deputy, then leader. Her lives were lost mostly to her three kittings, and she gave two of her lives to save the lives of her youngest litter, one for each of the two kits, two others lost from the sheer difficulty of the kitting itself, which marked the end of her time as WaterClan's leader. Her mate, and much of her other family, died thanks to the sickness that plagued WaterClan, claiming one of her last two lives, and she retired to SummerClan, only to return to her WaterClan home when Chimerahunt needed help reclaiming it from the clutches of Riverwolf. Dead only a few sunrises later, she doesn't regret a moment of anything. Her fire orange eyes fade to golden cores, as bright and spirited as ever, just like the cat whom they belong to. Kind and wise, with a sharp tongue and sharper wit, she is a cat who works to do right by others, even if it isn't easy, or popular at the time.
CLAN: WaterClan/ SummerClan || DEATH: Old Age

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roleplayed by nostalgic
With a name of a demon, Kasdeya holds all the turmoil and complexity that one would expect from a fallen angel. The first thing that one notices about Kasdeya is her unique appearance- coating her wiry frame is a coat of cream fur, with a gray tail tip, one gray ear tip, and a gray semi-circle on her cheeks and underneath her chin. Her eyes are both brilliantly colored, one a fiery orange, and one a sapphire blue with a large brown birthmark. Tall, lean, and elegant, the way Kasdeya moves is elegant and bewitching. This she-cat was born in Primal Instinct to two parents who deserted, and were killed for it. Her younger sister was the runt of the litter, and was killed according to the laws of the time. Kasdeya grew up among Vera's reign, completely alone in the cutthroat League, and survived at great cost to her morality. A self-preservationist, warped to fit the black heart of the League, Kasdeya has a brittle outer shell. Most of her life was spent on the defensive, and she grew antagonistic, biting, brutal and clever as a result. Despite never knowing any other life, she eventually fled Primal Instinct and joined Dayclan. It was hardly an easy transition. Scarred from her time in the League, Kasdeya still struggles to make friends, preferring instead to trust herself rather than be hurt by others. She struggles with the ideals of Dayclan, not quite understanding true selflessness and kindness. Trained among League cats, Kasdeya is a fearsome opponent in battle, preferring to fight dirty and maim viciously. She remains somewhat untouchable- desperately craving affection while simultaneously not trusting anyone enough to let them close. She often feels she is undeserving of the second chance she's been given- she was hardly an innocent, honorable character when she left the League, and she feels like she isn't adapting well to Dayclan. Despite her touchiness, Kasdeya has found a sense of loyalty to her new clan, letting herself change bit by bit, and trust inch by inch. Just as she was gaining traction in her development, she was killed while saving Goldenpaw, the cat she viewed as a younger sister, from a rabid fox. Starclan deemed her worthy, and she joined the ranks, her trauma lessened in the afterlife.
CLAN: Primal Instinct, DayClan || DEATH: Killed by a fox

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roleplayed by Paogirl18
A caramel brown tabby she-cat with bright amber eyes. She is a quiet cat that likes to observe more than interact. In truth, she is a shy cat and tries to stay out of others' way as much as possible. She isn't cold like her mother was but she is distant and isn't very good with socializing. She has a hard time opening up to others, sometimes with her own siblings as well. She is not sure on a lot of things outside of herbs and can seem indecisive. She trust her twin brother the most and more often than not, sticks to his side like a sticker-burr. She is a scaredy cat and is usually one of the first to get picked on. She is as loyal as can be even with her shyness. She doesn't like to hurt others' feelings and tends to apologize for even the littlest of things, such as if she even slightly bumps into you. She has learned to be brave through her medicine cat training, but can only do so when she is doing her medicine cat duty. Her mother passed away do to her own pride as she refused to ask for help when she was deathly ill. Her twin brother was the one that decided to bring them to the clans after her death and they have resided there ever since. Her twin brother is Hawksight. Her other siblings are Icerime, Wildclover and Bloodspirit. Ambersky's mother was a loner named Frost, while her father is unknown.
CLAN: EarthClan || DEATH: Old age || GIFTED: Yes

roleplayed by Faith
An orange bengal colored she-cat appearing to look like a shadowy tiger. She was born in Primal Instinct and like her mother hated her grandfather, Sean for killing her grandmother. Faith-kun wanted revenge and moved to Renegade Regime with her sister, Miracle, but her true intentions were to assassinate Sean. Faith-kun attempted to kill Sean by pushing a ton of rocks on him, but the trap failed and instead her foot became stuck in the rocks burying her alive. Faith-kun in the afterlife has become more understanding and regrets her actions to assassinate her grandfather because if she hadn’t been hellbent on revenge she would have been able to enjoy her time with her sister. She misses being alive and often watches over her family members.
CLAN: Primal Instinct/ Renegade Regime || DEATH: Crushed by rocks || RANK: Trainee

