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4.25.22 Vexing_ode has been named deputy with their cat, Radiantcosmos! Welcome them to the staff!

4.24.22 Woof has stepped down from leader after the reign of Sunstar! Please thank her for helping to facilitate one of the most successful plots of recent history! With Sunstar gone, Foxstar, rped by Ian, has taken over as leader. More to come soon!
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PlotThe finale of SummerClan's three part plot has finally arrived! After a brutal defeat by SummerClan, NightClan sent back word to Aspenstar to inform her of what transpired, and as she makes her grand return to "NightClan2," she arrives in time to see Sunpetal announcing ceremonies. The two she-cats are locked in a stand-off that can only end with one standing victorious: Who will it be?
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SummerClan Camp

The SummerClan camp includes:

The Garden
The garden, which is so carefully tended by the Garden Keepers, sits at the top of the hill above the camp. At the top of the hill, the sun’s light always reaches it, and it is well out of the way of flood waters. While SummerClan’s territory is naturally blessed with a wide array of natural flora, the soil is most fertile here, and generations of skilled Garden Keepers have collected countless rare and exotic plants that they cultivate in private gardens. The rolling garden has many of the herbs needed by the medicine cats, ensuring that SummerClan will always be taken care of.
prey Mice, lizards, small birds

herbs Poppy, Daisy, Lavender

The Northern Sea

The Northern Sea takes its name because it stretches further than the eye can see from the northern border SummerClan territory, though it meets its end in SpringClan on the other side. Its fresh water is always cool and crisp, rippling with a pale blue tint, though pebbles can be seen through its surface at all times. A long stretch of golden, smooth sand that covers the length of the Northern Sea, known as The Shore of Shifting Sands. In Greenleaf, the Shoreline is a peaceful place where young cats can gather to swim or fish. However, in the cold moons of Leaf-Bare, the relentless season, it becomes treacherous; the surface freezes over, luring apprentices and warriors over to slide and play on it, but all it takes is one misstep for a tragedy to happen.
preySeagulls, Ducks, Geese, Fish

herbsWatermint, Water hemlock

The Witch's House

Warriors call this dilapidated and abandoned twoleg nest "The Sunflower Cottage" around kits and apprentices, so as not to frighten the former or excite the latter into exploring where they ought not to. No one has ever seen the witch rumoured to live here; apprentices sometimes dare each other to steal something from around the cottage, and only the bravest cats venture close enough to take advantage of the little herb garden growing out the back or the mice scurrying through the piles of firewood. While many cats are convinced sightings of the witch are just scary stories that have gotten out of hand, occasionally one may pass by and notice the lights on or the chimney smoking...or hear faint singing out in the nearby woods at night. One thing’s for sure: if you see a shadow pass by the window - run.
preyRats, Bats, Frogs, Lizards, Toads

herbsAloe Vera, Catmint, Lavender, Chamomile, Wild Garlic, Death Berries

Wildflower Meadows

The Wildflower meadow makes up a huge percentage of SummerClan's territory. Laying on the west side of the long river, it is a lovely, sprawling meadow filled to the brim with every flower under the sun: daisies, cornflowers, forget-me-nots, marigolds, daffodils, violets, buttercups, the list goes on! There's also no shortage of herbs, making this a favourite spot for medicine cats and garden keepers to forage. At the southern end sits a lavender field, perhaps once planted in neat, purple rows by twolegs but long since left to be reclaimed by the wild. The smell is gorgeous; especially after the first rain of leafbare, when the water soaks into the dry earth and the scent of lavender bursts into the air. The Rabbit Meadow is slightly smaller than the Wildflower Meadow, and sits directly across from it along the northern end of the river. A vast, open space of tall grass and the occasional small pine tree, fallen log, thin stream, and pond. You'll occasionally find deer grazing here too; looking like beautiful ghosts when they leap through the early morning mist, and one can often spot little butterflies fluttering through the grass.
prey Rabbits, Mice, Voles, Moles, Sparrows, Robins, Larks, Blackbirds

herbsDaisy, Foxglove, Lavender, Marigold, Poppy, Tansy, Yarrow

The Deeplands

Though most of SummerClan's territory is meadow and moorland, on the far eastern end of the territory is a thick patch of forest surrounded on all sides by the river - effectively making it an island of sorts. Mainly pine, oak, birch,and beech, it is almost always filled with soft sunshine filtering under the leaves; there's rarely a place in the territory that is ever entirely gloomy. However, due to the proximity of the rivers, it is quite difficult to find any well-growing herbs in this area. In the center of the woods, close to the waterfall, lies a wide-open field that sits under the stars, which is where Summerclan has made their camp.
preySparrows, Robins, Bluejays, Crows, Squirrels, Mice, Voles, Fish

herbsCobwebs, Dry Oak Leaves, Honey, Watermint


prey insert here
herbs insert here

The Southern Sea

The Southern Sea, huge and deep blue, makes up the southern SummerClan border- and beyond. It is a popular spot for parents to bring their kits in the calmer new-leaf months, but come green-leaf, it becomes a bustling hub that Two-legs occupy. Over time, most SummerClan cats have lost their wariness of the humans, but a level of caution is still encouraged: Kits have most certainly been abducted here for being too friendly. The white sands are dappled by smooth, gray stones and bright, waving stalks of seaside goldenrod, and the sea is dark, sparkling, and full of wonder. Strong storms whip up in the warmer months and bring danger to its coast, thus the presence of the Coast Guard is much more apparent in these months.
preySeagulls, catfish, redfish, sharks



A venerated place of legend and wonder, Watermouth is SummerClan’s personal link to StarClan. It’s situated right off the coast, with a channel of sea water separating it from the shore, but when the tides recede, it creates a bridge allowing anyone to access it. Be careful, however: If the tide rolls back in, only strong swimmers will be able to get back to shore.
prey None

herbs None

Rabbit Meadow

A venerated place of legend and wonder, Watermouth is SummerClan’s personal link to StarClan. It’s situated right off the coast, with a channel of sea water separating it from the shore, but when the tides recede, it creates a bridge allowing anyone to access it. Be careful, however: If the tide rolls back in, only strong swimmers will be able to get back to shore.
prey None

herbs None


Played by ian

His mother was the day. His father was the night. He, born equal parts between the two worlds, was the sunset. A tiny bright orange tom with ashen grey eyes, the little tom is the son of former NightClan leader, Phantomfox, and former SummerClan deputy, Rosethorn. Although born in SummerClan, following the still births of all of the kitten's siblings, his mother relocated to NightClan to reunite the trio. During the beginning of their stay in his father's clan, life was good, or at least, as good as it could be as his mother recovered from the violent birthdeaths of his littermates. He was part of a community of cats who loved him. It seemed, just for a moment, that the day and night could coexist. However, the sun and the moon cannot stay in the same sky for long, something Foxfable learned all too quickly as his father's love for his family was eclipsed by his desire of another. This changed everything, and Foxfable, then Foxpaw, relocated with his mother back to SummerClan as they tried to cope with his father's betrayal. Generally, but not always a very happy cat, he always tries to put on a brave face for others, even when he doesn't feel so brave himself. There is a kindness to the tom, a willingness to help and see the good in the world, that is infectious, but also fatal, as seeing the good in other cats sometimes makes it hard for you to see the bad. He is chronically ill, something he does not want to admit to himself. His parent's fret over his sickly nature, but he is just as good as the other cats, he swears! Still, he feels like he constantly has to prove himself. As such, the tiny sneezy boy is prone to overexerting himself to the point of a severe reaction.


Played by vexing_ode

What is love but an ever changing sky, fierce and volatile one day, then calm and graceful the next. Who is to define love, and what makes one love? Does it shine bright with burning passion for one's mate, or sturn and fierce for one's kits. Perhaps it is as simple as the pride, and protectiveness one holds for their clan. Tall with soft white fur, and inquisitive orange eyes, a silver Somali. Radiantcosmo, a product made from a false love, a trick, an illusion of love. Born from a lost father and an uncaring mother, she made a vow, a vow to find love in her heart for every moment, for every kit, for every member of her clan. Fierce and loyal, working hard for the trust of those she calls home. The she-cat always holds her head high, calm and collected, at least on the outside, but inside, she holds her doubts, hoping she said the right thing or made the right decision. She holds a sort of, Confident mother of all vibe, always watching, and encouraging. Though one could say this is her biggest weakness, a chink in her armor if you will. Her love could easily be used against her, a betrayal would break her. Not all cats are without their quirks. She is a heavy sleeper, it takes effort to get her up before she is ready, though she is usually up just before sunrise. And stranger yet, her deep love of stones, she collects them, keeping a wide assortment of shiny or colorful rocks in her den. Some were gifts from the kits or apprentices of Summerclan, but most are from her strolls along the beach. There is one though, that she holds dear, a small blue green rock, lined with gray rings, a gift from a first love, the innocent love between kits too young to understand, a reminder of the pain and grief that love can bring when one is lost.


