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Welcome to DayClan, home of the bold and the beautiful. Our Clan is known for its luxurious territory; once nicknamed ‘StarClan on earth’, DayClan is home to soaring plains, plentiful prey, and a cloudless night sky. Many outsiders, ranging from rugged ex-warriors to young kittypets are attracted to the Clan’s beauty, like flowers drawn to water. Glowstar, the previous leader of DayClan, was an outsider who was captivated by the Clan’s gorgeous landscape, and thus declared that DayClan would be a neutral territory and would allow any outsiders to wander freely across the land.

Due to these outsiders often visiting the Clan, DayClan members are in tune with many different cultures. They generally know how to get along with others and make great diplomats, remain respectful towards outsiders, and prefer to diffuse uncomfortable situations with their words, not their claws. DayClan members are some of the most playful cats you’ll find around, due to the easy hunting and borders; even the older cats still play games and fool around. However, their playfulness rarely gets in the way of their responsibilities, and DayClan members usually don’t need much prompting to offer a paw to someone around camp.


1) Care for the vulnerable, no matter their background. A true DayClan cat treats others how they wish to be treated, with respect.

2) All cats must respect the circle of life. Do not over-hunt or disrupt the balance of nature.

3) Loyalty to DayClan comes first. However, even though DayClan cats are expected to be loyal they are also expected to challenge and even rise against their leader should they feel they are being unjust or endangering DayClan.

4) DayClan’s land is a neutral territory where all cats are welcomed, but the borders must still be marked daily in order for those to know where DayClan’s land starts and ends. Furthermore, guests are not allowed to hunt on the land.

5) Maintain a peaceful atmosphere for the overall Clan. This means there is no negotiating with any forces that terrorizes our peace. Evil will be rehabilitated humanely and social classes must be respected, but cannot interfere with a cat's ability to perform their ranked profession.

6) Should a DayClan cat have kits with an outsider it is up to the parents to decide where the kit(s) will stay. However if a parent has been deemed dangerous or the current Clan environment is dangerous to the kit's well being they will stay in the other parent's Clan. If the parents are unable to decide where the kit will live the kit will go between Clans until they are of warrior age to decide where they would like to choose residency.

7) Keep the elemental cats and enchanted land a secret from anyone outside of DayClan’s borders. As far as other Clans know, we have no magical properties on our land.


DayClan has no particular allies at this time.

DayClan has no particular enemies at this time.


DayClan operates under a loose class system, where members are placed into different social ranks based on their good (or bad) deeds. Through this, DayClan hopes to inspire a culture of hard work and generosity.

✧ It is considered good etiquette and a social norm to follow the orders of a cat of a higher social class than you.

✧ Kits are officially rankless; some cats may treat them as if they share their mother or father’s rank, but this is generally frowned upon.

✧ When a kit is promoted to an apprentice, they receive a temporary rank, which is the same as their mentor’s rank. It is generally understood by most cats that this is not their ‘real’ rank, although some cats may treat them as if it is.

✧ Cats receive their ‘official’ social rank when they become a warrior. It is then that they are expected to fully carry out the roles of their class.

✧ Cats can earn a promotion or demotion based on their behaviour. You can ask to have your characters promoted or demoted from their rank during an activity check, provided that you have a roleplay thread to back up the rank change!

✧ Ultimately, these social classes are just a guideline. If you think the Clan's social hierarchy may limit the type of roleplays you want to have in DayClan, then feel free to take liberties.

Imperials are the governing class of the Clan. Typically comprised of Clan staff, senior warriors, and a few select others who have proven themselves, these cats are the ones who make decisions about DayClan’s future, their policies towards other Clans, their stance on current events in the forest, et cetera. They also decide a new Clan member’s social class, decide if a cat deserves a promotion or demotion, and choose how to punish Clan members if necessary.

This class is usually closed for joining.

Current count: 3 + 1 temp

Socialites are the second-highest social class of the Clan. They are typically given more ‘social’ tasks that require a degree of politeness and tact, such as being sent to relay a message to another Clan, managing large training sessions, or overseeing the lower-ranked members of the Clan. They typically do less physical labour than other warriors, although it’s seen as good manners for them to still offer to join in on the more physically-intense jobs.


