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A crisp, cool breeze lifts the fur along your spine. You pull yourself through the territory and shudder. Whether it be from the cool bite of the air, or the waveringly tall trees - you don't quite know. What you do know is that the land is almost Ethereal. Gold, amber, pale yellow; and even the brightly lit blue sky glows with life. Wisps of clouds, as if placed there with soft and gentle strokes, make your head reel with wonder. FallClan is just that. For underlying the crisp, and harsh cold, there is a soft and gentle nature. As stubborn as tree's planted into the ground; or, even, as fleetingly graceful and eloquent as a tree drifting towards the earth below. They are roots, intertwined and tangled in a deeply rooted soil. All of the cats may not share the same blood. Some of them, even strongly encouraged, don't even have an ounce of pure Warrior blood in them. But what is most important, and valued among this increasingly enchanting Clan, is the strong sense of family values that pulse deep beneath their very core.


Apprenticename / Mentorname

Bloomingpaw ~ Crownglass

Darkpaw ~ Lionblood

Dewpaw ~ Lightember

Dreampaw ~ Vixensong

Harepaw ~ Icefracture

Invasionpaw ~ Chaicrisp

Milkypaw ~ Acorncharm

Promisedpaw ~ Foxfire

Quailpaw ~ Mastershrine

Robinpaw ~ Meltingcolors

Shadowpaw/strider ~ Greyhunt

Shadowpaw/crawl ~ Legendarydemise

Sleepypaw ~ Oathkeeper

Sparrowpaw ~ Rivergale

Tinypaw ~ Poisonrush

Twistedpaw ~ Shadowfluff

Witheringpaw ~ Airtempest



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A strange cat has tresspassed onto FallClan territory, and it seems as if he has something to do with Hystericstar's past. Join in the chaos that's about to unfold!

Everyone is out to get you. No matter who they are, or what they say, they will always go out of their way to destroy you. They will bring you down, even if it's at the cost of their own sanity. So, why not have a little fun with it? Beat them at their own game before they have a chance to ruin you. Experiments are always a fun way to see where true loyalties lie. Hystericplague is a cat who only believes in his own abilities, whether it's with causing havoc or in his own little experiments. The world will have no use of someone who can't survive, who can't fight their own battles. To an outside perspective, no one would believe this frail tom is capable of anything. How could he, when he can't even cure his own cough that has been plaguing him since he was born? What are his experiments good for if he can't even help himself? Let them doubt him. It will only make it more fun when he destroys them. Though he may be small, just one look at his hairless, seemingly disproportionate body is enough to unnerve even the most fearless of warriors. His golden eyes always seem to twinkle with some eerie knowledge, as if gods themselves have told him their secrets.
Like a river on the surface, this tom is rough and flowing, breaking over rocks and crashing onto the banks. He is brash and can be loud, has a hard time keeping still, and his mind is always running. But sometimes, it's what under the surface that makes the warrior. Like peaking under the churning waters, Rivergale is cool and calm, a bit of turmoil here and there in the tossing debris. Rivergale is a WaterClan descendant, having not found a home in SwiftClan. His parents, parents were some of the last WaterClan members and tough the young tom the warrior code. Through his few winters on his own, Rivergale has visited and learned about each of the Clans, trying his best to find a home. While water is in his name, it was never what drew him. It was the cool climate of FallClan that lingered in his bones and where the tom finally made his home. Rivergale is long legged and lean bodied, cloaked in a snowy white pelt brown up by brown tabby splotches. It's only his river green eyes that betray his heritage. They are such a stormy mix of blue and green, you would only guess that water ran in his blood. Every now and again, mainly when he is alone, you can catch the tom diving into a river or splashing through a brook, but he tries his best to keep that a secret.
A cat of mystical origin, once simply appearing in Springclan one mysterious night, though he was shown by starclan themselves that he had a higher calling to meet in Fallclan, he has a strange air about him, something quiet and wise, as if a much older cat lives within his small body. He has a penchant for memorization, be it borders or cats, herbs or the finest spots to hunt for prey. Its all locked behind seemingly tired eyes, pale blue as the sky before snowfall. With a scrawny frame, his dusky brown pelt draped across it, the fur on his legs growing darker only to be met with the contrast of snow-white toes. He has a pessimistic demeanor because of this, but tries his best and aids his clan as best as possible as a medicine cat with his talents, regardless of his physical setbacks.
Grey and white fluff and a bright pink nose make up the characteristics of this little poprock. She's wily and sneaky, yet somehow got chosen for such an important role. Now how did that happen? Spiralpaw believes it was her own charm that seduced sweet Hystericstar and Chestnutheart to accept her. With just a little bat of her bright blues, how could anyone say no? This ball of candy fluff is known for her high voice, passion for her job, and sneaky ways. She tries so hard to be a good Medicine Cat Apprentice, but she can't help wanting to grab a few berries here and there and maybe some sweet honey. Spiralpaw has always struggled with that sweet tooth. She also loves the idea of someone dying from poisoning. I mean, how amazing would that be to watch? But, alas, she is a healer so she must resist.


The Aurulent are an elite group of warriors within Fallclan. The Aurulent translates loosely to "The Golden", a proper term for cats that are praised so highly. It is a grand honor to be chosen as an Aurulent as they serve as a sort of council to the leader and deputy and are the first cats into combat or sent to protect the clan. They are given the most dangerous, terrifying missions and although rare, would be the first to kill if it came down to it. The Aurulent are considered next in line for deputy, although not all are suited for the position. Once a warrior becomes and Aurulent they are thrown a party and the clan hosts and Aurulent parade.

RPED BY Cleaver

Fierce, honest, inspiring - he could be the envy of many warriors. He knows his own limitations and more importantly his strengths, and he is forward with his mistakes. When Jayjack makes an error, he owns up to it: he doesn't make excuses, he doesn't assign blame, he apologizes and moves on. Some cats accuse him of being arrogant, but arrogance is unearned, and every inch of his confident demeanor is supported by fact. Like all of the best warriors, he is often confronted with cruel speech about his nature: cats that claim he is too rude, too harsh, too condescending. Jayjack is a teacher, he spreads his knowledge when due, and just as he owns his mistakes he asks everyone else to do so. Excuses fire him up and anger him, lies and deceit even more so. He is a forward cat and he demands others expose their true selves as well, not hide behind a mask. His bluntness may be interpreted as rude by the offended, but it isn't his job to guard their soft hearts, he does what he must. In his heart Jayjack wants the best for his clan, and he will do what it takes to defend them. If that means exposing corruption, arguing with the feeble, defending the meek, or scolding apprentices, so be it.


Poisonrush is a soft dark tom with dark amber eyes with a serious personality to match, his body toned from many vigorous training sessions Since he was a young kit, he was conditioned with the expectation that he would become the best warrior in the clan. In order to achieve what his parents wanted, he sacrificed things such as having decent social skills. His training didn't have time for that: he was meant to be the perfect warrior that the clan needed. But, once he became a warrior and his parents became less involved, he began to pursue building relationships with his fellow clan mates.






Roleplayed by pao
The sea gives life and meaning to all. It is the beginning and the end, life and death, the start and the stop, where all returns and all starts. It holds the knowledge of the world in its depth. All the history, the stories, the myths float within its current. Storms spring to life, carrying the sea’s waters to the ponds and lakes, to the rivers and the creatures, spreading the tales of old across the land and collecting those of new back to the sea. It is a process of knowledge, a key element to life. And yet, many underestimate the effect it has in our lives. Seablossom understands. Her mother had been named Sealife and had given her life for her kits to be born, starting the cycle once again and giving rise to the next generation. It was a blessing and a curse to bear such knowledge at such a young age. Almondhope, Applecrisp, and Seablososm would never know their mother apart from the stories they were told. The knowledge of her life would be held dear to their hearts as they surfed the waves of their own lives. Where one life ended, three more began, each taking their own path through the waters of life back to the sea. Seablossom was the one that looked the most like their late mother. Where Sealife had seaform coloring, Seablossom has fur of frozen water. An icy white paired with her petal green eyes, she is a storm come to life upon the earth. Her life has been one whirlwind after the other. Pushing and pulling her in all directions, teaching her how to ride through the storms of life, how to handle despair, grief, happiness, longing, and love. She found self-sacrificing tendencies, loyalty to those around her, respect and honor to those before her, and wisdom to lead. She found answers and questions, concerns and worry, and much responsibility she was not sure she could handle. And yet, all treasures brought to her by the sea and its never-ending cycle of knowledge and life. Seablossom would take on the task of raising her younger siblings in her father’s place. He was not sound of mind, he was lost within the sea’s grasp and would not find land again. She bore the burden of motherhood at a young age, put off her own life to help begin and shape theirs. The loss of the tom who’d raised her, threw her into a tornado of despair and grief, of self-blame and depression, of questioning and longing for land. It was one she took far to long to crawl out of, and never full emerged from. Seablossom would from then on be clouded by depression and grief, never to escape its storm. Her worries would expand to her uncle and sister, causing her anxiety and a desire to remain firmly seated on land beside them. Seablossom could not bare to lose either of them, to lose anymore to the sea. But alas, the sea cares not for one’s desires and merely carries on how it pleases, pushing and pulling where it sees fit. Storms come and go and just like them, Walnutchime would too leave and Ivorycrown would push her away for many years before coming around again. Whirlwinds, storms, tornados, hurricanes, they come and go, brushing through her life, leaving it in despair and destruction until next time. Often, she wonders how long her life will remain in this constant push and pull? If she’ll ever escape its clutches? Would the sea ever see a time in which it could, would allow her to touch land once again, if only for a brief moment? One day the sea would pull her down into its deepest clutches and not release her. The depression would consume her, the anxiety ripple through her. And all Seablossom can do is ride the waves put before her and hope to hold on a moment longer, to see another storm. For all the knowledge in the world can not protect one from the unknown and its unpredictable tides.


roleplayed by simplylight
Tortoiseshell with golden eyes. Previously, he had lived his life as a warrior, but due to an infection in his left eye resulting in partial blindness, he had to switch to being a nursery aid. This was the biggest insult he could have been handed, for he took great pride in his skills, but he plays it off as not being a big deal so as to not worry his friends. Despite that, he is otherwise a quite somber character, serious but earnest in everything he does. He is a hard cat to read, as he has problems displaying his emotions, but those who he cares about knows it without a doubt. It's in the little things he does, the many ways that he shows his worry, and he has quite a lot of that to go around. He is quick to judge, and slow to trust. Secretly, he is a giant scaredy-cat, so he limits his time around Ghostlyflicker, which leads others to believe he has a dislike of the other tom. Because of being a male tortoiseshell, he is incapable of having his own kits.


Roleplayed by lavellan
Not everyone shows their true selves. They are puzzles; complex and confusing, with many different pieces that somehow all fit together to form a whole. Maybe some have a missing piece or two, but the gap is still a part of it. Not every piece is shown, and some are more difficult to find. Digging deep is required to see the completed puzzle, but even then, it may only just be a smaller fragment of a whole. However, some puzzles are more simple, and their full beauty can be seen by anyone. So, what type of puzzle would Pumpkinspice be? With her beautiful orange and white tabby pelt, or her orange eyes, it’s no question as to how she got her name. As friendly as she is energetic, with a stomach to match. There seems to be no end to her appetite, nor a limit to what she will eat. Although she is typically found munching on rocks, it may be a surprise to find that Pumpkinspice does have a favorite flavor: spicy. This neverending quest for food has gotten her into plenty of trouble; be it bee stings or scoldings, she’s been through plenty. Somehow, her stomach is strong enough to handle anything that she eats. Despite always seeming to get herself into trouble, Pumpkinspice is always cheerful. Her getting angry would be just as rare as hearing the words ‘I’m full’ from her. Whether she always looks on the bright side of things when the going gets rough, or she’s just not smart enough to be anything else, no one knows for sure. If each cat is their own puzzle, then Pumpkinspice doesn’t have many pieces.


