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Loners, Kittypets and Rogues are creatures that dwell outside of the clans. To learn more about them and their differences, click the buttons below!
Wrongfully labelled as misfits and wanderers, loners are much more complex than most give them credit for. Other than their decision to remain alone, be it temporary or permanent, no one loner is the same as another. However, they are not to be taken lightly. Relying only on themselves and without the security of a clan, gang, or household; loners live the hardest lives of all. Prey is never a guarantee and shelter comes and goes with every season, but with intellect and skill, they not only survive, but thrive in their isolation.

Loners have long since avoided others, it’s in their name. But some have come together for common interests, friendship, loyalty, or trading. By creating alliances with others, these cats can seek aid when sick or starving; trading herbs, prey, and information for their own wellbeing. Alliances are formed to benefit each party by forming bonds and friendship through common means. But traders are created for exchanging herbs, prey, and information to continue living. Few loners have alliances, but many have taken to being traders. Information is key for survival, herbs and prey are just as important. Loners have become the traders of the lands, exchanging goods with even clan cats. Each cat creates their own price, just as they have their own personal needs. Question is, is what you are getting worth what you are giving?
They reside in the comfort of houses within Two-leg place, which is located on the eastern side of the mountains that split the Mountain & Survival Clans from the Forest Clans & The Revolutionary Groups. They live peacefully among each other and have little to worry about so long as they stay indoors. The worst thing that can happen to a kittypet is if their two-leg decides to declaw them, as it makes them handicapped for the rest of their lives. Declawed cats cannot climb trees or catch prey easily, and have little to no chance of living out in the wild on their own. Most kittypets are content with their backyards, though some venture out and may or may not return once they figure out just how wild the world really is. Because of rogues and League cats too close for comfort, many kittypets have adopted an “anti-feral” attitude and work together to keep their neighborhoods stray-free. After all, too many cats running about brings consequences and no one likes animal control.

Kittypets live with their twolegs and often times with other kittypets. These are the households and not all are sunshine and rainbows. You’ve got neighbors you hate and ones you love. Housemates you’d rather live without and ones you couldn’t survive without. There’s gossip all around you, toys covered in catnip, and towers to climb. Households are their own kind of union, not always by choice as with gangs and loners or clan cats. No twolegs chose which cats they want and then you're stuck with your new housemate. Hope you can learn to live with them. Or escape the first chance you get. But would you survive on the outside?
Nothing is ever black and white in the world, or so rogues believe. Most reside in the city and work together in gangs, fighting for power and turf. Others choose the forest, but with clans and groups claiming every space in sight, there’s little room for rogues outside alleys and dumpsters. Thus hostility was born. Rogues that exist outside an established gang are usually on the prowl for the next best thing or a clan outcast. No matter the case, they are not a friendly bunch and everyone should keep on their toes. The life of a street cat is dangerous, even if you are that friendly loner who minds their own business. May the shadows stick to you.

Rogues come together for many reasons. These cats form gangs, causing mayhem and destruction everywhere they go. Territory, prey, battles. It’s what they live for. The adrenaline rush of fighting for their place, pride and prey. Gangs are created under the leadership of one or two cats who they follow without question. If you do question them, be it at your own risk. These groups are nothing like the clan cats of the forest. They’re ruthless, bloodthirsty, and greedy. Don’t trespass against them if you want to survive. Joining them is different for each gang just as each gang is different. They all have a code of their own, the most important and commonly known is don’t cross the leader. Will you dare it? Will you start a war with other gangs? What pride do you have if you allow another to take your land, your prey? Fight for your gang, stay loyal to them, or not and face the consequences. Your choice.


Uptown is where the fancy neighbourhoods are. With their organized neighbourhoods and large front yards, the cozy suburban neighbourhoods are on DayClan's borders. Kittypets roam this area, marking their own neighbourhoods to keep the loners and rogues away with their groups of neighbourhood watches.

Aurora Avenue

A mixture of apartment buildings and houses create Aurora Avenue. It's a quaint little street, with a mixture of young professionals and growing families alike. Cats do free-roam around here, but beware of the neighbourhood boys, they're not always the friendliest.

