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do not go gently
'I live for those who love me For those who know me true For the stars that shine above me And await my spirit too For the cause that lacks assistance For the wrong that needs resistance For the future in the distance And the good that I can do'
Home of the nocturnal cats, these fierce warriors thrive in darkness - coming out only at twilight and night time hours, becoming one with the shadows. Nightclan cats are dangerous, sneaky, clever, and fierce with quick, agile movements. They have advanced battling techniques and it would be unfortunate to meet them on the battlefield. Despite their malicious demeanor and frightening appearance, they are incredibly loyal to their clan and their families - willing to dive into an attack to defend them no matter who or what is threatening. Think you have what it takes to become one of us? We seriously doubt that but you can try.
04/09/2021 – PATROLS
NightClan currently has an Activity Check going on! It can be found on the Activity Check Board, and will conclude at the end of this week.
There are also several plots that are on the NightClan page! Currently, a storm is raging in the territory, and NightClan is debating on which rules of the new Code should be followed by the group. Find more information about these plots on the NightClan board.
PATROL LEADER: TBA || Members listed here

On a bender, something that became more and more common for Aspenstar, the leader met Sunfreckle of SummerClan. This warrior was charmed by the serpent's tongue, and found herself giving away just a ... bit too much information. With the knew knowledge that SummerClan is without an acting leader, the monster within the fawn colored leader developed a plan: SummerClan would be theirs.
Aspenstar gathers her troops and they enter SummerClan, offering themselves as "help" to a clan that could probably take care of themselves. However, aid was never the point. Crow owed Aspenstar a favor for freeing his sister, and Aspenstar has come to collect. Taking advantage of the clan's unique vulnerabilities, and Aspenstar's newfound affection for bloodshed, the warriors of NightClan easily subdue SummerClan opposition, and the clan is put under the control of Stormreign, who takes on the name Stormstar.
SummerClan's future is uncertain, and NightClan's power is only growing. What happens next? It appears that only time may tell...
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Prey: Squirrels, Mice, Rabbits, Birds, Lizards, Frogs, and Fish
Predators: Foxes, Snakes, Owls, Badgers, Skunks, Raccoons, Opossums, Weasels
Common Plants: Shrubs, Trees, Herbs, Foxtail, Brambles


The Leaders Den: The leader's den is a spacious cave with a screen of dangling moss covering the entrance that is located at the back of the cavern. Inside, the floor is covered in a soft sand with a comfortable nest and an enrichment of low hanging mosses draping from the ceiling.

Medicine Den: The medicine den is another spacious cave located deeper into the main cavern. Inside is a roomy nesting area for the medicine cat and medicine cat apprentice. Off to one side is a storage room with crevices in the walls to store the herbs and weapons. On the other side is a separate large nesting room for ill or injured patients.

Warrior’s Den: The Warrior’s Den is located closest to the cavern entrance so that it is easier to defend the camp. It is a large separate cave with a wide entrance and enough room to fit the warriors, guards, and the deputy comfortably and allow as much movement as needed.

The Nursery: The nursery is located closer to the leader’s den and the escape tunnels. This is so that if there was an emergency, the kits would be the first to escape. The den is close to the same large size as the warrior’s den. This is so that the queens, kits, and nursery aids can fit comfortably together. This also allows kits to play and grow. The soft spongy floor provides a safe landing for rough playing kits and a comfortable resting area.

The Apprentice’s Den: The Apprentice’s den is across from the warrior’s den and close to the cave entrance so that they can help defend the camp. While the den isn’t as big as the other’s, it can still fit a large group of apprentices.

The Elder’s Den: This is the nicest den besides the nursery. While it isn’t very big, it is cozy and warm. The flooring and walls are covered in thick, spongy moss that not only make it comfortable but also keeps it warm. The den is located just passed the warrior’s den so that the elder’s do not need to travel far for a drink of water.

Prisoner’s Camp The second largest cavern is connected to the main cavern by a single archway. This is the prisoner camp where the prisoners are kept. There is a small water trickle along one of the walls provides the prisoners a drink. However, prisoners are forbidden to enter the main cavern unless authorized by the leader themselves and two guards are placed at the archway to keep the prisoners isolated from the rest of the clan.

Training Cavern: The training cavern is down a winding tunnel leading from the main cavern. It is one of the tunnels that opens up into a smaller cavern. This specific one is close to the main cavern but only connected by a tunnel. Despite it being smaller than the main cavern and the Prisoner’s camp, it is still fairly enormous. In the middle is a sandy area used for practicing battle techniques. Off to one side, a small trickle drips into a bowl-like crevice to create an ever flowing fresh drink. This is so that the apprentices don’t have to travel all the way to the cenote pool to keep hydrated. This specific cavern is for days where the weather is bad or for apprentices that want a little extra practice without an escort by a warrior out of camp.

abandoned garden

The abandoned garden is located near the border with Sunclan and is an old two-leg den with an overgrown garden. Herbs grow very strong here and the medicine cats often tend to the herb garden during harsh leaf-bares so that they are always well-stocked.


The waterfall is one of the borders that separates Nightclan from the rogue lands. It is the biggest single waterfall in all of Nightclan territory. Hidden behind the thunderous waterfall lies a cave where the Nightclan cats took shelter when the earthquake destroyed their old camp.

Old bear cave

The old bear cave is an old bear den, hence the name. A family of bears used to live there but they have moved on. The old bear cave makes for a good story and a place to explore. It’s also a great place to hide out for an attack.

hot springs

The hot springs is located very close to the old bear cave and was formed when the earthquake happened. It is a pool of steamy water that provides Nightclan cats with that much needed relaxation. It’s perfect for soothing sore muscles or even warming up after being out on a cold day.

ruined camp

The ruined camp was Nightclan’s first camp. However, after the tragic events of the earthquake, the Nightclan cats had to retreat from their beloved camp and find shelter elsewhere. During the earthquake, the camp had fallen into ruins. It was no longer habitable for Nightclan cats and they had to relocate to the Cenote.


The multi-falls are definitely a tourist attraction. It is a beautiful scenery of several small waterfalls, lush vegetation, and an abundance of prey. This is where the Nightclan cats hunt the most or come to simply enjoy the view. At night, the many waterfalls illuminate under the moon, creating a breathtaking sight.

training meadow

The training meadow is located close to the Moonclan border but is divided by a forest so that the Moonclan warriors cannot spy on the apprentices doing their training. The training meadow is a spacious clearing with soft grasses and rich soil. It is lined with the forest but leaves a grand opening for apprentices to do most of their training. It is close by the stream that flows through Nightclan territory so that the apprentices can stay hydrated while training. This is where the apprentices train if the weather is in favor.

the meadow

While the meadow is very similar to the training meadow, it is also slightly different. It is located on the other side of the river from the Training Meadow. The meadow is also a spacious clearing. It is filled with countless varieties of wildflowers and herbs grow strongly here. Medicine cats usually travel to the meadow to collect the herbs. Warriors will also come here to hunt rabbits and mice.


Roleplayed by ian.