Roleplayed by simplylight
As his name suggests, Firewood is a blazing spirit. As a young cat, he could hardly sit still and found himself starting more problems than solving him. Growing up, he matured and learned this thing called patience. He is slower to burn everything down, but became a useful tool for getting things going, earning him his name. Firewood was adopted along with his siblings by Calamitystar so he had a bit of a wacky childhood. He favors his adopted “uncle” in personality a lot of the time. More to come as he is developed.


Roleplayed by pao
The dew on a leaf slides slowly down, patiently in a perfect path, uncaring of the direction or the how. But not Dewshine. She's named for those dewdrops, patient and slow, small and dainty. Though she's nothing like them. Impulsive, easily distracted, fidgeting Dewshine is nothing like the dewdrops she's named after that's for sure. She's been told it's ADHD, but she's not sure she believes them, but whatever. She'll believe the cat in the puddle, her own reflection thank you very much! Does the fact that she loves to stare into puddles at her gorgeous calico self mean she's narcissistic? Maybe, but why does that matter? So what if she gets lost in her own sky blue eyes, and loves to stare at the gorgeous she-cat looking back at her from the reflecting puddle. Dewshine was taken in by Seablssom and Crownglass when as a kit, she randomly appeared in FallClan. She can't remember how she got there, might be her short memory issues from her ADHD, but she's been apart of FallClan ever since. Even met her best friend Froggy there, a fellow lover of staring into puddles. Dewshine has taken to collecting any precious leaf she finds to gift to her friend as he seems to love leaves to lay on, especially maple ones. She's a strange cat, but how she came to Fallclan was just as strange so it shouldn't be a surprise.


Roleplayed by seeker
A medium furred tabby, stripes of dark grey swirling over a silverish coat. She has pale green eyes, almost sage colored, fading darker as the iris reaches the pupil. Softspoken and gentle, Lavenderbreeze isn't the type of feline to be found at the forefront of battle. She also has a tendency of allowing others to push her around due to her fear of conflict and disappointment of her peers. Truly, this she-cat has very low confidence and has trouble believing in herself to know what to do or say. She makes a poor warrior in that aspect, so very early on she found herself better suited to be in the nursery with the kittens. Although she doesn't have any herself, Lavenderbreeze is content to watch the clan's kits grow into better warriors than she could ever be. In another lifetime, she would've loved to be around the medicine den. She has taken the time to learn herbs and wound treatments that are helpful in the nursery.


Roleplayed by Glamour
A coat of golden honey browns and dark black rosettes. Eyes the color of freshly fallen golden leaves. This is Mapleblight, a beauty to behold. She is a replica of her mother, Autumnalrite, but the two couldn't be more different. Incredibly smart and a quick learner, and with a sharp wit to match any cat in a battle of words, this cat is a wonder. Though her shy nature can occasionally hold her back, this sweet cat will do anything she puts her mind to. Unfortunately, that means it's difficult to break through her mental barrier. She believes everything she says, but distrusts the words of others. They tell her that she's beautiful, but she thinks her polydactyl toes are ugly. They say she's unhealthily skinny, and she claims that she needs to lose more weight. She tends to harshly body shame herself, which led to her eating problems. It's as difficult for her body to accept food as it is for her to accept her body, and although she strives to be a great warrior, it's unlikely that her body will allow it with the abuse that she puts it through. She is her own destruction, always struggling in her own mind. She will be her own downfall one day, unless something changes. She was raised knowing her three siblings, but refusing to rely on them. They each had their own things to deal with, and hers was so minor that she denied their help. All except for Hemlockbane, who was always the one to drag her to the medicine cat den when things got too hard on her. Of course, she never believed anything to be wrong with her, except for being in such a fat and ugly body, so there was only so much others could do for her. She even refused to speak of her dreams, which are often stained in blood, the vision of jade green eyes and a small, tawny body. Did she know this kit that so often plagued her dreams? Perhaps some small, hidden part of her knows who it is, but those memories remained locked behind heavy doors. Ignoring the kinship she once felt to this cat, believing her mother's words of only having her three siblings. There's no possible way she had ever known this kit. Mapleblight definitely is a wonder, and maybe there is a way to prevent the demise that she pushes herself towards.


Roleplayed by simplylight
"Her dirty paws and furry coat / She ran down the forest slopes / The forest of talking trees / They used to sing about the birds and the bees / The bees had declared a war / The sky wasn't big enough for them all / The birds they got help from below / From dirty paws and the creatures of snow." As daunting as the sound of cracking bones, yet alluring as the maiden of grace should be, this feline has the personality of a mother of wild beasts. Her fearsome devotion to serving her clan mixed with the rebellious nature of her unquiet-ed spirit make for a terrific combination. Bonemaiden is a creature of habit, yet a free spirit. She is overall a queenly catastrophe. With a tall, skinny frame and eyes like gun-metal, she isn't one you would expect to be a fighter. Yet, she has the power to control, manipulate, and puncture with both her sword of tongue and sharp, tendril-like claws. Charcoal and ivory make up a tuxedo coat that covers her deceptive figure. This beautiful conundrum has a talent for creating tension because she isn't afraid to voice her opinion. She is a strong supporter of her own form of justice and will fight tooth and claw for what she believes is right. Her abrasive personality leads her to clash with some, especially her half-brother Copperstain. Bonemaiden was named after Bonestar and Rosemaiden. Her siblings are Suncrown, Tumbletundra, Illusionhaze, Tangledtruth, Mistfalls, and Shiningsoul and her half-siblings are Copperstain, Velvetdusk, Spindlebrook, Tourmalinesky, Silverlace, and Sagesymphony. "And for a while things were cold / They were scared down in their holes / The forest that once was green / Was colored black by those killing machines / But she and her furry friends / Took down the queen bee and her men / And that's how the story goes / The story of those beast with those four dirty paws." Lyrics: "Dirty Paws" - Of Monsters and Men.


Roleplayed by Cleaver
His golden gaze is wise beyond his thirty-three moons, and his weighty demeanor speaks volumes of the struggles of his past: the world-weary hesitance of his smile, the patient calm in the tilt of his head, the flicker of haunt in the back of his gaze. Reflective like a one-way mirror, everything he feels is on open display in his eyes: he never learned to conceal his mirth or his shock, to edge out depression or temper anger. In this way he is faithfully honest to the end, unable to tell a lie he doesn't truly believe in, a skill that has caused him as much trouble as it has aided him. He might be trustworthy, but sometimes openly expressing his emotions can send the wrong message, and drive away cats he would rather have kept close by. The young kit that danced around the paws of his mother was left to grow without them, without his siblings, and his troubles did not ease from there; he was chased up a tree by a fox in the dawn of his time as a warrior, badly injured, and thrown to the ground to break his ribs. While he recovered, his clan suffered bouts of sickness and they were driven from their home. Trials rocked the clan and his faith in their ancestors, and he hesitantly turned his gaze outward - exploring beyond their borders, as he had once done as an apprentice, and happened upon a savior. She became his best friend and soon, he must confess, he felt more than friendship for her; he did his best to disguise it, but he is still an open book when everyone knows exactly where to look for his true feelings. Sickness rocked his clan once again and a nightmare sent him fleeing his clan until he joined the deputy of EarthClan at her home, where he began to settle uncertainly into his new life. Crownglass is wise and patient, with a calm tempered by far too many hard experiences, but despite the weary age in the lines of his face he is not so old or tired as he seems. There is still a strong spirit raging within him, a hint of humor and a powerful dedication to his new home. Leaving home did him good, and he learned to look after himself, to see his own strength and accept himself for who he was. It was the start of a long journey, but he was pleased to take it. He found a new mate in his new home, and when their clan was destroyed, he found her again so they could finish their lives together. Born to Glacticcrumble and Deal in SummerClan, Crownglass's siblings - Maria, Nebulakit, Aurorakit, and Solarkit - are all deceased with the exception of his brother Quark. He is a thick-furred ebony tom with golden eyes.


Roleplayed by lavellan
The drop of rain water in the stream, the rustle of leaves on a stormy day. The mouse hiding from its predator, the predator chasing its prey. A picture is worth a thousand words, but those words change with each story. Which is reality? Which is fake? Vision and sight. They are a simple sense, something that most cats have. Something that most take advantage of. Do they truly see the world for what it is? Perhaps the blind are the ones who see the most. Maybe those gifted with sight are the ignorant ones. The lucky ones. Who truly wants to see the world? Each little movement, unseen. Every tiny ant, ignored. Even something as big as a tree, often overlooked. Things that you would never even guess would be important, end up being life changing. This is the training that was pushed into Glaniur, to never ignore a single detail. Be aware of everything, as a blind cat would if they were given the chance. Overlooking a single fact could be deadly. Each sound, each movement. Take it all in, and think. Be tactical. Surprise your enemy with the obvious. Or the unexpected. After all, no one would expect to be beaten in a fight by a former kittypet. Not all kittypets have an easy life, however. Some are tortured, abused, even when a young kit. There was no love to be found by his twolegs, and so it was little surprise that Glaniur took the first chance he could get to escape. Even as a kit, he was always watching for an opening. It was that habit of his that made a small group of rogues take him in to train. The young tom learned every skill he knows from them, but at a cost. They were rogues. Untrustworthy, dangerous. Even for a kit. Sometimes, Glaniur wondered which life was better. The rogues knew no mercy. It was enough to turn a kit into someone else. They abused him much like the twolegs. But, he had freedom. He was offered knowledge. So, he went along with the training until the rogues abandoned him. The day they vanished was the day Glaniur officially gained freedom. He was no longer at the mercy of others, bent and beaten to their will. He was finally able to look after himself. Yet, he still ended up in a clan, following another’s orders. It was an odd thing, for a cat with no more trust to give, ending up in a clan. He makes no secret of his hatred for others, just as most cats do with kittypets and rogues. But, sometimes it’s easy to forget. After all, he seems to turn everything into a joke, responding to most things with a sarcastic remark. It’s curious, however, how Glaniur never throws his looks around. His speckled black face, covering his cream colored pelt, and his icy clear eyes, he’s not too hard to look at. But, Glaniur seems to not take a romantic interest in anyone.


Roleplayed by lavellan
Occasionally known as The Mistress of the Hunt, Greyhunt's specialties lay in tracking prey. She is a keen hunter with blue eyes that can spot any small details, which makes tracking come so naturally that others would call it a sixth sense. This silver tabby knows exactly what needs to be done to get what she wants, and with her greedy nature, not much of what she acquires will leave her place. She has a way with words that one might think her to be posh, which is quite a contrast to her twin, Ravendagger. eve is too lazy to write a proper bio, so more will be added at a later time.