Played by achromatic

Say my name with your sunlight veins. When the sun hits the earth at the right angle, everything turns green and gold, but as the sun disappears, Sunveins continues to hold the warmth of gold in her furs. Her long pelt is dappled ginger, gold, and white, and her bright green eyes shine brightly with mischief. Playful, with a huge imagination, it's hard to tell that her background had been anything but pleasant in the past. She doesn't remember much of it, other than the stories her adopted father had told her, about rats, the way their grandmother had been powerful and how she resembled her, the way their grandfather had gone mad in his later days, how their family was cursed to forever hold a madness within them, the way their mother had wanted them, but she had been too soft to survive the part of the forest they were from. The three of them–her cousin, her adopted father, and her–traveled through the forests, and one day, she found herself lost. Found by a warrior of Summerclan, she was young enough to integrate like anyone else. Still, part of her feels lost though she'd rarely admit it. She wonders where her family went, what they meant when they spoke of a family curse, and whether she–like the rest of them–was cursed as well. Her own concerns are often kept to herself, and outwardly, she's nothing but a ball of sunshine and energy. Bright, talkative, and full of creativity, Sunveins seems like another airheaded, bubbly cat, only ever showing who she is when she's angry, the deep-seated rage created by the circumstances of her past lashes out like a solar flare.


Played by goldcrest

To be the sacrificial lamb is to be a tool for the common good; a silver bengal with precious, blue-ish green eyes, he was first named Dorus and said to be a gift, the provider of his parent’s apparent immortality after the occurrence of a specific ritual, in which he would have given up his life. He was raised sheltered, knowing his fate and preparing for the day to come, and yet despite how ready he had tricked himself into believing he was, before it could be conducted he disappeared, faking his death along the way. Fleeing, he found sanction in a clan of warmth, peace, and protection. His only wish is to live a quiet, safe life, where he can learn to enjoy the world instead of feeling the terrible guilt that came with leaving his family. Gentle, kind, there’s an air of gloom to him, the kind that holds many secrets; he genuinely sees the good in others, even those who have wronged him, forgives again and again even if it hurts. His worth is dependable on those around him, how useful he can be, how much he can be used. Though, prefers the company of himself over the company of others, unsure in social situations and usually making a fool of himself. Growing up, nobody wanted to get too close to him. Effeminate, his fur reflects the way the pines gather snow in the winter yet still stay green and healthy, a symbol of immortality, of hope. He is cold, yet alive, going against the very nature of his birth.


The future. These cats have served SummerClan for moons in their specific roles until age slowed them down, but, still too young to retire as elders, they now serve in place as mentors to the training teams. They are the deciding factor of the future.


Ravenmask - Whitemuzzle
So, you want to know about me? Well let’s see. As you can tell I’m a smoky gray tom with black patches of fur. I got my name from the black patch that covers my eyes and ears. Speaking of my eyes, their dusty blue color have already attracted some attention from some she cats. Just recently I was promoted to the rank of warrior. Some have described me as being a fun-loving cat who loves life. The world around me piques my curiosity and I long to explore it. I like making new friends and I’m not afraid to bend the Warrior code a bit when I think it needs it. Now don’t get me wrong! I’m very loyal to my clan, SummerClan. But hey, where’s the zest in life if you don’t let loose every once in a while, right? Oh yeah, I almost forgot. This isn’t too important to me but to some cats it is. I come from a long line of descendants who can trace their linage back to Graystar, a famous SummerClan leader. My mother, Ashensnow, was a granddaughter of Coalstripe, whose mother was Cometstream, Graystar’s daughter. So that’s enough about me. Tell me a bit about yourself.

Bubblechaser - lavellan | Lead
With just a single glance, it’s hard to understand why she received the name Bubblechaser. The color of her eyes - a beautiful blue that perfectly compliments the siamese blood running through her - could easily explain the ‘bubble’ prefix, but chaser? It’s not like this she-cat is extremely outgoing, not anymore than your typical warrior anyway. So, what was it that this seal-point siamese was chasing? Is it perhaps something that only she can see? Well, in a way this may be true. Once you get to know her, it becomes quite clear what she’s after: her mother’s affection. From a young age, all she ever wanted was the praise of Quietmeadow, her mother, but her best was never enough, and she was always ignored, or rewarded with the harshest of criticisms. Every word lodged its way into Bubblechaser’s heart, digging their blades deeper and deeper. The only thing that she could do was work even harder, pushing herself to do even better. Some might think that she’s too hard on others, but that’s nothing compared to what she puts herself through. In her mind, she will never be enough, and there’s always that whisper of doubt in her mind telling her so. That no matter how hard she works, no one will ever care. Maybe that’s why she strives for recognition, why she would do whatever it takes to gain the approval of those around her. She is a people pleaser through and through, even if her reasons might be selfish.


Devotedcrow - woof
There are legends — visions painted of cats clad in golden auras, who've served their clan endlessly, and whose names are said with praise — and then there are curses — the types you only wish on your worst enemy. Crow is not named for a golden pelt, or golden eyes, or cats with golden auras who died well before his time. No, his signature sable fur is dark and tussled, his gaze wild like firelight, and he speaks with the heat of a thousand suns. There's the echo of an ancient anger in his voice, something distant but still present. Rogue born but SunClan raised, his claim to this world was precarious at best owing to his original clan's perception of crows, which are omens of death in their religion and the highest form of disgrace is to bear their curse in a name. It was his mother's hope that burdening her son with this would give him the strength necessary to survive in the cold shadows of SunClan, but it gave him something even greater than that: Purpose. Crow has a heavy-footed saunter, like with every step he's stalking across hot coals, and he has seen a lot in his life up until now: Life in the desert, scorn from a clan that didn't accept him, the loneliness of being separated from his family and the grief of losing a sibling, the throes of leading a wayward group of rogues, entire moons of a wintry vigil, and, most recently, the loss of a child. Despite all the unfavorable cards he’s been dealt, every trial more insurmountable than the last, Crow has never lost his optimism or kindness. He is soft and loving and achingly honest. He is hopeful for better days, even in blackened nights. Weathering cold nights alone, food never promised and shelter difficult to find, he never expected to find himself part of a Clan again- but he always hoped for it, a quiet and yearning break in his heart. When he found home in the form of a beautiful white warrior by the name of Orchiddrop and a sympathetic Clan leader, Ratstar, he rapidly immersed himself back into Clan life, letting himself find comfort in a life of acceptance, love, and sun-warmed hope. He was given the name Devotedcrow to honor his devotion to his clan, his family, and, most importantly, himself.

Howlingheart - ian
They say grief changes a man. In Howlingheart's case, this is particularly true. Born Ravenkit, Howlingheart was once a happy tom without a care in the world. That all changed, though, when his sister, Foxpaw, died. A happy childhood soon became a memory, and grief consumed him, so much so that after the tragedy occured, he requested that he was renamed to Howlingheart for how his heart screamed in unceasing agony the moment they put Foxpaw in the ground. He feels as though he lost the most that day: His sister, dead; his brother, gone; and his mother, he can see the way she looks at him, with sorrow in her eyes, and knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that she wishes he was the one they lost. He drifted from the family after that, but nowadays has a close bond with Southernskies, who has made it his prerogative to be the father his son needs. He loves SummerClan and strives to do his best as a Garden Keeper, priding himself in becoming a master of his craft and elaborately decorating the territory he loves. Howlingheart is a silver-eyed furry red tabby with splashes of white across his chest and underside.

Treasure Hunters

The eyes. Gifted with a natural observational tact, these cats have the sharpest eyes in SummerClan, capable of spotting treasure that's barely visible from fox-lengths away. Much of their time is spent in or around the Southern Sea, scavenging the shores and the turbulent ocean currents for useful items to bring back home.

