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I'll scorch the earth with my fire
This is SunClan, once a clan renowned for it's piety and loyalty to the Sun God, standing now at a crossroad. Their God gone, and now following StarClan. A great earthquake cost them their territory.

But SunClan isn't to be trifled with. SunClan had found a new home, one that provides. One they will protect at all costs. They will build themselves back up, better stronger than ever before.

They have to, for they are the chosen to rise.

They will rise from those ashes, and begin a new.

Nothing, will stop them.


- StarClan has announced Oceaneyes as their new leader, and Fernweaver has taken over as medicine cat of SunClan, leaving Lacelily to retire. Oceaneyes and Frostcry have found a new home for SunClan and they are settling there.


- Ash was chosen to take over leadership with their cat Oceaneyes! - Many changes are coming to SunClan, stay tuned!


When she first opened her eyes, her mother knew exactly what name she would be given. Sure, most kits are born with blue eyes. However, something was different about hers. They were large, bright, solid, and unlikely to shift from that hue. Her mother was right, and naming her Ocean had been a fitting name. Growing up, she was the single kit in her litter. Ocean grew with much love from her mother, as well as her father. At the age of apprentice her father passed due to sickness. It was unfortunate, and neither of the two were prepared to say goodbye. It changed her mother, and eventually she became someone different. Her mother became cold, and pushed her away. This hurt Ocean beyond measure, and eventually her mother passed as well. It was said that her mother eventually died of a broken heart. With her family passed, she found herself delving deeper into her clan. What else did she have left? Eventually Ocean was named Oceaneyes, her warrior name rather fitting. The tabby-brindle she-cat is known as strong, loyal, trustworthy. A respected warrior who would give all she could to her clan, though mostly keeps to herself. Much is unknown about her, but will come to light in the future.

Roleplayed by Ash



Frostcry was born on the eve of great change. His entire life has been torn by unusual turbulence — discarded leaders, invading armies, natural disasters — and he has learned to roll with the punches. The hard training of his apprenticeship left him lean and muscular, and he has all the makings of a great warrior; then, the day after his ceremony, an accident left his front leg twisted and paralyzed. Since then he has suffered through his recovery with grace and dignity. Frostcry is a quiet cat, but do not mistake his hesitance for fear; though inexperienced, he is imbued with the reckless impulsivity of youth and he can stand for himself. His ambition lend him courage even as he struggles to relearn what it means to be a warrior. A white tom with dark brown patches and steady blue eyes.

Roleplayed by Cleaver

Medicine Cat & Apprentice


The first thing you will notice about her are her eyes. Although her namesake might suggest they should be an earthy green, they are anything but. Instead, they are a brilliant yellow, the focal point of her otherwise perfectly average grey tabby complexion. Fernweaver is of standard build, neither small nor large, and if it weren't for her eyes, she'd be able to easily slip through a crowd unnoticed. A bit bookish, she'd never expected to find herself in a position where she could be noticed. After all, she had spent the first part of her life training to be just another warrior. Her life didn't go exactly as planned, though. If the volcano had never erupted, perhaps it would have. However, it did, and the presence of the flowing lava proved to be a turning point in her life. After seeing the carnage and destruction, she felt compelled to act, and to do so, she did whatever she could to help nurse the injured. The clan quickly learned that she had a natural aptitude for healing. This came to no surprise to some; after all, the she-cat had always been both quick and eager to learn. From there, the rest is history. Named for her ability to weave together information at a rapid pace, Fernweaver is brilliantly book smart. She knows at least a fact about nearly everything (partially because she's always learning new things), and she's not afraid to show it. Sometimes, this leads her to over-explain concepts that really didn't need to be explained, and some find her slightly pompous. She means no harm by it, and she genuinely often doesn't even notice. You see, her ability to pick up on social cues is sometimes less than to be desired. She can't read tone well, and although rare, occasionally her own tone takes a flat or unexpected affect. Sometimes, this affect can be read as complaining, when really she is just trying to state a casual observation. Despite her flaws, she's a warm soul, one that is always willing to lend a hand whenever she can.

