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SummerClan Camp

The SummerClan camp includes:

The Garden
The garden, which is so carefully tended by the Garden Keepers, sits at the top of the hill above the camp. At the top of the hill, the sun’s light always reaches it, and it is well out of the way of flood waters. While SummerClan’s territory is naturally blessed with a wide array of natural flora, the soil is most fertile here, and generations of skilled Garden Keepers have collected countless rare and exotic plants that they cultivate in private gardens. The rolling garden has many of the herbs needed by the medicine cats, ensuring that SummerClan will always be taken care of.
prey Mice, lizards, small birds

herbs Poppy, Daisy, Lavender

The Northern Sea

The Northern Sea takes its name because it stretches further than the eye can see from the northern border SummerClan territory, though it meets its end in SpringClan on the other side. Its fresh water is always cool and crisp, rippling with a pale blue tint, though pebbles can be seen through its surface at all times. A long stretch of golden, smooth sand that covers the length of the Northern Sea, known as The Shore of Shifting Sands. In Greenleaf, the Shoreline is a peaceful place where young cats can gather to swim or fish. However, in the cold moons of Leaf-Bare, the relentless season, it becomes treacherous; the surface freezes over, luring apprentices and warriors over to slide and play on it, but all it takes is one misstep for a tragedy to happen.
preySeagulls, Ducks, Geese, Fish

herbsWatermint, Water hemlock

The Witch's House

Warriors call this dilapidated and abandoned twoleg nest "The Sunflower Cottage" around kits and apprentices, so as not to frighten the former or excite the latter into exploring where they ought not to. No one has ever seen the witch rumoured to live here; apprentices sometimes dare each other to steal something from around the cottage, and only the bravest cats venture close enough to take advantage of the little herb garden growing out the back or the mice scurrying through the piles of firewood. While many cats are convinced sightings of the witch are just scary stories that have gotten out of hand, occasionally one may pass by and notice the lights on or the chimney smoking...or hear faint singing out in the nearby woods at night. One thing’s for sure: if you see a shadow pass by the window - run.
preyRats, Bats, Frogs, Lizards, Toads

herbsAloe Vera, Catmint, Lavender, Chamomile, Wild Garlic, Death Berries

Wildflower Meadows

The Wildflower meadow makes up a huge percentage of SummerClan's territory. Laying on the west side of the long river, it is a lovely, sprawling meadow filled to the brim with every flower under the sun: daisies, cornflowers, forget-me-nots, marigolds, daffodils, violets, buttercups, the list goes on! There's also no shortage of herbs, making this a favourite spot for medicine cats and garden keepers to forage. At the southern end sits a lavender field, perhaps once planted in neat, purple rows by twolegs but long since left to be reclaimed by the wild. The smell is gorgeous; especially after the first rain of leafbare, when the water soaks into the dry earth and the scent of lavender bursts into the air. The Rabbit Meadow is slightly smaller than the Wildflower Meadow, and sits directly across from it along the northern end of the river. A vast, open space of tall grass and the occasional small pine tree, fallen log, thin stream, and pond. You'll occasionally find deer grazing here too; looking like beautiful ghosts when they leap through the early morning mist, and one can often spot little butterflies fluttering through the grass.
prey Rabbits, Mice, Voles, Moles, Sparrows, Robins, Larks, Blackbirds

herbsDaisy, Foxglove, Lavender, Marigold, Poppy, Tansy, Yarrow

The Deeplands

Though most of SummerClan's territory is meadow and moorland, on the far eastern end of the territory is a thick patch of forest surrounded on all sides by the river - effectively making it an island of sorts. Mainly pine, oak, birch,and beech, it is almost always filled with soft sunshine filtering under the leaves; there's rarely a place in the territory that is ever entirely gloomy. However, due to the proximity of the rivers, it is quite difficult to find any well-growing herbs in this area. In the center of the woods, close to the waterfall, lies a wide-open field that sits under the stars, which is where Summerclan has made their camp.
preySparrows, Robins, Bluejays, Crows, Squirrels, Mice, Voles, Fish