Weevilspike - fox | Lead
A tall, stern, sandy brown tabby she-cat, willowy and powerful, with bright, narrow green eyes and a pointed, angular face. She routinely lines her inner eyes with charcoal, giving her an intimidating appearance and a constant smell of salt and burning things. Her claws are short and shredded, evidence of having lived and worked on a ship her entire life; her fur, always stiff with a fine layer of ocean salt, is cut through with old scars, and her dark-ringed eyes are the dull, heavy-lidded, hateful trophies of an existence of mutinies and slaughter, bounties and prices on heads, treachery and exploitation of innocents. Born as a ship’s cat, she grew up with the salty sea air whipping her ears and the black waves crashing against the hull in ocean storms; when her mother grew old and frail, never more than someone who fed her, her only companions were the ship’s rats. She learned not to speak, to live in silence — so much so that her voice is still husky and low from disuse. Travelling from place to place aboard the ship that was never quite home, she quickly learned how to conquer settlements of cats in the brief time the ship was moored in the harbour; she broke it down to a perfect formula of violence and intimidation, of fire and threats, and that was how she made her living: in fearful offerings of food and trinkets laid at her lounging, haughty paws, and in the reputation that spread like blood across the seas. Soon, she didn’t have to conquer; they knew she was coming, and they bowed when she stepped onto dry land. Because they knew that if she wasn’t given it all willingly, she would burn their homes to the ground and take it by herself. She became the pirate queen. Brin is a deadpan, gruff she-cat of unimpressed looks, curled lips, and few words. She’s blunt, disapproving, solitary, and crass, with the mouth of a sailor and the dead-eyed look of someone who could drink the men under the table by the time she was as tall as their shoulders. Though she has grown weary of her life of terror, she has yet to be tamed, to be anchored, to be given a reason to reform; the way things are going, she’ll die young on a pile of gold, unafraid and uncared for, because she forgot how to care a long, long time ago. She settled in SummerClan as an attempt at laying down roots, but she feels far more like a semi-feral, illiterate creature, a freakshow attraction, among these soft, close-bound things than an equal; she looms above most of them, quiet and intimidating, and she knows there's a fair deal of unsettled fear whispering through the camp at the stranger from the sea. Worst part is, she knows that wariness isn't misplaced. SummerClan is close-knit and she doubts she'll ever infiltrate them; she's made her peace with being alone. The truth is, she’s felt tired since the seas were new. The storms don’t frighten her; nothing does. Really, the black thunder is the only time she feels at peace.

Daisyspots - vexingcode
Daisyspots, an intriguing tom cat indeed. With his creamy white coat and ginger spots, and golden eyes to match. he is confident, a king, graceful and poise, quiet, cheerful and a little on the prissy prince side. He wasn't always like this though, and even today still struggles. Having always been small and timid as a kit, He was always spoiled rotten by his mother, and always protected by his older siblings. He could never stand up for himself, always expecting others to do it for him. Weather it was his mothers fault or just an unavoidable problem, Daisyspots isn't the most self or socially aware cat. Struggling to deal with failure, or any sort of problem that doesn't go his way. Never saying the right thing, or always being to blunt. He often hurts other cats feelings or almost bullies them in a way, but it is never his intention, and only those closest to him understand this. On top of it all, he struggles with the anxiety of whether or not he is doing or saying the right thing to someone, and it is always hard to apologize. How can apologizing be easy when you don't understand what is wrong? Always a hopeless romantic, a sap if you will, he hopes to find someone who understands him, and loves him as he is. The only problem is he isn't very good at romance, his feigned confidence and poise fly out the window. Daisyspots stands out for sure, but he has always been to much for others his siblings and mother the only ones close enough to him to understand him. Over time he developed a strange love and respect for death, it is a mysterious and frightful thing. To him death is beautiful, peaceful, and deserving of his respect.

Skycloud - Whitemuzzle
A white tom with gray tabby patches on his body. One such patch covers both ears and the sides of his face leaving his nose and muzzle white. He has gray-blue eyes, the color of a warm dawn sky. He had lived with his parents as a loner until they died suddenly before coming to live in SummerClan. Stories of his heritage had been passed down to him through his family line. He is a descendant of Graystar, a former SummerClan leader, through Windstorm one of the leader’s first sons. Ashensnow, a distant cousin, kept in touch with his family and took Skycloud to SummerClan when she had heard of his parents’ deaths. Skycloud has adjusted to clan life well although he continued to miss the freedom he once had while living the life of a loner. During his time as an apprentice, he was part of the group who found the ocean that ushered in the great change within the clan. Despite the tragedy he suffered early in life, Skycloud is an optimistic cat who likes to find light even in the darkest of times. Overall, he’s glad he came back to his family’s roots and looks forward to what else life might bring him.

Soulpyre - lavellan
A silver phantom with eyes as mysterious as the moon. There one moment, gone the next, like a prophecy long since forgotten. Riddles and metaphors that never quite make sense, this is Soulpyre in a nutshell. Always going out of his way to appear mysterious to those around him, this silver bengal is an odd one indeed. The second born in a litter of six, all of which have their own oddities. With a mother who died after giving birth and a completely absent and unknown father, Soulpyre and his siblings had to rely on the charity of the clan quite often as kits, repaying them only with headaches. He tries to keep his emotions in check, as he would be far more mysterious if he doesn't wear his heart on his fur, but the one thing that can always draw out his emotions is the thing that he collects: seashells. Beautiful, dazzling shells that never fail to be stolen right out from under him, no matter where he hides them. If there is a true mystery, it's how he keeps letting his previous seashells get stolen or broken. Although he's been collecting them his entire life, his collection has never managed to grow.

Woodflight - Cleaver
In a show of utterly foolish courage, Woodflight's first stunt in the clan was strutting over the border, declaring himself one of the fiercest strays in the area, and waiting for the clan to beg for his support at his paws. Woody certainly doesn't look like a battle-hardened warrior: his silky medium-length fur is unspoiled by scars, an unbroken blanket of white other than his brown tabby crown, and the occasional dashes of mud clinging to his legs -- occupation hazard. The closest approximation to a war wound is his missing tail, but a quick investigation reveals that he was born without one. Lucky for Woody, he was accepted in this clan without proving his prowess in battle, because this secret former kittypet isn't much of a fighter at all, or a hunter for that matter, despite his insistent brags that he could wash the floor with anyone's blood in an instant. Cocky, optimistic, and prone to white lines, Woody could use a dose of humility or at least a speck of understanding of social norms, but instead he continues to stride around the camp like a god's blessing for the earth, smugly reminding everyone else that he's a powerful hero of the highest order. Get past his annoying exterior and Woody isn't half bad -- a little naïve, a little prone to bad jokes, a little clumsy -- but his heart is in the right place, he just needs gentle guiding to back down and let himself feel.


The lifeblood. Adventurers are considered some of the most loyal cats SummerClan has to offer. They venture far and wide, traversing unclaimed lands and sailing over endless seas, and though temptation lurks around every corner, they always come back home.

Dawnflicker - goldcrest | Lead
The golden child; her parents would call her perfect, tell her how much potential she had, how much she could live up too. She would nod and agree, tell them of all the amazing things she would do for them, never pay attention to what it was that she wanted; a quiet, simple life. And when the opportunity to do such things came about, when she was training to be Summerclan's next medicine-cat, she stepped down. Young, bright-eyed Sunpaw turned bitter, self-pitying, someone who didn't like making friends with the other apprentices but complained that she was lonely anyway. She took on warrior training, hated every second of it enough that, one day, she went out and never came back. A break, she would call it when she returned, from clan life, though she never actually left at all. The Witch's House is where she spent her time, making a little home under the back porch that led to the garden, hunting the mice that burrowed in the firewood and wondering if she should go further, really leave it all behind. She returned almost a year later, didn't say a thing about it, hardly let herself realize how much things had changed. Dawnflicker is a rather large she-cat, tall and imposing, but her round features make her seem friendly. Tall ears, big white paws and broad shoulders, none of it holds a lot of muscle. She's not a fighter, shies away from violence because the smell of blood makes her head spin never completed her training so she has no skills to show. She tries to help in littler ways — leaving herbs anonymously in front of the medicine-cat's den, scouting out the most plentiful places for prey in season and directing cats there, keeping track of the migrations and hibernations of the wildlife just so she could feel useful. She knows the land like the back of her own paw, more than she knows herself. Talkative, creative, she gives people thin, polite smiles and goes on awkward rambles. She isn't good at growing connections to her peers, preferring they only knew the face she put on for them than her actual self. An overthinker, an overreactor, she looks into everything and anything. Small grievances turn into bitter grudges. And while for the most part, her self-loathing is kept internal, sometimes it bleeds out onto those she is jealous of, those who she thinks are happy, those she wants to be. Sunfreckle didn't know who she was, thought of the world as a scary, unfair place, but, with the new name of Dawnflicker, she's been able to try and figure it out. A love of adventure, learning and doing new things, something that's always been stifled by her need for perfection and her need to be something more. Still, she can be foolish, reckless, a cowardly cat who believes she doesn't have that much to lose, someone who struggles to think of the consequences that her actions have on others and refuses to face them anyway. She turns a blind eye. The bliss of ignorance is a welcoming one.

Hippostep - bauble
A feline of large appetites. A fluffy dark beige coat wraps luxuriously around a plump body, piling upon the throat and shoulders like a proud wattle of a great bird. And like a bird, he struts to and fro as if upon a stage -- well, no, he rather waddles about, gargantuan body weight thrown about with such abandonment you’d be liable to injury if you stepped in his way. A great soft egg of a belly makes up his torso, with white stripes cinched to his sides, stretched to their limits by all the bulbous rounds. All in all, he makes for a comic sight, but don’t be fooled by his doughy appearance. Hippostep makes for a dangerous foe, a large domineering frame that moves quicker than you’d expect, a cleverness only betrayed by small, dark amber eyes. He constitutes a true friend for those with the honor of calling him so; he’s protective, dependable, and steadfastly loyal. But even for those he calls friends, his past remains a mystery. The only suggestion of it are a pair of scars, stretching from either sides of his muzzle. He jokes that he earned them from trying to eat a mouse larger than his head, but more sinister waters flow underneath. Alas, there’s one thing all cats of Summerclan know for certain: this feline eats as if every meal is to be his last.