A feline with such light fawn colored fur that it almost appears white, although hints of dusty brown still can be found meshed within the lighter hues. Her eyes are mismatched, her left being a faint green and the other residing in a shade of electric blue. This can be unnerving to some, as her gaze is often intense and focused. She takes no flack from anyone, and she'd be the first person to tell you if you were wrong. This bluntness sometimes can rub cats the wrong way, but it is perhaps the most integral part of her peculiar diplomacy; after all, you cannot fix a problem that you do not realize is there. Aspendust is a rather ... existential cat whose fascination with mortality and the purpose of life can be exhausting. Perhaps this is because she believes that life is a game of sorts, one where every step must be strategic in order to get the best outcome. A tempered evil, she has little use for law or morality, which perhaps makes her a bit dangerous to be around. This is not to say that she isn't to be trusted; instead, it is to say she will do whatever she needs to to protect herself and the cats in which she cares about.

Mate: Phantomfox (#1) , Larkspur , Sunfreckle? || Adoptive Kits: Azelea, Poppy, Aster, Little, Rosy, Roaring || Apprentice:


Roleplayed by seeker

A long furred black she-cat with deep blue eyes, a petite stature, and long tufts that come off her ears. She's a very calm and collected feline, keeping level headed at nearly all times. She's not one who is quick to anger, but if you get on her bad side, her tongue is sharp and precise. Larkspur tries to see situations from many angles and takes account different perspectives. She might quietly take sides but overall, she tries to be the middle ground between a conflict of any sort. That is, in her clan at least. Larkspur is extremely loyal to Nightclan, and would fight for her home with her life. Despite being a levelheaded cat, Larkspur does have her flaws. She's not one to go out of her way to get to know anyone, and she finds herself constantly alone. She doesn't find this as a bad thing, but loneliness can make the heart ache more than one would ever admit. She takes pride in Nightclan, which she loves more than anything.

Mate: None || Kits: None || Apprentice: None


Roleplayed by Honeystorm

Jealousy is a powerful motivator, and Pinesimmer has plenty of it. Aspendust should never have become leader, and he isn't entirely sure how she managed it. There must have been a mistake somewhere, and he can't look at her without some internal disgust in his pine green eyes, someone so lowly in his rightful place. He isn't sure how his family doesn't see it either. He can play nice enough, though. For a time. It's incredibly easy to set him off, his temper always simmering beneath his brown pelt, with it's light and dark speckles that give him an appearance similar to treebark. Even without trying, his leader sister easily seems to set him off, and he is constantly working to ruin all the things she does, whether in her personal life, or for NightClan as a whole, despite his family's displeasure.

Mate: none II Kits: none II Apprentice: Jackdawpaw


Roleplayed by Faith

Jack just wants to fall in love with life again, but couldn't feel more numb to the less than romantic nature that comes with living. He misses when life was shiny and new, but after a few short moons living has become dull. Jack has an affinity for happiness, a kind of treasure he desires to have in his life, but to him happiness is as fleeting as the light. It would come somedays and other days not at all. He wants happiness to be reliable as the dark skies, forever returning. So when he witnessed that cats found happiness in helping others he realized he needed to be a medicine cat. Jack's often impulsive, for as much common sense as he has he seems more likely to cuss someone out who displeases him than to hold his tongue despite knowing better or even fearing the consequences. He's more of the daredevil type, never content staying in line or minding his own business. Jackdawflight is an ashen black cat with wisps of silver and shadowy blues. He has wolfish looking eyes and a kitten soft face. His right eye is bright as StarClan's light, but his left eye is darkened and bloody with visible copper veins.

Mate: none II Kits: none II Apprentice: None

Loyal Guard

The Loyal Guard is a special group of the most elite warriors of Nightclan and the leader's most trusted. These special forces protect the leader even at the cost of their life and guard the prisoners. The Loyal Guard is also responsible for training apprentice pairs, as only elite members of the clan are trusted with the responsibility. They are highly trained and hand chosen by the leader, themselves. Cats chosen are almost always selected because of their status as Top of Class.

[roleplayed by WOOF]
Captain What happens to pain when the wounds fade into scars? When time stitches hearts back together or when grief becomes a stranger instead of a guest? It retreats back to its host-- Phantomfox, the moon's most beloved hunter, an envoy of her haunting presence and a living example of the darkness on the other side of the moon. He is an unknown quantity: There are few who know his story and fewer who see past his depravity. His heart, where it thumps gravely in his chest, is a mass of scar tissue, but those are not the wounds his clanmates see. No one looks past the superficial scars-- the ones that rip across his flesh and expose skin where there should be fur, a multitude of long and winding wounds that carve into what was once a handsome face. Long, dark chocolate fur sheathes his tall frame, but with Silverpelt glittering overhead his coat appears much more ethereal, a wash of silver and shadow. His ashen gaze has a similar sterling shine as if crafted out of the moon itself, and they are a stark contrast to the brilliant darkness of the rest of him, softer and more given to emotion than his gruff exterior might make it seem. Volatile and dangerous, he's intimidating at first glance-- but there's an enchanting quality about someone like him, someone who speaks little of his past and whose voice is kept carefully low. His moods swing between incendiary and chilling, but rumor has it that nestled into this carapace is the ghost of himself: the Phantomfox who's kind and compassionate, who's partial to amber eyes and soft fur. Is it true? Mate: Aspenstar

[roleplayed by LAVELLEN]
Dark brown fur, not quite dark enough to be compared to the night sky, but not light enough to be compared to the rising sun. It's almost a sick joke that gave Dawnbringer his name, or at least he believes, especially when his lighter-colored sister was named after the opposite time of day: dusk. Despite this, he never held any hatred for his sister, instead he had always come to her defense when clanmates questioned her ginger pelt whenever he could, but there were many times that it happened when he wasn't around. Because of his father's fascination with the cosmos, Dawnbringer grew up with stories of the stars and sky. Stories that he had found uninteresting, but he listened anyway, since his father seemed to enjoy talking about it so much, and his sister took to the fascination. He just never had the heart to tell them that it bored him, as they were his weak spot. His father, Potionmaster, his sister, Duskveil, and her mate, Darkmeadow. The three cats that he swore would be the only ones in his heart, the ones that he had accepted as family. Of course, no family can stay together forever, and it tore Dawnbringer to shreds when his father died. His death had put a rift between him and Duskveil - a small rift, but one that caused a partial falling out that they are only beginning to repair. Of course, he would still do anything for her, despite their current state, and considers her mate as his family, especially since she had been around since they were kits. His vibrant green eyes are a reflection of his father's, which serves as a fragment of memories long since passed. Mate:

