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I'll scorch the earth with my fire
This is SunClan, once a clan renowned for it's piety and loyalty to the Sun God, standing now at a crossroad. Their God absent, their numbers diminished, and their territory growing unstable. A great earthquake cost them a large portion of their clan, and the aftershocks still rattle the land beneath their paws.

But SunClan isn't to be trifled with. What the territory cannot provide, they will steal. What members they may not have, they will gain. They will build themselves back up, better stronger than ever before.

They have to, for they are the chosen of the Sun.

The secrecy and piety of the SunClan of old abandoned, sacrificed in the name of fueling their arrogance, their hostility to those outside their faith. To those that they bring in, to those that lend their claws, their skills, they will find a tight knit, loyal group. Clanmates that will fight to the end for each other, for their survival...

and for the blood of their enemies.


- SunClan has sought refuge in Renegade Regime. StarClan has announced Oceaneyes as their new leader, and Fernweaver has taken over as medicine cat of SunClan, leaving Lacelily to retire. Oceaneyes and Frostcry are searching for a new home for SunClan.


- Ash was chosen to take over leadership with their cat Oceaneyes! - Many changes are coming to SunClan, stay tuned!


When she first opened her eyes, her mother knew exactly what name she would be given. Sure, most kits are born with blue eyes. However, something was different about hers. They were large, bright, solid, and unlikely to shift from that hue. Her mother was right, and naming her Ocean had been a fitting name. Growing up, she was the single kit in her litter. Ocean grew with much love from her mother, as well as her father. At the age of apprentice her father passed due to sickness. It was unfortunate, and neither of the two were prepared to say goodbye. It changed her mother, and eventually she became someone different. Her mother became cold, and pushed her away. This hurt Ocean beyond measure, and eventually her mother passed as well. It was said that her mother eventually died of a broken heart. With her family passed, she found herself delving deeper into her clan. What else did she have left? Eventually Ocean was named Oceaneyes, her warrior name rather fitting. The tabby-brindle she-cat is known as strong, loyal, trustworthy. A respected warrior who would give all she could to her clan, though mostly keeps to herself. Much is unknown about her, but will come to light in the future.

Roleplayed by Ash



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Roleplayed by username

Medicine Cat & Apprentice


A delicate she-cat who is the picture of a pretty princess with her beautiful medium silver tabby fur and whhite chest. She gets sunburned easily and is both physically and mentally very delicate. It is not uncommon for her to have some sort of illness keeping her nest bound. In the time she has been down, Lacelily has had plenty of time to decide what she wants in life and in romance. She dreams of having a fairy tale love story one day and has every detail covered, at least in her mind. She has never been in love or in a relationship so truly it is the idea of it all that she loves. Despite her delicacy, she can be very scary when angered and takes after her mother, Silverfringe, in that aspect.

Roleplayed by uniqcrim


to be added

Roleplayed by tba



A sleek, thin she cat with a abyssinian build and color to her coat, holding a dark, reddish-brown that is striking in how strong and pigmented it is. She share's her siblings' personality, and by all means likely set the trend for them being the eldest. She's formal, reserved, and tends to hold a tacit arrogance in the way she speaks and holds herself. Even still, even more than her siblings she appears to be sharp and commanding, seemingly born to hold attention and command a room.

Roleplayed by Wrenpansy


A small, sleek tom, roughly abyssinian in color with his brown-gold pelt, a palette of aged gold and copper tones. To others he presents a personality to match his siblings', maintaining a certain formality and reservedness about him while still maintain a certain tacir arrogance, an atmosphere about him that seems to imply anyone around him is lucky enough to stand in his presence.

Roleplayed by Wrenpansy


A muscular though sleek she cat, roughly abyssinian in color while carrying a gentler palette than her brother, Hartribbon. Her fur is a mixture of lighter, cream-based colora with soft yellows and browns, less like rich metals in shade and hue and instead more earthy in nature. She matches a shared persona with her siblings; reserved, quiet, formal, holding in equal measure her family's trade-mark arrogance and a sort of sharpness that she seems to have gotten in equal measure from her older sister, Antlerheart.