herbsCobwebs, Dry Oak Leaves, Honey, Watermint


prey insert here
herbs insert here

The Southern Sea

The Southern Sea, huge and deep blue, makes up the southern SummerClan border- and beyond. It is a popular spot for parents to bring their kits in the calmer new-leaf months, but come green-leaf, it becomes a bustling hub that Two-legs occupy. Over time, most SummerClan cats have lost their wariness of the humans, but a level of caution is still encouraged: Kits have most certainly been abducted here for being too friendly. The white sands are dappled by smooth, gray stones and bright, waving stalks of seaside goldenrod, and the sea is dark, sparkling, and full of wonder. Strong storms whip up in the warmer months and bring danger to its coast, thus the presence of the Coast Guard is much more apparent in these months.
preySeagulls, catfish, redfish, sharks



A venerated place of legend and wonder, Watermouth is SummerClan’s personal link to StarClan. It’s situated right off the coast, with a channel of sea water separating it from the shore, but when the tides recede, it creates a bridge allowing anyone to access it. Be careful, however: If the tide rolls back in, only strong swimmers will be able to get back to shore.
prey None

herbs None

Rabbit Meadow

A venerated place of legend and wonder, Watermouth is SummerClan’s personal link to StarClan. It’s situated right off the coast, with a channel of sea water separating it from the shore, but when the tides recede, it creates a bridge allowing anyone to access it. Be careful, however: If the tide rolls back in, only strong swimmers will be able to get back to shore.
prey None

herbs None


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Say my name with your sunlight veins. When the sun hits the earth at the right angle, everything turns green and gold, but as the sun disappears, Sunveins continues to hold the warmth of gold in her furs. Her long pelt is dappled ginger, gold, and white, and her bright green eyes shine brightly with mischief. Playful, with a huge imagination, it's hard to tell that her background had been anything but pleasant in the past. She doesn't remember much of it, other than the stories her adopted father had told her, about rats, the way their grandmother had been powerful and how she resembled her, the way their grandfather had gone mad in his later days, how their family was cursed to forever hold a madness within them, the way their mother had wanted them, but she had been too soft to survive the part of the forest they were from. The three of them–her cousin, her adopted father, and her–traveled through the forests, and one day, she found herself lost. Found by a warrior of Summerclan, she was young enough to integrate like anyone else. Still, part of her feels lost though she'd rarely admit it. She wonders where her family went, what they meant when they spoke of a family curse, and whether she–like the rest of them–was cursed as well. Her own concerns are often kept to herself, and outwardly, she's nothing but a ball of sunshine and energy. Bright, talkative, and full of creativity, Sunveins seems like another airheaded, bubbly cat, only ever showing who she is when she's angry, the deep-seated rage created by the circumstances of her past lashes out like a solar flare.


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The future. These cats have served SummerClan for moons in their specific roles until age slowed them down, but, still too young to retire as elders, they now serve in place as mentors to the training teams. They are the deciding factor of the future.


Ravenmask - Whitemuzzle
So, you want to know about me? Well let’s see. As you can tell I’m a smoky gray tom with black patches of fur. I got my name from the black patch that covers my eyes and ears. Speaking of my eyes, their dusty blue color have already attracted some attention from some she cats. Just recently I was promoted to the rank of warrior. Some have described me as being a fun-loving cat who loves life. The world around me piques my curiosity and I long to explore it. I like making new friends and I’m not afraid to bend the Warrior code a bit when I think it needs it. Now don’t get me wrong! I’m very loyal to my clan, SummerClan. But hey, where’s the zest in life if you don’t let loose every once in a while, right? Oh yeah, I almost forgot. This isn’t too important to me but to some cats it is. I come from a long line of descendants who can trace their linage back to Graystar, a famous SummerClan leader. My mother, Ashensnow, was a granddaughter of Coalstripe, whose mother was Cometstream, Graystar’s daughter. So that’s enough about me. Tell me a bit about yourself.