Mediators are the middle class, functioning for the most part like average warriors. They make up the bulk of DayClan’s members, doing things like going on hunting patrols, patrolling the borders, and participating in training exercises overseen by socialites and imperials.


Mavericks are the ‘labourers’ of the Clan, often charged with cleaning the camp, fixing dens, and other tasks to ensure the camp is in good working order. Mavericks are often given specific tasks or goals to achieve that help them earn a promotion into a higher class. Some mavericks may enjoy their role and deliberately not seek out a promotion. These cats are generally not viewed favourably.


The forsaken are DayClan’s prisoners, cats who have committed crimes serious enough that it would be irresponsible to leave them to roam around freely. They are closely watched by the imperials, and are unable to find a mate, have kits, or even leave camp without an imperial’s permission. Per DayClan’s code of honour, the imperials must make a genuine attempt at ‘rehabilitating’ the forsaken, though it is not unheard of that some cats remain as forsaken permanently due to failing their rehabilitation program. Some forsaken are even stripped of their name and given a new, shameful name that is somehow related to their crime; their names are ‘restored’ upon being promoted to a higher class, if that should happen.


With a sweet disposition and natural social skills, Peachblush was the star of the elders' den as a kitten and apprentice; he lost some of his childlike idealism and openness that he possessed in his youth as he climbed the ranks of his clan. He is a fairly self-absorbed tom and often becomes wrapped up in his own issues, hurting his family, friends or Clan in the process. Born in FallClan, moved to SpringClan, left SpringClan to become a rogue, then joined Absum Lux, then joined DayClan, then moved part-time to SwiftClan, then lived full-time in SwiftClan, then moved back to living in DayClan full-time.

LIVES: 9 / 9
FEATHERS: Protection & Stability


A tall, soft-furred ginger tabby tom with pale green eyes, tufted ears, a soft collar of fur around his neck, and long, delicate legs. He’s shy, easily flustered, and, much as his wispy tail and long legs might speak of elegance, and much as he might try to make it so, incurably clumsy — a blushing, soft-spoken doll. His sweetness made him popular with the ladies and he cared for each of them with all his heart, even if, and especially because, they almost always ended up settling back as his friends. But despite his contradictory status as sweet-hearted Romeo with she-cats, he’s never had any conscious interest in toms — he got butterflies about older ones sometimes, but he never thought anything of it, never put two and two together. He’s always naturally gravitated towards friendships with she-cats, was always just one of the girls who got tongue-tied around toms, but he’s never considered that he might not be as straight as he believes, that he might like both. He’s still painfully unaware. His manners often give way to nerves, he loves gossip, and he bathes every day in water floating with cut lemons, leaving his fur constantly smelling of citrus. When he was a kit and apprentice, he was bullied mercilessly, for reasons he still can’t quite make sense of and that still haunt the edge of his quiet happiness. One night got particularly out of hand, even for his horrified bullies, and he ended up accidentally losing all the claws on his forepaws. The incident, though his dangerously forgiving personality never let him blame the bullies or hold them accountable — they had their reasons, he tells himself at night — led to him developing a fear of heights. It still plagues him and he never ventures above ground level. He loves fresh fruit and DayClan’s apple orchards, self-care and meditation, and ghost stories. Despite his size, he’s a useless fighter; even with his claws, he would still be too gentle to do anything but roll over. He’s too calm, too believing in the inherent good in everyone else, too grounded in the beauty of nature and quiet mornings. He’s completely sane and would never put his crush in a SAW III situation as a flirtation. Chaotic boy.

FEATHERS: Love & Humility

A sparky young tom with an unusual color pattern - despite being a tom, he has diluted calico furs. The coloration is faint, barely colored, matched by a set of amber eyes. Pastelchaos is smaller in build, but that doesn't mean he can be ignored. Loud to a point of being annoying, and completely unfiltered in ways that can be in poor social taste, the tom is exactly what one might expect for his name. Ready to do just about anything no matter how off-the-wall at the drop of the hat, it's hard to tell exactly what you might get out of him. He's easily bored, an emotion that he deeply despises. To combat that, he's always got his paws into something. He's genuinely a kind cat, despite his chaotic nature, and occasionally, he has a strike of wisdom.