roleplayed by Paogirl18
Jynxlaughter is a tom cat named for his unlucky black fur. Even though his fur is mostly black, it has random white hairs scattered throughout his pelt and eyes that are a dead grass yellow with tiny specks of a lighter green mixed in. He is a honest cat but isn't one to back down from what he believes in, making him headstrong as well. This cat is not one to hold a grudge for more than a week maybe less depending on what happened and what the cause/outcome was. Being an energetic cat, many find him over baring or annoying at times. Jynxlaughter knows when to smother someone and when to back off but he only goofs off because he wants to make everyone smile and laugh. Some believe he is a naïve cat but in reality, he's able to be carefree and observant all in one. He is serious when he needs to and always steps up to protect his clan mates when they need it but otherwise leaves them to fight their own battles. Jynxlaughter knows when to back off in fights, when to protect his clan mates and when to goof off. He has a mate that understands his ways, such as the protectiveness and carefree parts, and gets his dream of making even the grumpiest of cats crack a smile. He also wishes for kits because they always seem to be able to bring a smile to anyone's face. Though, he's not to sure as to how he'll get those kits.
CLAN: MoonClan || DEATH: Protecting Spookbat during the battle of MoonClan vs. Pride group || RANK: Warrior

roleplayed by Paogirl18
Peanutblossom's life is a lie. Anyone would believe what they were told especially when they don't want to believe the truth. With fur the same light brown tabby as Hawksight and Ambersky's, no one would question his parentage. Even his siblings share traits that remind people of the siblings. So, how is his life a lie? With one amber gold eye and another electric blue eye, he's spotted the difference between the truth and the lie. He is in fact not Hawksight's son like everyone has been told and believes. His mother is Ambersky but he has no clue who his father is. Why would they lie to his siblings and him? He could understand lying to the clan as she would have lost her position as the clan's medicine cat. But why to her kits? Did their father even know they existed? Those are things he plans to find out, to uncover the truth. Peanutblossom has to aid anything to any of his siblings and doesn't plan to until he has all of the questions answered. That is, unless he needs their help in uncovering their true beginnings. With how his life has started, you can guarantee that he won't lie to anyone. He stays truthful to everyone he comes into contact with and is as blunt as possible so that no one can misinterpret what he says. Peanutblossom will bloom in the life of an honest, hard-working, warrior; one who plans to put his life into his family's secret.
CLAN: EarthClan || DEATH: Fell into the Gorge in EarthClan's Territory || RANK: Warrior

roleplayed by Faith
A white and cream colored she-cat with a diamond marking on her forehead. She has a red ringed tail and icy blue glittery eyes. Her mother was Angel E’tani of Primal Instinct who she never knew and her father who was a trainee at the time, Pyro-Specialist-kun who raised her as a kit. Once she was old enough he decided that bringing her to the league wouldn’t be a good idea and she deserved a better life so when he caught his daughter watching WinterClan patrols pass he took there. No one except Corpsestar knew of her past, she was made a Shard right away and grew up peacefully for a time. She had kits with a tom in Primal Instinct named Crow and knew they wouldn’t be accepted in WinterClan and especially not herself so she gave them to Hazethroat, the deputy of WinterClan to raise hoping that Goldenstar would be easier on her. Instead Goldenstar killed Hazethroat, but spared the orphan kits. Razorkiss stayed away from the kits never getting to know them, but always near them as a guardian angel. She died peacefully of old age.
CLAN: WinterClan || DEATH: Old age || RANK: Shard

roleplayed by Faith
Cloudy sunflower blonde fur with a hood of copper. He has white fluff all across his shoulders, neck, and chest with flecks of gold in it. He has Scottish fold ears and a big fluffy tail. He has amethyst eyes with marigold flecks.
CLAN: DayClan || DEATH: Killed by Elyon || RANK: Emissary

roleplayed by Honeystorm
A pretty, scarlet husky patterned and white she-cat, with beautiful cerulean eyes, delicate but not easily broken. Not that it mattered much, when Foxstar came. The Priestess always had been the ruthless sort. Cursed at birth to be obsessed with time, since her death, she seems to have been set free. Yet the patterns still remain in some form or other. Curious, but organized, she's rather patient and kind, but always willing to do anything for her family and those she loves. Neither her life, nor her death, were ideal in any form, but everyone has limited time. Hers simply came much before she'd desired.
CLANS: WaterClan, Toxicity, Primal Instinct, Renegade Regime | DEATH: Murdered by Foxstar | LIVING RANKS: Huntress(PI), Scout(RR)