Roleplayed by ian

Wetpaw (petal)

Wetpetal is a kind and affectionate cat who will always take care of any injured cat even if they are from a different clan but she doesn't like fights and will try to avoid them. Although her origins are from a kittypet and seem affected when she tries to hunt or fight, she didn't choose that path, she wanted to be a medicine cat, learning things quickly and always wanted to learn more make her a efficient on trying to learn herbs from other territorys but especially the thing she's more curious is about her ancestors having a good conection with them and being a simple access. She is a long-haired cat with a very pale color of gray and blue eyes and the clan gaves her name for her color pelt and her personality meek, cahrming and determinated.

Roleplayed by Enderwoxxu



A cream furred tom with grey and brown lynx markings and light leaf green eyes. The harsh reality of his youth has changed him. He was once a care free tom who had very little sense of time and marched to the beat of his own drum. Who has now been shoved into the deep end and forced to acknowledge the harsher realities of life. Going from a large family that once dominated Sunclan to dwindling to just a few numbers. His family has become the most important aspect of his life next time his clan. Overly protective of his two littermates, his nieces, nephews and much of what is left of his extended family. His loyalty to his family is just as strong to his loyalty to Sunclan. Willing to place his life on the line to ensure his clan’s safety. Maybe this quick decision for self sacrifice comes from the fact he was held to a high standard from the time he was kit. Struggling to crumble under the pressure of being the son of a Janus and the grandson of the High Priest. He was commanded to be a good devoted follower of the Sun God. Raised under Sunclan’s former religion and was once a devoted follower like majority of Sunclan. Believing strongly that the Sun God’s word was law. After multiple disasters struck Sunclan and the Sun God’s disappearance. His belief and loyalty to the god began to waver.

Roleplayed by Dot


Wy once believed he was fate's favored son; now he prefers to believe everything good in his life is the result of his own hard work, not divine intervention. After his long history of trials and tribulations that always end in misery and failure, he's grown in his older age to be a bit more reserved and tentative, to hold himself back and mistrust his own ideas. He once thought he was clever, but his mind is slow and his arrogance has dwindled, and now he believes his intelligence is merely passable. Prone to mind reading, he cannot shake the feeling that everyone else can see his flaws and mistakes and hate him for his past actions, and he struggles to make up for his past and earn his clanmate's respect again. Truthfully, Wy is a pleasant cat to be around. His mild manner and slow, thoughtful manner of speaking lend him a certain unearned credibility, and his patience leaves him slow to anger and a good listener. Wy has not entirely given up his heroic aspirations despite understanding he is better suited in a support or sidekick role. After repeated battles, injuries, and simply age, he has chronic brain damage that constantly lingers in his diminished memory and often presents in a haze of delirium as he loses his sense of time, space, and purpose. This disorientation is more common when he's under stress or sick. Wy is an average height, slender tomcat with sandy golden-brown fur, similar to his brother Chim but more vibrantly colored, medium-length, and well groomed. His eyes are green and the left one appears a bit hazy but has never noticeably affected his vision.

Roleplayed by Cleaver


A dark grey tabby with hazy green eyes. Smokespiral is a bit of a conspiracy theorist, one who is always rambling on about something or another, especially about birds. He firmly believes that birds are spies sent from the other clans. He is also constantly covered in bee stings because of his absolute love of honey.

