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Want a new character but can't think of a name or a bio? Whether you're an experienced roleplayer or a new member, the adoption center is here for you. We have characters geared towards specific clans and others open to any; we even have characters with existing family! Come browse our pre-loved characters and see if any catch your eye! There are bios specific to certain clans and then there are general bios for any group or clan. There are also families in case you and some friends want to adopt a family together. All cat bios should follow classics rules and be aware edits might be made to the bio if a situation calls for it. Though the chances are slim that edits will need to be made.
LIMIT PER MONTHThere is a limit of three adoptions a month so that others can have a chance to adopt. Creators can put their own requirements on adoptable threads.
SUBMISSIONBios should have a name and 2+ sentences. Please make sure your character's bios (for both submissions and if you wish to change after adoption) obey the site's rules.
CREDITPlease give credit where credit is due. If you put your cat on your profile just include somewhere that your cat was adopted!
Angerendurance A blue-gray tom with light brown eyes. Outgoing and calm. Reserved and silent when angered. Son of Syndromeenigma and Daylight, grandson of Barleystar, Skystar, Uta, and Abandon. Despite his name, he is rather hard to upset, and assumes a protector role for others. He is fiercely loyal, and will do just about anything for those closest to him. Though rarely angered, when pushed to the edge he snaps and will lash out at whoever it is that is the target of his rage.

Written by Honeystorm male any

Blazingsoul Blazingsoul woke up like a newborn kit, his memories blank, the only thing he does know are lies. Blazingsoul woke up at the very center of Day Clan camp. The clan woke up at dawn to find him there, a fiery blur of red, strawberry blonde, and platinum blonde wisps of fur with a copper left eye and a purple damaged right eye with a scar straight over the purple eye. No one knew what to make of Blazingsoul, he had no memories of where he came from or who he was. The clan decided to accept him and that at the next gathering they would try to find out which clan he belonged to. In the meantime he remains in Day Clan as a warrior and was given his own warrior name Blazingsoul. The prefix, Blazing for the color of his fur and the suffix soul to give him a soul here in Day Clan since he could not remember his. Blazingsoul has not said anything yet, but he has a mysterious talent to sense lies. When some cat is lying he finds that his senses are hyperactive, they are able to pick up more easily the visual and auditory signals of a cat’s deceiving behavior. He can figure out what a cat’s “tell” is that they are lying and hear the small sounds of their voice that may signify the lie. Why his senses are hyperactive to cats lying in particular he does not know. What he does know is that certain cats he meets respond oddly to him, almost like they remember or fear him from their past. He does not know why he was feared or if he should have been feared in the first place, all he does know is that he needs to keep questioning and picking up on lies to pick up the pieces of his life and find the whole picture again. But even if he does figure out who he was, will he like the tom he was?

Written by Faith male DayClan

Blueparrot Is an incredibly rare spotted highlander lynx with russian blue fur. His ears are curved like mouse ears which allow him to hear echoes of sound far better than any warrior in his clan. While he is not the best at balance due to his stubby tail he is a massive tom that is capable of being a powerful warrior in battle. Blueparrot was given birth to by a russian blue purebred kittypet. She had escaped from her two-leg and taken refuge at DayClan after hearing her kittens would be taken from her. She was already pregnant at the time with a highlander lynx purebreds kits and unfortunately without the aid of a two-leg to give a c-section only the smallest kit, Blueparrot came out. The rest were too big and died within his mother. He was named for his russian blue colored fur like his mother. However when he was found and brought into DayClan he felt at a disadvantage being born a kittypet and has since tried to prove his strength not just to others, but to himself. Blueparrot uses his strength and large size to stand up for other cats and not allow any to be pushed around.