[roleplayed by ASHESTOASHES]
A long legged she-cat with a pointy fox like face and large ears. Her fur is a soft ivory with faded ash markings on her face and legs. Her eyes are a vibrant greens. She values originality and spontaneity. She has an optimistic out look on life and tries to build her fellow clanmates up. She is known for giving flower petals to those that she cares about. She believes strongly in Starclan and is convinced that Nightclan is closer to their ancestors than any other clan, because they live their lives under the light of the moon and stars. Mantiskit was born to a single mother along with her sister, Spiderkit. She never knew who her father was and it was deemed when she was much older that her father wasn't from Nightclan making her and her sister half Nightclan. Her relationship with her sister Spiderbeauty is great and they've been close since they were young. She finds her sister to be more relaxed and creative than herself and a good source to vent to. Mantisopera has trusted her sister with all of her secrets since their youth even if some of those secrets go against Nightclan's code. These two can be found chatting together at the end of each night gossiping about the rumors they heard throughout the day. The two sisters are inseparable and do almost everything together. They volunteer for the same patrols, hunt together, and Mantisopera will even partake in her sister's odd hobbies. Mate:

roleplayed by achromatic
The moon has many faces, and Moonblight is no different. He has a face for his friends, a face for those in authority, and a face for only himself. Despite his own desire to seem fearless and proud, it's hard to see Moonblight as anything other than the fluffy cat with a face like an angel. Pelt dappled with mottled greys and cream patches on a bed of white fur, it's clear why he was named after the moon. His amber eyes are bright and clever, always looking for some mischief to get into. A silvertongue with a way with words, he seems to always find his way into trouble and out before anyone even realizes. Growing up, he never really knew who his parents were, only that his father was a grey cat, just like himself with a name that didn't sound like it came from the clans, and whispers about their cursed lineage. At five moons, he found himself in MoonClan with nothing, not even his name. He had changed it the moment he arrived in order to fit into the clan better. That was it, wasn't it? To fit in. He's learned how to keep his thoughts and his feelings to himself, presenting his outer face as whatever others need him to be. He'll be happy with those who want to have fun, somber with the serious, sly with the mischievous, so much that he barely remembers who he is on the inside anymore. He's competitive, striving for attention and the adoration of others, having little attention given to him as a kit. What he truly strives for is change; he sees life as phases similar to the moon, and if one part doesn't fit, he exchanges it for another, searching for what his heart truly wants, acceptance.

roleplayed by sunlight
Sagebristle is not an easy cat to befriend, by any means. She's abrasive, mistrustful, and often sharp-tongued to the point of immediately alienating anyone who speaks to her. Many older cats know how she came to Nightclan, yowling and fighting off the guard captain after being abandoned on the border as a kit. They know her as the undersized, scrawny, and scrappy apprentice who often bullied others, and then as the sullen and withdrawn warrior with a temper. But few, if any, know the real Sagebristle- the one who knows it's easier to make others hate her for her actions rather than let them in and risk them hating who she is. The one who fears caring for anyone and being abandoned again. The one who questions why even her father wouldn't love her. All of that fear is buried underneath her antagonism, under her russet-tinged tabby pelt and angry amber eyes. Sagebristle is a good fighter, despite her permanently undersized frame, due to her speed and her willingness to use unconventional and underhanded tactics. Coupled with her intellect and perception, Sagebristle is a good warrior, but not an easy cat to be around.

roleplayed by Cleaver
Impeccably sharp with his short, dense blue coat and white toes, Raijin is an incredibly handsome tom. He has the proper formal look of a former Commander, well-groomed and clean, with a prideful lean neck tall enough to look over his heads of many of his shorter groupmates. His coat isn't dark as some of the tunnel dwellers, but he was born on the surface high above and many leagues away, where his dark fur melted into the shade of the juniper bushes and the cool reflection of the lake. It doesn't match his new territory either, but he adjusted long ago. Syndactyl, he only has three white toes on each forepaw, plus his dewclaw. Raijin's charisma is matched by his wit and he's quick with a flirty joke; his flashy nature keeps him in the spotlight where he loves to be. He doesn't fit into crowds as well as his brother Fujin, even when he laughs he feels the separation and can't quite manage the same level of levity, but nonetheless most forget to notice his discomfort. His deep blue gaze is intense, alluring and playful and dangerous -- dangerous, because he has a strong sense of humor, but a weak grasp on morality. He spent a few moons in the League which only eroded his few moral qualms even further, leaving his siblings without a care at all, and him reluctantly clinging to the few honorable tenants he knew. There's always been a hint of weakness in him he can't break, a hesitation when it comes to purely serving his own self, that nags at him in the night. He can't quite become ruthless, but he's a free cat, and he doesn't like restrictions either. Approaching the Regime was his test, motivated by a fleeting hope the strict order would push some sense into his mind, or else drive him absolutely mad. He can't be convinced it has done either. Raijin leans into the chaos, he tastes the wilderness and yearns for more, and he can't deny its call. His public persona is far more outgoing than the cat in private: alone with a friend, he relaxes, and he becomes softer. The intensity never leaves him, never fades from his enchanting eyes, but he's warm and excitable and honest -- he's open, and when his openness is received well, he swoons. Raijin is a romantic at heart and he always dreams of the next step, of finding the perfect cat to spend his life with. He knows most of the cats he falls for won't return his feelings or will inevitable crush his heart, but he doesn't mind; isn't a minute of love worth the heartbreak? He refuses to stop giving his heart away. It's his own fault, really, that he is so easily enchanted. He has no respect for personal space, sometimes seems to lack understanding of it entirely, and isn't afraid to admit his innermost feelings to a stranger. He has little restraint and any cat that listens delights him almost as much as he is overjoyed to hear their stories. He is his own demise, but he doesn't mind; he's the storm and chaos and he lets it all go. Nothing ever lasts forever, not even love. If he is deeply entangled in his heartstrings today, tomorrow he will set his sights on someone else. Nothing in his life has been permanent, not even his leadership. He pushes himself to try new things and he loves to explore boundaries, because not even consequences will last him. After he escaped the Regime's prison he was forced to recover with barn cats for a few moons, his body bruised from his getaway that torrential night, but once he found his freedom he set out for the clans. Flamingstar was only his friend, and he knew she wouldn't turn him away if he wanted to be at her side. The window for romance between them has long since closed, but he doesn't mind having her as an ally while he gathers his bearings and wonders where the storm will take him next.

[roleplayed by BAEWOLF]
A cocky, sharp toothed grin followed by an arrogant chuckle, these are the first things one will notice about this tomcat. Following that is his massive size; broad shoulders, a long thick tail, large ears pointed with tufts of fur all accent Wolfriot. Large, wide paws with claws peaking out from his toes are at the ends of his tall wiry legs. Though his lanky limbs seem to not go with his bulky figure, it all seems cohesive in the end. Wolfriot was named for his form, more canine than feline, but also for his misty grey fur, accented and divided with flashes of black and white, breaking up the grey areas. Hints of brown and red color behind his ears and lightly across his shoulders. His fur is thick, collecting in almost a mane around his neck and shoulders. Pale amber eyes hold his prey in place, inviting yet dangerous at the same time. Wolfriot will never be one to settle for anything but the best, he has his eyes on the prize and is willing to do almost anything to get to where he wants. Mate:


The heart of the clan. The warriors protect, defend, and care for the entire clan. They carry the responsibility of hunting and defending. Nightclan warriors are taught to fight and hunt with top of the notch battle and hunting techniques to properly care for the clan along with learning to connect with their basic instincts.

roleplayed by biyuu
A bengal she-cat with blue eyes. Bubblegleam is a sharp-tongued warrior who likes to plan ahead for every possible scenario. Introspective and cerebral, she takes her duties as a warrior seriously and her defection to NightClan to be closer to Rustspiral has left her with some personal issues. She is easy to provoke, but her thorny exterior hides a softer personality. Inexplicably lapses into British slang sometimes.

roleplayed by honeystorm
A sleek black, nonbinary feline with one stormy grey eye, and one deep copper eye. Like many wandering loners, they simply waited at the border of NightClan and requested to join, and like many found their place within the clan. They don't actually have a set personality yet cause Sen didn't think that deeply into this, they just needed more NightClan cats to RP, LOL.