Roleplayed by Simplylight
Happy-go-lucky and pure at heart. At least, that is how many see him. He's an unlucky disaster waiting to happen. Caverncrystal likes to pretend that he has it all together. Truthfully, he has an irrational fear of being alone, and especially of being alone in the dark. It's an ironic thing, given his name. Many do not realize this fact about him. He comes off as so cheery and bright, yet underneath his mottled brown coat is a dark fear that saps at his strength. His eyes are bright blue and never seem to lose their sparkle, but that is simply a facade. Caverncrystal's parents are Pygmyprawn and Wright and his siblings are Seaserpent, Jadepond, Treasurecove, and Urchinsong. More to come as he is developed.


Roleplayed by pao
Blue eyes draw you in. They're filled with passion and joy, and hold a competitive spirit. This orange tabby she-cat has white reaching from her jaw through her underbelly. It makes the top of her pelt look as though its on fire with her orange coloring. Thus giving her her name of Blueflame. Her eyes are what draws a cat in first, her whole life told in their mists, but is her sociable nature that keeps them near. While her paws may trip her up, they have not led her astray in far at least. Blueflame is an energetic cat filled with life and happiness. She found love early in her life and has been grateful ever since. Being a firm believer in StarClan, she worships the ground they walk on and can only imagine a day where she's half the warrior they were.


Roleplayed by Captain Ginger Beard
Tinkerer. Posh. Stressed. Worldly and well traveled. Far-sighted. Mate to Greyhunt. Playful rivalry with Strongjaw. White tom with blue eyes.


Roleplayed by Captain Ginger Beard
Brute. Not the brightest. Quick to anger. Selfish. Best friends with Shorthalt. Childhood friend of Trickfoot. Playful rivalry with Whitestone. Doesn’t get along well with Ravendagger. Large grey tom with yellow eyes.


Roleplayed by simplylight
Loves to sing. Is a scoundrel. Loves harmless fun. Best friends with Strongjaw. Has a crush on Trickfoot. Small smokey grey tom with brown eyes.


Roleplayed by Dot
Vibrant orange she-cat with faint tabby markings and white paws. Her eyes are the emerald green of the many fields that dot Fallclan territory. She is best friends to Greyhunt and Trickfoot, and she often tags along quietly. She is awkward in social situations and get nervous in large crowds. So she tends to hang around the edges at gatherings. When it comes to responsibility she tends to get overwhelmed and believes she has too much on her plate. Beside's her best friends the only other cat she feels comfortable around is her mate Ravendagger.


Roleplayed by flurryofstars
Brother to Etherealblink. A grey tabby with splotches of orange and green eyes. Although he's been by his sister's side all of his life, he has a slight fear of she-cats, perhaps brought upon by his sister's smothering love. As such, he often gets nervous when around a she-cat, although he is able to suppress the fear when in life-or-death situations, such as a battle. He is an extremely skilled fighter, although his pride in it has led to a reckless temper when his skills are doubted. Still, despite his pride, he is extremely humble and dislikes flattery, and is almost constantly training as if he seeks to be worthy of something. While he is seen as a tom of few words, that doesn't mean that he always is. He has little social grace, often coming off as too direct, and prefers to keep things to himself, but if it's about something he's passionate about, such as fighting or bugs, he can hold an actual conversation. For some reason, he enjoys bug-watching.


Roleplayed by flurryofstars
Swordstrike has dark brown tabby markings, long fur, and brown eyes. Handsome like all the toms in his immediate family, he carries an intimidating edge from how tall he is. His height coined him the nickname of “moose” from his older brother, Shieldheart. It’s not so bad considering he calls him “flea” for his brother’s clinginess. They’re the only family they have left after their parent’s passing, but they butt heads a lot. Swordstrike appreciates freedom and wants to settle down with a family of his own. That dream seems impossible with all the trouble Shieldheart drags him into... It doesn’t seem to matter how often he leaves FallClan, how far he goes, or how long he’s gone. He always ends up coming back. Swordstrike is as strong as his name implies, and faster than he looks. He also has a powerful intellect and a love for learning new things--especially history. He also loves grooming himself to keep his fur smooth and glossy. The teasing doesn’t bother him even if he is a bit insecure. While others think he is a marvel to look at, he just feels gangly. Swordstrike is an empathetic warrior with a lot of compassion. He likes to be a consoling figure and forces his deep voice into something soft and gentle to reassure others.


Roleplayed by flurryofstars
Handsome and not afraid to flaunt it, Shieldheart has many admirers. Though he entertains a fling or two, he doesn’t desire kits or anything long-term. Growing up was rough for him, and he doesn’t want to screw up anyone the way he was. Besides, getting close to others means having to eventually lose them. And in his experience, whenever a cat gets close to him, it ends in loss. Shieldheart has reckless tendencies built upon his immense need to protect the lives of others. He’ll run headfirst into a battle he can’t win just for the sake of trying. However, he condemns the recklessness of anyone else. Luckily, Shieldheart wins most of his battles with his brute strength and the help of his younger brother, Swordstrike. The two are practically joined at the hip due to Shieldheart’s overprotective clinginess, which stemmed from having to raise him when their father was off being a neglectful parent. With a lot of inner turmoil, Shieldheart wears a grin and cracks jokes to distract himself. With his constant sarcasm, cocky, and childish attitude, he can come off a bit inappropriate. But it’s better than the alternative, otherwise known as the sapmaster. Or the other other alternative, where he scowls at everyone for no reason and picks fights. Another coping method of his is food. He’ll eat just about anything, but twoleg scraps has got to be his favorite. Anyone to go dumpster diving for him will win a lick on the cheek for sure. Shieldheart has brown tabby markings with a white chest, snout, and paws. His fur darkens considerably only at his tail, which is fluffier than the rest of his short pelt. Where Swordstrike resembles their father, Shieldheart is near identical to their mother--especially with his soft, pale green eyes. Sometimes the resemblance is so strong he passes as a she-cat, which is made more confusing once he starts talking in his naturally gruff voice.


Roleplayed by Simplylight
She is a petite ember tabby she-cat with light amber eyes. Her right eye has a little splash of darker amber like a splash of chai tea. She's airy, almost fairy-like in personality. Her favorite thing is to climb the tallest trees and look down upon the world. To her, it's exilirating being taller than everyone else. More to come as she is developed.


Roleplayed by simplylight
Turkeyleg is your average-looking cat with a not-so-average personality. Long brown tabby fur covers his whole stout body from nose to tail-tip and dark amber eyes adorn his triangular face. He is a pawful and a half to deal with because he is ALWAYS getting into stuff. This cat is a legit mess. He always finds himself wandering over the border or bumping into all the important cats and acting a fool. However, no one can doubt his loyalty to Fallclan. He's almost loyal to a fault considering how much trouble he gets into. More to come as he is developed.


Roleplayed by lavellan
Fathering children has never been a priority to Oathkeeper, despite his father’s wishes. He has always lived and breathed “warrior” with the desire to serve his leader and clan with his life. Protecting his clanmates has always been more important to him than carrying on the family legacy. Everything he does is always for someone else, but he’ll never let you know it. With a snarky, arrogant exterior, many assume he’s just as narcissistic as the rest of his family. Only those that tear down his walls will find a loyal, compassionate, and misunderstood tom. Regardless of his tough act, words force their way under his skin and consume him. Oathkeeper has an unconditional love for his sister, Crownedgrace, built from their traumatic youth. He will never respect her cruel behavior and ambitions, but he would do anything for her. Even when he knows he’s being manipulated by her and glimpses her evil nature, he struggles to turn her away. The one exception is her hatred for their younger brother, Littlelion. Oathkeeper truly cares for him and has his back. Littlelion is one of the only cats, who he’ll let his guard down around and laugh with. Unlike the rest of his family, his talents lie strictly in battle and not in intellect. Although he shares their ginger tabby fur and green eyes.


Roleplayed by pao
Brother to Ghostlyflicker and Chillytactics, son of Dovecaper and Silverlace. A light brownish-silver tabby with sky blue eyes. A cat with his head so far up in the clouds, he often doesn't know what's going on around him. Many think him deaf because of his extreme aloofness, and even when you have his attention it is difficult to keep. He is a daydreamer who struggles between reality and his own fantasies, and often chatters nonsense to others. Still, he is a gentle soul, preferring to see the good in anyone and everyone, even if no one else can see it. If he were to put his mind to it, he is excellent at reading others, although his findings are often more exaggerated than they really are. If he's not careful in a fight, one day he may take an injury that lands him the job of nursery aid, though that wouldn't be the worst thing for him. In fact, those around him wonder why he's even a warrior to begin with, as nothing forced him into it. Perhaps he just fancied the embellished tales of heroes and wanted to experience his own epic.


Roleplayed by lavellan
If trees could talk, they would tell fables of wonder and miracles. Of the budding love between two cats tucked away from the world. They would tell stories of adventure and secrets. Of the lone kit that decided to sneak away from camp, eager to learn of the world beyond. They would tell tales of lies and deceit. Of the silken words of treason, whispered between two that should be strangers in disguise. They would tell tragedies of ruin and demise. Of the crimson blood that dripped as a young cat took their last, shaky breath as their killer made their getaway. If trees could talk, there would be no more secrets, and you would be left to wonder which of these legends would be your birthright. Are your paws already stained with the sins of others? Surely the spawn of a wraith and a reaper already has his path laid out for him, like an inescapable destiny. Try as he might to escape the trail of blood, every twist and turn he takes leads directly to a trial of destruction. Despair is a fate that Legendarydemise cannot outrun, like it was a cursed omen foretold centuries prior. Maybe it was carved in stone the moment he was born, when he walked the same path as his mother as they escaped their death of a home. When he and his siblings followed behind the she-cat, who was more wraith than feline. The mother that they had all presumed to be undead, a ghost trapped in this plane of existence. The one who had whispered to them of their father, a reaper who would one day track them down. When she had vanished, they had all chalked it up to her simply slipping between realms, as wraiths were wont to do. It wasn't until moons later that Legendarydemise had learned of what really became of their mother. She was no wraith, no ghoul. She had been as mortal as them, and she had simply perished like any other. But the doubts of reality were already there, and he had lost sight of what impermanence truly was. If there were reapers, what else hid in the shadows of the night? If there were wraiths, what else was hiding in plain sight? And more importantly, as a child of both, what did that make Legendarydemise? With his black pelt and vibrant yellow eyes, he certainly could be the same as anyone else, but he knew that one day, he would become a monster. He has nothing left to do but await the day that his paws are stained crimson. If it's in his blood, it's only a matter of time before the stories start repeating themselves.


Roleplayed by simplylight
Creamy white and brown tabby fur cover his short, stocky frame from nose to tail-tip. He has light chestnut eyes and a dark plumy brown tail. Mythbreaker is calculative and almost cynical in personality a majority of the time. He is not quick to trust or give away any emotions beneath the surface. No one can reach him unless they somehow manage to get close, which is much like trying to reach the inside of a boulder. He’s cold and emotionless on the exterior, but the interior struggles with the feeling of inferiority and loneliness. Again, he conceals that dark part of himself well with a mask of indifference. More to come as he is developed.