Written by Faith male DayClan

Brokenleap A pale orange tabby tomcat with white splashes. Brokenleap has a white blaze that trickles down between his eyes, down his muzzle then chin before dripping down his left shoulder. He has a sliver of white down his chest, then his belly, paw tips and tail tip. He has a pair of kind, pale green eyes. But Clan names are always honest and true of the cat; and sometimes, the honest truth hurts. Brokenkit was not Brokenleap's birth name, he was once Orangekit. Brokenleap was born with a disability known to the twolegs as Carpal Hyperextension. Carpal Hyperextension is a condition in which the carpus, or wrist, in one of your limbs becomes over, or hyper, extended. When this extreme flexion occurs, the supporting ligaments in the carpus can become strained or torn, causing injury. When the ligament is weakened the joint is no longer able to maintain proper position, causing a lack of ability to support weight on the affected limb. (toke and modified the text from this site to fit the bio. I do not own.) The first time Brokenleap played with his den-mates, he tore the ligaments in his front left paw, and hasn't been able to bare weight since. His casual standing stance consists of his heel touching the ground. When Brokenleap is moving, he holds his lamb paw close to his chest and limps. Brokenleap cannot climb and barely leap. So yes, Brokenleap's leap is broken. He knows basic self defense, but you can trust during Wartime's his job is to stay back at camp and not be a liability. At least Brokenleap can hunt, it's an effort but he does enough to not gain a nest in the Elder's den. Brokenleapo is use to pitiful looks, sometimes even looks of distaste. But the tomcat tries his best to not let life get him down. His survived until adulthood in the wild with a disability, perhaps he could survive a few more seasons. A generally pleasant tomcat to be around when given the chance. However, Brokenleap has the bad habit of bottle up his emotions and exploding. Brokenleap's deepest desire is to be viewed as an equal among his Clanmates, and not a burden.

Written by Speckled_Starlight male FallClan

Branwen Like her name suggests this turkish angora is as dark as a raven's feather with sparkling jade eyes. She is a beautiful cat but the same can't be said about her personality. This cat is all about herself so unless there is something to gain from another or if a conversation isn't about her she is not interested. She has friends...only ones that benefit her and tell her what she likes to hear. Honestly it is hard to say if she really cares for others, that is to be seen. Branwen is more clever than what she seems to be as well as cunning and arrogent. She has a skewed moral compass to what she thinks is right or wrong which could ultimately lead to possible conflicts to the clan she lives in.

Written by ashestoashes female any

Cedarcloud Like her name suggests this turkish angora is as dark as a raven's feather with sparkling jade eyes. She is a beautiful cat but the same can't be said about her personality. This cat is all about herself so unless there is something to gain from another or if a conversation isn't about her she is not interested. She has friends...only ones that benefit her and tell her what she likes to hear. Honestly it is hard to say if she really cares for others, that is to be seen. Branwen is more clever than what she seems to be as well as cunning and arrogent. She has a skewed moral compass to what she thinks is right or wrong which could ultimately lead to possible conflicts to the clan she lives in.

Written by Delilah female SummerClanQueen

Cierra A long-haired tortoiseshell she-cat with silver eyes. Distrustful and isolated, she is a hoarder who is terrified of conflict. After being rescued by an Primal Instinct cat, who died saving her from a fox, she's always felt indebted to the group, and has a strong sense of community. She works hardest to make sure everyone is fed, gives away every part of herself to make the group better. And yet, she still can't shake her fears of inadequacy, or that even these cats will betray her one day. She's been hurt, kicked when she's down so many times that though she is entirely loyal, she still can't bring herself to fully trust those she's cast her lot with. As such, she is often alone, watching others with longing but unable to bring herself to join in, and she has difficulty letting go of things, especially food. So she hunts herself to exhaustion to provide for the group, only to turn around and squirrel away a few extra pieces for herself, just in case.

Written by Honeystorm female Primal InstinctHunter

Creamcoat Creamcoat always wants to look his best, he has beautiful white fur with creamy swirled designs with light emerald eyes. He heard from a kittypet once that he would be on something called a magazine such as Cat Fancy. He never understood what it truly meant, but he did know it meant that he would be adored. His desire to be one of DayClan’s most beautiful cats came from his mother who gave birth to him at an old age. His mother was gorgeous, she had velvety white persian fur and crystal blue eyes that anyone would be envious about. She said to him to never stop being beautiful, to shine brighter than any of those starry StarClan cats to be, fabulous. Of course that is what he tells everyone, but the story changes a little bit every time. He is not afraid to call any cat ugly and will often call cats by number of favoritism. If you are a seventeen and you make him upset though you may drop all the way to a thirty-two. He is definitely an odd cat, but sooner or later he will find that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and may stand up to the “greys” as he calls those who are less genetically perfect.