roleplayed by Faith
Vanilla creamy white furred she-cat with black back legs that have a lacey like pattern at the top of her legs. She has grey spotted designs at the edges of her ears and outlining the bottom of her icy blue seductive eyes. She has a big plumed tail and silhouette light grey like undertones. She was found washed up on the side of a creek after nearly drowning with her siblings. She is the lost daughter of Yellowmoon and her grandmother is Musicalstar. Yellowmoon was the esteemed daughter of a past leader who used her status to abuse her kits. No one suspected her and when they did, they never had any proof. She ruled her kits lives in constant fear, although Vanillapaw was separated from Yellowmoon she still suffered the fate of her siblings at the paws of her mother. She was kidnapped by Yellowmoon and imprisoned in a cave where she gave birth to her kits before being slaughtered by Yellowmoon while trying to protect her kits and siblings.
CLAN: WaterClan || DEATH: Murdered by Yellowmoon || RANK: Apprentice

roleplayed by Faith
Flying without feathers is not an easy task; that is just what Whispyfeather has to endure. Her wings have no feathers, even transparent. Though others can't see them, they're there, ready to take her away. She is one of the many beautiful daughters of Copperthroat, and Amityaffliction. She takes pattern from her mother, having different descending grey colored stripes. There is only one thing that seems to hold her down, and that would be her self-consciousness considering her huge size. She has long legs that stretch tall, towering above many cats, and a narrow muzzle shaping her features. These are the aspects she earned from her father, another detail that makes him obviously his. She bears scars along her legs from her anxious apprentice moons where she spent cutting herself. She was born in a litter belonging to two lovers who had broken dreams, with Amitymemory, Balancepounce, Bellowbelly and Wheatwander. Whispyfeather wears a golden heart shaped locket around her neck, one she found left behind by a two-leg. Due to her hypnotic voice and the gentle swing of her locket she's found she is able to hypnotize those with a mind open to change. She has the feathers of honor and happiness.
CLAN: DayClan, Renegade Regime || DEATH: Old age || RANK: Queen, Raiser

roleplayed by Username
CLAN: n/a || DEATH: n/a


The Dark Forest also known as The Place of No Stars is where the dishonorable, banished, and evil wind up. They are responsible for causing mayhem and chaos in the world of living, often to avenge the life taken from them or satisfy their sadistic desires. When damned cat is sent to the Dark Forest they remain in the same amount of pain as they were while dying. The damned typically appear alone and if they die a particularly horrible life will slowly go through the transformation of turning to their monstrous self.

Dark Forest Territory

A dark forest that warps the waking world into a land of darkness and eerie nature. The dark forest is typically either too hot or too cold with no prey leading to an eternity of hunger and unpleasantness. The forest loops for an eternity, for outsiders the more you try to find your way out the more lost you become.

Dark Forest Cat Physique

Dark Forest cats appear more shadowy, the whites of their eyes turn black and their pupils are thin reptilian slits. Cats who live in the Dark Forest longer know how to hide these features while newer arrivals cannot easily hide these traits. They still possess the same wounds and scars that they died with. Some Dark Forest cats can appear disfigured and monstrous if they died in a horrifying or meaningful way. Such as a Dark Forest cat who typically killed cats with death berries may appear in the dark forest as a cat with death berry branches coming out from their shoulders. The darker the soul the more monstrous they are.


1. Not everyone is equal in death, the only worth in the place of no stars is respect meaning that anyone, kit, leader, or otherwise can step up and lead decisions with enough support and power

2. Dark Forest cats cannot be reincarnated for they do not have the power, but if a Dark Forest cat kills a heavenly cat, StarClan or otherwise they can be reincarnated. This does not work if they kill a cat from Limbo

3. All cats are allowed and encouraged to appear in other cats dreams to corrupt and ruin the lives of the living

4. Once a cat is in the Dark Forest there is no getting out unless they are reincarnated or blessed entry by a heaven. StarClan cats who enter the Dark Forest run the risk of being trapped or even lost forever. StarClan cats who stay too long lose their glittery appearance while there and instead have a more pearly texture. Dark Forest cats often call them Pearls as they are highly sought after for reincarnation

5. A Dark Forest cat must have permission to kill another Dark Forest cat by at least 5 of the forest residents. If a cat runs around murdering their own it is everyones problem and duty to kill or catch the Dark Forest cat on sight. A cat who kills without permission automatically receives a kill mark on their forehead and will be slaughtered or given the Untouchable mark. Those found to have encountered a cat with the kill mark and do not attempt to kill or catch them will suffer the killers same fate