roleplayed by simplylight
He’s an ocean, uncharted territory. His soul is the kind you can drown in as very few areas are shallow. It takes a strong person to survive the depths he’s been through. He’s the most addictive danger you’ll happily fall for. Canary is a golden yellowish colored tom with a cowlick on his forehead with a red diamond shape. His emerald eyes seem to penetrate right through a person like a claw, razor sharp and unsafe. He has bones that can withstand hurricanes and fire surging in his bloodstream. He seems to do everything possible to make himself unlikable, distant from the clan. He came to them as a kittypet after he was found with a horrifically injured shoulder. He’s very level headed, but things always seem to go wrong for anyone around him and always right for himself

roleplayed by lavellan
Today the sun was shining and the flowers had begun to bloom, there was no better day to die. To descend into the dark sleep and awake in a world of stardust and light where the summers breath is warm and refreshing like sunlight's gentle beams. What better glory is there than the sweet release of a soul moving from one world to the next? Death was like a storm, some survived brushes with it while others succumbed to its wrath. But on a long enough timeline everyone eventually would fall to the storm of death. But there were some who were storm chasers and there were none that fiercely followed tragedy and loss like Chasingdreams. StarClan was her wonderland and she was the fallen angel who hadn’t the wings to fly to the haven. Death was never an end, but merely the next chapter of something utterly beautiful. At a young age her siblings had all but left joining the mythical realm of the afterlife while she was stuck in the world of war, blood, and hate. How she longed, how she envied her family for being in such a gorgeous place that she could not follow. She had long ago learned that you could not simply decide to join StarClan, but must die a worthy death. Still her mind itches for the beautiful day where she would die and descend into wonderland. Chasingdreams is a lighter grey and white tabby, with streaks of orange flowing through her pelt and soft green eyes.

roleplayed by seeker
A pureblood Nightclan cat through and through. Ceruleanswirl has a beautiful tabby coat with deep water blue eyes. Ceruleanswirl is charismatic and charming, with an almost... transatlantic accent? The tom is smart and agile, with a deep love and constant need to always learn and know more. He has a healthy competition going on with Skunkstripe, which has gone on since the two were apprentices. He's loyal and generous, the exact kind of cat you'd want to have in a clan. However, he also guards his innermost thoughts, feelings, and hopes and fears under all of his charisma. He'll be the last to admit he admires toms, and strikes up flirtations with she-cats even though he doesn't want it to go anywhere. Basically, he uses them as a coverup and then breaks things off just before they get serious. Will he ever give himself grace to open up? For the sake of his sanity, let's hope so.

roleplayed by ashestoashes
Swirls of blacks and greys run through his pelt, but splashes of white run across his toes to his chest and ending with a black mask on his face. His eyes shine like two pale citrine gemstones. This tom is a diligent tough warrior who doesn't mind putting in the hard work. Enduringendurance has only ever known how to do things on his own so asking for help isn't easy for him. Although it doesn't seem it he is actually quiet the romantic full of gooey sappy love. Tough but sensitive sums him up perfectly.

roleplayed by Jetclaw
Fierydaemon is one of the four kits that were born to Burningstar of NightClan and Devilhorns of MoonClan. She and her siblings spent most of their kithood with their father, until NightClan cats stole them back to NightClan. During their time with no mother, this little ginger and black tortoiseshell she cat had taken it upon herself to fill the void. And even after Burningstar could reclaim her children, she still tries to act like a second mother to her siblings. She's smart enough after all. She is logical, methodical. Her emotional connection might be a bit lacking, but that's fine. Lack of emotions means she can think without emotions getting in the way, thus she'll always know best. However, this thinking has made her very pushy and insistent. And with the lack of ability to connect to others on an emotional level she doesn't entirely get when cats don't do as she urges. Making her lash out, often physically to try and force them to 'behave'. Though while she can't read emotions well, her tell for if you might be on the receiving end of her wrath is pretty clear. When the calm leaves her amber gaze to be replaced with fury. you'd best turn tail and flee. Else you'll face the full wrath of the demon that lurks within this normally calm and logical she cat.

roleplayed by Cleaver
Being normal is being a failure. After watching his driven, successful father take on the world and never give up, he knew he could never he an average cat. It feels wrong to be average, to be forgotten, and he believes he must strive for beyond. Though Floodfate was never the hero of the story, he didn't want to be the villain either; but he's prone to jealousy and bitterness and ignoring his emotions, and he lashes out and makes bad choices and takes the easy route of criminal behavior. He was doted on by his leader early in life and though he loved the attention, the rebellious little tom was too upset to see her giving his brother special treatment as well. He lashed out and refused to listen to her after that, angry that she treated him like a child and tried to restrict his freedom. By the time the floods destroyed his home, he was already planning on running away, and when they moved to SunClan the young initiate found himself allured by the Shadow Era cats. When the plan went south he fled with some of the other rogues and made his life as a loner stealing from others, until one day when he was caught and barely escaped with his life. He fled to NightClan and changed his name to Floodfate, where he seeks to escape his roots without a clear path to do so. He doesn’t know how to avoid falling back on his old destructive and criminal habits, and he fears being normal, so he's trapped on a hill he climbs. Emotionally distant, he has never known how to share his feelings and struggles to understand his own emotions, much less anyone else's. He's vain and self-centered and never had a chance to properly grow up. Floodfate hates being babied and not taken seriously, and cats used to fawn over his cherubic looks, though luckily they've stopped after his looks were marred by his latest scars. He's suspicious of other cats and doesn't know how to let them get close or how to accept help, and cats that come on too strong or flirtatious freak him out. Floodfate doesn't know how to trust anybody but himself, and though he knows he needs a new life, he doesn't know what it looks like or how he'll get there. A rounded solid gray tom with white markings, Floodfate bears the marks of his former life: the fur hasn't grown back over the deep scars on his chest and shoulder, and his left ear is missing along with part of his upper lip.

roleplayed by bauble
A great length of spine bisects this tall, skinny tom -- the vertebrae are like spears, fighting to prod through his sandy fur in ridges and valleys. His dark amber gaze is savage in its glow, the windows of soul that’s spent too long at the edge of survival. At three months of age he was orphaned and alone, with dark, rain-wet alleys as his harbor. He blended amongst rodents, scrapping and tugging for every morsel; and as he grew, so did his appetite, eventually venturing to find live prey. That’s when he was found by the world, and when he discovered it; he drifted into Nightclan on a night that chilled to the bone, a dodgy rogue with an anonymous face, who needed a warm place to duck his head for a time. One night turned into two, two to four, and suddenly he was a permanent fixture. Hyenaprowl is a serviceable and dependable warrior, particularly in the heat of battle or when his clanmates find themselves in a tight squeeze. That’s when others are glad to have him around. Still, the hostile nature of his past defines him to this day. Don’t come to him for smiles and assurances... this tom has no appetite for weakness … but he can find respect for those with the will to fight to survive.

roleplayed by Honeystorm
Black tom with blue eyes. Suffers from paranoia and occasional hallucinations that make him unhinged,and Rasputin's belief that he hears voices has convinced Infernalkaiser he is hearing voices telling him how great he will become and must become. Ambitious. Tends to lash out especially during an episode. Distrustful. Intelligent. Observant.