Homes Include: Name

Cedar Drive

The classic neighbourhood, Cedar Drive is your suburban paradise, rows of fancy houses with swimming pools and driveways lie between the city and the forest. This neighbourhood is somewhat close to the League's border, which means they're rather used to the loners and rogues that wander about, but don't think that makes them pushovers. Cedar Drive has a strong culture of a neighbourhood watch; the kittypets here are well-fed and well cared for, and they know their worth. They work together to make sure the ruffians don't get in their way around here.

Homes Include: Edom

Park Place

A fancy neighbourhood next to a large park, full of old historical homes. They're certainly full of families, many of whom have cats of their own. They're not in a fully enclosed neighbourhood, and they do overlook some of the forests towards DayClan, which makes them more alert when looking out for Clan cats...

Homes Include: Salem

Sunset Boulevard

Fancy homes for the fanciest of us all; Sunset Boulevard is a wide lane, full of fancy homes and forested gardens, with mansions all over the place. It's truly one of the nicest places to live, and only the fanciest of cats live here. The type who get fresh raw food and probably go to the salon once a week, the type who have their own gardens that are larger than a clan's territory. These cats are a little snobby, and they certainly won't appreciate any rogues or loners in this neighbourhood...

Homes Include: Name

Willow Lane

A lovely middle-class neighbourhood, your classic white picket fences and kids playing in the driveway and girl scouts with their cookies and lemonade stands, Willow Lane is a lovely place to live, and there are certainly plenty of neighbourhood cats gossiping and chatting day and night. Beware of falling into other gardens; some of these humans have a dog or two!

Homes Include: Name


The city is on the eastern border of Primal Instinct. Once, the league dwelled in its territories, but having left for the first once more, it's now a place for loners and rogues alike. It's a free-for-all; while loners and rogues roam the streets, there are kittypets who remain in the apartment buildings.

The Pound

The city knows it has a cat problem. The humans don't know why so many cats roam their streets, but they assume it's because cats are just a pretty popular animal among the people, and well, cats get loose sometimes. There are humans that will try to capture any feline roaming the streets, but there is no threat from them at night. Cats that get caught go to the pound and are thrown into a cage. Sometimes they are adopted by humans and become kittypets this way. This is their only chance to get free again, but usually the street cats adore the life of a kittypet because they don't have to worry about fending for themselves anymore. Most cats don't come back after they are sent to the pound, however. There are rumors that cats are put to death here, even. Nobody knows for sure, because even if they did go to find out, they may never return.

The League Border

Rogues are like, "DISRESPECT the border. Lay summa dat disrespect all over it. Pee on it. Scratch up those trees. Fight all of them. Yeah!" Basically Rogues are all mad because not only were they shoved out of the forest and forced to live in the slums of the city, but now the good parts of the city have just been usurped from them by, WHO DO YA THINK? Fox-faced forest cats. Their hatred for Clans/Groups is probably the only thing Rogues can agree on. Every LKR cat is pretty intimidated by Primal Instinct though. Kittypet mothers scare their kits into submission by telling them stories of horrible League cats that come and steal little ones away if they misbehave. Loners are finding new places they don't belong, and Rogues are just generally pissed about it because there's nothing they can do but try to pick them off one by one.

The Seaside

The ocean lies to the most eastern side of the Classic world. It is the furthest region from the Clans. The city has docks and boats near Seaside, where cats can usually sneak a meal away from the fishermen or tourists alike. There is a small shore where crabs and seagulls can be caught along the waters, but they are hard prey to catch, and beware of the area that the league has claimed for their own. Animal Control is always a problem, but so long as the cats don't cause much of a ruckus the humans don't pay much attention to the cats. It is a fine place to be for a cat who needs a beautiful scene and a breath of salty air. It’s also a fine place to dump the occasional body if you’re into stuff like that...