Azaleabloom - lavellan
Doubt is a constant companion, always lingering just below the surface. It's there with every word, every action, casting shadows over every little thing. Did that twitch mean they were lying, or what about that glance? Everyone lies, after all, so you've got to constantly be on the lookout for even the smallest of white lies. How can you believe what anyone says, even when your gut tells you that your own existence is a lie? Said to be born to Poppymask and Ratstar, Azaleabloom always doubted that the tom was her true father. Her and her siblings look nothing like the leader, and the way that Poppymask acted was suspicious enough. The seeds of doubt had been planted since early on, causing Azaleabloom to doubt every word spoken to her. Headstrong and emotion driven, it's a wonder that she hasn't uttered anything about these doubts, but perhaps the way her fawn-colored eyes narrow is enough of a giveaway. It's not just her words that are spontaneous, but her actions, as well. She's so strongly stubborn, refusing to even admit about her slowly deteriorating vision in her right eye. So many traits that are dangerous to both her and those around her, and it doesn't help that it seems as if Azaleabloom knows no fear for what her actions will bring. With a long, flowing white pelt with patches of cream on her chest and back, and her small, tuft ears, she shares much more resemblance to her mother, Poppymask, subtle as it is. Perhaps her family bonds are the only thing that she doesn't doubt, but who's to say just how long her trust will hold. It is a thing to be earned, after all, and who will really put in the effort to earn it?

Fisherpounce - Whitemuzzle
One of four kits found by Whisperingwhiser, Fisherpounce is the youngest and most playful. He has a mischievous streak that would make any queen shutter. Fortunately he outgrew a lot of that as he aged but he still enjoys a good joke. Being spontaneous, he likes to do things on the spur of the moment rather than planning things out which can sometimes lead him into trouble. He’s always had a sense of adventure and a generally happy-go-lucky attitude. With that said, Fisherpounce is fun to be around. He sports a reddish brown tabby coat which enhances his bright green eyes. His front right paw is white and he has a white tipped tail. (Brothers – Wolfheart and Wolverinesnap, Sister – Cougarscream)

Redflame - Whitemuzzle
One of four born to Mudthistle and Crimsonlife in early Newleaf. Redflame is a lighthearted she cat who is easygoing and not bothered much about the cares of life. She takes things as they come, not much can ruffle her fur. Redflame can be a bit of a daredevil taking risks that most cats would think twice about doing, such as leaping across lofty spaces from tree to tree just to catch a squirrel or climbing down a steep cliff to rescue a clanmate. She loves to spend time at the ocean and enjoys just sitting on the beach watching the waves lap the shore. Redflame got the first part her name from the dark ginger tabby coat she inherited from her father. Her yellow green eyes came from her mother. Her warrior name came from the patch of white fur on her chest which resembles a flame. The only other white fur she has is on the tip of her tail.

Spidershine - meowffles
She has the patience of a shrew but could not look further from one in terms of her appearance. Spidershine embodies grace from afar, but only upon drawing closer will you find her clumsiness magnified, thanks to awkwardly long legs and larger paws than she will ever grow to fit into. She is a follower, a quiet observer, and takes note of change from the shadows, compiling information and details that others may perhaps fail to notice. To those of her Clanmates she trusts in, she is a beloved menace. Spidershine speaks her mind when relaxed and is otherwise too caught in her own mind to cause a ruckus, but when in the presence of cats she cares about, the large silver tabby can draw the eyes of many with her full-bodied purr and a wave of her bushy tail. To Spidershine, SummerClan is safety. Perhaps one day it will become home.


The mind. After the invasion by NightClan, the unique gifts of the Garden Keepers were put to the test. These cats are by far the most knowledgeable of the territory and its offerings, and they are capable of laying traps disguised as just another garden full of SummerClan's famous flora.

Buttercuphop - goldcrest
He’s a bright, vibrant, charming tom; not only in the way he looks — with his vivid orange fur and swirling stripes, all fading into the creamy whites of his face, chest, and front legs — but in his personality as well. A copy of his mother, Beetuft, in every sense of her kindness and cheerfulness, her talent for making people smile and laugh. In his own way, he’s charming, loud, over the top just for the fun of it, because what’s life without it? Relentlessly joyful, energetic, but there’s always been something shallow about him. Those that have seen him angry, or sad, or upset, or show anything other than what he puts on display, are few and far between — and though he isn’t selfish, mean, or unkind, offering comfort for such things has always been a weak spot, and often he comes off as flippant and disregarding. The presence of others tires him out quickly, and despite how much he may enjoy the company, he is just as fine on his own, sinking himself into whatever he can come up with. An inventor, he calls himself, always trying to think of new things, mechanisms, to make life better, easier, and often he disappears periodically throughout the day, off thinking of new ideas, working on old ones, or rummaging around for twoleg knick-knacks that he wants to find a use for. His artistic and scientific minds melded together, his pale brown eyes shine with an endless creativity and shocking intelligence, different from the dim-wittedness he usually displays. It’s surprising how little this side of himself actually reaches the public. It’s quieter, it’s more genuine, it’s more him yet he keeps it to himself. And though he holds a genuine love for it all, he can’t deny that, in part, it’s a distractions from the things he can’t handle, things he doesn’t want to face; grief, anger, a fluctuating self-confidence, and the growing hollowness that happens when an actor sinks too far into his role.


The heart. Denwatchers are the clan's final defense, not only in charge of fortifying the dens and camp barriers but also in fighting off invading forces that make it to camp.

Crowflight - Whitemuzzle
A black tom with just a hint of tabby striping on his tail. He has a white muzzle, bib, and belly and three white feet. Pale green eyes with some golden flecks adorn his head. He descends from a long line in SummerClan starting with his ancestor, Graystar. Pantherclaw, his mother, was born to Gentlebreeze whose father was Bonefang. His father was Hawkstar and mother was Ravenstar. Hawkstar’s father was Windstorm, son of Graystar. Because of Crowfrost’s serious personality, he can tend to live up to his name. Gruff, serious, and loyal are three words that can be used to describe him. He’s a cat who wants to follow all the rules and make everyone else around him do so as well. Loyalty to SummerClan, his family, and clanmates is foremost in his mind. He’d risk his life to save any one of them.

Eveninglily - ian
A dainty white she-cat with long furs that often hide the fact that she is incredibly thin and lithe. Because of her thick fur, she appears to be an almost .... normal sized feline, but if she had short, thin fur, it would be clear that she would be borderline tiny. The second youngest of the first Crow and Orchiddrop litter, Eveninglily is a rather... odd cat. Known for her eccentric interests, she can often be found doing strange tasks like collecting snails. She's got an airy manner about her, and half of her personality is rooted in this vague floatiness. Prone to meltdowns if things don't go exactly her way, Eveninglily also has inherreted her mother's worrisome nature. This often leaves her at odds with her other, more adventurous siblings. A very loving feline, although she can't help but to show it in strange ways, like collecting treasures and giving them to her beloved.

Oceanglow - biyew
A black-furred tom with deep blue eyes. Oceanglow daydreams through life, hiding an eccentric personality deep under a perpetually spaced-out expression and a sometimes disarmingly-quiet temperament. He has very little filter and is prone to randomly blurting out weird, screwed-up thoughts, sometimes not even realising he's saying them out loud. He drifts through life aimlessly, living strictly in the moment and never thinking forward. The son of Devotedcrow and Orchiddrop.

Shadedsun - goldcrest
When the sun reaches its highest point in the sky, it can only set afterwards, and though its rays die as it sinks below the horizon, it offers hope of a new day. When Shadedsun, disgraced leader of Springclan and resident heartbroken fool, ran himself onto the thunderpath in a haze of confusion, he didn’t expect to rise again. And then he woke up, two years gone by. Despite the confusion, life was warmer, brighter, ideal — he had his daughter, he had his soulmate, he was finding his place, no matter how disconnected he felt sometimes. Occasionally, he was reckless, too scared of missing out on the small, precious moments because of the fear it might be his last. In the time aside from that, he tries to take life slow, enjoy stress free days as he hadn’t been able to before. It isn’t uncommon to see his large, fluffy black form sunbathing or napping or simply chatting as if he has nothing else to worry about. His yellow eyes, though unable to see anything more than an incredibly blurred world of shapes and colours, shine brighter than they did before, holding more confidence, more humour. He had always been a hopeless romantic, and when it came crashing down on him in the form of rejection and loss, he had lost all that just before his death. Where he used to exist as a beacon of hope and renewal, then a lost memory not long after, he now exists as a simple, kind, and gentle tom, more than he was before. He’s playful, empathetic, creative in the way he makes up stories and fairytales that only have happy endings, and though sometimes it’s difficult for him to accept new things, to let himself feel his emotions, good or bad, and to let himself love as he once did, he tries. Part of his optimism is fake, it’s still difficult to expect good things, and often he’s proven right — though he tries not to brag. There’s still a competitive side to him, and he has a newer petty, resentful streak, especially in the face of perceived injustice, mostly towards himself or those closest to him. He struggles to let go of his idea that he’s always the victim, and his emotions always win out even when faced with logic. His bouts of anxiety often leave him sleepless. Though he nobody can really tell; for the most part he either wears a smile or looks utterly straight-faced and intimidating, not helped at all by his incredible, imposing size and thick fur that just makes him look bigger. But it seems to hold the warmth of the sun in its depth, just as the cat who dons it.