Bubblechaser - lavellan | Lead
With just a single glance, it’s hard to understand why she received the name Bubblechaser. The color of her eyes - a beautiful blue that perfectly compliments the siamese blood running through her - could easily explain the ‘bubble’ prefix, but chaser? It’s not like this she-cat is extremely outgoing, not anymore than your typical warrior anyway. So, what was it that this seal-point siamese was chasing? Is it perhaps something that only she can see? Well, in a way this may be true. Once you get to know her, it becomes quite clear what she’s after: her mother’s affection. From a young age, all she ever wanted was the praise of Quietmeadow, her mother, but her best was never enough, and she was always ignored, or rewarded with the harshest of criticisms. Every word lodged its way into Bubblechaser’s heart, digging their blades deeper and deeper. The only thing that she could do was work even harder, pushing herself to do even better. Some might think that she’s too hard on others, but that’s nothing compared to what she puts herself through. In her mind, she will never be enough, and there’s always that whisper of doubt in her mind telling her so. That no matter how hard she works, no one will ever care. Maybe that’s why she strives for recognition, why she would do whatever it takes to gain the approval of those around her. She is a people pleaser through and through, even if her reasons might be selfish.


name - username

Treasure Hunters

The eyes. Gifted with a natural observational tact, these cats have the sharpest eyes in SummerClan, capable of spotting treasure that's barely visible from fox-lengths away. Much of their time is spent in or around the Southern Sea, scavenging the shores and the turbulent ocean currents for useful items to bring back home.

Cat - user | Lead

Jayfrost - hopelessgemini
Named after the sounds of birds in the trees as the last signs of winter fade from the territory, Jayfrost is a bright-eyed, cheerful tom with black-and-white patches. He is bubbly, friendly, and optimistic, despite an ever-growing sea of inner doubts and frustrations, preferring to keep the peace and help his clan over seeking conflict and strife. Jayfrost is recognisable by his striking blue eyes and easygoing demeanour - always the mediator, always happy to provide an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. He never says no to anything, usually to his own detriment, but Jay is used to pushing aside his own feelings for the ones he loves.

Mossnose - creativefyre
A slender brown tabby she-cat with white markings. She has a pairbof warm, olive green eyes. Even from a young age, Mossnose knew that she wanted to be a mother. She always found herself trying to play with the new kits. A gentle soul with a kind smile. Mossnose tends to get sick at the sight of blood. With moons of hunting, she's gotten better st handling prey blood. Larger quantities of blood either make her vomit or faint.

Skycloud - Whitemuzzle
A white tom with gray tabby patches on his body. One such patch covers both ears and the sides of his face leaving his nose and muzzle white. He has gray-blue eyes, the color of a warm dawn sky. He had lived with his parents as a loner until they died suddenly before coming to live in SummerClan. Stories of his heritage had been passed down to him through his family line. He is a descendant of Graystar, a former SummerClan leader, through Windstorm one of the leader’s first sons. Ashensnow, a distant cousin, kept in touch with his family and took Skycloud to SummerClan when she had heard of his parents’ deaths. Skycloud has adjusted to clan life well although he continued to miss the freedom he once had while living the life of a loner. During his time as an apprentice, he was part of the group who found the ocean that ushered in the great change within the clan. Despite the tragedy he suffered early in life, Skycloud is an optimistic cat who likes to find light even in the darkest of times. Overall, he’s glad he came back to his family’s roots and looks forward to what else life might bring him.

Woodflight - Cleaver
In a show of utterly foolish courage, Woodflight's first stunt in the clan was strutting over the border, declaring himself one of the fiercest strays in the area, and waiting for the clan to beg for his support at his paws. Woody certainly doesn't look like a battle-hardened warrior: his silky medium-length fur is unspoiled by scars, an unbroken blanket of white other than his brown tabby crown, and the occasional dashes of mud clinging to his legs -- occupation hazard. The closest approximation to a war wound is his missing tail, but a quick investigation reveals that he was born without one. Lucky for Woody, he was accepted in this clan without proving his prowess in battle, because this secret former kittypet isn't much of a fighter at all, or a hunter for that matter, despite his insistent brags that he could wash the floor with anyone's blood in an instant. Cocky, optimistic, and prone to white lines, Woody could use a dose of humility or at least a speck of understanding of social norms, but instead he continues to stride around the camp like a god's blessing for the earth, smugly reminding everyone else that he's a powerful hero of the highest order. Get past his annoying exterior and Woody isn't half bad -- a little naïve, a little prone to bad jokes, a little clumsy -- but his heart is in the right place, he just needs gentle guiding to back down and let himself feel.