The Park

One of the only nice places left unclaimed by Primal Instinct in the city is the park. Think Central Park in New York City. It’s a place where most cats come into contact with each other, and rogues especially like to hang around it. It used to be the prime spot for most gangs to fight over, but lately it’s become a neutral area for all to enjoy. At least, until someone tries to control it for themselves. During the day, humans frequent the area however, so cats normally take advantage of the park at night. A large fountain near the center of the area, is also a prime meeting spot for cats of all types to come together and talk. Maybe one day, they’ll start hosting their own city gatherings to spite the clans.

The Old Church

In the center of the city is the grand cathedral. Think Notre Dame, Sagrada Familia, anything grand really. A feat of architecture, most cats use the spires as a way to navigate the city. Of course, the church itself isn't exactly a friendly place to be, but it's right next to the park, and many find their way towards it, or mark their understanding of the city by where it is in regards to the church.

The Community

Neurotic and obsessed with technology, it may seem odd for someone like Twitch to call the sewers his home. His fur is always unkempt and a layer of grime has built onto him to the point that he resembles a rat more than a cat, which is fine. It makes it much easier to hunt them when they think he’s one of their kind. The choice of habitat however, is actually quite logical when one thinks about it. Stationed directly beneath a bank, Twitch has been doing surveillance on the two-leg building for years and planning the perfect heist. It’ll take a team when he’s ready, and it’s been a while since he’s spoken to anything but feces, but he’s sure it will all work out in the end. The hardest part will be convincing other cats that stealing money is worth anyone’s time. Especially considering that he’s only doing it for the sake of besting the human race!
Roleplayed by Biyuu

A slender but not small white she-cat painted in soft brown splotches. Winry is an incredibly skilled feline, one whose combat skills are creative and strong. Her focuses have always been to provide for those she cares for, so Winry has trained to be at least adeptly efficient at both hunting and fighting. She knows her strengths, and she's surprisingly good at shaping situations to her strengths, even if her skills can sometimes be considered rather average. Still, despite this somewhat averageness, Winry is incredibly capable, and her unorthadox manner of combat is surprisingly often unmatched. With emphasis on her wit and resourcefulness, Winry is an intelligent cat, albeit skeptical at first to new ideas and new people. She has a rash vein to her, one that is hauty and arrogant. This doesn't serve her well, though, and there has been more than a time or two that she has been left utterly embarrased after a grand display went sour. Somewhat of a misandrist, Winry is known for her quick wit and her rather sarcastic nature. Sister to Wildrain, Winry is a descendent of WaterClan that joined the loner group not because she wanted to, but because she'd never leave her sister.
Roleplayed by Ian

In old English folklore, familiars existed alongside witches as supernatural entities that helped the witches do magic. These creatures were either malevalent or benevolent, simply depending on the practices of the witch or warlock to which the familiar belongs. These familiars brought protection and learning to the witches, and became a quintisential part of witchcraft of old, and the familiar today is still argued to be incredibly linked to the person that he works with. For Salem, this means that he is connected with a young apartment Wiccan, one still learning. This leads the tom to be incredibly patient and steadfast; after all, his bond with his human almost requires these aspects. Known more for his smell than anything, though, Salem smells like he rolled straight out of the cauldron, mostly because he spends most of his time at his human's grandmother's apothecary, where his human works. Smelling of essential oils and herbs, he is a healing spirit who believes that with dedication, magic can live in the air. Scent aside, Salem is an easy tom to get along with. He’s always willing to share stories and open up about himself, and he loves to learn more about others too. He’s also eager to show off his cool crystal collection and whenever he ventures outside, he’s on the hunt for more shiny rocks and gems.
Roleplayed by Ian
KittypetPark Place

