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This is SunClan
Those who reside in this territory, deemed sacred by their Great Protector and deity the Sun, are creatures who bask in his warmth. It’s members are sanctimonious, arrogant, and vain, touting themselves as ones Chosen by the Sun while looking down upon outsiders who are thought to be beneath them. A close-knit, pious, and rather secretive group, trespassers will find themselves killed or chased away on sight, though SunClan cats can often be found trespassing on other territories and instigating fights simply for the sake of it.


High Priestess

Littlestar - roleplayed by racer
Born of ice and forged in fire, Littlestar is the result of two conflicting worlds. As the first and only surviving child of Goldenstar and his deputy Hazethroat, Littlestar was born into a strict world of courtesy and WinterClan traditions. She was raised to be the picture perfect princess, always expected to portray a pure and submissive facade to the rest of the clan. She obeyed her parent's commands without question, believing they knew better than she. Spending her time listening to the stories of old, and being prepared to one day take her father’s place on the throne of WinterClan. She was the only kit of her litter to make it through her mother’s rough kitting, born small and sickly. Her small delicate frame is covered in a soft layer of stone grey fur with wisps of frost and shadowed stripes wrapping around her limbs. Her gentle golden eyes, a reminder of her pure WinterClan lineage, and her father that inspired fear in so many. Daddy’s little snow princess has grown up and transformed into something her parents wouldn’t have imagined in their wildest dreams though she remains royalty. Littlestar now leads SunClan as their one of the most powerful clans in the known world as their High Priestess. She has overcome all the odds against her, rising up like a phoenix from the ashes of pain and destruction. She leads SunClan with fiery passion, destroying all those that stand in the way of her clan or threaten her family with fire and blood. However, unlike her predecessor she doesn’t seek out violence and chaos, only resorting to such means when other options have failed. She always puts the needs of her family and clan above her own.

Answering only to the Sun God, the High Priestess is given the divine right to rule over all members of SunClan. Her authority is absolute and she is involved in all aspects of SunClan’s life from holding religious services and healing the sick and wounded to leading military forces into battle. Above all else, the High Priestess’s primary focus is keeping the Clan healthy, strong and close to their deity.

Chosen by the Sun God from the ranks of the Janus, this cat is the future High Priestess of SunClan. She eats, sleep and studies at the High Priestess’s side, eventually taking on some of her mentor's duties, such as scheduling patrols and healing simple ailments. She also works alongside the Soothsayer Promised in monitoring the progress of the Rays. Upon promotion to this position, the Promised is given her warrior name regardless of her age at promotion.

Soaringlight - roleplayed by Jadie
Heavenly cinder grey fur peters through her dark storm cloud fur. Her wavy locks twist and turn like an untamed rose briar. She has a voluptuous form that is engulfed in hurricane greys, dark as night blacks and a light grey skies hue, interrupted only by four snowy white paws. Soaringlight is a black beauty with dragon blue enchanting eyes. She is decisive and alarmingly confident, always one to take the lead; however, she shows no tolerance for weakness, especially in regards to herself. Fiercely independent, Soaringlight would rather fail than ask for help. So, when her elemental ability to communicate with animals developed, she kept it to herself and suffered greatly. Unable to justify consuming a life that has the same hopes and dreams as she does, she refused to eat or hunt for many days. Then, one morning, she quietly left camp, cornered a mouse, listened to it plead for its life, snapped its neck bodyand ate it. A part of her died that day, too, but she came back stronger than ever before, believing she conquered what was her greatest weakness: Compassion. Don’t tell her, but she did not quite succeed. She may leave you behind to prove a point but she’ll stay up all night watching and waiting just to make sure you get home safe. Soaringlight actually has a huge heart, she just has a strange way of showing it; the harsher she is on you, the more she cares for you.
Priestess Promised