roleplayed by seeker
"the young hero with a great destiny who wants nothing more than to sleep in; has difficulty speaking but feels obligated to talk often; reluctant optimist." Destiny?? Who said anything about destiny? What do you MEAN by destiny? And excuse me, sleeping in is wonderful. Putting that thought aside, (thank you Puddle), Puddlepaw is a fluffy cream cat with black colored points. His eyes are slightly crossed, as many siameses' are, and they're a light, clear crystal blue. Puddlepaw has a nasty case of stage fright and social anxiety. He doesn't like when the spotlight is directed at him, but you might never know with the way he never shuts his mouth. He feels the need to talk, often times overexplaining himself or exhausting the point to where no one wants to listen to him anymore. Despite these things about him, he's very kind and optimistic. He loves his brothers, and he gets along with Rabbitpaw just as well. From a young age, they are all he's had to rely on. His mother passed young and he never ever knew his dad. Although he's a nervous sort of wreck, and he's been through events an apprentice shouldn't have to go through, at heart he tries to be hopeful about his future and his place in his clan. He's most definitely not his brother when it comes to training (warrior tasks are a bit more difficult for him, he does have to try harder), but he is an extremely hard worker and will get the job done... eventually.

roleplayed by ashestoashes
A white she cat with ginger spots in her face and orange tail with amber eyes, Rabbitstrike doesn't seem all that weird. Well she is missing a few toes thanks to frostbite that took them when she was a kit, and always seems to find dead bodies and just seems unlucky. Other than she is completely normal in everyway possible. She is an independent soul that loves to be around other cats, especially her best friend Violetpaw. When other's ask why he is her best friend her reply is that he is the coolest cat she knows and he is fun to be around. She has no idea that he feels obligated to being her mate but rather thinks he just likes to hang out with her as much as she likes to hang out with him.

roleplayed by ian
A dark ruddy tom with pale green eyes. Rustspiral might be one of the laziest cats you could ever meet. Unbothered by assignments, he does things at his own pace, which is painfully slow. Prone to taking naps in the trees when he should be hunting, Rustspiral is an endearing tom who has a penchant for grand gestures. Sort of clumsy but never willing to back down from a scuffle, he's pretty much exactly what you'd expect out of a stereotypical twenty something who still lives at home and has his mom do his laundry.

roleplayed by Cleaver
Everything in his life is the product of his own hard work and ingenuity - a lesson he will never forget. Seawatch came from nothing, a rogue, and fought hard to become an apprentice, and a skilled one at that. He has little innate physical ability and had to work twice as hard as the others to keep up. Now he’s a warrior and prone to taking risks to prove his worth. He will go out in a blizzard or dive to the bottom of the river to help another cat, start conflict over prey that barely crossed the border, and if anyone tries to stop him, he will tear them down to nothing. Seawatch lacks empathy for others; he can pity them for their plights but honestly they rarely compare to his own. He can’t relate, even when they’re in a similar place to him, so sometimes he’s overly harsh and cold and doesn’t regret it. Difficult to become close to, not one to rant to, but will return your investment tenfold. Awkward around Fishcrow's kits but they see him as the cool uncle.

roleplayed by ian
A standard dark-toned siamese cat with piercing blue eyes. Brother to Puddle and Violet, Skunkstripe is a peculiar fellow whose mannerisms often read as cold and emotionless. He is not incredibly personable and has little filter, although his words often lack hostility. Skunkstripe is a forensic anthropologist, which roughly means that he loves the study of bones. Crime scenes are a puzzle to him, and he is dedicated to solving criminal cases with expediency. He is a stellar warrior, perhaps far too skilled for his own good. This leaves him bored with warrior tasks, as the tom needs constant mental stimulation. As such, he craves a challenge. Likely to get into circumstances that require wit and high intelligence, he is always on the search for his next puzzle to solve.

roleplayed by Jetclaw

Skybrook often wonders what she did to deserve her disability, blindness. Her blue eyes are praised by many, but Skybrook has no ability to discern whether this is true or not. She's never seen herself nor anything. She is a silver and gray tabby she cat, the only one of her siblings to closely resemble Soaringbird, who claims them as her own. Skybrook has spent much of her life sheltered and being doted upon by Soaringbird, whom keeps Skybrook in close reach at all times. This has forced Skybrook to be quiet and demure. Obedient. Though inside boiling frustration swirls underneath. She's more than just her disability, she can do more if Soaringbird would just let her. Thus although she loves Soaringbird dearly often gets caught up in her siblings and her peers crazy schemes and acts of defiance to prove she's worthy of being Soaringbird's daughter and Burningstar's niece. She often questions if she was cursed at some point because her mother, father and aunt have no discernible disability. Though unbeknownst to her, her mother is in actuality Springlockedgrave, Vrachi of BrookClan, and her disability is not uncommon in her true kin's bloodline. But her frustration remains internal, only let out when someone gives her a nudge, she has a difficult time taking control of her own life and is more than willing to follow others instead. She's willing to accept things as they are, and not stand up to her Soaringbird or anyone else.

roleplayed by shadow
"When I'm feeling lonely, sad as I can be, all by myself on an uncharted island in an endless sea. What makes me happy? Fills me up with glee? Those bones in my jaw that don't have a flaw: my shiny teeth and me." The screams of the crowd, the hyperventilation of the fans that felt blessed to even stand in his presence, the dads that left their children alone with evil babysitters so they could hang out with someone far younger than them – Skylark's seen it all in his days. He's popular, sure, and he's grateful to every single being on the face of this planet who's willing to give him the time of day, let alone the praise that always seems to follow him around, but that isn't everything. Yeah, he's attractive, he knows this. Yeah, he has teeth that could light up the night sky, of course. But deep down? Well... "My shiny teeth that twinkle, just like the stars in space. My shiny teeth that sparkle, adding beauty to my face. My shiny teeth that glisten, just like a Christmas tree." Skylark's no god. Sure, he's worshipped like one, but at the end of the day, it's all a farce. Something that his fans have built up about him because he has a glittering smile and the voice to rival angels. At the end of the day, though, he's just a nice, friendly, down to earth guy that wants what anyone else does: peace, comfort, and love. 'Course, not everyone can have everything they want. Instead of being able to enjoy his days and sleep restfully on his nights, he performs for his audience, panders to their every whim, and allows himself to be lost in the pizazz of it all. "You know they'd walk a smile just to see me smile, my shiny teeth and me. Yes, they're all so perfect. So white and pearly. Brush, gargle, rinse, a couple breath mints – my shiny teeth and me." A traveling performer, he's never stayed in one place for very long and has been so busy both attempting to please his cult fanbase – while also running away from them – that he couldn't even celebrate his own birthday. Once he stumbled across NightClan, he was certain he'd be able to live a quiet life under the stars, just himself and his shiny teeth. Nothing ever goes to plan, though, and once more he finds himself surrounded by fans, though he has to admit: it's far better now than it ever was. "My shiny teeth so awesome, just like your favorite song. My shiny teeth, I floss 'em so they'll grow to be real strong. My shiny teeth, I love them and they all love me. Why would I talk to you when I've got thirty-two, woo– my shiny teeth and me." Like anyone else who longs for genuine companionship, Skylark hopes to one day find the person of his dreams, no matter the gender: it's the personality that counts. He's had his ups and downs, especially his downs in the form of a she-cat that he won't name for her privacy but who he had no problem singing a song about. Perhaps being in NightClan, though... maybe it'll give him the chance to find everything he's dreamed of and more. "You know they'd walk a mile just to see me smile. My shiny teeth and me."

