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main camp

hot springs

The Hot springs is a small patch of water just deep enough to swim in. Slowly it gets deeper, starting with a sandy, rocky surrounding it, and leading to the middle of the pool. There are some areas deeper than others, but the deepest part is in the middle, where the water filters out through a crack in the bottom of the pool and out into the river that runs through the territory. Above the springs and dens of the prisoner, warriors, and knights, is a small ledge, it's curved and water trinkles from it and drips into the springs. It is believed the water orginates from the ice high up in the cavern, but no one is sure as no one has dared to climb upon the curved piece of rock. The curves surface is slick with water and far to difficult to reach and thus no cat dares. It's the warmth of the hot springs radiating and filling the cavern, that allows the residents to live comfortabely and not worry about freezing to death.


Refer to marker 3. The Knights den is level with the ground. They are the first line of defense, the first to action, and thus their den is more open and easily accessable. It's small too, just large enough for the three cats to reside in and be comfortable.


Refer to marker 4. Their den is just above the Knights. Warriors must climb over the rock path way into the den. Inside it rather large, able to handle the growing clan's number easily. From the outside though, with teh rather narrow opening, it doesn't appear that way. But when you step inside, and be carefully for it drops off there at the beginning, it opens up to a large pocket. Random areas of stone touch the floor, almost like pillars helping to hold the cieling up.


Refer to marker 5. Their den is closest to the entrance, where the warmth does not always reach. It's a part of their punishment in a way, denied constant warmth like the rest of the clan. It's warm enough to not freeze to death or complain, but's its constanty chilly. The den of the Knights and Warriors, are across from them, easily within seeing distance of the prisoners. Rocks stick up from the ground in uneven spacing and size, and an overhang covers them from above, together they act like a cage with the its of brambles covering the entrance. Guards on duty stand outside these natural bars, keeping watch over the unfortunate souls held within them in the small, single cell.


Refer to marker 1. The old, weak, and permantly injured reside in a den level with the ground. Its so they do not need to strain themselves when entering or exiting their den. A kindness they have earned for their time serving the clan. The den is a pocket in the wall and the entrance to it small, but the room cozy and warm. Overall, the den is not very large but its enough for those who live inside it. It's located past the students and before the medicine den. Perfect positioning for them. On one side, the Witch/Warlock reside and can see to them easily; and on the other, the Students can hear their wisdom or pick their tick soff. The den is a marker for the deeper parts of the camp, for from them, the hot springs ends and leads further into the cave they call home.


Refer to marker 2. Their den is located between the Knights and the Ancients. The den itself has two opening that's connected to each other before opening into a small pocket where the cats sleep. The entries act like a tunnel, connecting to teh den itself and to both halves of the camp. More often than not, one is used to exit the den and the other to enter. It's a natural thing that developed over time, the entrance being the opening closest to camp, and the exit on the other side. Or is it the other way around? All the students will tell you one way or the other, the stories not always matching.

inner camp


Refer to marker 1. Here spare supplies such as bedding, string, and more are stored by the clan. Kits have been found in here a few times. How they managed it, no one knows. It's loctaed high up, so the bedding won't spoil, just to the right of the Healer's den. It's only a small pocket in the wall, so very little fits in the space. But waste not! Therefore, it's used for the simple act of storing things.


Refer to marker 2. Just past the Medical den, up a slight incline, lies the nursery. Here the cats of WinterClan start their lives. Mothers and Youngs call this cozy den home. IT's warm, small but just spacious enough for all the young and mothers to reside. It has direct access to the clearing, easily supervised by the mothers from their resting place beside the nursery entrance upon the incline. It's nice having that incline, make sit easy to watch over the clearing and make sure the kits aren't being naughty.


Refer to marker 3. The Soveriegns den is more of a landing than a den. It's open and overlooks the clearing below, but has privacy still. The landing is wide -- wide enough for the Sovereign, their mate, and their guest or kits to rest -- and slightly slanted towards the back wall. The ledge is rocky, looking almost like jagged, broken teeth. Many times one can see the Sovereign leaning over the ledge, watching the clan below. Meeting are held up here between the Blessed, though those moments are always cramped for the ledge is just wide enough for the cats to gather together so long as they remain standing.