Written by Faith male DayClan

Deafleopard Big, muscular, and strong this tom is one intimating creature. This bangle has the spots of a leopard as well as the heart however there is more than meets the eye with this cat. Dark green eyes always observant...always watching. Never speaks. Some think that this is simply because he is calculating. In retrospect it's more because of the fact that he is actually deaf and so has to constantly watch everything. He doesn't like others to know he is deaf so he just plays the quiet dumb type. In actuality he is in fact a very clever and smart lad that just plays his part very well.

Written by Ashestoashes male Any

Doestrike What a sweet, gentle, and fluffy cat Doestrike seemes to be, even down to her light sparkling blue eyes. However it's not what it seems to be as this snowshoe she cat is anything but sweet, gentle, and fluffy. Loud, sarcastic, grumpy, and at times harsh she not one to be messed with or annoy. With very little patience she is ease to anger and even quicker to give a sharp tongue to. However she has a kind side to her that she only shows to her close friends, which is to say she doesn't have a whole lot of. It's best to say avoid getting in her path unless you wish to test your luck with her, otherwise it just makes sense to leave her be.

Written by ashestoashes female any

Emeline-chan Every monster begins with a heart of hope as soft as silk, a desire to what was right by them that rages like a fire, and the bitter, dry taste of pandora's box, the twisting dark truths, the voices that had spoken in their ears for so long, words they never found the strength to acknowledge, the ones that ask: are you afraid of the question, or are you afraid of the answer? Emeline holds all three things in her hands. She has a heart, as soft as the silken fur of her mother's belly before she was ripped away, set aside to be some experiment for a mad scientist's desire. Often selfless to a fault, she always has a smile on her face and a soft look in her green eyes lest she worried the others, a heart that forgave any wrongdoing against her because she knew deep inside that others truly were good. She has the raging fire, like the flame-point coat she has, that burning need to protect those she has put under her charge, pushing her to be almost too reckless, throwing herself head-first into situations before thinking. She understood the bitter, dry taste of the truth; after all, she was raised in a laboratory, only escaping when Cora, the youngest kit of the ragtag family of theirs was killed by a woman with hard lines on his face. Having to fend for themselves since a kit, she knows exactly what it takes to survive; her eyes turn into the cold eyes of a killer when her family is threatened. So what is the question, and what is the answer? Emeline has always known the answer, what shall she fear? It isn't the monster she fears in the darkness, for they once had hearts like her own, the softness in their lines and a fire in their hearts. No, she does not fear the monsters ahead of her, rather, she fears the thing that's created them that way instead, for something must've stolen the warmth from their chest and the silk from their soul to turn them into this, and if it can happen to others, will it be so easy to happen to her?

Written by achromatic female Primal Instinct Youngling

Eurythmicdream On the outside she looks a normal silver grey tabby cat with yellow eyes but in honesty nothing about her is normal. For one she can't speak since she was born a mute. Instead she talks with her paws as well as her body. She also has these...dreams. Dreams of cats she don't know but what's to come to them. With there being so many cats out here in the territories its hard to tell each and everyone of them what's coming there way so she has come to ignore them. What use is it to have all of these dreams to help all these cats when she can't even get to meet one, let alone convince them she isn't crazy? Instead she lives life for herself and only herself and that's that.