What is in a name? They say that a name gives one power over themselves, a name roots them to who they are. It's funny, how he was once named Ezekiel, after the prophet who declares destruction on the world, when he himself had never seen anything past the tip of his nose. He's a prince with life given to him on a silver platter. His own silver eyes gleam with a knowing expression, holding the secrets to knowledge the gods have yet to bless the wandering masses with. Ezekiel may not be a prophet himself, but he sees his place as the top of the food chain. Born a kittypet, one would think that he'd be pampered soft and lovingly, made fat with the slop the humans gave him, but is it not the rich who rule the world? Is it not the have-nots who cry to the haves, we are starving and have nothing to eat? Is it not the rich who snatch the grain from their hands and create a land of milk and honey for their overflowing mouth? He's always understood how to train his humans to do his every bidding, to wait foot and hand at his every desire, so why not the simple-minded cats around him? His sleek tuxedo coat ripple gleam in the light, preened and pampered by his loving servants, and the optimal diet and care has made him stronger than the average street rat. He's learned to fight since he was young, picking on other cats who dared cross into his cul-de-sac. He wanders the city like a king, changing his name wherever he goes, ruling the streets with favors and treats he's learned to grab, and that charismatic smile and the gleam in his eye seems to captivate almost everyone. Those who aren't are disposable to him. He may be a pampered housecat, but he knows his way around the city, and don't think he can't take care of himself out in the wild either. In a game of life, he's the man with all the cards, standing so high that even the gods cannot reach. Still, a man with the world laid out before him like a banquet has arrogance a plenty, and that may be his own downfall, because when his enemies come slinking in with their faces all sunken and their eyes sightless, he'll be his current namesake, Edom, the city destroyed by fire and brimstone. He'll be their meal having fattened himself up for the slaughter.
Roleplayed by Achromatic
KittypetCedar Drive

A striking she-cat with a mottled pelt that is long and full the color of dirty snow with whites, grays, tiny bits of black and ruddy brown mashed together. Her eyes are a pale green like new leaf buds in new-leaf. Rasha was born as a kittypet named Snowy and though she knew life would be harder for her she left her house folk when she was around 6 moons to live on her own. She chooses to live by the sea in the garden of an herb merchant her pelt always saturated in the scents of salt water, lavender, honeysuckle and mint. Her den is an old rabbit hole next to the wall of the merchants home under a thick growing honeysuckle bush that creeps up the walls. She continued to dig up the hole until it is what she resides in now. A large den under the earth hidden from sight by honeysuckle and bushes of lavender and mint. Her scent is even masked by the fragrant plants allowing no one or thing to detect her home. She sleeps comfortably in her den lined with rabbit furs she has stolen from the carts of merchants in the little sea side town and she likes to collect and trade beautiful pieces of sea glass from the beaches, bones, and other objects. She often trades with other merchant's cats or even the humans themselves as they know her familiar figure around the town. They toss her fresh meats and leave cream out for her. She has many friends with the humans and a few of their kittypets as well. Rasha is friendly to those that respect her back but get on her bad side and you may see a side of her that she has chosen to press down. Before her comfortable life, when she was younger, she has met a rouge that had attempted to train her and bring her into their gang. But once she realized how bloodthirsty this gang was she became wary. It wasn't until her initiation where she was to fight another initiate that she had ran. She had won, being larger and bulkier than the smaller, younger cat and the rouge had told her she must kill the younger cat. She had been appalled. This cat looked no older than four, maybe five moons. She had refused and had snatched up the winded cat and ran as far and as fast as she could, to the sea. When she finally could run no more she released the young cat and hid it's battered form under a large yew bush in the garden of a small hut. She had made sure the cat was still breathing and then she had left in search of peace. Peace is all she wants.
Roleplayed by MorteAutumnal
KittypetHomeOpen to flings

Violet's complete name is Violetfrost but she change it to not rembember her past. She's a hairless cat with purplish blue eyes she still bring her collar of her days when she was a kittypet.She likes fights and everythings who involve it, she gets exicted about it easyly but with cats she cares can be gentile and agreeable.She's still trying to find her place so usually she walks near clans borders and watch other rouges thinking if she will be some day in her place.
Roleplayed by Enderwoxxu
Rogue Looking for relationship


A pale ginger tom with amber eyes. Formerly a bounty hunter, then SwiftClan leader, and now works as a courier, occasionally delivering to the forest. He's only gotten more socially awkward since leaving SwiftClan and working solo.
Roleplayed by biyuu

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