Snowdropwhimsy - lavellan
Hope. The snowdrop flower is a sign of harsh winter's end, the hope that warmth will once again come into your life. It's a dainty flower, one that many wouldn't think too much of in small numbers. Since it begins blooming in winter, it's a rather tough flower, right? Most of this could also be used to define Snowdropwhimsy. Although she is rather large for a she-cat, she is tough and warm, and the sight of her fluffy calico body is normally a welcome one. The daughter of a leader and his surrogate, Snowdropwhimsy learned from a young age just how strange love could be, and was raised with an open mind, for the few moons that she had known her mother. Her father, Doestar, had passed before she was even born, but she had heard plenty of stories about him, and rather idolizes the father in her mind. Beetuft, her mother, had crumpled only a mere 2 moons after Doestar's death, and it wasn't long before she died, as well, leaving five kits behind as a memory of their lives: Bluebelldream, Wisteriasun, Tulipdance, Poppyskip, and, of course, Snowdropwhimsy. Snowdropwhimsy was heartbroken, but, like her mother, had pushed her own grief aside to try and make her siblings happy. She is the type of cat to go out of her way to dry and brighten the day of everyone else. Just one look at her large brown eyes, and you can tell exactly what type of cat she is. She is the one who will sacrifice everything she has, everything she wants, for the sake of others.

Doefreckle - fox
An average-sized tom with a pretty calico coat, warm brown eyes, a white chest, and a distinctive pink, freckled nose. His right forepaw is broken and twisted, a remnant of his old life, and he walks with a permanent limp. Doefreckle's life is a complicated thing to explain. The first time around, he was broken; plagued by internalised homophobia, he lost himself in the thrill of degradation and abuse and cheerfully called it being a hopeless romantic, intentionally courting violent toms he knew would hurt him — to validate his self-hatred, to prove himself right, to give himself scars that would put how disgusting he truly was on display for the whole world. He was a lost wanderer. When he eventually found refuge in SummerClan and became its leader, sans life or ordainment from StarClan, Doestar's life softened; for the first time, he let himself melt towards happiness. He was just becoming the cat he'd always dreamed of being, just falling in love, just beginning to raise a family, despite tragedy — and then, one cold morning, he died. He wandered his adoptive home for two years as a ghost, grieving and empty. He realised a lot of things in that time, when all there was to do was walk the lonely mist and think — that he had been in love with his best friend; that if he ever got a second chance, he would be different, he would heal, he would be happy; that he wanted to live. And one bright dawn, he opened his eyes in the rabbit meadow — alive. But life the second time round wasn’t as perfect and tender as he'd imagined it might have been as a ghost. His Clan, his first love, his kits - they had all moved on. Remnants of his legacy had continued — the garden keepers, the deep lands — but he himself was insignificant. It was a process of growth and forgiveness, of letting himself be vulnerable and make connections with those SummerClan cats who had come after, with his grown children; and slowly, he grew happier than he’d ever been. Then, after NightClan’s invasion of SummerClan, he betrayed one of his dearest friends, the cat who was to become Sunstar, and when it came to light, he was exiled. Beyond the spitting anger, it became a blessing in disguise: he found love and growth and accountability with a tom he'd hurt greatly in the League, who forced him to confront his own harm and earn him back, and learned to forgive the League itself for trauma that had come before; he found healing and peace he’d never before known; and he realised that SummerClan was truly where he belonged. If he was going to die anywhere again, it would be in his home. And after a journey with Sunstar ordered by StarClan itself — the first time he'd finally been given recognition by them — their friendship healed, and he could go home, pardoned, a symbol of Foxstar's merciful reign. Doefreckle is a bubbly, adventurous, sweet-natured chatterbox, soft-hearted and boyishly charming. For a while after coming back, that was tarnished by bitter resentment, jealousy of all who had usurped his life, and loss; now, it’s softened, healed, into the healthiest he’s ever been, albeit with a good deal of grumpiness. He’s always been popular — a gossip; a snarky, faux-polite, smiling thing popular with female friends — and that can make him a nightmare to be around, oftentimes haughty, impish, and dismissive of those who aren’t in the in-crowd. He's always had a self-destructive streak, and that has had violently cruel repercussions for those who loved him — he used toms; he flirted and fawned and then withdrew in fear at the first sign of reciprocated affection; he destroyed lives and broke hearts and feigned innocence, and the hatred he felt for himself, the hatred this self-punishment helped fuel, was overpowered only by the genuinely nasty, narcissistic thrill he got from dangling himself over toms and then breaking them. But he's been attempting to temper it ever since coming back to life and not give into the impulse to charm toms that are bad for him; since falling in love with Hywel and rekindling his deep love with Shadedsun, he’s finally succeeding. He’s slowly unstitching all — or, most — of his destructive traits, nurtured by gentle love and the promise of a happier future, and becoming someone better. But he’s still a paradox of being an absolute sweetheart, generous and honest and forgiving to a fault… and also very fake. You’d have to be very close to him to be able to tell when he’s being genuinely sweet Doefreckle, and when he’s putting on his sweet Doefreckle act.


In SummerClan, though there are multiple specialties an adult may choose from, apprentices are trained in a groups of three by the Instructors, who then decide which specialty they will graduate into.

Cometpaw / song - whitemuzzle
One of three born to Wisteriawish. He has one sister, Lunarlyric, and one brother, Nebulahymn, both from the same litter. He also has three half siblings from an earlier litter. Cometsong is very much performance driven, a perfectionist. He must be the best in anything he tries. When he fails to achieve his goals, he becomes angry with himself and lashes out at other cats. He tends to be critical of others, especially if he sees they’re goofing off. He is very loyal to SummerClan and the Warrior Code and will fight for what he feels is right. Even though he’s a stickler for following the rules, Cometsong does have a kinder side that shows itself around family and friends. He sports a white pelt with large black patches and blue eyes that rival the color of a bright summer sky.

Vixenpaw / affliction - biyew
A silver and white tabby tom with pale blue eyes and a lithe build. Vixenpaw is a sardonic, cynical tom with a grim outlook on life and a pathological need to be entirely self-sufficient that borders on religious. The brother of Wildhaunt and the son of Fallensnow, Vixenpaw has a tendency to feel smothered by his mother and became disillusioned with the notion of family at a young age. His feminine name is a constant source of irritation for him, and leaves him in a constant state of defensiveness during most social encounters with cats he's not familiar with.

Brackenpaw / leaf - Brackenleaf - Trapper Intent
A sandy brown tom with green eyes. Has an explorer-type personality, is inquisitive almost to a fault, and always has something to add to a conversation. Wants to know a little bit (or a lot) about everything.

Sharkpaw / wobble - unknownhearts
Due to her grand size and thick coat to match, many often find her intimidating, and it doesn't help that she has an intense resting face, always set in a glare of some kind. But she's actually quite gentle and sensitive, the intuitive type. Bashful, it doesn't take much to get on her good side and she is infinitely forgiving. She loves playing around, but sometimes she forgets her size and strength and often gets too rough, but she always makes sure to apologize profusely. Building tiny pebble towers and knocking them over is her favourite hobby. She's extremely clumsy and often bumps into everything and everyone. It might be due to bad eyesight.

Turtlepaw / tide - vexing_ode
A pretty dilute calico she-cat with long soft fur and gentle green eyes, A constant calming presence, she believes life has a constant flow, and simply goes with it wherever it takes her. She hates getting caught up in anxiety and encourages mediation with her peers, often doing it herself. Relaxed, edging on lazy. A bit of a recluse who enjoys her own company over that of others. Quiet, surreal, hippy vibes.
Spongepaw / clamour - ian
If you want to insult Spongeclamor, you're going to have to be more creative than just making fun of their name. That's so last season, and they've heard about every possible joke about it. They get it, it's stupid, there are better things to mock them for. Between their dumb name, their harmless air-headedness, and their general annoying loudness - they are nearly yelling at all times - they've become quite used to being the laughing stock of their peers. This isn't to say that they particularly like that they're used to it, but it is to say that Spongeclamor has developed quite a thick skin. Still, despite their defensiveness, they're friendly and their heart is large. They wish for nothing more than to have more friends to share their heart with, but they find it difficult to connect to others (probably because it's difficult to find a cat who doesn't outright bully the small cream colored cat). Spongeclamor is known for their aggressive tidiness that runs on dictatorial: if even one nest is slightly messy, Sponge is known to become quite distressed. This makes them a rather poor den-mate for those who are less... cognizant of clutter in their surroundings.