FEATHERS: Freedom & Anarchy
A pretty brown tabby with silvery-green eyes. A natural leader who others often look to for advice. She's the most level-headed of her friends, and is quick on her feet. The cast of her sitcom of a life includes Echocanary, Jayfantasy, Flamelore, and Garnetshadow.
FEATHERS: Survival & Destiny

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single tom in possession of good fortune must be in want of a mate. No matter his feelings or views on the public he meets, this truth is so well fixed in the minds of those who aspire to ascension in society that he is considered the rightful property of some one or other of their daughters. Competition, of a sort, therefore, is scarce unheard of; however, in the eyes of this black tom who prizes intelligence, diligence, and a morally sound mind, such frivolous exploits are ludicrous in the face of reality. While many see him as a ticket to higher prestige and acceptance, there are very few who dare approach on such matters; for you see, despite his nobility and fortune, he is a proud, prejudiced tom who has no bother in voicing his opinion loudly and quite plainly without remorse, even if it is to the detriment of his own esteemed reputation. Though hardly any comment could change the lineage he was born to nor the respect he is given, there is an unspoken understanding among those who first witness him enter a previously joyous and bright room that it is as if the energy has been made void of its life. He is cold, reserved, and hardly the gentlemanly sort. Definitely not proper mate material. Yet to those he cares for — his sister, to whom he lavishes a great deal of attention and treasures, for he so dearly loves her; his few chosen friends, who are all of course of great standing in society and themselves understand the pressures of being highborn — he is not so much stoic and unfeeling as he is introverted and awkward, soft and caring, while protective and selfless, doing all he can and giving what he has on hand to better the situations and health of those who were let into and reside in his heart. Perhaps, just as those who believe to have a firm understanding of his countenance turn to offer him no further passing glance, they have missed the forest for the trees. Those who are willing to see inside and detect the spirit within are those fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to bask in his provided comforts.

A ginger tabby she-cat with gold eyes. The polite bandit who has untapped depths of skill and who wants to destroy the world due to emotional issues. Secrets she has, and quick paws too. She's rather sweet, easily winning over any target, allowing her to convince them it wasn't her who robbed them blind when they weren't looking. Volatile on the best of days, she wants everything to be hers, and will throw tantrums when refused by anyone, including her parents, only to turn around and then convince the cat to hand it over, swipe it when they aren't looking, or, if she can't do those, she's happy to just destroy them and the thing she wants with it. After all, if she can't own the world, it doesn't need to exist! Sister to Galaxytakeover, Constellationhaunt, Yellowmooneternal, Astraltravel, and Pulsarban.
FEATHERS: Revenge & War

Let there be light, let there be light, let there be light. The sun rises with Sunchoke; this golden-brown she-cat has an elegance that glows when you first meet her. Tall and proud, she stands like a silhouette in a morning sunrise...but that's as far as the vision goes. Loud and dynamic, she's a firecracker at a funeral, the kind of cat that wears her emotions on her sleeve. Inheriting the stubbornness and temper from her mother, she's always been the kind of cat who puts her all in everything that she feels. When she's happy, it's like the sun is bright in the sky, and when she's angry, it's like a hurricane around them, and when she's upset, the world is hush in a silent fog. She's never found a need to reign in her emotions as a kit, but as she grew older, it became clear that not everyone experienced life the way she did. Others found her moods like a dark cloud in the distance, and when her mother told her to control the weather of her emotions, her anxiety began to set in. Constantly trying to monitor her moods, she's always working overtime, always trying to keep positive despite how overwhelmed she feels. She tries to keep it all in, but there are times when it lashes out like claws, especially to the ones she loves. Her fluctuating moods still remain to this day, and perhaps had she been allowed to express it all, she'd simply be the may showers following april flowers, but the anxious desire to please her mother and to keep others happy chokes her like a cloud chokes the sun on a rainy day.

A velvety gray-brown feline with thick black stripes and fairy light yellow eyes. Born to Ebonygold and Mountainsound, he was stolen away to DayClan to be raised in a safer environment. He/they.