Roleplayed by Wrenpansy


A cream furred tom with grey and brown lynx markings and light leaf green eyes. The harsh reality of his youth has changed him. He was once a care free tom who had very little sense of time and marched to the beat of his own drum. Who has now been shoved into the deep end and forced to acknowledge the harsher realities of life. Going from a large family that once dominated Sunclan to dwindling to just a few numbers. His family has become the most important aspect of his life next time his clan. Overly protective of his two littermates, his nieces, nephews and much of what is left of his extended family. His loyalty to his family is just as strong to his loyalty to Sunclan. Willing to place his life on the line to ensure his clan’s safety. Maybe this quick decision for self sacrifice comes from the fact he was held to a high standard from the time he was kit. Struggling to crumble under the pressure of being the son of a Janus and the grandson of the High Priest. He was commanded to be a good devoted follower of the Sun God. Raised under Sunclan’s former religion and was once a devoted follower like majority of Sunclan. Believing strongly that the Sun God’s word was law. After multiple disasters struck Sunclan and the Sun God’s disappearance. His belief and loyalty to the god began to waver.

Roleplayed by Dot


Lunarpaw (flare)

Here, there, everywhere. This beautiful she-cat is known for never sitting still. She likes the feeling of accomplishment and dislikes being left alone with her own thoughts. She also loves playing a game of catch me if you can and is determined to never be caught or pinned down. Flirting is fun and enjoyable but she dislikes it when others flirt back or if they initiate the flirting. She wants to chase, but does not want to be chased herself. Lunarflare is terrified of the idea of being caught like a mouse. Like prey. She has a sharp bite to her words and dislikes being told what to do. Her chest and paws are white in contrast to her light grey and cream tortoiseshell coat and her eyes are a startling turquoise blue.

Roleplayed by Uniqcrim

Lambpaw (prance)

A long furred, white tom with silver and black lynx point markings. The runt of his litter and always in seemingly poor health. Determined not to let his weak constitution get the better of him, he forces himself to speak loudly to be heard, no matter how much it hurts his throat, causing him to lose his voice very quickly and speak softly for the rest of the day. Easily excited but quick to burn out, Lambprance can't do anything for an extended period of time without catching a fever. He's gotten better as he got older but his childhood ailments still plague him even well into his adult life. Aside from wanting to prove his illness won't stop him from being the best warrior he can possibly be he has no idea what he wants out of life. It's obvious from his hesitance in every choice he makes that he fears commitment, and always worries whether or not he made the right choice. For him nothing is ever simple.

Roleplayed by Stark Raving Mad

Queens & Kits

Cherrypaw (hop)

A bright ginger she-cat with darker tabby markings and pale green eyes. Armed with an unfailing bright and sunny disposition, Cherryhop's optimism acts as a form of armor for her. Her entire family died at a young age, and she over-attaches herself to any new cats she meets as a result. She has always lived in SunClan. Even if you've never seen her before. Promise.

Roleplayed by biyuu

Prettykit (pip) A bright ginger cat with darker tabby markings and blue eyes with an absolutely adorable, tiny, short tail. Despite being a member of a rather large litter, she often pretends that she is an only child; she turns her noses at her siblings, much to her family's displeasure. Although she was born long after Cradlegrave stepped down, she thinks he's pretty cool based on the stories she's heard. Prettypip has a bit of an obsession with soft things, taking good care to ensure her nest is as plush as possible. Unfortunately for her peers, this means she also thinks that those who are fluffy are cuddly as well- she just wants to see how soft they are! Oh, and thinks the moon is an egg, for... whatever reason.

Roleplayed by ian

Charmingkit (champ) A fluffy pale white cat with smokey grey markings and pale green eyes. He is often very indecisive and cannot even decide who he himself is, frequently switching his preferences between different kinds of cats. Charmingchap is aware of the strange nature of his indecisiveness and has developed an inferiority complex over it, always thinking he is not worthy of someone else to begin with. He can be a little bit dense and enveloped in his own little world at times and quickly escapes from responsibility.

Roleplayed by uniqcrim


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