Sunrisepaw / smoke - ian
Then the Lord said to her, “Where is your sister?” She said, “I do not know; am I my sister's keeper?” Sunrisesmoke had always asked that on her own. Born to Devotedcrow and Orchiddrop, she's always been the more outgoing of the three sisters. With the easy-going smile and her sparkling eyes, it's no wonder she's known as the temptress to many. Her dark fur, white paws, and blue eyes are identical to her sister's, Midnightmist, but it's easy to tell them apart. The one with the beaming smile was Sunrisesmoke, and the one that looked utterly miserable to be here was her sister. She's a flirt, always playing around with the hearts of toms and she-cats alike, and she makes friends easily, with her easy chill and outgoing personality. That isn't to say she doesn't have her own problems; her sister would've described her as neurotic to a fault. A sociopath even, because Sunrisesmoke can't stand not getting everything she wants. She's attention seeking in a way that dismisses all the blame towards circumstance; so charismatic she can get away with nearly anything. Yet, she's unsatisfied. The world wrapped around her fingers and still, there wasn't enough excitement in all of it. She's destructive in that way, throwing all caution to the wind for whatever she wishes on the whim, unable to see that things will get her in the end.

Midnightpaw / mist - achromatic
Perhaps Judas Iscariot was a gentleman, for when he betrayed his master with a kiss, he had character enough to hang himself. Midnightmist doesn't. She claims that her sister would've done the same; after all, what did she have that Sunrisesmoke hadn't taken already? Her sister the temptress, the favourite child of Crow and Orchid, her sister the golden lamb, the Abel to her Cain; she had spent her whole life watching her, how everyone hung onto every breath she breathed. Don't get her wrong, they were close, the pair of them as thick as thieves, never one seen without the other, even if their personalities were completely different. They were identical in looks, with dark fur, white paws, and bright blue eyes. If Sunrisesmoke represented the glow of morning's light, Midnightmist represented the mystery of the darkness that covered the earth. Where her sister was charismatic, confident, and popular, Midnightmist was everything but; she hated this place. Sunrisesmoke was the artist and she was the peeling paint left behind. She hated how everyone forgot what was important, she hated how everyone existed behind fake laughs and a placating grin. No one knew her as well as her sister, no one knew her sister as well as she did, and perhaps that was why when something wicked this way comes, she embraced it like no other.

Monsterpaw - goldcrest
It prowled behind the trees, it shuffled in the bushes, the breath of the beast and the soft sounds of its footsteps almost echoed in his ears. He turned a corner, and there sat the monster, staring him down with eyes like his own, and it spoke; it was anger, grief, grievance, fear, everything emotional, everything tucked away, and he realized it wore a copy of his own face. The dream repeated itself almost every night. Monsterfright, though he shares a name, is nothing like the creature of his dreams, because he is nothing frightening, nothing monstrous, nothing quiet and threatening. He’ loud, the insufferable type, the kind who has to take up a whole room, direct all eyes onto himself, to truly be seen. Cloaked in the blackness of thin, wispy fur, with streaks of pale gold filtering through like sunlight through a canopy of leaves, he’s small and scrappy, a grin always plastered on his features as if he can’t get it off. A self-proclaimed charmer, he wouldn’t know politeness if it hit him in the face, and truthfully, it probably has, but he can’t seem to bring himself to listen and change, to keep his mouth shut when it needs to be. He fights because he knows that with enough ruthlessness he could win anything, and his bite is much worse than his bark, his claws more articulate than his words. An instigator, he learned early on how to demand attention and has been doing so ever since — perhaps there’s a joy to be found in causing problems, in pushing people over the edge, in pressing buttons he should leave alone, something intoxicating, something exciting because he’s strong enough to match the energy. He’s too much. Too loud, too crass, too flippant, and too reckless. Self-preservation doesn’t seem as though it has ever crossed his mind, and often he likes the sting that morbid curiosity brings him, the comfort of chaos and misfortune. Despite his energy, how overconfident he comes off, how much he jokes and jabs and flirts, he is secretly incredibly anxious, edging on paranoid, fearful of an early death and, even more so, the things he has kept hidden coming to light. He works excessively to put on a brave look and face the world, to be intimidating and attention-grabbing and feared and in control that he doesn’t realize he is tearing himself apart.

Buffalopaw /tusk - vexingode
As strong intimidating, and rigid as a buffalo. With rippling muscle and a sharp gaze. A tall and frightening looking tom looms over you. A knot forms in your stomach as the cat bends forward towards you. Closing your eyes you prepare for something bad to happen, but suddenly you smell a flower. You peek your eyes open and this big scary cat, just wanted to give you a flower? Buffalotusk is a very misunderstood cat. He stands tall with squared shoulders thick with muscle underneath a long white coat. his face and muzzle are black with a black spot on his back. His piercing green eyes are calm and hard to read. This socially awkward Tom doesn't speak often except to those he chose as his adopted family, they can't get him to STOP talking. The sturdy Tom cat really isn't as scary as everyone thinks. With a heart as big as the sky and as soft as flower petals, Buffalotusk is loyal and loving. He looks after his friends and is always reminding them that he cares for them. Everyone needs a special place, and if you want to find him, you can bet he will be sunbathing in a field of flowers, smelling every single one. Literal, he can't help himself he HAS to stop and smell every flower. Maybe it is because the flowers are the last memory he has of his loner mother. He doesn't on w why but she left him at the edge of the forest in a patch of flowers reassuring him she would be back. Days and nights passed waiting. Eventually he caved. He knew his kind mother must have met a terrible fate. So he set out looking for food and a place to stay. Eventually finding his new friends and family.

Nectarinepaw / cruor - goldcrest
Desperation often creates monsters in people, and Nectarinecruor is no expectation. Growing up alone, on the streets amidst violence, gangs, and unkind conditions, he did anything he could to survive; turning from simple scams at fight clubs, to heists, to murders. Most got performed under one name — The Wraith, originally a side job he made to put his own skills to use, alone, it grew to encompass a few other young cats his age all working towards one goal: survival. To them, anything that could get paid could get done. His mother disappeared early in his life, leaving him to take the role of caregiver for his sister, and over time the role consumed him. He became dependent on her company, fearful of being alone. Keeping her fed, safe, and happy was his sole point of focus, but it was tinged with selfishness. He hardly considered her feelings at all, too focused on his own. Due to his untrusting nature, a rift in The Wraith grew until they eventually broke apart, once again leaving him and his sister alone and vulnerable, except this time he had the sense to seek protection someplace else, leaving the city and its dangers behind. Apathetic, he is capable of cruelty but only when it boosts him, and though he isn’t proud of it, he is confident in his ability to get vile but necessary things done without a second thought. He disregards anyone that isn’t his sister, making attachments difficult, even when he lets down his snarky, rude, and blunt attitude. He can be vicious, violent, but he tries not to let his conscience get too guilty — he was only doing what he had to do; it was necessary, it was needed. Still, it keeps him up, making way for sleepless nights and tired days, giving him a drawn, worn out look. Aside from his toughness, intelligence is his greatest quality, and above all else he is a thinker, never brash or irrational, always with a plan on what to do next — it borders on neurotic meticulousness. He’s alert, observant, and precise. To others, he comes across as abrasive and distant; to his sister he is overbearing but weak to her will. He can’t seem to say no to her, she is his soft spot, and he would do anything for her. Secretly, that softness he carries for her sometimes makes its way into the world around him. He’s a hopeless romantic, though he loves frivolously and fleetingly, and he’s wistful in the sense that he longs for a perfect, peaceful world and a comfortable place to settle down in. He wants the best for his sister and himself and he longs for the friendships that those around him have. But he hates being vulnerable, he hates to let his guard down. So, his amber eyes remain cold and unwelcoming. His frame is lithe, wiry ginger with a light muzzle and an ombre of dark brown that spreads over his back, paired with sharp black stripes on his forehead. He is always tense and vigilant, as if he’s always expecting the worst. His pessimism does him no favours in that regard. There’s a bitterness to him, at those happier, better-off, and often he lets it get in the way of his own enjoyment of things. Despite the sweetness of his namesake, he’s sour, rotten. He feels the constant ache of anxiety. In the way he lives and had lived. His shame runs deep, like a gaping pit — he pushes people away because he’s scared they wouldn’t like his true self. He clings to the one cat that would accept it because she knows nothing else, his sister. He's mischievous and a know-it-all because he can’t seem to keep his mouth shut. He has a passion for sharing his thoughts, his knowledge, of relating to others with anecdotes of his own, despite how morbid. Above all else, he's a scared, lonely kid with dependency issues.