Trackingdestiny was born to a pair of criminal former leaders, a secret that didn't stay hidden from him for long. He heard the stories about his father Deal, but he didn't know what to think about them; when he discovered the truth of his adopted siblings in NightClan, he was even more shocked, and how could he handle the news that his mother's ex-mate was part of a powerful dynasty? He was so close to being a strong, rich warrior, but instead he grew up in the gutters of DayClan - which are considerably nicer than the best some other clans could offer him. Yet Trackingdestiny doesn't mind that his family has its dark secrets. He's going to make his own legacy. Trackingdestiny is looking for greatness and he's going to find it. He's a cat of action, preferring to leap headfirst into problems instead of sitting around talking and worrying. He can be a rebel, defying authority when his leaders take too long to come to a decision, and he isn't afraid to stand up for his own opinion. Trackingdestiny is a fiercely independent mostly-black tom with a white face and pale blue eyes. He was born to Soaringbird and Deal.

She exists as the day, as everything that is bright and beautiful and carefree is her. She’s all colours, the soft and pale kinds, the gentle kinds. A trans she-cat; her pelt is white, soft and feathery and wispy, and patches of bright golds and dusty, dark browns near blacks can be found — particularly around her face and chin. A few particular scars are visible on her nose bridge. They mix and fade into each other, shimmers in a way that is reminiscent of the way stained glass does as it’s hit by the sun, and her eyes are bright and golden like it resides inside of them. She lived her life as Keeva, a name she was drawn to because it just sounded so beautiful on her tongue and her old one made her feel sick; a young kit travelling with her father and brother. The former wasn’t particularly kind, never felt beholden to his children but couldn’t find an early way out like their mother had, and so he raised them the only way he knew how: all toughness and young, inexperienced anger, nothing but resentful. Her brother got lost one day, she was tasked with finding him and came back empty. Frustrated, her father decided it was time to go without him, continuing on their constant travels, because there always seemed to be something he was running from. Eventually, her father found his escape when she was old enough to take care of herself, leaving her alone to wander aimlessly, recklessly. There was a moment along her solitary journey that she decided to shut it all out, stare right into the sun until it burned her eyes blind and she didn’t have to see all the terrible things, only the lasting brightness. Optimistic, forcefully so, there is something incredibly and unmistakably wild about her. How she’ll talk about anything and everything under the sun, her strange stash of herbs that don’t seem to heal as much as they numb, how she lets spiders crawl along her paws and into her fur because they just seem so cold out there alone. The messy state of her pelt, no matter how soft and clean it may be. And, similar to how a butterfly is often drawn to a corpse for its taste alone, she is drawn to the beautifully dark; the way the earth swallows the dead, eats them like they had eaten from it and uses every part to flourish and grow again. Often she can be seen making necklaces and other pieces of jewelry from the discarded bones of her meals, how she cuts off the wings of moths and butterflies because she thinks they look so nice, so pretty, and she wants to keep them forever, sometimes as decoration, sometimes in her pelt, sometimes in her jewelry. She enjoys suffering for the sake of it, greets sadness with giggles and smiles, believes if she can make it beautiful, she can make it worth it, and it’ll all make sense. She isn’t a very good cat to vent too. She has locked her feelings in her own little Pandora’s box, and she will feel them when she is ready to release life’s miseries, but for now she is happy to exist in a falsely joyful reality. Though occasionally they will come in small spurts of fury or sadness, and she lets them run free before they’re hidden away again, because sometimes it's almost intoxicating to feel things so strongly. Her fear of commitment and lack of understanding others has only made her cruel, she knows, and though her claws are rather dull, her words can sting a thousand times more.
FEATHERS: Endurance & Freedom