roleplayed by baewolf
It was almost as if the stars knew what this quiet, swift footed female would look like. Slender, long legged, with a narrow face and large, pointed ears, everything about this feline says sleek. Snakeshiver was not born or bred at NightClan, but found at the border when she was still being weaned, and yet there is no better place that she would fit. Quick witted and sharped tongued, she fits in with the most sarcastic and unruly of the bunch, but her best skills come from her stealth. Like the scaly, long, slithering creature that she was name for, Snakeshiver can disappear in the blink of an eye, and unless your really listening for her, you won't hear her coming. While some would say she's boarding on plain with her looks, some would say her pale brown and black tabby pelt are a blessing when it comes to blending in with the shadows. White accents the edges of her eyes and down to her muzzle, tickling down her chest and making front paws look snow dipped. A black tipped tail ends her body, ominously mimicking the creature she was named for. Her eyes are a pale amber, almost always narrowed in annoyance at whomever is trying to talk to her. While she is not the most friendly, she is loyal. It takes a long time for someone to gain her trust, having been left behind by whatever parent that had dumped her at the border. Snakeshiver is easy to annoy and quick to strike, with both claw and tongue. She may not be the largest warrior, but she is quick, and will take down whatever she needs to from the shadows that she seems to disappear in. Her best skill is her ability to stay still and just blend in with her surroundings, thanks to her dull colored pelt. It's only her pale eyes that give a glint in the light.

roleplayed by Jetclaw
This bright orange tabby tom is the son of the former leader of NightClan Burningstar and Driscal. He carries most of his mother's traits, though his fur is lighter and his amber eyes containing that sparkle and zest for life his mother has had dampened over the moons. Sparklingmirth has found with the regime change under Flamingstar a wall has risen up between him and his family. His mother stuck over in SunClan with some of his littermates, leaving him and the rest to fend for themselves in the harsher NightClan. But Sparklingmirth doesn't let this get to him. He does his best to bring some levity to the darkness when he can. Doing his best to keep a positive attitude and trying to find laughter in order to avoid breaking down crying in distress. It stings that his family is divided as it is, and he doesn't actually know his father. But at least he has his siblings in NightClan to make things better. And not all NightClan cats are bad. There's plenty of things to help him make the best of this.

roleplayed by ashestoashes
A long legged she-cat with a point fox like face and large eyes. Her fur is a soft ivory with bold mink markings on her face and legs. Her eyes are a vibrant blues. While she is mostly relaxed around her sister, she can come off as unfriendly, sarcastic, and quirky to those that don't know her. She has a lot of strange hobbies that she likes to upkept, but she keeps these out of the prying eyes of some of her more judgmental clanmates. Like her sister she believes in Starclan, but not as strongly. Spiderkit was born to a single mother along with her sister, Mantiskit. She never knew who her father was and it was deemed when she was much older that her father wasn't from Nightclan making her and her sister half Nightclan. Her relationship with her sister Mantisopera is great and they've been close since they were young. She finds her sister to be more chaotic and not as creative as she is and lacks an eye for beauty. She often finds herself lending her sister her ear so she can vent about her troubles in life. These two can be found chatting together at the end of each night gossiping about the rumors they heard throughout the day. The two sisters are inseparable and do almost everything together. They volunteer for the same patrols, hunt together, and she will even try and convince her sister to partake in her odd hobbies.

roleplayed by delta
A spindly, all white she-cat with green eyes. Spookshiver owes her life to NightClan for rescuing her and her siblings in their darkest hour. Left for dead by a Rogue gang, they where lucky a NightClan patrol heard their pitiful mews. As the moons turned into seasons, Sppokshiver and her siblings grew up strong and thrived in Clan life. Spookshiver made a vow long ago, a life vow to her Clan. To die in the line of service, then her debt shall be paid. A rather distant feline with a frosty exterior. Spookshiver is a difficult cat to get close to, she's even rarely warm with her siblings. Spookshiver's been so focused on offering up her life, she hasn't realized that she also must live it to truly give back. Her littermates are Phantomhaunt, Soulriver, Fadedapparition and Ivoryskeleton.

roleplayed by Jetclaw
Since Squirrelleap was little he was trained to be a warrior by his rogue father. His rogue father took him and his brother out and taught them how to fight viciously and hunt in all types of situations. A great deal of the scars that line Squirrelleap's brown tabby pelt are from such training missions. Eventually his brother ran to join NightClan and Squirrelleap followed. Sadly his brother met his end from a terrible sickness leaving Squirrelleap alone without any real path in his life. He's a soldier, a fighter, a protector. So he focuses on that, acting selflessly, while pretending he hasn't got a care in the world. His green eyes tell tales of sorrow, struggle and hardship. But Squirrelleap still tries to keep the mood light and is as light with words as he is on his paws.

roleplayed by bauble
When the owl calls and the mother’s usher their children in for the night, at that hour when the blue fades to the most black, when the stars take their place and twinkle in their casings so brightly that they look as if they could be picked like diamonds from that great canvas of the sky... that hour that draws the breath in with its sublimity. That’s the hour when her soul stirs, when she arcs her head to the heavens and captures that last orange of the sun, crushed and ebbing away, like the spirit of the cat she once was... wild and free. In its place comes the enveloping darkness, still, tranquil, polished in its beauty, and lovely to behold. She sees herself reflected in that image: her fur is middling length, a perfect black texture groomed to a sheen. The darkness is broken by stark white spots that dot the length of her back and shoulders, and crawl up her dainty front legs. Her mother called her Reinette, little queen, and it was her that ensured that she lived up to the name. Wrinkle your nose when you smile. Tip your head when you’re asked a question… just like that. Tuck your paws when you eat. Countless lessons have crafted her into a faultless creature of graces, almost impossible to offend, a joy to be around, and ever the pleaser. But as she searches that twilight sky, the dreams of her mother feel like chains rather than wings. Just as the tranquil night beckons the beasts who come bumping underneath the starlight, darker elements stir in her soul, fighting their restraints.

roleplayed by Jetclaw
When one talks of jealousy, they often describe it as being possessed by the green eyed beast. This dark gray tabby tom embodies such a beast. Born to Frozenfire, a she cat who has felt scorned and bitter, Viridiangaze believes he was likewise entitled to greatness but was denied by other cats stealing it from him, and covets what others have and is often plotting ways to acquire what they have. Be it friendships or items. Since NightClan is known for it's close ties, he has learned from his mother how to be sneakier about his nastiness and his efforts to take what he wants. He is a stealthy cat, and cunning. He prefers to avoid direct confrontation preferring to use manipulation and trickery to get what he wants. His siblings are Tenebrousrequiem, Lingeringshadow, and Tempestmelody.