Paintedcanyon - roleplayed by Novamaro

Paintedcanyon is a gorgeous dark ginger colored tom with layers of gold and bronze and flecks of brown. Paintedcanyon like his mother is deaf in his left ear, but because of this has hawk eye like vision in his left eye to compensate. Oftentimes he squints with his left eye and is able to detect any number of dangers or even notice prey quicker than the average warrior. Paintedcanyon often struggles in SunClan due to his long WinterClan fur and sometimes has to sit out during newleaf and greenleaf or else he shows signs of heat stroke. Despite this many cats fall in love with his beautiful and unique sunset fur. Paintedcanyon often feels lazy and down on himself when he has to stay inside the den, but is quick to be useful to his clan the moment leaffall and leafbare approaches. Paintedcanyon is very loyal to SunClan cats, but isn’t as loyal to the SunClan code as most of his peers are, not that he disrespects it either. But his clanmates are always closer to his heart than his religious beliefs.
Nightfury - roleplayed by Stardance

Cold. Intense. Powerful. Mysterious. Haunting. These all describe Nightfury, a true force of hatred and power. He has a cold outlook on almost all of his life, viewing it all as worthless yet valuable. His actions would create an effect ripple that would affect that short term, but what about the long term? He feels as if he is a creature of the dark , born in the dark, so he’s not active by choice in the day. Instead, he spends time roaming the night on a killing spree if all goes well, hence the fury at the end of his name. Since his youth, he has learned how to hone this animal inside of him. Not how to fix it, but take advantage of it. However, his anger is another story. His fuse is short lived and dramatic, spectacular and terrifying, and something to be feared. He has no problem attacking anyone and everyone if he feels the need, though this is one thing he tries to refrain himself from doing, or he used to. He no longer has any issues with harming or killing someone, no matter the age. To him, a kitten and an adult cat become one of the same if he or she has information he wants. If he wants the information, he will be sure to get his paws on it at all costs. Pain is temporary, but the power gained can be absolute. In such cases, the end justifies the means. Though surprising, such a cruel creature is capable of loving someone, and he has. She was to-die-for, or have someone else die for. Nonetheless, he has felt love, and the power it wields on beings like and unlike himself. Such a force drove him from his home in Absum Lux. The tom was caught returning from over the boundary after meeting with his mate, and was promptly exiled by the Heda. Having lost one of the things he held dear, he refocused himself on the other: his mate, Silver of Multiplesouls. She is his anchor, so to speak. Without her in MoonClan, he would have joined the League and become a purely apathetic killer. After her disappearance, the Lunar Guard himself left and wandered. He has returned, but refuses to speak beyond simple hisses, laughs, and one to two word answers to questions. He has deep ocean blue eyes that pierce the soul, much to his pleasure. His fur is pitch black in color. Nothing else, just darkness. So,what happens when darkness rises? Do you cower or do you face it? Or, do you let it engulf you, enthrall you, and become you? If your answer is the former, you are not alone.There is someone here to accompany you for the short while you are still breathing. Fueled by demon blood coursing through his veins, those dark urges still lurk within the deep recesses of his mind, but they stay there. Most of the time. When the darkness does break through, it is not a sight you want to see.
The Soothsayer serves as the authority on identifying and interpreting omens as well as anything supernatural, even superseding the High Priestess and Priestess Promised. She conducts several sacred rituals and oversees the training of the Janus in all the ways of the Clan from to traditions. General members of SunClan often go to the Soothsayer in search of history insight on various aspects of their lives. The Soothsayer resides in the Janus camp.

Chosen by the Sun God from the ranks of the Janus, this cat is the future Soothsayer of SunClan. He eats, sleep and studies at the Soothsayer’s side, eventually taking on some of his mentor's duties, such as counselling his clanmates and interpreting omens. He also works alongside the Priestess Promised in monitoring the progress of the Rays. Upon promotion to this position, the Promised is given his warrior name regardless of his age at promotion. The Soothsayer Promised resides in the Janus camp.

The Janus’s day to day life is shrouded in mystery. These six cats devote their lives to recording and memorizing the history of the clan and are avid seekers of knowledge. They are taught by the Soothsayer in all of SunClan's ways in preparation for the possibility of someday being chosen as a Promised. In addition to their studies, the Janus tend to the Burial Grounds and herb production, as well as various special projects given to them by the upper echelon. In times of war, the Janus are often called upon as commanders and strategists. The Janus reside in the Janus camp.