Clementinepaw / wrath - fox
A small, slender, brownish-grey she-cat with a hunched, round-backed way of standing, like she's always sick or uncomfortable. A selective mute, she only talks to her brother, Nectarinepaw, and even then it’s hardly anything above whispered words in his ear; her voice as a whole is breathy and disconcerting. She is plagued by constant boredom, a lack of morality, and an intense, insatiable curiosity. She’s brave and rash, craving freedom. Anything shiny and interesting is hers for the taking, and there’s not a second thought on if it belongs to someone else. While with The Wraith, she and her brother did most of the physical work, did the jobs that needed to be done, and even before that she was trained in the art — immorality was all she’d ever known, it is no wonder she doesn’t believe there’s a thing wrong with it. Her cruelty isn’t intentional, but it’s second nature, and for the most part she’s usually just doing what she’s told, and if she has to be violent, to be vicious, she may as well enjoy it. Morbidly intrigued by how the world works, she’s developed an obsession with the dark and grotesque, perhaps as a coping mechanism she didn’t know she needed. She’s friendly, open, but off-putting, confused as to why nobody wants to be around her much — she’s excessive, she’s rough and violent. Adventure is her greatest want, and she’s reckless enough to go through with almost anything at all, and there’s an intense competitiveness to her. She doesn’t care for the carnage she leaves behind. First and last, she’s a thrill-seeker and a knowledge hoarder. Despite the fact she can be impulsive, reckless and over the top, she’s a follower, obedient to those she thinks know more and disregarding everyone else. Perhaps it’s the fear of abandonment, of not being useful and being left behind instead, but the ways she goes about things don’t usually work to please others, even if it’s what she intends. Aside from her people-pleasing, her credulity, she has an impish nature, helped all by her striking immaturity, and if she weren’t so callous she would be nothing but innocence. In the band of child mercenaries — the Wraith — she participated in with her brother, she was the menace, the killer, apt to suddenly laugh and snap and tear out the throat of someone they’d been carefully stalking; and before that, the two siblings would scam people at fight clubs by pitting themselves against each other, either pretending not to know each other or feigning some falling out. Nectarinepaw would pretend to lose, but it wasn’t difficult; she’d won many fair fights on her own as well. Her relation to gender is flimsy and inconsequential; she’s a she-cat, she’s not a she-cat, she’s nothing at all. Most of this bio written by goldcrest.

Queens & Kits

the young'uns always causing trouble and of course, their mothers


Rped by Goldcrest

Alliumkit / endeavor - Stark Raving Mad
A short, round lynx point tom with tabby makings and blue eyes. He doesn’t seem to know when to take a break and constantly attempts to keep his mind busy. Working himself almost ill, he took on the role of a caregiver early on and is incredibly family-oriented. Denial is a tricky thing, and despite everyone around him believing their mother is dead, he is convinced she’s alive and says that one day, he’ll find her. He’s been collecting clues; detective style. Incredibly irritable at times, he still tries his best to be helpful and everyone always says that, with him around, you can’t get anything done yourself because he’s already done it. A busybody, he’s falsely cheerful and clingy to those he cares about, mostly because he’s scared they’ll get hurt. The type to make his siblings wear helmets and knee pads when they’re going on a walk.

Marigoldkit / wilt - Wrenpansy
A small, cream tabby tom, his soft, rounded appearance makes it more likely he'll be called 'cute' than ever called handsome. But perhaps that's for the best, as his gentler youthful features betray -- perhaps cruelly or perhaps mercifully -- how soft he is on the inside. Although he's prone to sharp and dramatic shifts of emotion mostly thanks to his own sensitivity; most of the time he spends time by himself, quiet and alone with his thoughts and his hobbies.

Peonykit / prosper - fox
A small, rounded white she-cat with wispy grey highlights, deep blue eyes, and a constant dimpled smile on her face. Like her grandfather Doefreckle — connected through a stubborn universe with a wry sense of humour if not by blood — she puts a great deal of stock in popularity. But where he drifts into it naturally, she’s a lesson in pure, desperate force of will — in manufacturing the perfect SummerClan life she ought to have. She’s the golden daughter — or she would have been, if her mother had stayed. She’s the sweet one — or she would be, if her milk teeth weren’t clenched around the smile. She’s the one every mother in SummerClan wishes their daughter might end up like — and she suffocates under that weight. Because it won’t do if the sweet daughter is so nasty about her privilege; it won’t do if the gentle one, the one to always take the compromise to soothe a fight and let herself be trodden over so someone else might feel better, pinches kits in the nursery just to make someone cry and know she did it. It won’t do if there’s nastiness under all that bright-eyed prettiness, if she’s so crushed under the weight of all she’s meant to be that sometimes she just wants to scream and never stop. Like her mother Lilydawn, she doesn’t have an angular feature on her body — everything’s soft, harmless. Looking at her, looking at her mother, you’d forget both of them held venom. Sometimes she can be nasty; sometimes she can be snarling, and bitter, and broken. Maybe that's who she really is. She has dreams, she has that same restless spirit that took her mother from her, that settled Doefreckle and Shadedsun in homes that weren't their own — but she'll never get to act on it. She'll never get to be like them. She'll be in SummerClan until she dies; she'll settle — she's so good at settling. At never reaching. At being less. She has a soft centre, soft as caramel, but it's hurt. Because she brings the flowers — she’s the thoughtful one. But no one ever brings them for her.

Petuniakit / temper - Goldcrest
She takes after the mother she’s never met, all her seclusion, her quick temper, her toughness, her secret softness beneath it all, but in the same breath they are entirely different. Strangely optimistic, she’s completely and utterly content with the hand that life dealt her, the comfort, the love, and while there’s a quiet wistfulness, a longing to know her mother, to know she’s safe, she doesn’t usually dream of more. Home is where the heart is, and her heart lies with her family. Curiosity doesn’t come as naturally to her as it does others, and change is a feared thing, because why would anybody want anything more than this quiet, simple life? There is a whole world out there, and she doesn't want to see a second of it, not if it meant altering what she’s already built. Lankier than the rest of her family, with solid grey fur, thick and tufty, matched by delicately folded ears, her appearance speaks of her true gentleness — because although she comes off as defensive, she’s peaceful, compassionate, kind at heart, but it gives way for weakness, for cowardice in the face of conflicts, even if she tries her best to solve them her diplomatic skills are lacking. She's much better at comforting in the aftermath and keeping her nose out of it. There’s a hidden wisdom to her, in her watchful amber eyes, in her quietness, the way she observes the world as if looking in from afar, like she isn’t entirely a part of it. There’s nothing talkative or social about her, and perhaps if she came off a little friendlier she’d have better luck at finding and keeping friends. Not that she minds, her independence is fierce. Her family is all she needs, everything she does, she does for them. Slightly overbearing to her siblings, though it mostly comes from a place of worry for them, she prides herself in being the rock they can rely on, the strong force they need until their mother returns — which she will, she tells herself, because there’s no way she can’t. There’s no way they couldn’t meet her, at least once, in their lifetime. Sometimes, she wants to be supported instead of the supporter, but she won't allow herself to, and every unnecessary feeling — bitterness, hurt, weariness — she keeps to herself. For the most part, her face is set in a slight frown, but if one were to ask she would say she's the happiest she's ever been. It's only partially a lie.

Unclaimed Kits

Hawkkit - Ash
A brown tabby tom with icy blue eyes. Strong stature, and the largest of his litter. It's clear he is going to be massive in size, hence why his parents named him after a large preying bird. Hawk is one who likes to boast about his strength, and can sometimes be seen as a bit of a bully. He is ambitious and plans on one day becoming the leader of SummerClan. He will do whatever it takes to be the best, and plans to go far in life. Despite him being a bit of a bully, he is loyal to his clan to a core.

Gazellekit / gore - Biyew
A pale ginger and white she-cat with green eyes. Violent and vengeful, Gazellegore's rage is triggered over the most minor things--someone cutting in front of her in line, someone eating the last vole, literally anything that she could perceive as an inconvenience to her. Though her rage is swift, her paws are light, and do very little real damage. This makes her ultimately harmless, just very annoying. A bit like a very yippy dog that won't shut up and bites at your heels constantly, but a cat. Came to SummerClan with her cool friends that she'd die for.

Zebrakit / zeal - ian
Zebrakit / zeal - ian A puffball of a white cat, whose plush mid-length furs are disrupted by thick black stripes, an homage to his name sake. With eyes so dark brown that they appear black, he is quite the character. A conman through and through, he believes that the best way to secure ones own rights is to... minorly impinge on the rights of others. It's a dog eat dog world out there, after all, and such a world demands one to look... beyond ones moral code. This doesn't mean to suggest that he doesn't have a moral code. He does; he doesn't believe in conning the destitute or pregnant. That isn't fair. Anyone else, though, is fair game to his trickery, and he tries to pull a fast one on nearly everyone he comes into contact with. Still, he carries himself in a way that makes it hard not to find him endearing: like his nickname, Zesty, suggests, he is a mix of spicy and pleasant, his smile charming and his words calculated to be a perfect mix of pomp and circumstance that leaves his words inviting. Even if you know how he is, it's hard to resist the pull of a magnificent salesman. Equal parts salesman and con artist, he has a certain attractive quality about him. Confidence smears his tone and actions, and it's hard to think of him as anyone but the strange zebra-striped tom who could probably sell a cat a car if he had the opportunity (and not meerly because 50% of the time, he acts like a walking advertisement). Beneath the pep to his step, though, is a nervous child, marred by abandonment and pain. Even though he would never show it, insecurity and ambivalence often color his actions.