roleplayed by Cleaver
Neutral and a little distant, Violetpaw isn't guarded so much as he's constantly exhausted by the stresses of life. Not to worry, he's good under pressure, calm and quick-thinking, and not afraid to make drastic moves. Really, pressure is the only thing that clears his head: when his life is still and futile, he gets fidgety and dives into his head. He has to be given a task, a deadline, in order to find some stability in his life. And that isn't a secret. Violetpaw will openly admit it, and even if he doesn't, the violent trembling of his paws gives it away. His paws shake when he's worked up or anxious or honestly whenever he feels any strong emotion, and he can't control it. What he won't tell you is why because Violetpaw is extremely private and refuses to easily divulge any information about himself. He's closes with his siblings because Puddlepaw and Skunkpaw already know everything about him without requiring him to say it. Violetpaw doesn't believe his privacy is an issue; he's a strongly moral cat, so its unlikely he has any dark secrets to hide, and cats seem to appreciate his sense of humor without knowing every minute detail of his life. A dark brown pointed tom with ice blue eyes, resigned to his destiny of life with Rabbitpaw.

roleplayed by seeker
Zinniawing is a beautiful tabby she-cat with splotches of red and white through her fur. It’s of mid-length, not too long that it tangles, but she also doesn’t have short fur either. Her eyes are a pretty amber orange, full of joy and understanding. Zinniawing was born with a twisted paw, making it so she was unlikely to ever become a warrior. Her mother would’ve liked to send her straight to the elder’s den, or had her stay in the nursery, but Zinniawing would have none of that. She learned how to work with her paw, limp rarely getting in her way, if at all. She persevered through training, ranking high in her class of apprentices despite all odds. Zinniawing is the hype girl anyone would want on their team. She’s easily excited and encouraging, the type to urge people on even if they would rather give up. Although she denounced living in the nursery, this doesn’t stop her from one day wishing to be a mother, nor does it stop her from rooting on queens who wish to stay there as well. She understands not everyone wants to be a warrior and she’s perfectly happy to encourage anyone on the path they choose through this lifetime.


Apprentices are typically six moons or older, training to be a warrior under a mentor. They are taught the ins and outside of their territory, as well as fighting and hunting techniques. An apprentice becomes a warrior once their mentor and Clan leader think they have learned enough or proved they are worthy of becoming warriors.

roleplayed by biyuu
A white she-cat with pale grey markings and blue eyes. Shy among strangers yet loud when with friends, Crystalcrypt's personality runs hot and cold in the heat of the moment. Her hobbies include talking passionately about her interests even when her friends have stopped caring, and bugs.

roleplayed by seeker
pure black cat with yellow eyes and angular features, such as a defined and pointed jaw, with long pointed ears. Dragonmirage is a cat that one might not care to mess with. They're a silent stalker, pawsteps soft, fur the color of shadows. Dragonmirage seems the type of cat you'd expect to find in Nightclan. Mysterious, quiet, and quick to kill. Their loyalty lies in Nightclan. Dragonmirage has a cool temper, the scary kind. They take silent revenge, being nice to your face, but slowly sabotaging in ways one wouldn't figure out. A nest always lumpy so you can't sleep well, so you're easier to manipulate. Disagreeing with anything you say, just to make you doubt yourself. They have a sense of superiority, and is in desperate need of being knocked into their place.

roleplayed by woof
Devised of old stars that saw no comfort in the direction their home was heading, she was ushered away from moonlit lands to find purpose anew. The ethereal veil of night slips around her sleek frame, a mixture of silvers and whites highlighted by the bright ginger tones in between, and dazzling navy eyes regard everything around her with wondrous interest. Known mostly for her airy demeanor and romantic pursuits, few see her slip into the reticent shades of her darkened moods, brooding over things consumed by vestigial tides shivering against the charred coast.

roleplayed by honeystorm
A himbo, through and through, formerly known as Ollie. Bouncy, innocent, sensitive, but he could probably break you in two without trying too hard. I don't know what Oakleaf looked like, but he probably looks like that or something. Also, apparently was given two different names, so some call him Olivepaw, others call him Otterpaw, he'll probably answer to both.

POPPYKIT (breeze)
roleplayed by ashestoashes
She is their mother's spitting imagine, just fluffier. Like all her siblings, she inherited her father's fluffy, thick maine coon style fur, and like her sister, she received their mother's red-orange coloring. Only Poppy didn't get any of the grey's or whites found in the father's fur, but she did get his personality. Even though she can barely remember the cat, she can briefly recall a time when there was the quiet, solid, comforting presence by her side. A sense of right, of home. It has helped her through some tough times and difficult choices, that sensation of what she should do never failing her. Poppybreeze ahs a string sense of justice and right, one she inherited from her father, but the confidence to act on such feelings alludes her. Poppybreeze has no confidence, at least not to speak out against anything, even if she believes herself right.

roleplayed by seeker
a pretty calico she-cat with green eyes and long fur. Rosyreef is one of Aspenstar's nieces, the daughter of the now deceased Oakleaf and an unknown shecat. She was taken from twolegs at a very early age, enough that she hardly remembers, not that would she want to. Rosyreef loves Nightclan, and being close to her family here. Now, she can stay with her siblings without fear of separation, and she gets to learn stories about her father from her aunt. She's extremely kindhearted, but fiercely loyal, almost to a fault. She feels a constant pull between her family, and her sister, Roaringwinter. Rosyreef is well aware that Roaringwinter despises Aspenstar for taking the three siblings to Nightclan, but she loves her aunt with her entire being. She's independent, though stays beside those she loves. She sees Phantomfox as almost a father figure, since he was the one to help raise her along side Aspenstar.

roleplayed by Cleaver
Neutral and a little distant, Violetpaw isn't guarded so much as he's constantly exhausted by the stresses of life. Not to worry, he's good under pressure, calm and quick-thinking, and not afraid to make drastic moves. Really, pressure is the only thing that clears his head: when his life is still and futile, he gets fidgety and dives into his head. He has to be given a task, a deadline, in order to find some stability in his life. And that isn't a secret. Violetpaw will openly admit it, and even if he doesn't, the violent trembling of his paws gives it away. His paws shake when he's worked up or anxious or honestly whenever he feels any strong emotion, and he can't control it. What he won't tell you is why because Violetpaw is extremely private and refuses to easily divulge any information about himself. He's closes with his siblings because Puddlepaw and Skunkpaw already know everything about him without requiring him to say it. Violetpaw doesn't believe his privacy is an issue; he's a strongly moral cat, so its unlikely he has any dark secrets to hide, and cats seem to appreciate his sense of humor without knowing every minute detail of his life. A dark brown pointed tom with ice blue eyes, resigned to his destiny of life with Rabbitpaw.

Queens & Kits

A queen is a cat that is expecting or has recently given birth to a litter of kits. Though known to be overly-protective of kits, queens usually are compassionate and kind. When cats become queens, they typically give up their title and duties as a warrior. However, they become a warrior again once their kits have been apprenticed.A kit is a cat under the age of six moons who is still living in the nursery with their mother and littermates. Once old enough they will start their training as apprentices and leave the nursery.