Wolves Mouth is a massive gaping ravine in the Dark Forest. The ravine has massive stalactites jutting out like teeth in either direction. Many of the older residents tell the story of a StarClan cat who loved a Dark Forest she-cat so much that he would meet her in the mist where their forbidden love could not be seen. One day she found her love dead, a selfish Dark Forest cat had taken his life to reincarnate himself. As legend goes she tried to escape the Dark Forest digging for eternities to find the cat that killed her love, no one’s seen her since and some say she found a way out. Wolves Mouth is typically used by Dark Forest cats to throw annoying or unwanted cats down into the cavern in the hope that they won’t come up again. The inside of Wolves Mouth is a labyrinth with some of the most ancient Dark Forest cats still inhabiting them.


In the thick fog that surrounds the Dark Forest rests a thicket of white thorns blending perfectly with its surroundings. Some cats believe that if they push through the pain and thorns that they can make it out the other side, but those that have tried claim it goes on for infinity and is easy to get lost in. The Moon Briar is used to keep heavenly cats out from the Dark Forest, however there are gaps to getting in. Be careful, the bodies of many heavenly cats rest sparred onto these thorns from Dark Forest cats searching for a pearl to reincarnate them back to the world of the living.


The Never Healing Forest is the most damaged part of the Dark Forest and where every new Dark Forest cat first appears. The trees bare no leaves and just inhaling the air is harsh on the throat and lungs, some describe it as breathing in smoke. Dark Forest cats swear that the Never Healing Forest grows more every year eating away the lusher areas of the Dark Forest. This makes many of the residents of the Dark Forest more territorial, kicking out the weaker cats into the Never Healing Forest.


The creek is more sludge than dark waters, the taste is something like dirt, insect juice, and blood. Some can swear that they see the creek move and form into Untouchable cats dragging the Dark Forest cats under. Because of this, many of the residents tend to avoid the creek while other, more powerful and threatening Dark Forest cats swear that the water moves away from them.

Markings can automatically appear on a spirit or can be carved onto a spirit

Kill Mark

Kill on sight, appears automatically when a Dark Forest cat kills another without permission


This mark drains a cats essence making them appear more faded while giving more life to the cat who stole their essence. The mark will remain on them unless they give another cat the same mark, also gaining their essence back. This is considered a light punishment or prank towards especially annoying cats. Gaining too many marks of shame will make a cat weaker and more like mist. Eventually they’ll lose their ability to do anything physical, but can create illusions allowing them to appear more physical than they are.


Once the marking is complete the prisoner must obey the word of anyone who’s not a prisoner whether they like it or not. They are the lowest scum on the Dark Forest food chain. This marking is the most complex which means any cat who gets this marking was not strong enough to fend themselves and is deemed weak and deserving of it. The marking can only be removed by other Dark Forest cats who must literally maim it off of them. These cats appear inky black and more liquid than real with white glowing eyes and cannot speak.
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roleplayed by Faith
Chief Izaya had the shortest leadership in Toxicity history. He was raised by Blakelystar who he knew as Craven for a long time. Craven gave him the choice to live with his father in WaterClan or live with her in Toxicity, but he chose to stay with his mother. Still he often visited WaterClan and fell in love with Cardinalfeather until he one day returned to WaterClan’s border and saw that she had a mate. He was very close with his sister Aria who he fiercely protecting from his mother’s insanity. When Blakelystar was killed he was next in line to be chief, but a tom in his group named Tsar had other plans, he wanted to be the next chief. Before Chief Izaya could get his nine lives he was killed by Green, a hired assassin by Tsar. Some say if he hadn’t been assassinated Toxicity would still exist. You can always hear him coming from the black water dripping off of his pelt, occasionally he'll throw up some water or his speech will slur slightly.
CLAN: Toxicity || DEATH: Killed by Green