The lifeblood. Adventurers are considered some of the most loyal cats SummerClan has to offer. They venture far and wide, traversing unclaimed lands and sailing over endless seas, and though temptation lurks around every corner, they always come back home.

Name - user | Lead

Ashleap - MysteriouslyMaple
A dark grey she-cat with darker spots and blue eyes. Ashleap is an outgoing feline, one who values friendship and loyalty. She tends to empathize a lot with strangers, especially loners and rogues, but means well. She is light-hearted and friendly, though she can get a bit protective over those she cares about. She likes to explore and learn new information, but can a bit distracted easily. Ashleap was born to Icepounce and Addersight, two loners who heard of the Clan names and changed their own to match. However, they felt too wary of the Clans to join and instead opted to raise Ashleap on their own, teaching her what they knew about Clan life (which is very little, hence her name not ending in -kit). The stories of the Clans made Ashleap almost admire them throughout her childhood and she longed to join a Clan with her parents. When Ashleap became a year old however, her parents decided not to join a Clan when their daughter brought up the idea of joining the nearby Clans. She was disappointed but respected their decision, and went off in search for a Clan to join.

Hippostep - bauble
A feline of large appetites. A fluffy dark beige coat wraps luxuriously around a plump body, piling upon the throat and shoulders like a proud wattle of a great bird. And like a bird, he struts to and fro as if upon a stage -- well, no, he rather waddles about, gargantuan body weight thrown about with such abandonment you’d be liable to injury if you stepped in his way. A great soft egg of a belly makes up his torso, with white stripes cinched to his sides, stretched to their limits by all the bulbous rounds. All in all, he makes for a comic sight, but don’t be fooled by his doughy appearance. Hippostep makes for a dangerous foe, a large domineering frame that moves quicker than you’d expect, a cleverness only betrayed by small, dark amber eyes. He constitutes a true friend for those with the honor of calling him so; he’s protective, dependable, and steadfastly loyal. But even for those he calls friends, his past remains a mystery. The only suggestion of it are a pair of scars, stretching from either sides of his muzzle. He jokes that he earned them from trying to eat a mouse larger than his head, but more sinister waters flow underneath. Alas, there’s one thing all cats of Summerclan know for certain: this feline eats as if every meal is to be his last.

Fisherpounce - Whitemuzzle
One of four kits found by Whisperingwhiser, Fisherpounce is the youngest and most playful. He has a mischievous streak that would make any queen shutter. Fortunately he outgrew a lot of that as he aged but he still enjoys a good joke. Being spontaneous, he likes to do things on the spur of the moment rather than planning things out which can sometimes lead him into trouble. He’s always had a sense of adventure and a generally happy-go-lucky attitude. With that said, Fisherpounce is fun to be around. He sports a reddish brown tabby coat which enhances his bright green eyes. His front right paw is white and he has a white tipped tail. (Brothers – Wolfheart and Wolverinesnap, Sister – Cougarscream)

Redflame - Whitemuzzle
One of four born to Mudthistle and Crimsonlife in early Newleaf. Redflame is a lighthearted she cat who is easygoing and not bothered much about the cares of life. She takes things as they come, not much can ruffle her fur. Redflame can be a bit of a daredevil taking risks that most cats would think twice about doing, such as leaping across lofty spaces from tree to tree just to catch a squirrel or climbing down a steep cliff to rescue a clanmate. She loves to spend time at the ocean and enjoys just sitting on the beach watching the waves lap the shore. Redflame got the first part her name from the dark ginger tabby coat she inherited from her father. Her yellow green eyes came from her mother. Her warrior name came from the patch of white fur on her chest which resembles a flame. The only other white fur she has is on the tip of her tail.