Janus 1
Skipstep - roleplayed by Jetclaw

After the disappearance of the soothsayer, Hazelcascade the cat he loved Skipstep began to delve into prayer. Desperate for an explanation for why she was suddenly gone. He hoped by praying harder and giving over to the ways of the sun the answer would present itself to him. Gone is the tom who was laid back, replaced by a cat fanatically searching for an answer. This Balinese tom has a golden tan colored pelt, and white paws. His grey blue gaze now pierced those around him, trying to pick the world around him apart. All while the line blurs between attraction and obsession.
Wind Zodiac Sign
Sorrowfularia - roleplayed by Honeystorm

Pure white cloaks their frame, and from them, peers mismatched blue and green eyes. A lone voice rises into the air, slow and low, rich and melodic, in the sort with an indescribable allure. There one day and gone like the wind the next, without a single tear to shed for those left behind. Sorrowfularia is certainly a bit more... subdued than their brothers. At least on their face. They're not nearly so arrogant as Bloodyrondo, nor well, ambitious like Moonlitnocturne. They've not thrown themself into SunClan like Innocentlament, nor are they quite so hot and cold as Ruinedportrait. Sorrowfularia is steadfast and critical, with little tie to anyone at all. They move on the whims of the breeze only they can hear, and no one can stop them. They're not quite so easy to read, but they seem to draw others to themself like moths to a flame, then again, perhaps that's the pale fur. After all, he's a rare commodity in their purity of color. Not one trace of color beyond their eyes.
Wind Zodiac Sign
Janus 3
Lilypool - roleplayed by ashestoashes

With white fur and gray patches all along her body with eyes as blue as the ocean this she cat is one resilient feline. She was dropped by in Sunclan territory as a small kit with no family around, but perhaps this was just where she was meant to be...her destiny. Lilypool has a strong personality with strong opinions but has great bravery, likes to help solve problems, and being relied on. Her one down side is that she likes to do things her own way, which tends to get her in trouble even though it could ultimately solve the issue at hand. There are instances where Lilypool seems to have moments of deja vu but just shrugs them off without another thought.
Eye Zodiac sign
Dancinglight - roleplayed by Flurryofstars
Her habit of always moving around or fidgeting as a kit earned her the name of Dancing. Back then, all she concerned herself with was constantly playing alongside her siblings and never resting. Now, her dance has become elegant and precise. Every movement she makes is well-thought out and every effort is made to ensure her physical appearance and reputation stay dutifully intact. Apart from her service to the Sun God, her self-image is of the utmost importance. Dancinglight believes in the Sun God with all of her heart, and will never disregard her religion or the code, no matter the circumstance. Her values have had their consequences though. Making friendships has always been difficult for her and every day, she grows more distant from her family. She feels torn with the fact that she doesn’t carry true SunClan blood in her veins, and so creates a gap between the few siblings that reside in SunClan and her mother. However, she still deeply cares for all of her family and hopes to one day, accept them fully. Her short fur is a pale ginger with faint markings a shade darker. She has a white underbelly and toes, a fluffy tail with longer fur than the rest of her coat, and bright amber eyes.
Janus 5
Lacelily - roleplayed by uniqcrim

A delicate she-cat who is the picture of a pretty princess with her beautiful medium silver tabby fur and whhite chest. She gets sunburned easily and is both physically and mentally very delicate. It is not uncommon for her to have some sort of illness keeping her nest bound. In the time she has been down, Lacelily has had plenty of time to decide what she wants in life and in romance. She dreams of having a fairy tale love story one day and has every detail covered, at least in her mind. She has never been in love or in a relationship so truly it is the idea of it all that she loves. Despite her delicacy, she can be very scary when angered and takes after her mother, Silverfringe, in that aspect.
Fire Zodiac

The Chosen


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