Written by ashestoashes female any

George George is a rather small light orange tom with darker orange tabby stripes that ripple along the length of his thin frame. His eyes are dark green like a fresh piece of moss that been caught in the rain. George like most kittypets lives happily with his twolegs though he knows there is a bigger world out there, sights unseen by many cats who choose to remain cooped up in their homes all day content with getting fat, but not him. George would never leave his home, but that never stops him from going on adventures; his paws get restless if he can't enjoy the outside world. His twolegs let him out during the day and by nightfall he returns home to curl up warm in his bed. The orange tabby tom is not clueless, he knows of the dangers that lay beyond the hard nests occupied by the twolegs and the other kittypets, but he would never forgive himself if he let the wonders around him remain secret to his mind. George is a carefree cat, he enjoys the warmth over the cold and you would never catch him anywhere near water. He spends his day roaming freely, hoping to meet some new cat or find some new treasure.

Written by Delilah male kittypet

Hamlin Pale as a ghost with dark rings under his eyes — Jezi’s quirky young son is quiet when lanky like his father. His thin white coat is patchy from his constantly itching, a nervous tick, an absent gesture, and a habitual need to scrape away the grime from his pelt and pull the bugs out from his skin. When he was a young trainee he wandered alone as a rogue and contracted a terrible case of ticks, and even moons later he still obsessively checks his ears and grooms his coat for any signs of the tiny parasites. He couldn't bear to continue living alone with a group, so he returned to the League, but he has never tried very hard to fit in with the mad monsters that live there and he's always ready to run. He has few attachments and no possessions, a drifter at heart, and he has a feeling some of his fellow hunters might turn on him when they discover his distaste for unnecessary death and blood. Lyn often finds it easy to keep other cats away: they get annoyed by his scratching, but his fleeting attention, by his vehement rejections of physical contact. He isn't even close with his siblings - Magnolia, Cason, and Haisley - or parents - Jezebelle and Akatosh - anymore, and he only spends as much time with them as necessary to retain the protection of Foxbane. Deal's grandson.

Written by Cleaver male Primal InstinctHunter

Hawktalon Hawktalon has a triangular face with a light beige hourglass body and red fox like tail. He has red ears and a red thin marking lining against the bottom of his narrow grey eyes. He is an incredibly lethal cat and even a tad sadistic. He will often convince a hunting patrol to look for hawks and lure them down risking the lives of his own clanmates to snag a hawk. He will often back it up by saying that they are ridding Day Clan of hawks even though they were minding their own business in the first place. He will then take the hawks talons and will glue them to his front claws with tree sap in order to land far more deadly blows. Thus the reason his name is Hawktalon. The prefix of his name Hawk, came from his grandfather who was said to be a grand warrior of DayClan.

Written by Faith male DayClan

Hollowheart A pessimistic white tom with a golden chain like stripe starting at his snout and swirling across his pelt to his tail with big yellow eyes. He was born with a literal small hole in his heart from what the medicine cat could find out. A disease that will slowly bring him to an early grave. He is unable to become a warrior and must reside in the elder’s den in order to keep his health in balance. However he never feels like he is living, he feels like he is already dead. He takes out his frustrations and anger for his situation on his clan mates and has grown up to be a bitter cat. However things changed after his mother died. When his mother was gone no one paid as close attention to him as his mother did, he began to sneak out from camp and visit other clans despite the warrior code. He would even start battles with rogues if it made him feel alive. Yes he would be vomiting on his own blood from exerting himself, but for once he felt alive. He continues this dangerous practice of sneaking out of camp and engaging in battle, but every battle and clan he walks long miles through is a month off of his life. Will his hunger for feeling alive outweigh his bodies need to live or will his will to live leave his feelings of adrenaline behind as well as his dreams.

Written by Faith male DayClan

Isaac-Chan Black and white tom with light green eyes and youngest of the group. Biological brother to Arwen and youngest of the two. Small for a cat but uses it to his advantage. Very shy and very quiet. Tends to stick to himself but likes to make friends. Smarter than most think he is. Can and will pick a fight if he thinks a fight is needed. Dislikes the feel of sand between his toes. Loves to climb things but tends to get stuck. Afraid of being buried alive. Has six toes on each paw. Easy to make laugh.