Roleplayed by Cleaver


Sparkeyes was born on, June (6)/27/2021, in SunClan's old territory. Sparkeyes is the only child of two Sunclan Warriors; Gingerheart (her Mother) and Raysun (Her Father). Her Father died from an unknown illness and her Mother died giving birth to her. She was raised by her aunt; Beaminglight (Mother's Side). Sparkeyes worked hard as an apprentice. Following the laws and rules of her Clan. She beleives in StarClan and beleives that her parents are watching her from above. Because of her belief, she tries to do everything right, just to make her dead family proud of her. Sparkeyes has a yellow undercoat, with dark ginger tiger-striped marking on top. Her fur is short and sleek to the touch. Her eyes are the most interesting thing about her. They are a sea-blue hue that when you look into you are mesmerized by them. They remind you of the sea. Sparkeyes nose is a salmon pink color and her paw pads are a pink as well. Her body frame is lean and muscular, fit for running and or swimming. Sparkeyes is a very observant she-cat who watches everything. She sees things no one things she sees. She is very detail-oriented and when it comes to plans, she will have thought of everything. Plan A, Plan B, plan C and a way to escape if they got trapped and if not she will find a way or make a plan. She is loyal to her Clan and would never go against the will of her clan Leader, deputy or Medicine cats. She would rather die then to be tortured and starved. Sparkeyes hopes to someday become Clan Leader and a great warrior, someone that will go down into history. She wants to do great things for her Clan, to change it for the better. She also hopes to have a loving and caring mate, who would want to father kits with her, so that they can further the SunClan pure-blood line. She is a pure-blood and beleives that all pure-bloods are superior to non-Clan blood cats. Therefore she beileves that having a none pureblooded mate would tarnish her family tree and make her family mad, as well as her Ancestors. She tries to do everything for her clan to make them proud of her as well as her Ancestors. Over all Sparkeyes is a kind, caring, loyal, pure-blood elitist, and a leader that cats may someday praise and remeber her name. For now though, she must find a way to make her name known - feared and respected. But how will she do it? When will she do it? We will have to find out.

Roleplayed by Moonstorm


Defiantwish is a lilac tabby she-cat of green eyes, she's serious, reserved, confident and always will think with logic, she had a mate once, Buckthornheart, but he died in the earthquake and soon after she had Cougarwind, the only familiar she have, it's the thing she will defend with her own life, usually she tries to convice her to stop caring so much about other cats more than her but like the personlity of Cougarwind eloquent, make Defiantwish to think that Cougarwind would someday try to help the incorrect cat.

Roleplayed by Enderwoxxu


She is a pure white cat with a pink heart shaped nose and is rather lengthy in size. Her tall white tail looks like a feather and her eyes are almost doe like with a green shade. She was born in Dayclan to Marigoldleaf. Her mother had volunteered to join Sunclan when Sunclan invaded Dayclan many moons. Unfortunately her mother had not passed her initiate test into Sunclan and was murdered. Gardeniaaroma is a very law abiding cat, and isn't afraid to rat others out. She saw the fall of Sunclan's god and the culture that she grew up with, and is finding new dedication to Starclan and the new way of life that Sunclan is presenting to her.

Roleplayed by Dot


Silverpaw (sea)

Hope first blooms as a rose in the sea; Silversea was the flower that defied her own reality. After all, she wasn't born in the clan, far from it in fact. Born to a loving kittypet home, she lived in the city for some time, next door neighbours to her two siblings, in fact. A prized pedigree; her faint bengal coat of brown florets and her pale, heterochromic eyes–a pale blue and pale green that seemed to shift to an iridescent silver in the morning light–made her a stunning find; her humans named her Fleur for that reason. It might be strange for a cat to be bilingual, but alas, here she is, having grown up in a home so different from her siblings that she developed a different accent. Fleur always had a deep love for her humans; she was pampered and adored, ready to go on a new adventure with them, when a swerve in the road and an accident threw her cage out of the car, and she found herself lost on SunClan's territory. From that moment, everything changed. She's found solace in SunClan, in being with her siblings again, with the new beliefs and hopes that clan cats have, but part of her still longs for her past, a foot in two worlds and unable to find peace with either. Still, she has a large heart for everything, and plenty of enthusiasm to boot, but she finds that the love she once had for her home doesn't quite feel the same; it's harder to open her heart, it's harder to trust that things will turn out okay. Fleur, or Silversea now, is still a little princess, still a little spoilt, still a little bratty, but she's trying. She has a heart as wide as the sea, a brightness she exudes as naturally as the sun gives off heat, and she hopes that one day, and one day she hopes she finds the courage and belonging she's been seeking for since she was lost that fateful day.