Refer to marker 4. Turning the corner from the Ancients den, a sharp curve leads to the left and to the second part of camp. It's in this curve that one finds the Healer's den, home to the Witch/Warlock and the Pupil. Their entrance is small, hidden almost from the rest of camp. Inside is quiet, but large. The walls are jagged in spots acting as natural ledges of rock adorning the walls that act as great storage for herbs and healing crystals. The den itself is shapped like an L, with a narrow entrance that opens into a walkway that wides as it goes. Following the wall to the right leads straight back from the entrance and to the two small nest for patients. On this wall, just before the nest, water trickles down from a crack in the wall. It's believed that this water is the same that falls into the hot springs in the middle of camp, cooler only becuase it's traveled some distance to this den. A hollow rock has been placed here to collect the dripping water and used for the patients to drink or to be cleaned with as needed. Where the turn happens, following the left wall in the den, one will find the resting place of the Witch/Warlock and Pupil. This space is small, their nests crammed next to each other. Markings adorn the wall, notes made by the medical experits and crystals are hung by strings that act as light in this dark place.


Refer to marker 5. The clearing begins at the end of the hot springs and Ancients den. It acts as a place where cats can gather in large groups, train, eat, hang out and much more. The area is shapped in a near perfect circle with the rest of dens off to the left and the end of the clearing is marked by a large stone. This stone is known as High Stone, the place from which the Soveriegn addresses the clan. If you follow along the right of the cavern, the opposite side of the dens, you'll find a bunch of tunnels. Some are small, others are larger opening in the wall. There's only three here, but they branch off into the moutain. It's rumored that they are connected to the same tunnels that everyone else uses, primarily the Regime cats. But nothing has ever come out it. Not even the brave few cats who have ventured into them.

stone way

Refer to marker 6. Connected from the High Rock, is a path way that leads to the Soveriegn nest. It's a little slick from how smooth it is, needing clareful paws to walk upon it. Kits think it's great though for they slide down teh path way. It does not have a large incline, but a gentle one that leads upwards in a curve.

entry way

From the cave entrance, leads to the entry way and opening of the camp. The opening is cold and does not warm up until you get close to the hot springs inside. To the far right, is a hot springs, and to the left is a path along it covered in sandy rock that's smooth to walk along. There's a wide space between here and the dens, plenty of room for walking, playing, lounging, and overall life with no worries of falling into the water. The path continues further into the camp, leading cats deeper into the tunnels in the moutain they call home.

springclan border

Just down the hill from the Sapphire Springs, where the world turns green and bright with life, lies our borders with SpringClan. The borders are marked by the valley that descends into SpringClan’s territory, specifically at the river that’s runs through the middle of the valley just on their side of the lands. The valley is an open space of greenery, filled with flowers, bushes, and herbs alike and the few trees here and there. Our dear Witch/Warlock and their Pupil have ventured into the valley in search of herbs many times that just can't be found in our winter wonderland.

fallclan border

In the southernmost area of the land, lies our borders with FallClan. Here the trees and plants have merged from just pines, evergreens, juniper berries, winter flowers, and oak trees to maples, birch, shrubbery, and more warm weather trees and plants. The closer you get to the border, the more it warms up and the more greenery you see. Our borders are marked by the line of maple trees that cover the area. Just past them and to the left are the vineyards of FallClan that cover the majority of the area. Between the vineyard and our border, there’s a field. Many students have dared one another to step into this clearing and stay there on FallClan’s territory for a time. They should fear the day when they’re caught by a FallClan patrol of one of our own.

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burial grounds

To the far West of the territory, in an area where it is full of greenery and yet the ground is still hard, the Burial Grounds can be found. The ground has a layer of ice beneath the soil where the warmth has not yet penetrated the ground. This layer of ice helps to keep the deceased from rising again when the area floods from rains or melted snow. The Burial Grounds are placed upon a hill where the ground has flatten out. Just down the hill, a small ways from the actual burial site, is a small cave, hidden away among the greenery. Stones are placed inside the cave that are painted with family crests, names, and important information about the cats who have passed away. The walls are covered in our history with the battles we’ve fought and the culture that has come and gone. Crystals worn by the deceased are left wrapped around the stones of the dead so that their final rank among WinterClan may be remembered. It is outside of this cave, known as the Burial Stone Cave, that the Knight of the Stars takes their position following the death of a fellow clan mate. The Witch or Warlock and their Pupil oversee all burials but leave the Knight to guard the body as the soul makes its way to the stars above.


The predators found here are mostly wolves as there is a pack that lives the far west part of the territory. It is unknown how large this pack is as we make sure to stay out of their way. If you catch their scent, alert the Blessed so extra patrols can be inforced in the area.