Queen's Name: Kit1, Kit2, Kit 3
Aspenstar and Larkspur: Petalkit, Azaleakit, Asterkit, Poppykit

roleplayed by STEALTHYBIRB
A handsome face, golden eyes, and a fear of commitment. What more could anyone want? A lot probably. Astervalley is a long-furred tom with a mixed pelt. His fur holds hues of russet, white, and blacks. His eyes are a bright gold that looks fiercer than he actually is. Astervalley is entirely too unconcerned in most situations that would cause FOR concern. Maybe it's his lack of front claws but Aster just wasn't born for worrying.

roleplayed by Espeon
Azaleakit is a rose-furred cat with patches of white fur along their pelt and a set of solid green eyes. When things started off with a cat like Azaleakit, it was clear from the beginning that this was going to be a little bit of an odd one. Azaleakit took their time before interacting with just about anyone in this odd little family of theirs. They'd speak, they'd talk and do as they're told, but Azaleakit didn't opt into a playful life quickly. Instead, they spent their time watching. Examining. Not without things to do, but their schedule was packed with figuring out other cats. Eventually, perhaps to other's relief, Azaleakit had settled in with their siblings and began a life that others perhaps may not soon forget. Only time will tell where a cat like this will go. Azaleakit on their own, however, reveals their true lineage. Around the cats of NightClan, Azaleakit grows dozens of wonders about one simple question- is this a place that they belong in? Not through looks, but personality perhaps. Azaleakit is highly intelligent, with a near perfect memory and a keen eye for reading cats around them. Azaleakit is calm. Cool. Calculating. Azaleakit lives to live, and discovering the likes, dislikes, whims and desires of cats around them bring Azaleakit another step towards living. Their actions and mannerisms shift wildly based on who they're talking to, and a great deal of discomfort can come across their mind when interacting with an unknown cat. Azaleakit knows very little about who they are as a cat, and very rarely will make the first move with someone else. Perhaps after keeping an eye on them and a bit of examining, but even a moment without knowing who a cat is brings them the possibility of turning someone away. The backstory of Azaleakit, much to their own discomfort, remains a slight mystery. At the moment, they follow along with and believes tales of birth or rescue into a clan like this one. With as little as they know about it though, the only option for Azaleakit is to forge their own history, and they plan to create a true sight worth seeing for everyone around.

roleplayed by shadow
A black she-cat with accents of rust ginger on her belly, chest, and underside of tail and poison ivy green eyes.

roleplayed by seeker
Calico she-cat with green eyes. Imaginative and forgetful, often seen as an airhead. Has trouble separating her daydreams and reality. Has no sense of what boundaries are. Excessive romantic, with fantasies to match. Somewhat insecure and sensitive; motivated by emotions. Prone to dramatics, the kind who likes tragic stories as a concept. Can be subconsciously self-defeating at times and finds it hard to root for themselves

roleplayed by uniqcrim
n which direction will fate pull you? Poppyflicker is always looking for the answer to the question. They believe everything happens for a reason and fate has already dictated who will come into your life, but you make the decision on whether it with be fortuitous or ill fated. At least to some extent. They are grateful for those that fate has brought into their life and value every life greatly as a result. Due to their heavy belief in fate, they feel as though they have something to prove to the world and the otherworld. An entire side of life that they as a mere cat cannot fully comprehend. Poppyflicker must be especially careful with injury as they are physically unable to feel pain, even if there is a gaping wound on their body. They aren't sure why this is the case but they were simply born this way. She is a soft medium-furred white she-cat with deep blue eyes and curved ears.

roleplayed by Deerstar
01. Ravenclaw is a pure-blooded NightClan kit, pitch black short pelt with stunning bright yellow eyes, born on October, 1st, 2021, to her Mother Ravenheart, and her Father Tigerslash, this she-cat will grow up to become a fine warrior. She will become a very self-assured she-cat who knows what she is cabable of doing and knows what she wants, which is to lead NightClan someday, as Leader. Though for now she must learn to be self-assured, right now she is just learning about the world and the ways of her Clan. Her only figure is her Father, Tigerslash, as her Mother Ravenheart died during kitting. Ravenclaw loves her Father and appreciates the Queens who have helped to raise her. In the future she hopes to repay the Queens, by helping them out with getting them food, kit-sitting, when she has no warrior duities to fullfill, as well as helping to teach the kits some moves, to help them prepare for their apprenticeships. Ravenclaw also hopes that she can prove to her Clan that she is able to lead and make desicions for the Clan. She also hopes for a mate and kits of her own to further her family tree. She hopes that her siblings, Crowfeet, and Deepsoul, also have families someday as well. SAILKIT
roleplayed by biyuu
BioCharming, affectionate, and not afraid of his feelings; Sailkit will tell everyone how he feels about them and doesn’t hold grudges if they don’t reciprocate. Really, the only time he holds back is when he’s embarrassed or ashamed of how he feels, and that’s usually when he’s feeling guilty. Sailkit has a tendency to steal from others - little things, mostly; the soft moss they gathered for their nest, or the prey they buried while on patrol. He can’t help it, and he pretends he wasn’t the thief, but it’s hard to hide so many coincidences. He isn’t proud of it but he doesn’t know what else to do. Description written by Cleaver.

roleplayed by shadow A munchkin shorthaired white she-cat with patches of dark grey and light green eyes. A mute little one, she is the sister of Glitteringnight and Snowyeve.

roleplayed by shadow Out of a liter of three, only one kit looked like their father. Stormbird was named for the multi-colored grey maine coon fur he inherited from his father, one that reminded observers of the sky when covered in storm clouds. Other than his appearance, he is nothing like the cat though. Where Grandslky had been poised, grand, quiet, and respectable, Stormbird is not. He is freedom, a bird wishing to break free, and one that hates being caged up in camp. Constantly seen running about, this tom is a wild child. His fur is never kept and his eyes hold a sense of mischief usually reserved for kits. The cats of NightClan hope he one day grows out of his mischievous ways. But he likes fun, and fun is better than being cooped up in camp all day. The tom will even take a day of training to doing nothing! Especially is that training happens out in the middle of a rain storm, his favorite of all the different ranges of weather.


An elder is usually an elderly cat who cannot do warrior duties any more due to their old age. When a warrior, queen, deputy, or medicine cat wishes to retire, an Elderceremony is held. Sometimes a cat must retire early for reasons beyond their control, such as, a wound, loss of sight, or any other disability. Elders are highly respected members of the clan, having earned their place in the elders den after long serving the clan. They are often looked after by the apprentices.

roleplayed by sunlight
Those who know Dawnpoppy know her to be kind, traditional, and a family-oriented she-cat. She served her time as a warrior alongside her talented mate, Lostriver, and had their only litter of kits later in life. Since they were her only children, she was overbearing at times, but she was undoubtedly a devoted and loving mother. Even now she relishes their accomplishments- particularly those of her daughter, Aspenstar. Dawnpoppy is non-descript in appearance, with soft gray and white fur and light green eyes, but she is known for her open ears and full heart. Old as she is, she is a little proper and dislikes crude language and suggestive implications, much preferring to keep to wholesome, good-hearted company.

roleplayed by Jetclaw
Cold as the night, and lacking the softness of a shadow in the light of day. Duskwing prefers her solitude, and does not suffer fools gladly. If you approach her she'll react with hostility, but those closest to her know that if you stick with her and give it time she'll eventually warm up to you. But you'll have the patience of StarClan to do so. This is a tabby cat who sees no need for tact and will state things as they are, as bluntly as possible. She doesn't have time to concern herself with how what she says might make you feel. She's going to tell it like it is and that's all there is to it. She is a tabby cat with prominent markings on her face, and her black markings get steadily darker to her tail. Her amber eyes are cold, like the cat they belong to.


Prisoners are those who have done wrong by Nightclan and are being punished or are the new comers waiting their initiation. During the time of prisoners, each prisoner will be either given a den in which they serve or they will be assigned to a higher rank Warrior as their own personal servant.

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