Scarletcross - shadow
A white tom with black and red markings along his body, ripped ear tips and a horizontal crimson scar across his face that looks like it's perpetually bleeding no matter the care. Very much openly bisexual, he is chaos incarnate and lives to make your life difficult, but will set aside his agenda to ensure you are safe in the end, though he most certainly won't help you off of the ride.


The mind. After the invasion by NightClan, the unique gifts of the Garden Keepers were put to the test. These cats are by far the most knowledgeable of the territory and its offerings, and they are capable of laying traps disguised as just another garden full of SummerClan's famous flora.

Cat - username | Lead

Appledelight - honeybree
A round, very soft furred calico she-cat with pale green eyes stands before you. Her fur, mostly colored glistening white with brown and light auburn patches here and there, is soft and short. With the warmer seasons, you tend to see pink hues and freckles begin to poke through their pelt. And where her tail should be, is a rounded and especially short bobtail. This often causes Appledelight to be a bit clumsier than most when it comes to balance -- though that doesn't stop her from trying her best. Her eyes are that of the forest, when spring buds are blooming, a sage green. Named for her particular fur color, and the charming and kindly personality that accompanies it, its easy to know where her personality truly lies. Some would even say she is a very practical cat, through and through. Having been constantly upheld by her mother to be the picture of perfection and high esteem, responsibility comes as first nature. Always the one to be the voice of reason, always the one to miss out on delightful or beautifully risky opportunities in life. And though she finds that this in turn causes her to feel restless, she is content with where she sits in life.

Twilightdance - bauble
When the owl calls and the mother’s usher their children in for the night, at that hour when the blue fades to the most black, when the stars take their place and twinkle in their casings so brightly that they look as if they could be picked like diamonds from that great canvas of the sky... that hour that draws the breath in with its sublimity. That’s the hour when her soul stirs, when she arcs her head to the heavens and captures that last orange of the sun, crushed and ebbing away, like the spirit of the cat she once was... wild and free. In its place comes the enveloping darkness, still, tranquil, polished in its beauty, and lovely to behold. She sees herself reflected in that image: her fur is middling length, a perfect black texture groomed to a sheen. The darkness is broken by stark white spots that dot the length of her back and shoulders, and crawl up her dainty front legs. Her mother called her Reinette, little queen, and it was her that ensured that she lived up to the name. Wrinkle your nose when you smile. Tip your head when you’re asked a question… just like that. Tuck your paws when you eat. Countless lessons have crafted her into a faultless creature of graces, almost impossible to offend, a joy to be around, and ever the pleaser. But as she searches that twilight sky, the dreams of her mother feel like chains rather than wings. Just as the tranquil night beckons the beasts who come bumping underneath the starlight, darker elements stir in her soul, fighting their restraints.


The heart. Denwatchers are the clan's final defense, not only in charge of fortifying the dens and camp barriers but also in fighting off invading forces that make it to camp.

Charcoalgoat - simplylight | Lead
Thick clouds of smokey fur cover his coat from head to toe. It lightens to ash towards his rump and darkens down his underbelly and tail. His eyes are dark amber, almost brown and always seem to express disappointment. Charcoalgoat is known to have a smart mouth and generally grumpy demeanor, which is surprising for the role he was given. As one of the cats responsible for raising kittens in the clan, you would think his personally would not mesh well. However, they always seem to love him. It's like he has a small soft spot for the young and abandoned. Being an orphan himself with no siblings to watch after, Charcoalgoat took it upon himself to be that role model and caretaker for the other orphans as a kit and onward into his apprenticeship. His sharp tongue and distaste for fun is quickly forgiven when they realize they are always safe and cared for by him. He's always been aware of his own flaws and how he uses his personality as a shield when it comes to relationships. If they think you're mean, you can avoid the abandonment. That is how he sees it, at least. What is curious about this thought is that this is not a behavior that he encourages in the kits. He's aware of the damage it causes yet won't fix it in himself.