Hunting is prohibited here as it is scared grounds. Though, it's fair game if your able to get the prey to leave the burial grounds before killing it. Anything killed on the groudns must be offered to Lord Borealis or one of the many deceased buried here as a gift and apology for hunting in the area. Birds, mostly crows, ravens, thrush, and robins are found near here with the legend that the bird who visit the burial grounds are the dead paying a visit. No one has ever been able to prove it, of course, but it's the main reason that hunting is not accepted at the burial grounds or prey that is accidentially killed here must be left as a gift or offering. Besides birds, the random mouse or shrew can be found wandering through the grounds.


A few herbs grow here, mainly catmint, tormentil, mint, and holly berries. It's ironic that we have holly berries growing in the place of our dead since they are a deadly herb to ingest. The other three herbs are here, but scarce and found only in small bunches at a time. Mainly cobwebs are harvested from here as they're foud in an abundance in the Burial Stone Cave or around the rocks that help create teh cave.

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lovers peak

Up a rocky, icy, and dangerous terrain, is a small cliffside that branches off the mountain. It’s here that lovers meet, but only the most skilled are able to make it up the mountain to this hidden place. Pine trees, ice, snow, and jagged rocks of the mountain keep it hidden away and most find it merely on accident. And those that find this place never show others how to get there, well except for their lovers. It's become a special place that you must find on your own or never find it at all. It’s name has changed many times in life and there are many stories attached to it, but the most common and recent is that of Lover’s Peak. It is here that lovers meet for private times or in secret, and enjoy each other’s company and the northern lights that can be clearly seen from the cliffside. There's a legend associated with this place too. The story of two forbidden lovers; the ones who gave the peak it's most well known name. Once upon a time two lovers, forbidden by their families to become mates, used to meet here. The terrain to get the peak is dangerous, covered in icy spots and jagged rocks following along a narrow pathway on the mountain's side. Only the most skilled are able to make it up the mountain to this hidden hideaway. The two lovers from WinterClan would climb up here every night to meet in secret. But one night, a storm came in just as the two lovers were supposed to meet and covered the area in a fresh layer of ice and snow, making the path even more dangerous than before. One lover awaited at the top, having arrived before the storm hit. The other though, was not as lucky. They made their way up the mountain during the storm and lost their life. The jagged rocks and hidden icy spots took the lover’s life and the other remained at the top, still waiting. When the morning came and the lover still hadn’t arrived, the one who’d waited all night finally descended the cliffside and found the dead body of their lover. Tears ran down their face, freezing in the cold temperature around the lovers. Death soon took its toll on the second grieving lover, and both laid there, frozen for all time. Neither of their bodies have ever been found. Some believe that the storms of WinterClan have claimed them and covered them in snow and ice, making them unrecognizable. Others say they didn’t die but ran off to another clan to be happy with each other. A select few say that they never existed to begin with. Their true fate is unknown, but their story lives on.


Lover's Peak is home to a few nests belonging to birds of prey. These birds are eagles, hawks or even the odd vulture. The other predator found up here are goats. Their horns are deadly and they have much better balance and stability on the rocky terrian than we do so avoid them at all costs least they knock you off the mountain.


The terrain here is very dangerous so hunting rarely happens. But if your lucky, you may catch the odd bird here and there. Mainly, it's baby or young bird of prey but the odd robin, thrush, and other shave also been spotted on the mountain.


Lavender is found scattered in the upper parts of the mountain and prodomentially at Lover's Peak. The Witch or Warlock know of many spots between the peak and camp, and a few of them have even found the hidden cliffside area and the abundance of lavender foudn there. There are also a few scattered blackberry bushes in the are with the largest one being right near the edge of the cliff at Lover's Peak. The perfect tasty snack for lovers or those who have found the location.

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Sapphire Springs

To the southeast corner of the land, close to the border with SpringClan, is a hot springs known as Sapphire Springs. It's one of the main features of WinterClan; a true hot spot! The spring is named for its water being a sapphire blue coloring, highlighted by the orange-ish sand ring that surrounds the spring where no grass dares to grow and snow stays clear of. Just down the hill from the springs and following the rocky, sandy path that comes from the springs is the border with SpingClan and where the greenery begins in the area. The cats of WinterClan have found that they can swim in the warm waters on some of the coldest days to warm up or even to learn to swim. Or cats can come here to just enjoy the day hanging out by the steam and keeping warm. But beware, there have been twolegs spotted in the water on occasion!