Roleplayed by achromatic

Wolfpaw / waters

It is hard for some to believe that he was ever once a kittypet. He lived a lavish life. He would go out several times a day into his white picket fenced yard where he would perch at the top to mingle with his sisters from time to time. Despite that luxurious life, he was always wild at heart thus the name wolf. It all came so natural to him. He was not gorgeous. He had a thick, bushy coat of silver tabby with a low saturation shade of green. His heart was wild and his appearances unkempt. It seemed there was never a more fitting name for Wolfwaters. True to his name, the tom is loyal, passionate, ambitious, and a force to recon with. He grew to be rather large and intimidating. His voice is deep, but smooth like honey. He holds his own air of charm despite his looks. He is patient and kind, though he can seem scary at first. He's never felt more at home than with SunClan. He feels it was his true destiny to have ended up here. Not every day is perfect, but on the days that he feels down, as if he'll never truly belond, he is okay being alone and finds solace in that. There's nothing that a little meditation can't help. Nature is the greatest therapy of all. It soothes his wild, wolf-like heart.

Roleplayed by AmongtheFallen

Wildpaw (dawn)

Wilddawn is the only daughter within her litter of four toms of Monarchdaisy and Warmspirit. Born out of a love that would have lasted for ages. Her parents were born and raised in SunClan and had Mightymouse, Tinymountain and Magmadrizzle, when they were both around twelve Moons old. At around twenty moons old they had; Warmflame, Valorbirch,Valleybreeze, Macawbird and Wilddawn. They were born on; December/27/2021 in SunClan. Her Father Warmspirit, never got to see his younger children, due to being killed during a rockslide. Monarchdaisy lived long enough to name her younger children, before dying from heavy blood-loss during kitting. Wilddawn and her littermates where then cared for by their older siblings. Wilddawn is a gorgeous Norwegian Forest cat. Her front is all white, leading to her back melting into golden-brown and black mixed pelt. Her right side of her face near her eyes are orange-gold and the left side is a mix. Her fur is short and her eyes are a golden coloring with green tints. Wilddawn is someone who is always friendly, bubbling with curiosity and never seems to stop moving. She is the cat that everyone wants to be friends with, no matter their rank or status in the Clan. Wilddawn would lay her own life down for anyone, no matter what. She's someone who will take in kits, strays and the helpless. She is someone who always looks on the bright-side of things, even in the worst times. She is rarely sad, and tries to always have an up-beat attitude no matter what. Wilddawn is someone who leads with her heart and not with her head. She listens to advice and her gut. She hopes to have a family someday and to adopt Motherless kits. She also hopes that in the future if given the chance to become leader of the Clan. She would lead with her heart and make judgements that would benefit the entire Clan. She is a fierce fighter, even though she would rather work something out with words over claws.

Roleplayed by Moonstorm

Cougarpaw (Wind)