Written by ashestoashes malePrimal Instinctyoungling

Ivynettle The night is sharp and quick, shining through the green tree leaves. It is unkind to those who do not respect it or misjudge it. Ivynettle is a cat much like the night, both in appearance and personality. Her words are sharp and to the point, her mind not easily swayed, and her temper fierce. Her kits know better than to anger her for she is quick and precise in her punishment of judgment. Warriors are weary of the she-cat and her stinging attitude. But she's like an itch, like poison ivy, something you can't get rid of easily and that stays around even when you don't want her too. Ivynettle is very much like the plants she's named for. Sharp, itchy, stinging, mean. It's a wonder that any cat would want her as a mate, but some do, some need that sense of stability. And that's something she is, stable. With black fur, a single area of white on her chest, and ivy greens for eyes, she's the most stable thing around and knows it.

Written by Pao male NightClan

Jokerstrike An orange and white tom with green blue eyes that twinkle with mischief. He and his twin brother Tricksterheart are always up to something mischievous, but never with the intention to hurt others. Between the two brothers he is the brains of the operation and is the one that helps bring the tricks and plans to life (although both contribute to coming up with the ideas.) Both are caring and truly like to bring joy and mirth to the clan. warrior

Written by Ashestoashes male Any

Jupiterdrop Small and feminine figured this peach and cream colored feline with baby blue eyes is in fact a tom. Being the way he is has its ups and downs, but most definitely uses what he has to his advantage. Manipulative? Maybe. Does he really care if it means it helps him out and maybe a few other cats along the way? Nope. He just does what he does to get to where he needs to be and that's that.

Written by Ashestoashes male Any

Kali-chan A silver she-cat with white paws and amber eyes. For the most part, she is a well mannered cat, respectful and entirely obedient, reliable and wise. Yet, not all her accomplishments are her own. Jobs are delegated to others, and she is not above cheating to get her way, though she is loyal to a fault, and when push comes to shove, she can get the job done. She is a polite cat with a way of twisting words to make others do her bidding, and often sets out beyond the borders to manipulate others to her bidding, developing a network of those who owe her should she, or those she cares about, ever need something in the future. Despite her skills in manipulation and trickery, however, she is a cat who falls, and falls hard for cats. She has ideals of romance and kits one day, and throws herself head first into every new relationship. In a stroke of irony, this leaves her open to be manipulated by those who she can't seem to find fault in, hopelessly in love and hoping for the fairytale ending she's always wanted.

Written by Honeystorm female Primal Instinctyoungling

Koketheart A blue russian tom with grey eyes it’s ironic the first part of his name, Kotek is polish for kitten. It's also a sad reminder for the tom with how young and how short he looks. Most wish to look youthful, but for this tom he wishes he could look older...most warriors at first glance mistake him for an apprentice. It wouldn't be so bad but he often gets picked on because of his younger looks, making him weary when he first meets a cat. It makes it even harder for him to talk to she cats, feeling shy and feels he'll never get a mate due to his looks. Once a cat gets to know Kotekheart, they'll learn he's like comes in small packages. The one big thing he has is his mouth, which has been known for getting him in trouble. Despite his short status Kotekheart works extra hard to prove he is a warrior, and it pays off when he battles....this little kitty has claws but also a big heart.

Written by Ashestoashes male Any

Largelight A round, fluffy cream she-cat with light green eyes. Born to a kittypet and then adopted into a twoleg family at a young age, for most of her life the twolegplace was the only world Largelight, formerly known as Missy, had ever known. The echoing rumbles of monsters on the thunderpath, the sweet smell of the flowers in their gardens, and the soft and warm comfort of her cozy nest; what more could a cat possibly want? The days went by in a comfortable, familiar pattern: nothing ever seemed to change. After a while, that began to bug her. Was this life really all there was for her? Missy grew desperate for something new, something different, but could never find the courage to chase what she wanted. That is, until a chance run-in with cats from Summerclan. Hearing about the clans, a place where cats worked together and lived in harmony, it was everything she ever dreamed of. She begged them to let her join, nervous from head to tail, but unwilling to let go of the only chance she might ever get. Quiet and polite, Largelight is a peaceful cat, not particularly good at handling confrontation, or even social interaction for that matter. Living alone for so long, being suddenly thrust into a large community has left her with a few anxiety problems, as well as a difficult learning curve when it comes to hunting and fighting. In spite of her clumsiness, Largelight is a real plucky character deep down, always ready to get back up and try again, and excited to see what each new day brings her.