Cereopegiaroot - honeybree
A whisper of shadow, well adjusted to blending in and remaining unseen -- a wallflower, if you will. Ceropegiaroot stands lanky, lean bodied, and tall -- his pelt colored perfectly for blending into the thickets and remaining unseen and undisturbed by conversation. Colored in pallid browns, tabby like markings, and accompanying his pelt frequently with bits of undergrowth for better foliage camouflage, they are content to remain unseen. To truly blend in, and escape the conversations that would turn awkward or embarrassing when he could simply avoid situations like that completely. A cat of little word, they prefer to opt towards avoiding others and talking unless absolutely necessary. That isn't to say he doesn't enjoy conversation, or that they don't yearn for a soul to share his life with -- just that it doesn't come easily to him. That is to say, that they aren't exactly perfect in the practice of socialization. So being a chameleon, a creature of soft shadows and friendly stones. That isn't a fate that they will turn their nose up at.

Crowflight - Whitemuzzle
A black tom with just a hint of tabby striping on his tail. He has a white muzzle, bib, and belly and three white feet. Pale green eyes with some golden flecks adorn his head. He descends from a long line in SummerClan starting with his ancestor, Graystar. Pantherclaw, his mother, was born to Gentlebreeze whose father was Bonefang. His father was Hawkstar and mother was Ravenstar. Hawkstar’s father was Windstorm, son of Graystar. Because of Crowfrost’s serious personality, he can tend to live up to his name. Gruff, serious, and loyal are three words that can be used to describe him. He’s a cat who wants to follow all the rules and make everyone else around him do so as well. Loyalty to SummerClan, his family, and clanmates is foremost in his mind. He’d risk his life to save any one of them.

Oceanglow - biyew
A black-furred tom with deep blue eyes. Oceanglow daydreams through life, hiding an eccentric personality deep under a perpetually spaced-out expression and a sometimes disarmingly-quiet temperament. He has very little filter and is prone to randomly blurting out weird, screwed-up thoughts, sometimes not even realising he's saying them out loud. He drifts through life aimlessly, living strictly in the moment and never thinking forward. The son of Devotedcrow and Orchiddrop.

Snowdropwhimsy - lavellan
Hope. The snowdrop flower is a sign of harsh winter's end, the hope that warmth will once again come into your life. It's a dainty flower, one that many wouldn't think too much of in small numbers. Since it begins blooming in winter, it's a rather tough flower, right? Most of this could also be used to define Snowdropwhimsy. Although she is rather large for a she-cat, she is tough and warm, and the sight of her fluffy calico body is normally a welcome one. The daughter of a leader and his surrogate, Snowdropwhimsy learned from a young age just how strange love could be, and was raised with an open mind, for the few moons that she had known her mother. Her father, Doestar, had passed before she was even born, but she had heard plenty of stories about him, and rather idolizes the father in her mind. Beetuft, her mother, had crumpled only a mere 2 moons after Doestar's death, and it wasn't long before she died, as well, leaving five kits behind as a memory of their lives: Bluebelldream, Wisteriasun, Tulipdance, Poppyskip, and, of course, Snowdropwhimsy. Snowdropwhimsy was heartbroken, but, like her mother, had pushed her own grief aside to try and make her siblings happy. She is the type of cat to go out of her way to dry and brighten the day of everyone else. Just one look at her large brown eyes, and you can tell exactly what type of cat she is. She is the one who will sacrifice everything she has, everything she wants, for the sake of others.


In SummerClan, though there are multiple specialties an adult may choose from, apprentices are trained in a groups of three by the Instructors, who then decide which specialty they will graduate into.