When Lovelyfury was born, she was the picture of perfection. Long flowing fur of a dilute calico, though it was more orange and white than grey. Like she was kissed by the sun. And her eyes were a sharp amber like the stone. Appearances made it easy to decide on her name. And then she learned how to speak. There's barely a cat in Dayclan who can stand her presence. She's constantly mean and demeaning, boasting herself to be better than everyone. Insufferable to a fault and she can't even see it. Any attempts to challenge her pride is met with rage and threats. Lovelyfury's temper is hot and always burning, barely needing a reason to get worked up. For such a pretty and seemingly dainty she-cat, she's rather brutal. She doesn't mind getting her paws dirty and doing whatever she feels is right to get what she wants. Anyone that tries to get close to her, or dig up the real reason for her temperament, is quickly burnt out by her antics. If you don't have the braincells to leave, it's really your fault if she ends up using you. Her viciousness would fit in better anywhere else than Dayclan. You'd think a cat as love in herself and popularity like Lovelyfury would be trying to climb the ranks as fast as possible. But the calico doesn't care to conform to a system like that. In her eyes, she's already an Imperial, so why bother trying to change the lesser people's minds. Lovelyfury is her own biatch and she does what she pleases.
FEATHERS: Blood & beauty

Where's SwiftClan?
FEATHERS: Perfection & Inspiration

Lionpaw is a brown cat with stripes.He is friendly, brave, loyal and funny, but he is not the smartest cat. He is not stupid, more like dummy. This doesn't stop him being a cat that you can rely on. He is trying to help his friends as much as possible
MENTOR: Trackingdestiny roleplayed by Cleaver
FEATHERS: Bravery & Honor

The days come and go, but the forest stands strong. the scars on the trees telling old stories, and the wind whispering old memories. Memoriesrapture, a calm and graceful cat, with steps as gentle as a floating feather. Her tabby coat and hazel eye blending into the forest floor. This she-cat isn't all grace though, with a temper to match the cruel nature of the forest, and the ability to make the hardest decisions. In her eyes, the heart comes last. She must do what she needs to for the sake of her clan. At a young age Memoriesrapture was stolen from her home with her loner family, and forced as a slave to a rogue group. Eventually, opportunity arose, and she made her escape finding herself lost in a beautiful forest, wanting to make this place her home she joined the cats there vowing to protect and fight for these kind cats, willing to take her in.
MENTOR: Peachstar roleplayed by biyuu

A former loner who lost his mate in a bush fire, and was accepted into DayClan a short while later. Frazzled single teen dad. The father of Lotuskit, Lilackit, Reedkit and Sorrelkit.
FEATHERS: Patience & Harmony

An elegant pure white tom with long, soft fur and blind blue eyes. His fur comes from his mother, Wintershine, and his eye color from his father, Reznor of the League. From birth, mysterious circumstances surrounded his family, and their litter dwindled in numbers. He was stolen from his nest at a young age and it saved his life: his remaining siblings were sacrificed to a cannibal to save his father's life, and he was left alone and lost. Brilliantserenade is reasonable and soft-spoken; his traumatic upbringing has made him easy to scare and jumpy, and he rarely seems to enjoy life, just going through the motions with the empty hope that one day the tumult will ease. He is aware that he should have died moons ago, and it seems to have had a profound effect on him.
FEATHERS: Understanding

Dawningbeam is a large fluffy yellow tabby with bright intense yellow eyes. Found next to her dead mother, her Father hovering over them, blood dripping from his claws as he reached for his daughter to kill her, a patrol of warriors, having come to investigate, launched into action, and drove her Father away, and took her back to camp, to get cared for and looked after. Dawningbeam was named Dawning for her golden fluffy fur and the fact that she was saved around dawn. Growing up she had the Clans help in her development. They taught her to be confident; outspoken; strong; agile; and smart. Thus, when she became a warrior, she had developed all these qualities and shone brightly, so she was given the suffix Beam. Dawningbeam, hopes to continue to shine in the Clan and to never let her clan-mates down, she dreams of one day becoming leader and works extremely hard to prove that she is more than capable of leading, even though she was not Clan born, but born a Loner. She wants a family of her own someday. She likes hunting; Deer Mice, Meadow vole, Eastern Cottontail Rabbits. She hates hunting: squirrels, owls, and snakes. She likes patrolling the territory, hanging out with Clan mates, teaching apprentices and loves following StarClan and their ways. She hates; intruders, foxes, other cats crossing her home, and the Dark Forest and everything they stand for.