Twolegs. They're known for enjoying the hot springs when not occupided so beware of that before stepping out into teh clearing least they spot you and try and kidnap you. Most other animals avoid the water as it's too warm to drink and has the chance of twolegs inhabiting it.


A number of prey can be oudn here. Mice, shrews, and even rabbits are known to be in the area around the Sapphire Springs, drawn in by the warmth the springs radiates into the air around it. Many have been chased aross the border from SpringClan while others are always in the area. Its a great place for hunting and then enjoying the warmth radiating from the sprinsg afterwards.


Heather, chamomile, and lamb's ear all grow in the area around the Sapphire Springs. Each grows due to the proximaty to SpringClan's border and warmer temperatures, and the warmth created by the sprinsg themselves.

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Running Falls

The river has stayed to the right while moving through the land, coming towards the border with SpringClan and the second waterfall in the land. If you've followed the river from the Jagged Falls, then you'll have noted that the land gets a little green as it goes. Evergreeen trees, bramble bushes, and winter flowers coat the ground as it nears the waterfall and border. This one is known as Running Falls. Here the water is warmer, fish are more abundant and easier to catch, and herbs are present. It may be due to how close one is to the border of SpringClan and the warmth they offer, or the lower altitude from the moutains that keeps the air just on the chilly side. Nonetheless, the water is slowing to a trickle. Once the water passes the Running Falls, it heads towards the cornerstone border between WinterClan, FallClan, and SpringClan. The water here is slow, warm, and only about shoulder high in depth. Cats can swim here, or fish upon the crossing rocks which rest just at the base of the Running Falls.


Foxes, badgers, and the bear family are found most commonly in the lower areas of the territory with many of them frequenting the river coming form the falls for a drink. So while this area is great for herbs and prey, it's just as dangerous due to the pradators that stop by here as well. This is also the main fishing spot for the bear mother and her two cubs who like to travel along the river through the territory.


The river running through here is warmer than that of the Jagged falls and the falls themselves are also gentler. Overall, teh Runing falls are peaceful and full of life. Mise, shrews, rabbits, birds and even fish can be found here in a large quantity making it the perfcet place to hunt. All of them are attracted by the water and warmer temperatures here in this area.


This is the only place where we can find an yarrow and even then its rare. The plant is very delicate and doesn't take to our climate well, but it still grows from time to time in this area. Besides yarrow though, you can find other herbs that take joy in the warmer moist area around the Running Falls such as chamomile, comfery, burdock, and blackberries which grow in abundance here. Well, at least in abundance as things can in WinterClan's colder climate.

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jagged falls

A waterfall always has a beginning and this one starts with a river that runs from the highest mountain and all the way through the territory. It starts as frozen ice, barely moving under the surface and traveling through the mounatin towards the first waterfall of the land. The river itself has no name, but the waterfalls do, and this one is known as Jagged Falls. Named that for the deadly ice that catters over the edge, broken pieces from the rivers above. The river before the waterfall can be crossed, carefully by leaping from broken ice chunk to the next. Just do not be caught reamaining on them for long for the ice chunks fall over the edge of the waterfall. Many cats have meet their doom in this way, giving the falls more of a deadly reputation than before. Even if you do not reach the edge of the falls, the water is cold. Far to cold to be swimming in and survive. But at the bottom of the falls, where the water reaches the land and ice chunks their final fate and cats who have fallen over the edge their doom, the water collects in a cold pool filled with fish. The pool is deep, mysterious, and far to cold for any sane cat to swim in. From here, the river continues, off to the next waterfall and bringing blessed water through the land.


Beware of the bear and her cubs that come through this area. They tend to stop for a drink at the small pool and try their paws at fishing but they're more commonly found near the lower waterfall, the Running Falls. So rare sights as they may be, still be cautious as the bear is not the only predator here. Cats and other animals have fallen to their deaths from the falls and because of that some of the brids of prey have taken up residence here. Its mainly vultures and hawks in this area.


If your lucky enough to catch them near the surface and edge of the smallpool, then you'll find a small groupof fish taht call it home. But beware, most of them stay in the middle of the pool and the ones who dare get near the edges are swift making them no easy prey to catch. Other prey you'll find here are the odd rabbit and birds.


Adder trees are found in the area around the falls along with the juniper trees. These are main trees found all over in WinterClan, but they start about here where the mountain begins to tamper off into the lower parts of the land. You can also find watermint, burdock, and comfery, and the rare catmint when it survives the winter in the area. These herbs are mostly found along the waterway leading away from the falls and furtehr into the territory.

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