Cometpaw / song - whitemuzzle
One of three born to Wisteriawish. He has one sister, Lunarlyric, and one brother, Nebulahymn, both from the same litter. He also has three half siblings from an earlier litter. Cometsong is very much performance driven, a perfectionist. He must be the best in anything he tries. When he fails to achieve his goals, he becomes angry with himself and lashes out at other cats. He tends to be critical of others, especially if he sees they’re goofing off. He is very loyal to SummerClan and the Warrior Code and will fight for what he feels is right. Even though he’s a stickler for following the rules, Cometsong does have a kinder side that shows itself around family and friends. He sports a white pelt with large black patches and blue eyes that rival the color of a bright summer sky.

Vixenpaw / affliction - biyew
A silver and white tabby tom with pale blue eyes and a lithe build. Vixenpaw is a sardonic, cynical tom with a grim outlook on life and a pathological need to be entirely self-sufficient that borders on religious. The brother of Wildhaunt and the son of Fallensnow, Vixenpaw has a tendency to feel smothered by his mother and became disillusioned with the notion of family at a young age. His feminine name is a constant source of irritation for him, and leaves him in a constant state of defensiveness during most social encounters with cats he's not familiar with.

Gazellepaw / gore - Biyew
A pale ginger and white she-cat with green eyes. Violent and vengeful, Gazellegore's rage is triggered over the most minor things--someone cutting in front of her in line, someone eating the last vole, literally anything that she could perceive as an inconvenience to her. Though her rage is swift, her paws are light, and do very little real damage. This makes her ultimately harmless, just very annoying. A bit like a very yippy dog that won't shut up and bites at your heels constantly, but a cat. Came to SummerClan with her cool friends that she'd die for.

Antelopepaw / leap-Enderwoxxu
Antelopekit is a long legged brown/sandy tortoiseshell with green eyes, she likes running and jumping around when she's happy or excited, she hasn't patience and she can get anoyed easily but her anger wouldn't go that easily but will know how to contain herself in serious moments but apart of that she's charming and sweet.

Queens & Kits

the young'uns always causing trouble and of course, their mothers


name - username


Unclaimed Kits

Hawkkit - Ash
A brown tabby tom with icy blue eyes. Strong stature, and the largest of his litter. It's clear he is going to be massive in size, hence why his parents named him after a large preying bird. Hawk is one who likes to boast about his strength, and can sometimes be seen as a bit of a bully. He is ambitious and plans on one day becoming the leader of SummerClan. He will do whatever it takes to be the best, and plans to go far in life. Despite him being a bit of a bully, he is loyal to his clan to a core.

Marinekit / breeze - biyuu
A ginger and white she-cat with blue eyes. Was dumped on SummerClan's border as a kit, having been previously abandoned by three adopted families for being too annoying. Endearing in low doses, her seemingly-endless energy and lack of boundaries push others away.

Icekit / eyes - Asthesia
Ice-Eyes is a pure white she-cat with ice like blue unseeing eyes. She knew from very young she would never be a warrior so she sought solace from the elders of the clan. They pushed her towards tending the plants around the camp until she was old enough to become a Garden Keeper. She is a quick study and wants to learn as much as she can. She wants to prove that even though she is disabled she isn't useless. She is sweet tempered and loving.

Needlekit / shine - Enderwoxxu
Dilute tortoiseshell she-cat of blue eyes, Needleshine was separated from her mother and sister, aimlessly she joins Summerclan even if she tries to find her comfort zone in the clan, she's happy that they accepted her, she's introvert and usually she don't know what to do in long conversation, she don't like being alone for much time but even if she don't have avanced social skills, she tries to be friendly and caring but she's not the best keeping friendships.