Written by Gidgetgal female SummerClanGarden Keepr

Meadowfawn Light cinnamon brown fur swirled with peach colors and a peach stripe down to her nose with friendly pearly eyes. Meadowfawn is a dainty she-cat who is regal in every definition. Her voice is sophisticated and her fighting comes with grace, she never loses her composure or raises her voice, instead her voice is authoritative and demands to be listened to and has the honey like voice that cats want to listen to. She is not afraid to get her claws bloody and is ready to strike any cat down to defend her honor as her pride is far bigger than her heart. It is clear that when she finds a mate that he will be the one in the nursery fathering the kits as she will already be out and about with friends or on hunts. She would not be about to sacrifice her social life for her kits and would treat her kits like dolls she likes to decorate and love.

Written by Faith female DayClan

Pinkpastel Lulu was her kittypet name and she had come from a happy home with a breeder who had a love for long furred Siamese. She grew up happily with her mate Bandit, living a peaceful life with him and her two-leg. However things changed when the two-leg grew old and sold them to a two-leg who the cats called, Crookedsmile. Lulu had been pregnant at the time and was stuffed into a tight cage with Bandit. She was hardly fed and grew sick in the cold conditions of his backyard. Due to this she gave birth to a litter of six, but only one survived. Ever since then things were on a downward spiral. Ever since Bandit and her came into Crookedsmile's "care" they had grown a part and with a kit to raise there was more tension between the two in the tight quarters. However a group of DayClan apprentices found her and set her and her family free. Since then she's been living in DayClan and feels relaxed. She took a warrior name rather quickly and has discovered she is a natural born hunter. Her daughter Flutterwing is also there.

Written by Faith female dayclan

Poisonedrose Black and white she cat with striking grey eyes she loves to play with flowers, but not just any flowers. All flowers are beautiful but the most prized ones in this cats eye's are the ones with the most poison to them. They have a deadly beauty to them she can easily relate to.

Written by ashestoashes female any

Ridley Rough tabby tom with old scars and burns with green brown eyes. Actually not as old as he looks he is a young hunter who fell into the hands of fate by cruel two legs. Being a stray he would be kicked at, have things thrown at him, and constantly chased. One day he was caught unexpectedly by a group of teens that proceeded to burn him. He didn't leave empty handed and made sure they each a small memory of him, which was how he got caught and sentenced to death row. He is a fighter worthy of giving another chance.

Written by Ashestoashesmale Primal InstinctHunter

Rippletide A stunning grey white she cat with soft baby blue eyes and a splash of white on her muzzle. Ripple is a very clever feline with a strong moral compass and a stronger sense of ambition. Nothing will stop this she cat from getting what she wants, after all she earned it! Ripple enjoys the cool breeze next to the water side and the soft sound of the rippling water along the shoreline.

Written by ashestoashes female any

Selim-kun An orange and white tom with green blue eyes that sparkle with mischief. He and his twin brother Jokerstrike are always up to something mischievous, but never with the intention to hurt others. Between the two brothers he is the leader and so is usually the one that spearheads the operations. Both are caring cats and truly like to bring joy and mirth to the clan.

Written by Ashestoashes male Primal Instinct Trainee

Strawberryfields As sweet as strawberries with fur as close as to red a cat could be Strawberryfields has fluffy fur with a white tipped tail and chest. Eyes dazzle in the most peculiar color of blue ever seen on a she cat but then again she herself is a peculiar cat. She see's the world in music, quiet literally as if she is in a musical. Maybe she was born like this or perhaps had obtained an injury in her youth but for Strawberry everything normally sounds just as that. She almost sings everything she says and seems to always dances when she moves. Aside from this quirk she is like any other cat with a fierce passion to protect her loved ones.