Cougarwind was born from two Pure-blooded Warrior's of Sunclan, on December/20/2021. Her Mother is Defianatwish and her Father is Buckthornheart. Her parents met at a young age and when they became warriors they became offical mates. Soon after they had Cougarwind. However due to the earthquake that ravenged her home, her Father was killed in it, leaving her Mother to raise her. Cougarwind isn't bulky, nor is she small. She is medium sized she-cat with short fur. She is tan in color and has darker tan tabby markings on her pelt. Her eyes are a light yellow to green hue. Most who see her think she is a tiny cougar. And to be honest, she looks and acts like one. Her body is lanky and slender, fit for running and jumping. Cougarwind is a cat who is eloquent, passionate, loyal, romantic and has a beautiful outlook on life. From the time she was able to mingle outside with the other kits, she knew that she wanted to be great, to become famous, and the start of it begins. Cougarwind will go out of her way to help anyone in need, especially the weak, young and older cats, no matter where they come from, though she is loyal to her Clan and they always go first, she won't hesitate to help a cat outside her Clan if she is able too. She is extremely over-protective her Clan-mates and will go to extremes to protect them, even if they didn't ask for it. She is a romantic she-cat who loves others un-conditionally and passionate about all she does, never complaining about it. She is an eloquent speaker and knows how to use words to get her way. She uses her words with care and will use in a powerful booming, authoritative voice, when she has too. Cougarwind wants to have as many mates as she can with-in her Clan to have kits with and to further the Sunclan blood-line. She is friendly to other toms, but her focus is Sunclan toms, for producing kits. She wants to have many kits and to have a big family, maybe even becoming royal, or at least given a high revered amoung her Clan-mates and the cats after she has joined the stars. Mentioning stars. Cougarwind is a strong believer in StarClan and the Warrior Code. She will defend the code and the Ancestors until her dying breath.

Roleplayed by Moonstorm


dense orange and white fur and light yellow eyes. He is the son of Monarchdaisy and Warmspirit. His never knew his father Warmspirit due to him being killed by a rockslide before he was born. His mother Monarchdaisy lived long enough to name him and his siblings before dying from heavy blood-loss during kitting. Him and his 3 littermates were cared for by their older siblings. He is a very family oriented tom. Loving the fact that he is surrounded by such a large family. His favorite past time is to lay on the Sunclan beaches sunning himself next to the water listening to the waves.

Roleplayed by Dot

Phoenixpaw (Fire)

Phoenixfire was born on January 3rd, 2022. She is the sole surviovor of her family. Her Mother Sunflare and her Father Valleyfoot, were swept away and burned to death in the volcanic fire. Phoenix was saved by a Clan-mate and brought to safety. She was then raised by the surving Mothers of the clan. Now she is an apprentice and rising from the ashes of her Clan's near destruction. She is passionate about everything she does. She works hard, dedicates herself to every task given to her. She is a planner and likes to make a plan before she does anything. She likes having a direction and options if anything goes wrong. She never does anything without thinking it out thoughly. If she has to hunt, she makes a goal of getting 5-10 peices of prey for the day and then doing a patrol, maybe going hunting again later on, or something along those lines. She is a devoted SunClan Cat who never wants to leave her Clan. She is loyal until she dies. She is a beliver in StarClan and is a cat who adapts to change very well. Phoenix is a compassionate she-cat who will go out of her way to help another cat not in her clan if they need it. She loves all cats no matter who or where they come from. Though, if they posed a threat to her Clan and home, she will turn on them in a heart-beat and denfend her home, even if it meant she dies or is held prisoner. In her future, she will strive to do all she can to become the next learder of sunClan, to have a mate and have pure-blooded Sunclan children to raise and teach. Over all she is a compassionate, devoted, loving, hard-working she-cat, a cat everyone should strive to be like. She has risen from the ashes and is now trying to make a mark on her clan to rise to the top. Phoenixfire is a dark ginger she-cat with white flexes throughout her pelt and pale green eyes. Her fur is short and soft to the touch. along her mouth white leading down to her chest to a large patch of white, that then melts into her ginger fur. Her tail is fluffy. she is lithe and has developed muscles from her training. Her apperance is that of a fox. Her personality though is like a fire. Her goals are like a flame rising from a fire, like a phoenix. Her life is learning and growing, becoming better and more powerful like a chick, growing up and leaving the nest for the first time.

Roleplayed by Phoenix

Queens & Kits


tba ash be lazy bones sometimes rip

Roleplayed by Ash


A seal point Siamese tom with blue eyes. He is the goofy one of his four siblings. Taking pride in his ability to try and make others laugh even if he ends up looking like a fool.

Roleplayed by Dot


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