Roleplayed by simplylight
Princely, but in a way that isn’t snooty, would be a way to describe Charmingdesire. He was rightly named because of his shy, romantic personality that tends to sweep others off their feet without him even trying. With a coat of semi-long brown tabby fur and bright cerulean eyes, he certainly has the looks to match his charm. He was given a fresh start from Tatteredraven, a cat he sees as a motherly figure, but even with that he still has some inner turmoil from his kithood. Charmingdesire is secretly protective over his sibling’s hearts but hardly guards his own. More to come as he is developed.


Roleplayed by Nova
Vixensong was not always a Fallclan warrior. The russet-colored she-cat had humble beginnings as a loner with her mother and father. When she had reached her seventh moon her father had suddenly disappeared, leaving her mother distraught and as she was close to having their second litter of kits. It wasn’t until many days later that they had found him on the side of a two-leg path after he was struck by a monster. Heartbroken, her mother had taken Vixensong far from the territory where she had lost her mate. A moon later, Vixensong’s mother gave birth to her kits too soon. All but one were born stillborn. Vixensong had done what she could to help her mother and brother survive. She would hunt every day while trying to keep away from the clan cats. Her mother had warned her of what would happen if they caught her hunting in their territory. One day, when she had almost reached her ninth moon, she was returning home after an unsuccessful hunting trip and was greeted by the frightened cries of her younger brother. The young she-cat couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move as she stared at the lifeless form of her mother. The she-cat had hurried, quickly grabbing her baby brother and running as far as she could with him. She had managed to stumble into Fallclan territory, and though she didn’t trust a single clan cat there, she knew it was the best option for her brother. She can often be seen basking in the sun, her long tail neatly curled around her two white paws as the rays of light bounce off the small white bib that surrounds her muzzle. As she grew, her beauty became striking and she walks about with an air of elegance around her and sits with her head held high as she observes everything around her. But in truth, Vixensong is demure, nervous, and shy. But when she grows comfortable in another cat's presence she can be seen visibly relaxing, even laughing and smiling a bit more as her confidence slowly grows. Vixensong refuses to speak of her past, however, and tends to lash out whenever another cat pushes her about it. Vixensong tends to keep herself distanced from the rest of the clan, claiming that she just can't get used to the idea of being around so many cats at once. The only cat she tends to be around the most is her younger brother Ravensfrost, whom she is extremely protective of. Vixensong can always be seen in her own secluded spot in the shade or in the sun.


Roleplayed by Pao
The love of a kittypet named Bella and the clan cat Applecrisp created a litter of girls that would forever become a handful for their father. Appleblush would be at the center of all of his problems. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that their mother wanted nothing to do with them, but Appleblush has been seeking attention since she was small. Ginger tabby and pale washed-out green eyes just screams wild child. Seemingly small and innocent, she is anything but. Constantly sneaking out of camp, scheming mischief, and going against everything her father says are just a few of the things she's done to give her father one heart attack after another. She knows best, at least if you ask her she does. Chestnutheart, her sister, basically mothers her and she can not stand it! How dare the other she-cat thinks she can go around telling her how to live her life! But just wait, Appleblush will be the death of her father and her sister's last "I told you so."


Roleplayed by Nova
A medium sized, slightly plump pure white she-cat with dark golden eyes. Often reserved and level-headed, she keeps quiet about her opinions on anything, because she doesn't trust herself to have the correct opinion. Oftentimes, Hauntedmelody can often be found just staring at her clanmates. Whether it be sitting around the corner, or singing her creepy tune she so enjoys, it’s almost as if her only goal in life is to creep others out, as she will even go out of her way to do so. She rarely ever maintains eye-contact for long, often looking just past whoever she’s talking to. It’s unknown how much of what she does is her actively trying to scare others, and how much of it is just Hauntedmelody. She loves giving gifts to others, though never directly, as she will place them wherever the receiver is most likely to find them. Those she actually cares about receive bird feathers, whereas those she hates will find dead bugs. Anyone else that doesn’t fall within those categories get seeds.


Roleplayed by lavellan
Time heals all wounds, or so the saying goes. With fractured dreams and happiness that you can never quite grasp, time almost seems to be the enemy. Always waiting for things to get better, but afraid of what the future might hold for you, is this any way to live? Sometimes you don't have a choice. The world moves on around you, never waiting for you to catch up, not caring if it leaves you in the dust. Why would it care about something so insignificant? A small acorn is nothing to a large tree, after all. This is the view that Acorncharm had for a significant portion of her life, never feeling like she was quite enough for anything. Being abandoned by her mother broke this small grey and ginger tabby, leaving just a shattered mess in her place. It was hard for her to hide it, when she would cry at any slight inconvenience or harsh word, and there were many of those once her crybaby tendencies were known to the world. Always made fun of, always struggling to make friends. Perhaps that was the real reason she turned to collecting, as it was the only way she could cope. It was always the same things, cycling with the seasons. In winter, twigs. Spring, any blossoms and fallen flowers she could get her paws on. During the hot summer days, it's always bugs and rocks, and the occasional shells whenever she could find them, and those were always special. Then, in the fall, it was acorns and dead leaves. Items as odd as she, as it were. These were her little happiness, until she figured out how to make it into a paradise of her own. Even an acorn is important to a tree, for how else would its legacy carry on. And so Acorncharm grew bark over her skin, distancing herself from things that made her unhappy. It wasn't time that healed her wounds. No, it was her that picked up the broken shards and arranged them to her liking, and one look into her yellow-green eyes will tell you just how she did it.


Roleplayed by Nova
There isn’t much that Ravensfrost remembers before his time in Fallclan. He barely remembers the scent of his mother or her voice. All he’s ever known was Vixensong’s constant presence. His sister had taken care of him, and he in turn does everything he can for her. In his dreams, however, he remembers the pained breathing of his mother as she took her last breaths. Her final words to him, telling him to not be afraid and that his sister would be back soon. Ravensfrost hates it, and after he has one of those dreams he’ll refuse to go back to sleep. He can be seen leaving the camp in the middle of the night, only returning when the sun begins to rise in the sky. He never tells Vixensong about these dreams. The black tomcat knows that he’s enough to handle as is. He doesn’t want to give his sister any more reason to worry about him. His light blue eyes shine mischievously as he practically trots around the camp. Ravensfrost is an adventurous tom, known for his flirtatious nature and showboating ways. The black pelted tom is extremely over-confident, and hardly pays attention to his surroundings when he’s in the midst of showing off. The after-effects can be quite amusing, even to himself. He’s always looking for an excuse to leave the camp and has done so ever since he was a kit. Ravensfrost doesn’t remember much about his past, unlike his sister Vixensong. The black tom doesn’t push for answers, claiming that Fallclan will always be the place he belongs to. Ravensfrost is always protecting his older sister, even if she doesn’t realize it at times.


Roleplayed by ashestoashes
She is like a shadow in the night with her dark black fur but its patched with orange like that of fall leaves and a bright brilliant white on her chest. This she cat has a piercing look with those bright yellow eyes and a no nonsense attitude to her. Not to say that she isn't kind but she has a strict mindset and strong beliefs. Although she dislikes foolish games Lightember does like to have fun and even if someone may act in a way that was ridiculous to her she is always willing to help those in need. If you can get past the intimidating aura she has around her you'll find a loving and loyal cat to the very end.


Roleplayed by Dot
A small sweater wearing black and white hairless tom with large yellow eyes. His sweater has blue cloth covering his legs. The fabric covering his back is bright pink with sphinx cat faces with blue and yellow eyes. He was originally born a kittypet but warned onto Brookclan's territory with his siblings when they were merely kittens. Otterstar took in the kittens and the strange sweater wearing kittens were welcomed into the Clan. He later became Sunshinebeach, but when the clan took a turn for the worst. He left and went back to his life as a kittypet. Until recently he was dragged to Fallclan by the MC Chestnutheart. He has a too cool for school attitude about clan life. Believes he can do no wrong when it comes to his actions and that he can do everything better than any cat and is always right.


Roleplayed by lavellan
Not so long ago, this brown tabby was a warrior to be feared. Strong and respected by all who knew him, Foxfire was a force to be reckoned with. His green eyes could charm anyone with the life behind them, and the passion beneath them. Now, those same eyes are dulled, his once large muscles weakened with age. If you were to mention this to him, you would be wrong. No, Foxfire definitely wasn't old, he just wasn't young anymore. Both age and life had taken its toll on him, and now he lives in the shadow of his former self. Perhaps some of the reasons for this could be traced back to falling in love with Applebloom, and then falling out of love with her after having kits. Now, he's stuck in this unhappy relationship, living in jealousy of the love between his son and his mate. However, the way that he expresses his jealousy is by picking apart his son's relationship, trying to find any little thing that could break it apart. Foxfire was definitely not the best father, instead burying himself in any warrior work that needed to be done. His training was his passion, his fighting skills his pride. He strives to be like how he was before his mate, but there's just too much tying him down that he can't just walk away anymore. Foxfire must deal with his own actions, learn how to overcome and accept his mistakes in life, instead of just walking away. But is this something that he will ever realize on his own?


Roleplayed by ashestoashes
A medium-sized, muscular tom with a pelt the color of the night and eyes the soft yellow of stars. Although he is now larger than his twin, Shiftingspectre, there was once a time where they were identical. Nearly everything about this tom is flitting, from his heart to his mind, he just can’t stay still. Unable to make decisions on his own, he often relies on his siblings for anything serious. One thing he knows for certain, however, is his love of adventuring. Exploring everything both inside and outside of the territory, always jittery when he is forced to stay in camp. Perhaps he would leave the clan too, if his siblings weren’t here. If he didn’t have to bring back stories for his twin. Driftingspirit is extremely competitive, and will try to turn anything into a competition, though he rarely ever wins them. Spontaneous is an understatement when talking about this tom. Often brings back carcasses for Shiftingspectre.


Roleplayed by pao
Berries bloom in golden rays of sunlight. For this she-cat, she's no different. She loves the sun's light, especially the warmth it gives. Berrybloom is named for the multicolored patterning of her fur, a blending of white, orange and black to create a mixed appearance. It's like berried on a branch in winter, color scattered among dark branches covered in snow. Charming and beautiful. Berrybloom is a beauty and a sight to behold. Golden-green eyes, a perfect mix of her parents, gaze upon the world with wonder and curiosity. But, she was sheltered as a child. Seablossom kept her kits close and fussed over them like no other. She was constantly worried about them, the littlest cough and all the little ones taking a trip to see their uncle the medicine cat. But even with a life like that, she grew and blossomed, bloomed if you would. Her heart was drawn to the dangerous cats, something that would give her dear mother a heartattack if she knew. Tall trees, cliffsides, rushing water. Simple thrill-seeking moments that gove her that adrenaline rush and sense of fear. Berrybloom tends to follow her dad around, asking him about the other clans, other lives, and the world her mother tries to shelter them from. SHe wants to explore, adventure, and get out there. Maybe it's from being mothered so closely by Seablossom, but Berrybloom has become three different kinds of cats. The perfect and safe daughter around her mother, the wild child when left to her own devices, and the tame thrilled seeker with her father. The last two aren't that different, but she's far worse and far less careful when none of her family is around. Amberbird sees her quite often in the medicine cat den, with blatant lies as to how she'd gotten hurt this time. She wants out there, to experience the world! The great beyond and the wonders it holds. To climb trees and chase birds. To fight foxes and badgers and live! But with Seablossom around, she will always be sheltered and held close, her mother's worries to great to think her children want a different kind of life.