EVEKIT / haunting ✧ BUNNY
Since the beginning of life she knew her purpose was tied to the Keepers Mansion, it was a strong pull, like in a way her soul was tethered to the very bones of the house. Her mother, a mysterious young Keeper, had abandoned her and her siblings in DayClan in fear for their lives, but by some unexplainable nature inside of herself she held the desire to return to the mansion walls that her mother once fled. But the instinct always felt off by comparison to how she felt. She fit into DayClan, yet there was a second reality layered on top of her peace in DayClan like a fine mist. She would see shapes no one else saw and when venturing closer they appeared to be hounds, or ghost hounds more accurately. The more she interacts with the ghost hounds the more she realizes that they listen to her command and the more she begins to doubt if she truly belongs in DayClan. Evehaunting has ginger tabby fur with a white chest that runs all the way up to her throat and forms a white triangle from her chin up to her forehead. Her eyes are a hazel green.

Gingerlion is the daughter of two unknown cats, at least to her, on December 1st, 2021. Her Father Blackjack was a warrior of DayClan who died of Black-cough, before she was born, and her Mother Dayheart, had left the Clan to become a Kitty-pet, for reason's, Gingerlion, didn't understand. Gingerlion was therefore raised by Clan's Queens until she became an apprentice. Her kit-hood was normal for the most part. She is a strong-willed, she-cat who likes to do what she wants, even if other's advice against it. She is seen as courageous, always putting her life after other cats. She also has leadership skills. She obeys the Warrior Code, is loyal to her Clan, and tries her best to take care of everyone in the Clan, even if she doesn't eat that day. She knows at the end of the day, that she has served her Clan well. She hopes to have a mate and kits in the Clan. She hopes to serve her Clan until she is old and dies of old age, or at least until she dies from a battle or giving kittens to the Clan.
FEATHERS: Loyalty & Understanding

Jesus (c. 4 BC – AD 30 / 33), also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus Christ, was a first-century Jewish preacher and religious leader. He is the central figure of Christianity, the world's largest religion. Most Christians believe he is the incarnation of God the Son and the awaited messiah (the Christ), prophesied in the Hebrew Bible. Bit of a goody two-shoes.

"Bossy. If I had one word to describe you, it would be bossy." Those words play on repeat in her head and all she can do is scoff. They want to call her bossy, well she calls it striving for perfection. Her long brown tabby coat is always neatly groomed and just so soft from her taking care of it and eating plenty of good nutrients, like fish. She has master the batting of those beautiful light green eyes of hers, unless something is out of order. There will be no eye-batting then. No she will be quick to point it out and let everyone know her opinion. Being the second to youngest, Lilacbrook really did not have much room to fall into this role as the bossy sibling, but someone had to do it. They may smack her head sometimes and get defensive, but she knows it's for their own good. What would others think if they ran around like wild animals? Lilacbrook struggles with perfectionism and her own self-image. She gets so busy fixing others and herself that she forgets to take time to rest or calm down. This caused her not to have many close friends growing up and put a rift between her and her siblings, something that she would have to address in adulthood.

Midnight black dances across the left side of her face, making its way all the way down her right leg. A beautiful coral orange wraps the right side of her face, around her neck, and down her left leg. The colors end barely where her paw begins, they are white, as if she had barely touched the snow. Her chest is white almost in a perfect V shape, and in the middle of her face, one single white line appears vertically where her nose begins. Her eyes are the promise of spring, the opening of new flower buds, a soft, but strong light green. Midnightcoral, named for the beautiful splash of her appearance. She strives to show her father that she is promising, only to get left behind near the Dayclan border. She doesn't know much of her mother, only that her appearance is much like herself. Her father was a large midnight black tom, with piercing yellow eyes. Her father was strong, and brave in countless situations, injuring himself to protect his kits. She wanted to be just like him, until the day he abandoned her. She was the last one of her siblings to be by her fathers side before he disappeared. To this day, she still doesn't know where he has taken them, but she was forced to say her goodbyes before her father dispersed of her kin. Midnightcoral tries not to think about them often, hoping they had a similar situation to hers. She was just dropped off, he looked at her with his yellow eyes, piercing into her little soul, and then he left, without a word. She doesn't yet know her place among Dayclan, but to have been taken in by them, to feel some sort of comfort that she had lost, she respected them.