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roleplayed by Honeystorm
Worthless life, meaningless death, useless afterlife. For a VenomClan, both she and her clan are nothing to write home about. Her life was wasted chasing hollow goals, with a boring sort of death that claimed her lives all at once after a mere three and a half moon reign that yielded nothing. To say she is bitter is rather an understatement. Her shattered soul seeks out vengeance, reincarnation, anything to fill in the gaps, always chasing the next cruelest thing without ever finding anything to truly make her content. She's made more of a name for herself in death than ever in life, naturally, since she's one of the oldest there. She is the first face one sees upon death, and never is it a pleasant experience. In life, she was a mere simple beauty, a pretty silver-gray airhead with vivid sapphire eyes that looked and acted more kit than Commissioner; one whose position quite literally fell into her lap. She made it to the Commissioner battle, only given the title because her opponent was near immediately made Strategos, and she was the default choice. Three and a half moons of floundering her way through that, and somebody decided it was the wise idea to trust the 'mysterious' dimwit with the clan, all her own to run straight into the ground! Looking back on it all, she despises her life, with it's senseless ambitions and futile goals she talked more about than ever pursued. She hates the mocking tones of the leaders when they find out her story, the fact she has to prove herself better than her life has indicated with each new cat she meets. It is in death, that the feline, with her dingy off color pelt that hangs off a skeletal pelt and lackluster gemstone gaze watering with each racking cough, has come into her own, even despite the perpetual restlessness and inability to find anything meaningful for more than what seems like days at most. She'll fight tooth and claw for the respect she never rightfully earned during her days among the living, kill any cat, pull any strings to turn the clans against one another and finally give her something more to cling onto. ANYTHING more than what she could claim in her lifetime.
CLAN: VenomClan || DEATH: Greencough

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roleplayed by Faith
Ashley is a yellowish blond tom with charming blue eyes and a masquerade mask around his neck. His left eye hangs out from its socket and his right eye often falls out, but he manages to never lose and place it back in. His throat is constantly bleeding a black goo where he was slashed open in battle. Ashley was born to the Slayer pair, Traitor and Electryx, he grew up falling in love with Curandera Izkra after stalking her every night until she made his heart bleed out all the insanity in him leaving only sarcasm and bliss. When he went off to battle WaterClan he was killed by Blue while protecting Izkra never achieving status as chief of Toxicity.
CLAN: Toxicity || DEATH: Killed by Blue

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roleplayed by Faith
Yellowmoon is a grey ragdoll she-cat with yellow eyes. You can often feel the cold when she enters a room, but always appears as beautiful and perfect as a StarClan cat, minus the starry look. Her mother was Musicalstar and for a short time in her life she had the perfect family and enviable lifestyle. That is until everything went wrong, her mother went with a different tom and had kits with him. Her perfect life was shattered and since that moment she spent her time trying to find ways to find perfection, obsessing over the purity of family. Eventually she had kits, she thought it would make her happy, but it didn’t. They didn’t look enough like her so she tore them apart, gave them humiliating names, and tossed them into SunClan. The second time they didn’t please her enough, weren’t obedient enough. She tore a new thing off of them every time they displeased her hoping it would take away their imperfections, but it never did a thing. Eventually she was caught by Gravelstar after killing her son Threepaw. Being backed in a corner she lashed out and took a life from Gravelstar. She was never executed due to her carrying kits at the time, but lost them in a flood. These kits wound up in WaterClan where she found them as apprentices. At this point Yellowmoon joined WinterClan after she saved Goldenstar’s daughter, Littlekit from an icy river. Yellowmoon was made medicine cat of WinterClan when she found her kits in WaterClan. Yellowmoon kidnapped her kits and held them in a cave where she found that her daughter, Vanillapaw was pregnant. With nothing, but disdain and hate that her perfect daughter would become impure with a pregnancy so young she killed Vanillapaw, but not before she gave birth. Yellowmoon left her kits to die in the cave, but they were later saved. Yellowmoon was out looking for herbs when an entire patrol of WaterClan cats murdered her.
CLAN: WaterClan/ WinterClan || DEATH: Slaughtered by WaterClan patrol || GIFTED: Yes

roleplayed by Faith
He is a neblung black fluffy tom and is a bit on the shorter side with midnight blue eyes. He appears in the dark forest as shadowy with an electrical current in his eyes that can light up when angered or excited. His mom was a young rookie who wasn’t able to raise him so instead she left him at Toxicity’s border so he would be thought to be rogue born. Loki grew up with his best friend Ashley and Curandera Izkra. He had kits with Dragon and was entrusted by Ashley to take care of Curandera Izkra when Ashley passed away.
CLAN: Toxicity || DEATH: Killed by a deity || RANK: Gladiator

roleplayed by Faith
Traitor is a red eyed cat with ghastly white fur with black tally marks covering his pelt. He was a Slayer in Toxicity and was sent out on numerous missions to spy on Primal Instinct with his mate Electryx. He later had a son named Ashley who became commissioner. Ashley was murdered in WaterClan before he could become chief, as cruel of a heart as Traitor had this broke him a bit. He spent the remainder of his life raising Ashley’s kits, Traitor Jr and Nikita.
CLAN: Toxicity || DEATH: Old age || RANK: Slayer

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CLAN: n/a || DEATH: n/a || RANK: n/a

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