Roleplayed by shadow
CURIOUS CREATIONS + Opulence, elegance, grandeur. Softer than silk, stronger than iron. As delicate and deadly as a spider’s web. There are many ways to describe the she-cat that exudes such a grace and genteel manner. A protector of the bizarre, lover of the unusual, and avid supporter of the dark and misunderstood, what creepy and spooky things lurk within her mind are not easily seen through the beauty of her mask. A soft chocolate brown with ornate lace patterns of cream, gold, and black, she has the most wondrously captivating brown, gold, and orange eyes. Remain wary, however; such beauty comes with a curse and a taste for glamorous horror.


Roleplayed by ComplacentDevil
A small, sturdy dark grey, almost black, tom with a white muzzle and paws and yellow eyes. With a voice like a whisper in the wind, Ghostwood is easy to overlook. His is the phantom voice in your ear, telling you what you wish to hear. He lures you out with silent promises of grandeur, setting you up for whatever he wills as you question your sanity. Many believe that Ghostwood is mute, and as the overlooked sibling, he never really had the chance to put himself out there. Whenever he tried to talk, he was always cut off or talked over, so he stopped trying, and he learned to use others through his whispers. Getting what he wants, when he wants. Playing with others for his own enjoyment. Adaptable and cautious, he will hide his true nature from others. Let them believe that he can’t fend for himself, as it will only profit him in the end.


Roleplayed by Glamour
A small, thin black and white tom with a single amber eye. Although he is normally rational and calm, his view on the world is rather pessimistic. As the eldest of six siblings, the world had weighed him down, blurring the rights and the wrongs. With such a crooked moral compass and his ambitions pointing the way, it’s no wonder the actions he takes. Phantomchaos does whatever it takes to come out on top in the end, not looking back at whatever destruction he has left behind him. All that matters is getting further in life, doing whatever he must to survive. He must make a place for himself in the world, and then help his siblings do the same. He is rather sarcastic and tactless when talking to others, though he does try to be more kind to those he actually cares about. He loves thunderstorms, and finds lightning to be the most beautiful thing in the world.


Roleplayed by lavellan
A tall, muscular dark gray tabby with pale green eyes. He fully bought into his training from the beginning: he wanted to be the strongest, the fastest, the aurulent, and he was the favored heir. The treatment of his siblings slowly disillusioned him, and he lost faith in Jayjack and warriors as a whole. A very good fighter but introspective, moral, and a follower at heart, he’s pushed to be a leader until he ultimately cracks under the pressure.


Roleplayed by Flurryofstars
Her name may sound vicious, but Bramblebite is hardly that. She knows how to fight, but she only ever cared for the basics. Fighting endangers lives and Bramblebite values life more than anything else. She is practically obsessed with it. Sometimes, the she-cat comes off as creepy with her staring problem; a habit caused by her interest in observing and learning what’s going on in everyone’s lives. This makes her quite nosey and causes her to daze out a lot. Bramblebite is especially fond of kits. They don’t have to be hers, she still loves and cares for them all the same. Sometimes the queens need a break from her because of her constant doting and mothering of their kits. It takes a lot to anger Bramblebite, but she rivals that of her oldest brother Snakeattack’s ferocity. She has the brown tabby fur of her father and the baby blue eyes of her mother.


Roleplayed by simplylight
Silence causes vulnerable feelings to emerge from the darkness. Learning to control those thoughts and emotions takes many years of solitude and practice before one is a master. Hushedmask has always considered himself a master at hiding everything considering he spent most of his young life hidden away in dark caves. He was an unlucky cat from birth because of the misfortune of being a product of an affair in a prominent family of kittypets. The twolegs had used his mother for breeding but when she fell in love with an outsider without a pedigree, Hushedmask was born. With blue-grey and white patched fur and striking golden eyes, the affair was obvious from the start. He was the only kitten that survived the birth and the twolegs threw him in some strange black bag and tossed him in the trash while he was still breathing. His mother managed to sneak out and free him but not before letting her bitterness of being caught scar the young kitten. In her rage, she called him a number of insults but the one that has always stuck with him was "monster." She found him another kittypet mother who was kind and loving from the beginning. She named him and took good care of him, but he heard the whispers from the other kittypets. The moment he could eat on his own, Hushedmask ran off to keep her out of harms way. It was then that he began hiding out in the darkness of abandoned tunnels. It wasn't until he was found by a PI member that he truly found a group that he could somewhat belong with. Other "monsters" lived there and in some strange way took care of each other. That was until the monsters turned against him. Really only one, the leader of them all, Funk E'tan. Hushedmask had started over. He had a mate, a family, and a good life in PI. It only took one cat to destroy that for him. After being threatened, beaten, and cast out with the promise of harm to his family if he didn't leave, he ran away to Fallclan. If he hadn't escaped that day, he would definitely not be alive. A part of him will always blame himself for running and not standing his ground. He was a coward for fleeing, but what price would his family had paid if he rebelled? He knew he was no match against Funk. So, this brought Shina, now Hushedmask, to a clan so removed from PI that they would hardly cross paths again, Fallclan.


Roleplayed by simplylight
Nicknamed "Subi" by most that know him, Subaru is a neat cat to befriend. He was a former rogue born from two former Regime cats running around with a band of characters that he probably shouldn't have been with (like many young rogues do) before being adopted into Moonclan. His jobs of the past were often deadly and harsh, but he rarely talks about it so many aren't aware of his skills. In fact, several underestimate him due to his lanky frame and white and black patched coat. Two common misconceptions are that he is weak and stands out like a sore thumb. However, when you've had the life this rugged tom had, you learn real quick how to fight dirty and hide a bright pelt. While a menacing foe to face in battle, Subaru is actually quite a gentle soul. He prefers using a voice instead of claws any day. He's quick-witted, often snarky, but generally friendly? Sort of? It isn't always clear if he's making fun of you because he doesn't like you or because he does. His dry humor is used as a mask for his less desirable emotions like anger or nervousness. Subaru can also be a tricky cat to learn because he is never in one place for too long and doesn't get close to anyone. Some say he's emotionless and too indifferent, but he prefers it that way. Grief is a lot easier to manage if you never grew close enough to the source to feel it. At least, that is what he attempts to convince himself. Often times, he ends up thrown into friend groups anyways.


Roleplayed by achromatic
If someone only listens with their ears, can they truly hear? Is it possible to listen without using your ears? The answer has always been yes to Silverspectre. It isn't that he can't speak. He just prefers to speak inside his head, where words flow out as easily as the river. He easily has conversations with everything, the clouds, the trees, the birds...unfortunately, his physical being is a dam that stops the flood, a box that keeps his spirit locked in a prison of fur and skin. The small, lithe tom, timid and constantly shrinking back, only resembles his parents and siblings in appearance. He's nothing like his parents, Frozenstar or Crookedarrow, except for the fact that he's the spitting image of his mother, all silver spotted fur and bright golden eyes. Born in a litter of two, his brother stole his voice and ran for the heavens as soon as they were born, and now he wears this skin and title for the both of them. He's quite the observer–intelligent, quiet, inquisitive–noticing even the littlest things about people, like the way his siblings had an empty look in their eyes, or the way his mother stopped addressing the clan when he was born. It was for that reason he left WinterClan after his mother's passing, finding a home somewhere that didn't know his name. Silverspectre is a ghost. If you only listen with your ears, if you don't look closely at where you go and who you interact with, you'll never find him.


Roleplayed by Glamour
A large, muscular, medium furred, pale golden tabby tom with arctic blue eyes. Driven by an unshakable sense of self righteousness, Lionblood will always do what he truly believes to be the right thing regardless of whether or not it goes against the rules. He’s the kind of cat that always looks out for the little guy, even when the odds are against him he never backs down. Even under stress he manages to keep a level head in any situation and isn’t provoked by anything or anyone. Generally laid back, he likes to relax and joke around just like anyone else. Still he’ll be the first to volunteer to help out in any given situation. He doesn’t like to admit it but he has attributes of a natural born leader, and takes charge when he has to with ease. As far as ambition goes, his is small, all he wants to do is serve his clan to the best of his abilities. Despite his large size there’s a visible softness to him, that isn’t just his fur. Lionblood is naturally sweet, and funny without ever being mean. Even though he has no issue telling others what they need to hear and not what they want to hear.


Roleplayed by Uniqcrim
An orange and white she-cat with beautiful blue eyes. Restless isn’t enough to describe Meltingcolors. She always has to be on the move, doing something, finding something new. She has dreams of adventure, and always wonders what life is like in other clans. No matter how much she has tried to leave, she’s always found herself returning. She grew up listening to stories from clanmates born elsewhere, hearing their tales of glory - many of which were vastly exaggerated, but Meltingcolors never cared. She was smart, but hearing such faulty stories gave her a weird view of the world. With a sharp tongue and little patience, some might find her difficult to get along with, but she’s definitely passionate. It’s hard to get her to do anything that she doesn’t want to do, but somehow remains a good worker. Despite her attitude, she rarely ever complains about things, preferring to keep a positive outlook.


Roleplayed by ashestoashes
A white tom with subtle grey markings and brilliant ice blue eyes. A rather quiet cat; slow to grow, slow to socialize, and slower still to open up. For as long as he could remember, his life has revolved around his clanmates. If you asked him, he might tell you that he never found his family or clanmates important. That would be a lie. Then, why does he distance himself from those that he cares about? The answer is simple: he’s afraid of hurting them. Icefracture believes that he is cursed, that anyone that he gets too close to will end up injured. He never lets himself get too comfortable around others, believing that an incident would be just right around the corner. He has never properly explained to anyone why he believes in this curse, and perhaps it’s not anything that he can easily put to words. As far as anyone is aware, it’s just a nightmare or superstition, but to Icefracture, it’s real.


Roleplayed by Dot
An icky brown tom with a white chest and yellow eyes. Loves to see the beauty in nature, and the thing that he claims is most beautiful is the stars. He would stare at the shimmering specks in the sky for hours if he could, but his stomach always calls him back down to earth. It’s weird, this tom always seems to be hungry, but he’s remained scrawny, as if he hasn’t eaten in a week. The other thing that keeps him from the sky is the moon. It must be some sort of sick joke that Saltmoon gained the suffix ‘moon’, but it was probably from all of his salty mutterings about the moon “ruining the perfection of the stars”. Saltmoon is very disorderly, a fact that anyone would be able to gather from his unkempt pelt, rather ironic with his love of beauty. A little twitchy, and a rather large coward, he would rather hide behind someone than face a problem straight-on.


Roleplayed by Cleaver
An incredibly fluffy black she-cat with light green eyes. “Never start a fight you can’t finish.” It was a phrase that Shadowfluff lived by, and one that she had heard often while growing up. In her case, these fights are rarely ever physical. While Shadowfluff isn’t necessarily lacking in muscles or ability, she prefers not to get her paws dirty and exercises her wit over her physical prowess. She had learned the hard way that not everyone is out to help, and she slowly started to see others for what they could get done for her rather than as equals. Perhaps that’s why truly honest cats throw her off, as she is always expecting some sort of trick. Anyone who truly wants to help or care for others is the type of cat that Shadowfluff doesn’t know how to deal with, causing her to lose her manipulative edge and return to the cat that she used to be long ago: someone just eager to make a friend.