A bruised reed shall he not break, but with a strong enough push, it might snap on its own. There are two faces to Reedspring. His social ease, politeness, witty remarks, excitability, confidence, and an intense, overarching generosity is the one most see, the act, a carefully crafted persona based on his own inner expectations that he has projected out into reality. Just underneath is a blazing insecurity and a perpetual bad luck streak. To be anything but first is to be the loser, and he feels he’s consistently behind, constantly trying to catch up to no avail. There’s a quiet recklessness to him in the way he seeks out adventure, his occasional crass jokes, and how he seems to misplace things all the time, like he’s not all there, as if there’s always something better to be thinking about. His lack of emotional vulnerability makes him come off as shallow, and he tends to be a fickle thing, always ready to move on to the next thing, because life is the race he so fears losing. Ambitious, he always tries to make a memorable first impression, for the one thing he doesn’t want to be is a passing face in the crowd, a nobody. Small and nimble, built like a twig, Reedspring was born the smallest and youngest of his litter and was brought to Dayclan with his surviving family shortly after a fire destroyed his home. With thin, tufty brown tabby fur topping a white stomach, muzzle, nose, paws, and underbelly, his eyes are alight and a beautiful, deep brown, and they add to his naturally charming look. He looks almost delicate, perfect for the air of courteousness yet still giving light to his immaturity. Though he tends to hide parts of himself, there’s always a hint of authenticity — he is naturally good-hearted, almost to a fault, seeing the good in everyone and everything and missing the bad, optimistic for others and a pessimist regarding himself, and he is honest, kind, mixed with a slight hero complex. His ego is easily bruised, and any criticism seems to come with months of self-loathing. Every comment is taken to heart like a sword, and insults are even sharper.
FEATHERS: Compassion

A handsome young seal-point with faint grey tabby stripes along his face and front paws. His eyes are the color of the sea, a deep, rolling blue. Sorreltuft is the oldest son of Koa, although he was the second-born in the litter of he, Lotusdream, Lilacbrook and Reedspring. He is the trickster of the litter, one who is pretty constantly trying to do whatever he can to shirk his work. Of course, he could be more skilled if he tried, he's got plenty of potential, but Sorreltuft would rather do just about anything more than learning to do a task that his clanmates could potentially find helpful. Known as an "infuriating little goblin," Sorreltuft's only saving grace is that he's just too darned cute to yell at.
FEATHERS: Protection

Since the beginning of life he knew his purpose was tied to the Keepers Mansion, it was a strong pull, like in a way his soul was tethered to the very bones of the house. His mother, a mysterious young Keeper, had abandoned him and his siblings in DayClan in fear for their lives, but by some unexplainable nature inside of himself he held the desire to return to the mansion walls that his mother once fled. He often sneaks out of DayClan to guard the mansion, becoming aggressive when any clan mate nears. Away from the mansion he can feel the pull grow weaker, but so long as he’s on DayClan’s land he feels the call for the mansion. It almost makes him feel like a wolf in sheep's clothing, like he’s pretending to be something he’s not by staying a member of DayClan. Sunbeam is a dilute golden tabby with a white chin and chest and narrowed, kiss me, chestnut brown eyes.
FEATHERS: Protection


A young tom who was paralysed from the waist down after an accident in SwiftClan territory where he formerly lived. He is the adopted son of Peachstar, and left SwiftClan partly because his father felt nervous about leaving him behind there.

Once a highly respected member of society, a kind, soft spoken, highly responsible figure of poise and dignity, they got a bit of a bonk on the noggin' after one of the earthquakes that wracked the forest clans ended with a pretty large rock hitting him on the head. Ever since then he's not been quite himself. He's convinced he's the eldest cat in the clan and is two steps away from death (in reality he's barely middle-aged, and even that's debatable, but he has complained about it so bitterly he's found himself in the elder's den) and is wracked with awful delusions about what clan life was like back in "ye olden days of the clans." His name used to be Goldendeluge but has been convinced his name has and was always Glamourdeath. There's really no helping him at this point it seems, but he's content to act the role of an elder and be the weird guy in the corner all the kits want to hear tell tales from and by contrast who all the parents really don't want their kits hearing stories from. A silver tabby tom with jade green eyes, his fur color only furthers his beliefs about his old age..
FEATHERS: Clarity & Sanity

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