Oceankit / gaze - Buckthorn
♛ Oceangaze was born into SummerClan on June/21/2022. She was born the only kit her, Mother, Rain and her Father Creekfrost had. Both had died after she was born. Her Mother died giving birth to her, not before naming her kit, Oceankit and her Father had been attacked by wild dogs as he was hunting for his Clan and his mate. Oceangaze was raised by the Clan Queens along side the other kits of the Clan. Oceangaze is a blue cat with dark gray tabby stripes. Her fur is short and sleek. Her eyes are a blue-green turquoise hues. She is lean and has a very feminine frame. She is very muscular, but her willowy body makes for some great speed and swimming. Oceangaze is a cat who is unwavering in her ways. She will always put her Clan first above any other group. Her Clan-mates go first, before a different Clan Cats needs. She is extremely observant and picks up on details in a heart-beat. She is very intuitive, always putting the needs of others before her own. She is kind and friendly and doesn't take well to others being mean and disrespectful to anyone, no matter their rank or where they came from. She is courageous, heroic, good, loyal, observant, intuitive, and unwavering. ♛ She dreams of one day being the greatest warrior of the Clan, to become respected by cats, even known by other Clans and other cats. She hopes to someday become leader of the Clan, and to follow in the foot step of the Leaders before her. If she is only a warrior, then that is fine by her, but she wants to be recognized, even then. She wants kits and mates in her Clan to Mother Clan-born kits for her Clan. She is a very chill cat to be around, but if she has to fight she will fight until she dies for her Clan, her home, and her Clan-mates. She believes in StarClan and their ways. She obeys the warrior Code and the orders of her superiors. Only questioning, if she doesn't understand something or she has an alternative that they may not have thought of. Oceangaze likes hunting, play fighting, exploring, and hanging out with her Clanmates. She loves fishing and eating fish. She likes hunting birds and eating them. She dislikes fighting and will only do so if her Clan or Clan-mates are in danger. She dislikes eating snakes. She hates hunting for salamanders. Over all, Oceangaze will put her Clan, Home, and Clan-mates, StarClan, first before anyone or anything else.


they've served their clan well and deserve the utmost respect

Southernskies - achromatic
The rich, smoldering copper hue of his fur reminded Gardeniastar of the way the sunset set fire to the Southern Sea, and the latter half of his name is his own tribute to the life he left behind for SummerClan. He became Southernskies: An homage to Skye, the golden-eyed casanova plucked straight off the farm. He'd known of the clan cats' proximity to his property for a long time, but they were quiet and (mostly) stuck to their own lands, save for the stray youngin' looking for a thrill, so his feathers were never ruffled by their presence. It wasn't until a chance encounter brought him tumbling into the path of the young, enchanting warrior, Fallensnow, that he made the split second decision to uproot the only life he'd ever known and venture into the wild world beyond the fence. His instincts served him well; though the adjustment was still rocky, he was a stellar hunter and had the wits to serve him in skirmishes, and his easy way with words made him fast friends. To this day he still treads with a light foot, earned from moons of stalking mice along creaking boards and across brittle hay. He never regretted the choice he made that day. He still doesn't, even if things are very different now. Though he successfully wooed Fallensnow, and together they had three incredible children, it all came crashing down when a bright and sunny morning turned to a bitter evening, a patrol rushing in with news that his son, Coyotewild, and daughter, Foxpaw, were attacked by a pack of dogs. The attack left his daughter dead, his son permanently disfigured, and his family shattered. To this day Southernskies struggles to trust the peace of quiet mornings, always expecting the worst to happen. There's a hole in his heart that will never be filled again after enduring so much loss—Foxpaw, Coyotewild when he left the clan, Howlingheart's distance, and Fallensnow when she ended their relationship—but he holds his head high and carries on his duties to his clan and his family. He tends to be more cynical about the harshness of the world he lives in, but even though the skies may be unforgiving sometimes, there's always clear days ahead. Pantherclaw - Whitemuzzle
Pantherclaw - Whitemuzzle
I’m told I look exactly like my father, Darkfang, but I can’t remember him very well. He died in a fight when I was very young. Gentlebreeze, my mother, has told me a lot about him but I can tell you this, I may look like him but I’m not anything at all like him! While he was dark and moody, I’m bright and cheerful. I just absolutely love having fun! Life is a wild adventure and I want to hang on and enjoy the ride! Hey! It looks like my friends are up to something over there. Want to join them with me? I know we’ll have a great time! Pantherclaw is an all black she cat except for a small white dot between her eyes.

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