Roleplayed by Shadow
I amar prestar aen, han mathon ne nen, han mathon ne chae a han noston ned 'wilith. (The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it) The history of the world is written in the blood of those who lost by those who reign victorious. Never has this rang more true than in Elvenpath. A lustrous cream feline who by appearances doesn't seem to age, but through eyes as ice cold and sharp as the deepest pools of the nearest looking glass, the opposite is true. To those who are willing to gaze forward and not look away from such a penetrating gaze, lifetimes are spread out like a kaleidoscope of events reflected in pools of sapphire and white gems of starlight. Elvenpath was born an unusual addition to the litter of Sybella and Mortain, and as an unusual one, was gifted with something the others were not: a second name, a tag of sorts, one that could pull the deepest of forgotten whispers from the recesses of the mind. What that may be, none now know. Sybella and Mortain drifted off into the night, presumably never to be seen again. Only Elvenpath knows what lurks in the shadows. A si i-Dhúath ú-orthor. Ú or le a ú or nin. (The Shadow does not hold sway yet. Not over you and not over me) Elegant, tormented, gentle, fierce, the personality of this one is a contradiction in and of itself. Emotions mirror one another so regularly that what's real and what isn't can no longer be a question. What now can be said of this feline is that from a young age, an old soul has dwelled within. Reactions, revealed thoughts, chosen actions, accepted consequences, it can all nearly be received as planned events molded into day to day life. For Elvenpath, time passes by faster than others. One thousand years can be a mere blink. Nai tiruvantel ar varyuvantel i Valar tielyanna nu vilya. (May the Valar protect you on your path under the sky)


Roleplayed by Feralties
His existence is only a semblance of the truth, veiled by self-denial and pride befalling a king. Artful in his words, and unperturbed when fronted with hazard, Ravenmage lives in the imagery of a poised cavalier with a tongue as slick as silver. Draping his wiry frame is a pelt of ebony fur, as dark as ink and rather long for his environment. He adorns a leaden, pale gaze, as if the artist aimed for blue, but couldn't quite finish his work. Ravenmage abuses his guileful will to sway the pendulum in his favor, pegging him for a tactless individual who ploys self-serving opportunity as magnetism. Despite this, his disguised feelings always skulk on the borders of vulnerability and omission.


Roleplayed by flurryofstars
Aware of the grief his appearance causes his mother, Nettlebark has always done his best to avoid her. Oftentimes, he’s found outside of camp, lurking around the borders and questioning whether it would be best to leave the clan altogether. The unknown has always piqued his interest and the tales he was told as a kit still stick with him as a warrior. The rumors of the elementalists in the forest clans had a particular impact on him. At first it appeared as a morbid curiosity, but eventually Nettlebark became obsessed with the idea of magic. How many times he was told he was crazy for believing in it made no difference. He simply wouldn’t let the fascination go. Outside of his obsession, Nettlebark has a rather stoic nature. His slow, but sharp tone, and no-nonsense attitude make him seem unapproachable, but the traits formed only from the hours he spent alone in his youth. When others do make an attempt to get close to him, while not coming off as such, he clings to the feeling of being wanted and holds it dear. This causes any of his platonic or romantic relationships to feel unbalanced at first, but he is nothing if not persistent in his endeavors, no matter how one-sided they may be. With an appearance nearly identical to his father’s, Nettlebark has dark markings and moss-green eyes. There’s a mysterious attractiveness in his natural looks, but the tom has never bothered much with grooming, choosing instead to hide his handsome features behind a greasy pelt.


Roleplayed by uniqcrim
A once curious and outgoing tomcat has slowly become more quiet, more reserved. His laughs were bountiful and his joy endless. Early on in life he showed one representation of the Raven, that of good luck. Until he lost his other half. His brother who meant the world to him and he was rarely seen apart from. Slowly, that omen of good fortune turned to that of misfortune and deception. He retreated into the stony walls put up around himself. Misfortune seemed to follow in his footsteps and he became known for being a deceptive know-it-all. A collector of secrets and not one with good intention. Others would do well to tread carefully, lest they give the silver bengal a reason to watch closely.


Roleplayed by baewolf
A free spirit, wild and happy as the creature she had been named after. Once having lived in SwiftClan, due to her ties to it's former, WaterClan, Otterdance left soon after her best friend, her brother, had disappeared. Shocked and confused, she never understood why he had left and not told her, but part of her had understood his need to have a stable and secure home. Though water was ever flowing and changing, Rivergale was like the rock that water beat against and needed a place to put down roots. It had been a surprise to find her brother having made a home for himself in FallClan. But once she stayed and learned the land, she understood the love that had grown in Rivergale about the land and it's warriors. Otterdance is much like Rivergale in shape and size, long legged and lean body. Their pelts are very similar, both varying shades of brown cloaked atop a base of snowy white. While her brother is colored more like the brackish stones found in the water, Otterdance's browns are more the color of sunlit sand sitting at the bottom of a creek. They share the same stormy blue-green eyes of their ancestors, though hers show a bit more flame and arrogance than her brothers. Otterdance is a firecracker with a sharp wit and even sharper tongue. She's hard to like and even harder to get to know, but she loves fiercely and will protect those she cares about until the last breath.


Roleplayed by kuno
Pinesnap is a lithe tortoiseshell she-cat, the lone defendant of a long line of Fallclan cats who once ruled the clan. The blood of many great cats flows through her veins, although it's unlikely that there is a cat alive today that remembers her ancestors, considering she doesn't know about them herself. The one defining trait she has is her spring green eyes that decent from her great grandmother, Sakurablossom. Her bloodline obviously plays no role in her life, but she clearly inherited the loving nature of those that came before her. The only difference is the coldness that also resides within Pinesnap's heart. She's quick to anger, and even quicker to lash out at others if she doesn't reign in her temper in a timely manner. Don't let that scare you away, she has come to control her emotions rather well.. for the most part. She comes off as sweet, but a cunning sort of sweet. Pinesnap is fluent in sarcasm, but hardly uses it to offend others.


Roleplayed by Dot
An orange tabby she-cat with light yellow/orange eyes. She has a strong sense of duty and pride for her clan, though she holds a distrust for outsiders. She enjoys eating carrots, and can be rather picky about her food. She’s rather clueless to social norms the majority of the time, and often ends up in embarrassing situations because of it.




Roleplayed by bauble
Probing, yet coquettish radiant blue eyes encased in the silk-like wrappings of her form. A radiant smile, graceful flirtatious manner, yet independent and largely detached. Slightly cruel without barbed words, slightly domineering without raising a paw. But above all, an analytical mind reaching for depths unseen to the naked eye.


Roleplayed by lavellan
A small white and brown tabby she-cat with brown eyes.


Roleplayed by uniqcrim
For a clan cat, Milkybee can be rather unconventional. She lives in her own little world and is known to collect various odds and ends. She has a stash outside camp with beautiful trinkets, well guarded and hidden from those who would steal them, but is also very generous with them as well. She is known to give rocks and crystals to her friends and family, always telling them to keep it near their nest or important places for protection. She dreams of peace and love and is always in search of knowledge. Milkybee is known for her unfunny jokes and she tends to laugh at inappropriate times. It’s no surprise that this oddity of a she-cat has a tendency to be on the outside of groups but she doesn't mind. Others simply do not understand her or see things the way she sees them. Milkybee is a brown and white tabby she-cat with green eyes, she is often seen wearing a crystal or two around her neck which is crudely fashioned with some old string she found but it gets the job done.


Roleplayed by Glamour


Roleplayed by Dot


Roleplayed by Glamour
A pale red and white tabby she-cat with pale blue eyes that fade to yellow around the edges. Easily recognized by the flowers she insists on wearing in her fur, Bloomingrose is gentle and well mannered but also has a quick wit and a handful of charm. Blooming shares a sassy streak with Dandelionfleece. She always tries to look her best and loves giving beauty tips and makeovers to her friends, and family and is just over all very girly. She is closest to Fawnwhisper and Silvermist. She absolutely despises mud and getting dirty and doesn't understand why Fawnwhisper likes it so much. She is often guilty of judging a book by it's cover and will make snap decisions of her opinions of others. Something she always regrets once she gets to know them.


Roleplayed by Glamour
Dumped on the border while young by a family who didn't want him, he was left to join the clans with nothing and no one else behind him. Even if he tried... well, they were impossible to find. The rejection hurt, but to his surprise, those he was left with accepted him. Or they seemed to, anyway. He's still fearful, internally, that they too will abandon him, and so he seeks to keep them close by any means necessary. He'll lie through his teeth if he thinks it'll gain the approval of those around him, and often he acts silly and cheerful, the life of any event, too entertaining to be cast aside... right? Thanks to his inner turmoil, he has a tendency towards underhanded tactics and devious ways, all because he just wants to make sure he isn't left alone again. Is he happy this way? That's uncertain. But it sure beats being alone again.


Roleplayed by lavellan
The sparrow is often seen as a harbinger of good luck, the symbol of hope and protection. Small, sweet and gentle creatures. Such a name was bestowed to this grey tabby, after both the wonderful bird and the companionship that his parents, Bogslide and Frostpaw, offered each other when they were stuck in a Twoleg nest. "One day they would be free again, like the birds in the garden." It was the promise that the two made while watching outside the window, and the promise that led to the names of Sparrowlight and his siblings. And it did come true, for a while. They spent many happy moons in Fallclan together, away from the Twoleg nest, but not everything good can last forever. Bogslide had gone missing, and then Frostpaw had passed after giving birth. With not even a memory of his parents, they had both vanished from Sparrowlight's life. As the first born, he had tried to shoulder some of the responsibilities in raising his siblings, with help from his uncle, Applecrisp. Perhaps doing so had robbed him of most of the freedom and wildness that kits typically had, but he could never bring himself to wish that things were different. Of course, he would often wonder about Bogslide, and where his father had gone. Did he know that he had kits waiting for him? If so, was that why he had left? Despite the rest of Sparrowlight's family telling him about the love between the couple, he can't help his doubts. The one thing that is able to soothe his worries is his name, however. There was no way that Frostpaw would have gifted him and his siblings with such meaningful names if they didn't love each other. So, Sparrowlight holds on to that hope, that maybe that enough would be able to change things. Sparrows were harbingers of good luck, after all. So why did it feel like Sparrowlight had plenty of bad luck?


Roleplayed by Nova
Birds know freedom like no other animal. They can go where they want at any time with just a simple flap of their wings. Watching them soar through the sky fills him with peace every time. In fact, it’s the only time this otherwise rambunctious tom is ever quiet. Qualsight may not have been the firstborn, and he may not be the largest (though he came very close), but he’s definitely the loudest of his siblings. The gray tabby never stays quiet. There’s an innate need within him to speak his mind, no matter what the situation may be. Qualsight is always living on the edge, seeking out adventure wherever he can. His one dream is to fly as free as the birds he loves to watch, to feel the rush of the wind against his fur. But one way or another, Qualsight is always grounded back to reality. The tom couldn’t imagine leaving his siblings, or Fallclan. That doesn’t mean he’s bound to the camp, however. The best place to find this tom is wherever the wind blows. He has always been told that the bird he was named for is a symbol of victory, love, and the agility to overcome any obstacles in his way. Qualsight has always tried to live up to his name, pushing himself further and further. Most days he’ll experience melancholic boughts where he feels as though he’s undeserving of the name. During those days he just has to take one look up towards the sky, where he’ll watch those birds he loves fly free.