Written by ashestoashes female any

Sunkissedthistle She was originally a childhood pet, but life hadn't treated her well. Her owner turned cruel frequently abused her by burning her fur, cutting her and throwing items at her in fits of rage. She grew up hardened with hatred for two-leg kind, but more than that grew envious of purebreds. Ever since a kittypet named Adele was adopted she had been living under her owners porch, living off of his scraps. Her owner used to have his name, Dear, the name an older two-leg had always called him, but since his cruel streak cats called him Crookedsile. She has little sympathy for the cats that Crookedsmile keeps in the kitten mill feeling that the purebred cats in them replace mutts like her. When a group of DayClan apprentices showed up on her territory she was at first aggressive, but later became intrigued by clan life and agreed to help out and free the rest of the kittenmill cats. Sunkissedthistle is very cemented in her ways, but little by little is learning to trust others. Originally it took her a while to disown her kittypet name Belle, but finally decided to shed the name in order to rid what little hold Crookedsmile still held onto her. However she still lashes out easily and is quick to turn on her friends when she feels threatened.

Written by Faith female dayclan warrior

Swiftmind A dark orangey tom with white lacey almost spiderweb like markings over his bengal swirl fur. He has a white chest and pale yellow, almost white, eyes. Swiftmind is a wiry tom who treats the world like one big chess match. He did not have his mother around growing up, his father had said that she wasn’t needed and therefore should not be missed. His father had tried toughening him up to be a good fighter, but he was always just a good hunter which in his father’s eyes and his own eyes was not enough. It was one day when Swiftpaw and his father had chased away a patrol and the leader wanted to report the cats to a gathering that his true power shinned. The patrol could not remember each of the cat's fur and eye colors with complete certainty but Swiftpaw could. He recited each of the cats fur, eye color, voice, scents, even to a small detail such as one of them having a limp and another having a small scar across the nose. Swiftminds dad worked his photographic mind to his advantage and taught his son how to recognize body languages and how to masterfully predict a cats move based on their body language and past all within less than a few seconds. Swiftmind may not be strong, but he is swift enough to dodge and speed his claws into an enemy by knowing what his enemies next moves are. One may think that Swiftminds mind is perfect, but he has a hard time understanding emotions and often comes out blunt as he himself does not take anything personally and does not understand why others take emotions so “dramatically” as he calls it.

Written by Faith male DayClan Warrior

Tricksterheart An orange and white tom with green blue eyes that sparkle with mischief. He and his twin brother Jokerstrike are always up to something mischievous, but never with the intention to hurt others. Between the two brothers he is the leader and so is usually the one that spearheads the operations. Both are caring cats and truly like to bring joy and mirth to the clan.

Written by Ashestoashes male Any Warrior

Wailingspirit Once an openly emotional kitten, Wailingspirit eventually grew into a stoic warrior, soft-spoken and poised. No longer does she allow others to glimpse into her soul, and should she ever let her guard down, such moments are fleeting. Being the second oldest of her litter, she takes on a decisive and protective role among her siblings. She’s always been good at reading others and shares any of her findings with her brothers and sisters in the hopes of aiding their rough attempt at surviving in FallClan. Despite her own afflictions, she acts in a composed and respectable manner at all times, masking her ongoing fears and depression from even her closest companions. Only a select few know of her diagnosis, first found in her early moons but invisible to the naked eye. Wailingspirit was born with a minor case of hypoesthesia, likely a symptom from an overlying disease, in which her spinal cord has a decreased amount of activity. At first, it was a slight numbness to touch and only in a few parts of her body, but as she continues to mature, so does the loss of sensation. As her physical senses fade, her emotions grow, and it is a constant struggle to keep everything hidden. Although she knows that one day, the truth will come out once the hypoesthesia reaches a life-altering stage. Until then, she hopes to experience as much in life as she can. Wailingspirit has a predominantly white pelt with a small patch of orange and black markings on her head, and pale green eyes. Her beauty is evident and catches many eyes, but because of her guarded lifestyle, only the most determined of cats could ever hope to win her affection.

Written by AtomHeart female FallClan Warrior

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