Sparrowkit / song - sunlight
Sparrowsong is quieter than his namesake, speaking only when absolutely necessary to hide the fact that he stutters. He's a tiny tom, even full-grown, with large amber eyes, long whiskers, and short fur of white with brown accents around his face and tail. He was born into a large loner family as the youngest, the runt of the litter who often fell victim to his large, boisterous siblings cruel pranks. Eventually, he struck out on his own, seeking the kind, accepting clan of his uncle's stories and joining Summerclan. He was often in the background in his kithood and apprenticeship, wanting to be involved but still scared of being mocked when he spoke. While he's a fairly good hunter and fighter, his nature is soft and gentle, full of wonder for the world he lives in. He can be selfless to the point of martyrdom in his desperation to be liked and appreciation, and he is plagued with self-consciousness whenever he has to do something publicly.

Sunnykit / song - storm
The beginning of the playful she-cat was a rough one. Born on November, 1st 2021, in a rough part of the Two-leg Place on the streets. Sunny had to learn to survive on her own. Her parents disappeared when she turned 3 moons old, never to be seen again. She went from one group of cats to another group. Never fully satisfied or comfortable being in the groups. That is until she found SummerClan. By now she had scars on her pelt from fighting and struggling to live. She had to fight for her food, a place to sleep or rest. She found SummerClan when she was wounded severely from an attack from a fox, who had bitten her right leg and shoulder. She struggled to hunt and most of the time she didn’t eat as she hurt too much to hunt. She was found by the WaterFall, hungry, and in pain. She was found by a patrol of warriors, who took her back to camp. Now she is healing and getting stronger everyday. She was renamed Sunnykit, and she will soon find out that she now has a family who would do anything for her. Now at 5 Moons, she is living and growing up in SummerClan. Sunnysong will grow into a vibrant she-cat who is full of life, energy, and enthusiasm. She’s a cat who is able to guide other cats in the right direction and is often asked for advice, using her silver-tongue eloquence and persuasiveness, when dealing with others. She’s also a cat who is able to lead. She likes to take charge of her own life and to take charge when no one else is able too. She is learning what it means to be in SummerClan and she is now learning to adapt to their ways, and to become a believer in StarClan. She hopes to be able to have a family of her own someday and to raise them in the Clan. She would like to become leader of the clan someday, but knows that she must work at it. She is dedicated to SummerClan and will do all she can to help build her Clan to make them stronger and better than ever. Sunnysong is a short-haired orange and white tabby-striped she-cat with bright amber eyes. She is lanky and fast.

Lionkit / roar - storm
◦ Lionkit was born in February (2)/1/2022, the son of Badgerstripe and Sandfur, two respectable older warriors of SummerClan of noble intentions, though no outstanding feats. Sandfur though, hailed from a long lineage of strong warriors with courageous hearts, and Lionkit seemed to have inherited the full brunt of his ancestors' most distinguishable features. Lionkit was actually the oldest of three kits born to the mated pair, and unfortunately he was the only one to survive Leafbare, and thus his parents poured all their efforts into raising Lionkit to become an outstanding, noble member of the Clan. Because Badgerstripe and Sandfur had had him late in their lives, it was right around the time that Lionkit became Lionpaw that they both retired to the elder's den, content with watching their son succeed from the sidelines.◦ Lionpaw was given a mentor, and in Lionpaw's opinion, they were the greatest cat who ever lived. His mentor educated Lionpaw about things other mentors wouldn't even bother with. They taught him information about each of the Clans, the things they'd learned throughout their moons as a warrior, and they even taught him about the old legends of TigerClan, LionClan and LeopardClan. Lionpaw was fascinated by the tales his mentor told, even to the point of pledging to his mentor that he would be just as great as the leaders of TigerClan, LionClan and LeopardClan—promising to surpass these legendary cats in everything from battle skills to hunting crouches. His mentor was pleasantly amused by this, but did not seem to encourage Lionpaw's enthusiasm for the old Clans—as if they found Lionpaw's efforts wasted in trying to live up to the legends of yore. In fact, they frequently told the young cat to 'stop trying to be someone else, focus your efforts on being the best YOU that you can be.'◦ Lionpaw politely ignored their words of wisdom, and still dreamed of the old Clans, envisioning himself as the greatest warrior amongst them, walking not in the pawsteps of the greats, but alongside them as an equal. In the seemingly short 5 moons Lionpaw spent with his mentor, he'd learned more than he ever had before in his life, and the young tom was very sorry to give the warrior up. Lionpaw became Lionroar at 12 moons of age, and spent the next 8 moons making a name for himself amongst the ranks of SummerClan, eager to prove that he was the best warrior he could be.◦ Since becoming a fully fledged warrior at exactly one year of age, Lionroar has been in a handful of battles, many of which proved triumphant for the golden-furred tom. Though he is a social cat with a soft spot for kits and apprentices, Lionroar has lately been lacking when it comes to more personal relationships with other cats. It's not to say that he's in some way defective when it comes to making friends or partaking in a little bit of harmless flirting, it's more or less that he's got a one-track mind, and is so wrapped up in his desires to do right by his Clan, he just hasn't had the time to form relationships. Though he'd call everyone in SummerClan a friend, he doesn't have any close friends, and Lionroar has a desire to change that.◦ Much to the immense surprise and pleasure of Lionroar, at 15 moons, this golden-furred tom was given his very first apprentice, and he taught them all he had learned about serving his Clan and ways to protect them.◦ Lionroar will go ‘Above and beyond the call of duty' if necessary, even if such a thing meant forfeiting his life. His mentor gave him some more advice; which is as follows.1) That he must always show compassion and courage, he mustn't forget that.2) He's going to make mistakes, and that the idea of an entirely perfect warrior-hood is a folly if ever there was one, and that he shouldn't take it so hard on himself when things get out of control or the fates start stepping in.3) Just because he's a warrior doesn't mean he still shouldn't have fun. He only has one life to live, it shouldn't be spent running himself into an early grave because he tries to do too much.4) Lionroar is doing his absolute best to follow his mentor's advice. Though he does make mistakes every now and then, but that is what being a warrior is about, learning, making mistakes and remembering to not make them again.


they've served their clan well and deserve the utmost respect

Southernskies - achromatic
The rich, smoldering copper hue of his fur reminded Gardeniastar of the way the sunset set fire to the Southern Sea, and the latter half of his name is his own tribute to the life he left behind for SummerClan. He became Southernskies: An homage to Skye, the golden-eyed casanova plucked straight off the farm. He'd known of the clan cats' proximity to his property for a long time, but they were quiet and (mostly) stuck to their own lands, save for the stray youngin' looking for a thrill, so his feathers were never ruffled by their presence. It wasn't until a chance encounter brought him tumbling into the path of the young, enchanting warrior, Fallensnow, that he made the split second decision to uproot the only life he'd ever known and venture into the wild world beyond the fence. His instincts served him well; though the adjustment was still rocky, he was a stellar hunter and had the wits to serve him in skirmishes, and his easy way with words made him fast friends. To this day he still treads with a light foot, earned from moons of stalking mice along creaking boards and across brittle hay. He never regretted the choice he made that day. He still doesn't, even if things are very different now. Though he successfully wooed Fallensnow, and together they had three incredible children, it all came crashing down when a bright and sunny morning turned to a bitter evening, a patrol rushing in with news that his son, Coyotewild, and daughter, Foxpaw, were attacked by a pack of dogs. The attack left his daughter dead, his son permanently disfigured, and his family shattered. To this day Southernskies struggles to trust the peace of quiet mornings, always expecting the worst to happen. There's a hole in his heart that will never be filled again after enduring so much loss—Foxpaw, Coyotewild when he left the clan, Howlingheart's distance, and Fallensnow when she ended their relationship—but he holds his head high and carries on his duties to his clan and his family. He tends to be more cynical about the harshness of the world he lives in, but even though the skies may be unforgiving sometimes, there's always clear days ahead. Pantherclaw - Whitemuzzle
Pantherclaw - Whitemuzzle
I’m told I look exactly like my father, Darkfang, but I can’t remember him very well. He died in a fight when I was very young. Gentlebreeze, my mother, has told me a lot about him but I can tell you this, I may look like him but I’m not anything at all like him! While he was dark and moody, I’m bright and cheerful. I just absolutely love having fun! Life is a wild adventure and I want to hang on and enjoy the ride! Hey! It looks like my friends are up to something over there. Want to join them with me? I know we’ll have a great time! Pantherclaw is an all black she cat except for a small white dot between her eyes.

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