Roleplayed by Dot


Roleplayed by Glamour
There's nothing more freeing than the feeling of the wind running through your fur as you barrel through the forest without a care in the world. At least there's nothing more freeing to Haresprint. The Smokey-gray, mackle tom loves nothing more than his sense of freedom and adventure. Driven purely by ambition and wanderlust he believes there is nothing he can't do. No challenge he can't rise to, if he works hard enough. More often than not he can be found playing or training, and will do just about any strenuous activity he can think of to stay in shape. The first one up and the last one asleep every night, when he isn't otherwise preoccupied he's the first to volunteer. However, due to his insatiable sense of wanderlust it's nearly impossible to keep track of the long-furred tabby. He never stays still for long and is some what unreliable if he's not in the right place at the right time.


Roleplayed by Shadow
A brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes, she is a proud and stoic feline who prizes herself on her accomplishments and her loyalty. She is determined and protective, particularly over those she genuinely cares about, and will risk her life – while also taking as many as she can who stand as a threat – for them. A fierce she-cat in both appearance and personality, she is missing an eye due to an event that she refuses to speak about. Some may find her enchanting and pursue her, while others may find her intimidating and difficult to approach.


Roleplayed by shadow
THE GUARDIAN + A white tom upon his birth with blue eyes, he has the opposite of vitiligo, wherein the older he gets, the more dark patches appear upon his body, with the understanding that one day, his snowy pelt will be replaced with a pelt as black as obsidian. Though he is blind, he is still a capable warrior, training as hard as legends before him to best near any foe who dares to underestimate him. A tom who is practical, dutiful, logical, and loyal, he comes across as quite reserved, calm, and analytical, but underneath the surface, there is the fire of honesty, a guarantee of putting to an end whatever may be started, and determination to see that the right thing – wherever that may land on the morality scale of others – is completed. Analytical, concrete, steadfast, reliable, reasonable, sensible, thorough, dependable, objective, and observant, he will wait in the shadows unless he believes what he has to offer is necessary in the moment, and should that moment come, he is not afraid to make his voice heard by all.


Roleplayed by shadow
BORN TO BE BAD + A she-cat who at birth was a ginger she-cat with a beautiful satin pelt and bright green eyes that only accented the beauty of her coat, she lived a life of submission, forced reserve, and the understanding that in a life where chaos reigns, it is much better to remain in the shadows and not get swept up in the blasts. However, as she grew, she began to question... was it so much better after all? Beautiful, kind, and capable, no matter the path she's taken, she has always been well-respected and adored, yet she never let it get the best of her, even when she allowed the chaos to consume her. When she was young, she was unconditionally devoted to those in charge of FallClan, whoever they may, and always eager to serve. As she grew, however, her idolization of those in charge lessened, while her hunger for power grew. Finding solace in her warrior ancestors, who presented themselves as pure light, she never realized – until it was too late, in which case at that point, why not? – that she was being led astray not by StarClan, but the Dark Forest, those slithery demons with eyes and hearts black as night. As a grown feline, she will represent the dichotomy of the light and the dark that waged both within and outside her, one day sporting a pelt half white and half black. Though her purpose may not yet be known, she is perfectly content in whichever path may be set before her.


Roleplayed by shadow
GOD OF MISCHIEF + Stunningly handsome and charming, this snow and charcoal bengal tom whose pelt appears to shift and shimmer like swirls of magic in the light is good at what he gives his time to learn and brilliant at what he knows. A fast learner with a love for having all eyes on him, his favorite pastime – other than generally causing chaos – is taking anyone nearest to his immediate surroundings by surprise. Agile and quick, he prizes himself on his abilities, though despite all of his success and talent, there is a void within him that no matter how much applause or worship he receives can never seem to be filled. And while he seems to glow under the praise – or even negativity – he receives, those who appear to be unbothered by him or refuse to pay him attention quickly bore him, and while it may internally bother him and cause that need for attention and validation to fester all the more, he is far too proud to allow the effect to show in any way. If there is one thing he is absolutely capable of, it is hiding his true emotion within to show that trademark mischievous smile.


Roleplayed by ComplacentDevil
Pure. As clean as freshly fallen snow, held to the highest regard, you know you never want to disturb it, even when you have to. This cat views himself in this way, keeping himself obsessively clean, his pelt an ever-white, crisp and alarming. He finds no fault in himself, even as he stands out amoungst the rest, a beacon in the shadows that he calls home. Though, maybe none need to be found, as his shell doesn't cause him to fall behind his peers at all, in fact, it has driven him to push harder, go longer, prove himself. And he has, and will continue to, as he holds himself in the highest regard of all. Proud of who he is, Promisedprince falters not a bit, in battle or in a battle of wits. He holds that same pride in his home and his peers, always being the first to jump in to save another. Inside, he carries secrets, that only those closest to him will ever know of, and even then, they are only betrayed through the thin cracks in his bright yellow eyes.


Roleplayed by ComplacentDevil
This cat is from a forgotten bloodline, once seen as a useless addition to his clan, he found a new home. He escaped with his life from the icy prison of the north, coming to a stop when the air became crisp, the leaves all different shades of colours, some he had never seen while trapped inside the dens, talking to himself to stay sane in his prior clan. He doesn't speak of the past, instead devoting his days to growing, shaping himself into a worthy warrior for his newfound family. His black and white coat is kept tidy, and he is often found with a crown of flowers on his head, trophies he finds while wandering the territory. Hes always willing to make some for others, a bit of joy in his amber eyes when asked.


Roleplayed by lavellan

Mate|| Batflower (SummerClan, deceased)

Kits|| Expecting


Roleplayed by pao

Mate|| Crownglass

Kits|| Adornedkit, Crownedkit




Roleplayed by Dot
Short grey spotted tom with expressive brown eyes. The product of the love affair between the medicine cat Chestnutheart and an unnamed tom. His mother felt great shame about his existence that she fled her clan. He is rather short in height a trait he got from his mother. It is a fact that he is rather mad about. He is also an overachiever and prone to burnout.
Littermates | Robinkit, Sparrowkit, Crowkit, Ravenkit


Roleplayed by baewolf
Pale blue eyes glare out skeptically out from a dark mask, followed by a snort and honest answer. Looking almost heavyset in his thick build. Mothmask is a broad shouldered, mostly pale cream tom caped in varying browns and creams. His defining feature is the dark chocolate that masks his round face, a splash of it coloring his dark nose. It makes the pale color of his eyes stand out even more, and makes it more obvious that he's judging you. From a young age, Mothmask learned to use his handsome face as a way to get in with the crowd and to get what he wants, and is willing to throw anyone in the dirt to get there. Though for the most part he is mild in temperment, there are certain times when his cruel side comes out, especially if anyone is going after his siblings. They were abandoned by their parents, so he tries his best to be the big brother and keep the group together and happy, not caring about anyone else. Some think he was named for his coloring, much like the wings of the common moth seen in the forest, but those who know him know that Mothmask was named for his hidden softness. You don't know unless you get close, much like you do to a moths wings.

Littermates || Sneezekit, Beetlekit


Roleplayed by lavellan
Perhaps it's a rather mean name for such an innocent and warm cat, and it's been the topic of many jokes. Still, there's few names that could fit this grey and white tom as much as Sneezekeeper. With a face that's always rather scrunched up, it looks like he's always on the verge of a sneeze. He faces every new situation with a clear mindset that others call naïve. Calm under pressure, he doesn't necessarily say the right thing all the time, but he does it with such open warmth that cats tend to like him anyway. He likes to tell stories that others find simple and pointless, just about tiny things he did or saw throughout the day. Usually, it's because whatever the story is about made him smile, and he wanted to share the joy with others, but his storytelling skills could use a lot of polish. It doesn't matter if he understands the task that he's been given; he'll figure it out along the way. His green eyes are always welcoming and friendly, even when others are picking on him for his name.

Littermates || Beetlekit, Mothkit


Roleplayed by simplylight
Beetlemask has an incredibly straight-forward manner than leads most cats to believe she’s one of the most honest they’ve ever met; she’s direct but never cruel, finding a gentle way to deliver bad news. What most cats don’t recognize is that she achieves this through a series of white lies, delicate mistruths to ease bad feelings. She’s manipulative, but does it matter when she only uses her power for good?

Littermates || Sneezekit, Mothkit


Roleplayed by Cleaver
Proud and in full possession of the easy confidence that comes from begin young and skilled, Elmknight knew his path the moment his paws were set to stone outside of the nursery. He watched the adults do their work - nudging apprentices into line, performing ceremonies, setting the rules for the cats younger than themselves - and felt drawn to become one of them. Once he started his training, he found he was naturally graceful and picked up on most skills quickly, performing better under the approving gaze of his mentor than when alone. Being a warrior, it was easy, and watching other cats struggle just solidified that he was superior to them in some way. He found himself attaching to older cats, mimicking their scolding words, and accosted his fellow apprentices when they stepped out of line. He can tell he is worth so much more than the average screw-up and he isn't afraid to let that show. Elmknight is extremely vocal with his feelings and every other thought that crosses his mind. He's a loud speaker, and that makes everything he says more impressive, so he prides himself on his ability to shut down arguments by talking the subject to death. Elmknight is a lanky black and white tom with yellow eyes. His siblings are Pineshimmer, Palmdance, and Maplebreeze.

Littermates || Pinekit, Palmkit, Maplekit


Roleplayed by lavellan
An orange and white tabby she-cat with deep orange eyes. It’s no wonder how Palmdance earned her name, as she’s never in the same place for long. Dancing around the camp and territory, unable to hold still. A sense of adventure is what brought her and her siblings, Pineshimmer, Elmknight, and Maplebreeze, to the clan, and it’s what has conquered her actions ever since. Willful and fiery, this she-cat will take up any challenge offered to her and return each insult thricefold. Even with her adventurous spirit and wanderlust ways, she considers FallClan her home and has no desire to move. She would love to travel and explore the other clans, but, at the end of the day, she will always return back home where she has planted her roots.

Littermates || Pinekit, Elmkit, Maplekit


Roleplayed by simplylight
She is a beautiful golden brown she-cat with a darker mantle across her shoulders and spine and crisp amber eyes like fallen leaves. Maplebreeze is the sisterly kind of cat and tends to show her love with sarcastic and witty remarks. She is kind and warm like the sun, but also burning hot in ferocity when it comes to protecting the weak.

Littermates || Pinekit, Palmkit, Elmkit


Roleplayed by Cleaver
Peachsugar has everything she could ever need: she has a wonderful clan that loves her, a resourceful mind with a penchant for peacekeeping, a creativity streak to keep her on her toes, and sweet nature. She should be more than enough on her own, and she tells herself that every day, but she can't help her dreams; she wants someone to sweep her off her feet and carry her away, she wants to fit in and be loved unconditionally, or even liked at all. Other cats seem to ignore her or are off-put by her strange and awkward manner. Peachsugar, she's a sweet cat, but she doesn't know how to navigate social situations and is often left floundering. A harsh word or any criticism will reduce her to tears and crush her spirit for hours. Any cat that shows her kindness is the immediate subject of her next crush, but oh, unrequited love hurts when the truth comes out. She daydreams about a perfect life for herself and a cat she has never known and never will. Level-headed, when put to work Peachsugar is an effective worker and enjoys unconventional solutions to problems, but she is tooo easily lost in her own daydreams to work on her own. It's a shame that other cats rarely spend time with her.

Littermates || Lemonkit, Plumkit, Mangokit


Roleplayed by lavellan
Truth is a powerful force, able to break powerful cats or repair relationships. Should it always be spoken, are there times when the truth is better left hidden? According to Plumtart, everyone should have someone by their side who isn't afraid to say their opinion or their beliefs. A Truth Bringer. A brave cat who will speak up or answer challenges while others will not. This is the role that Plumtart has taken on, but not for any specific cat. He is observant and straightforward, but often forgets to consider the feelings of others when speaking his mind. He says it how he sees it, with no sugary speech or honeyed words. He's outspoken, and will loudly voice his feelings about particular subjects. How highly must someone think of themselves to so boldly challenge others? Those around him probably assume that Plumtart is full of himself, thinking himself smarter than everyone else, and that's why he always offers his opinion. The truth of the matter, however, is that he's just trying to be a support for others. He's insecure, and lacks confidence and self-worth. A fluffy white tom with light grey and tan tabby markings, and blue eyes.

Littermates || Peachkit, Lemonkit, Mangokit


Roleplayed by simplylight
A cheery cat who brings sunshine to cloudy days. He is also friendly and supportive, but has a distinct lack of self-control when it comes to doing what he wants. However, he is flaky, and he can't be counted on to do what he is supposed to do.

Littermates || Peachkit, Lemonkit, Plumkit


Roleplayed by Cleaver
From the moment they were first brought into the clan, Feralfrenzy was an unwanted thorn in the side of their clan. She fought harder than anyone to prove herself, but she never really felt loved as much as the others; it didn't help that the nursery aids constantly tossed her care from one to the next, none of them able to willing to take her on for long. Maybe it was because she was a troublemaker, maybe the timing just wasn't right, but every rejection just angered Feralfrenzy further. She felt isolated and unloved. They started to act out - pranking other cats, making jokes, bullying, anything and everything that would bring attention back to them even if it was in the form of a scolding. They grew up bitter and fiery, determined to prove themselves, and most of all they grew up alone. He couldn't trust other kittens to help him, they always had an ulterior motive or wanted to stab him in the back. He had to be the best and the fiercest and keep everyone else at bay. Feralfrezy wants a friend they can rely on, but such a dream is impossible to grant. A bengal with one green eye and one blue, Feralfrenzy is genderfluid and uses different pronouns, but typically uses they/them the most.


Roleplayed by Cleaver
A drop-dead gorgeous tan-and-cream she-cat with long, soft fur and pale green eyes, it's no secret to Carbonara that she's a prize, and she truly believes she's one of the most beautiful cats in the clan. There's little competition, honestly, but even when faced with the other clans she finds herself to be more attractive than most warriors by a long shot. Pretty people run the world, and Carbonara is no different; she does whatever she wants and is absolutely untouchable, laughing in the face of death and flirting with danger. She's drawn to the most irresistible types -- criminal cats, emotionally repressed and distant, draw her in like no other. She loves to see others get flustered when she flirts, loves it more when they engage and give as good as they get, and she's the champion of the game. She has a strong belief that all broken cats can be fixed, that even the most hopeless souls are just looking for someone to prop them up, and Nara is always looking for a pet project. She wants to befriend the biggest villains in the clans and bring them around to her service, to show that they can be redeemed. Cara lacks a fear of danger rather completely, certain that she cannot die, and will stand straight in the face of any enemy and laugh. Amongst her siblings, Carbonara is known as Cara or Nara, and they're the only cats that can get away with a nickname. She refuses to take a warrior name. Her siblings are Spaghetti, Alfredo (Alfie), Mac 'n Cheese (Big Mac, Mac Attack, Cheese, or Mac), Lasagna (Lasa or Lasi), and Ravioli (Ravi).

Littermates || Spaghetti, Alfredo, Mac n' Cheese, Lasagna, Ravioli


Roleplayed by lavellan
The Big Mac n’ Cheese ready to please his next owner. He goes by the nicknames Big Mac, Mac Attack, Cheese or Mac. He likes to think he’s big and tough but in reality gets spooked by the smallest things. He can be loud and tries to make himself look cool. He’s often the one that will force his siblings to join him on his adventures, but will bail when he gets overwhelmed. Has a strong dislike for spiders and would rather sacrifice his siblings for the greater good if it meant he didn’t have to see another spider ever again. He is a collector of shiny and colorful things. He is very intimidated by his little sister Ravioli and is always on the lookout for her spider pranks. An orange tabby with light amber eyes.

Littermates || Spaghetti, Alfredo, Lasagna, Carbonara, Ravioli


Roleplayed by lavellan
A darker grey she-cat with teal blue eyes. Thin and agile, the skills of a warrior came naturally to her but her swimming abilities are the most notable. It's almost as if the water is a second home to this she-cat with how easily and naturally she moves through it. Whether the skill was one that she was born with, or one that she took to in order to live up to her water-based name, no one is quite sure. She’s a very social cat and makes friends with very little difficulty. Still, with how easy she seems to have it, her life is full of difficulties. Somehow, she ends up in sticky situations more often than not. Whether it's getting stuck in vines or tripping out of a tree, she's done it all. Clumsy isn't even enough to describe her. She's not very alert, and can be rather gullible. With everything that she's gone through, it stands to reason that Bogwater is resourceful, resilient, and has a lot of faith in StarClan. She likes to draw random patterns in the dirt.


Roleplayed by Cleaver
A little tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes, she and her siblings Luckycrow, Snakecuddle, and Littlespider were found by Chaicrisp and Jayjack while they were patrolling. The pair became their unofficial parents: Jayjack insisted he was a mentor, not their father, but certainly acted like one; he also insisted that Chaicrisp was not co-parenting with him and shouldn't be trusted with kittens, but she was around all the same, looking after them with adoring eyes. Sorrelbloom grew to love both of her parents. Though she chose the path of a nursery aid instead of a warrior, raising up the youngsters in her clan, it doesn't mean she isn't tough! She knows the importance of influencing young minds to serve their clan and likes to show them a good future. She can be tough, strictly nudging the little soldiers into line, and truthfully she's harsher on the kittens when they're young than any other time. She's soft and affectionate with older cats, but kits need someone to push them and drive them forward with spite.

Littermates || Luckykit, Snakekit, Littlekit


Roleplayed by lavellan
A smoky grey-black tom with amber eyes. Those around him typically wonder exactly how Luckycrow got his name; after all, it’s not like he’s particularly lucky. His luck is average at best, neither great nor terrible. Perhaps it was Chaicrisp - his adoptive mother - who had named him, seeing the kits as a lucky opportunity to get closer to Jayjack. His adoptive father had always insisted that they weren’t coparenting, but Chaicrisp claimed otherwise. Or maybe he was purely lucky to be found that fateful day, when he was thrown into Hystericstar’s den with multiple other kits. He’s not exactly sure how he got his name, but he does his best to be a good luck charm to those around him. Luckycrow is a terrible matchmaker, but he does his best. He wants those close to him to be happy, perhaps a habit that was created because of Chaicrisp. He was always rather close to her, and after a while it had started to hurt to see how his adoptive parents acted around each other. He wanted them to be a real family, so he had started to set up little events and meetings between the two, hoping that some sort of romance would blossom. At some point, this had begun to extend further, and he would try to set up romantic encounters with his siblings or friends and their crushes. Never once had he ever thought about his own love life, and is rather oblivious in that area.

Littermates || Snakekit, Littlekit, Sorrelkit


Roleplayed by simplylight
Skinny white tom with a long tail and bright green eyes. He's the charming sort but has a tendency to whine sometimes and elicit sympathy from others with a pitiful bat of his big eyes. Snakecuddle isn't the rough and tumble kind of cat but more of a sit on the sidelines and let others do his work. He will step up for those he loves, though, even if he doesn't necessarily want to.

Littermates || Luckykit, Littlekit, Sorrelkit


Roleplayed by lavellan
A tortoiseshell she-cat with blue and green heterochromic eyes. There is no such thing as secrets when Sunsplinter is around. In her mind, any information - no matter how insignificant - is something that everyone should know, even if it’s about someone’s private life. A chatterbox who doesn’t care who she’s talking to or what she’s talking about, it’s rather difficult to believe that this bright and sunny cat is the one who spreads a lot of rumors. It’s almost as if the idea of privacy is something that she has yet to learn, or that not everyone appreciates having their lives known to everyone. Still, it’s difficult to stay mad at her for her actions. She’s a little bundle of joy, albeit a stubborn one, and she truly doesn’t mean any harm. There are those who think that she’s just an expert at manipulating others, but no one can tell for certain. If it is all an act, it’s a great one that hasn’t been dropped in front of anyone. Sunsplinter came to FallClan as a kit, where she found herself and her siblings, Midnightmirth and Cumuluscry, in Hystericstar’s den.

Littermates || Midnightkit, Cumuluskit


Roleplayed by kuno
"If I'm to choose between one evil and another, then I prefer not to choose at all." This small calico and white cat knows there is always a fine line between good and evil, right and wrong, and how to act. Roseshade prefers not to get involved if she is forced to make a choice on what is the best option, unless the moral right is obvious to her. It's hard to get her worked up, and her dark green gaze always seems to hold an air of calm and patience. At times she can be rather chatty and easily excited, other times she can hold a casual and relaxed conversations for hours if you'd let her. In the end she's an all around good cat that strives to do the best that she can.


Roleplayed by lavellan
In the frosty tundras of Winterclan, lives are small candles. Burning bright one second, only to be snuffed out the next. Weather is harsh, more so than the icy words of the cats inhabiting the clan. This was a lesson that Blizzardyrefuge learned the day he was born, when he lost his sister, Summerykit. It was a large blow to his mother, and one that the family never truly recovered from. That event splintered the family, and Blizzardyrefuge did his best to fill the gaps where he knew another belonged, but he had been a kit at the time, and he had not truly known what had been going on. All he knew was that there was a gaping hole in all of their hearts. Blizzards were dangerous, as his family had learned, and they tried to make sure others knew just how dangerous. When Blizzardyrefuge grew old enough, he started to spend more and more time outside of camp, making sure that others were safe. His thick grey pelt would protect him from the majority of the cold in most weather, and he used that to help others. Although, his words are sharper than his green eyes, and his emotions don't always show they way he means them to, this is how he decided to honor the death of his sister, and keep others from suffering from the same fate as his family. However, fate is a fickle and cruel thing. It was during one of his patrols in the mountain that a blizzard came, sweeping with it Blizzardyrefuge and his sense of direction. It was a close call, but he had survived, but found that he was no longer in the mountains of WinterClan. For moons, he wandered, trying to find his way back home, blissfully ignorant of all of the changes that his sister, Wintrystar, had made to his home clan. Until one day, fate wanted another gamble at his life, ending in a severe injury to Blizzardyrefuge's legs. Unable to go anywhere else, he had dragged himself to the border of FallClan, where he had to stay to recover. Being in the mountains once more is a nostalgic feeling, one that is often followed by homesickness. Would FallClan be his home forever now, or would he one day go back to WinterClan? The more time passes, the more unsure he is of the answer.

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