Warrior Cat Clans

On Classic, we have rules and policies. Breaking a rule results in a warning, unless it's a minor rule violation. If it's a minor rule violation you will get messaged reminder, but the next rule violation will result in a warning. Policies do not result in warnings, unless there's a major rule violation or the breaking of the policy happens multiple times. If you receive three warnings, your banning will be dicussed and will most likely be carried through. If you are banned and would like another chance, you may contact a staff member for a chance at redemption which will be dicussed with the staff. Please read the rules and pilicies and not only abide by them but enforce them as we would like to keep this a safe and fun place.

Respect is required from every member of Classic without exception. Disrespect, which is defined as treating someone with contempt or rudeness or being insulting, will not be tolerated. Intentional disrespect may result in a warning or ban, depending on the frequency and severity of the disrespect. Considerate behavior is expected from members of Classic, and it is necessary to consider the feelings and opinions of others while on the site. It is important to understand that we are a community, and thus we must treat each member of the community with respect. Debates, including those about politics or religion, must be done with the utmost respect for all participants.

2. AGE
You must be 13 years of age or older to be a member of Classic or any other Proboard site, due to the United State’s COPPA law. Any user who openly states that they are under 13 years old will be banned in compliance with this law.

Hard swearing, such as the use of the f-word, s-word, b-word, etc, is not allowed on classic. Hate speech, which includes but is not limited to racial and homophobic slurs, is also unacceptable. There is an auto-censor on the site that will automatically change these terms. Abbreviations, such as LMAO or WTF, are allowed, as are less offensive curse words like damn, ass,pissed, bloody or hell. Usage of such softer curses must not be excessive. Punishment is dependent on the severity and can range from warning to ban on a case-to-case basis.

Sexual content is prohibited without exception. Any user uploading pictures and/or media or posting sexual content will be permanently banned. There is no tolerance by any member on this site for sexual, racial, or any discriminatory remarks. Sexual harassment is also not tolerated. Any user with these statements will be banned. Roleplays involving rape/ non-consensual sex will not be tolerated on Classic, this includes roleplays where someone is under the influence, misinformed, tricked, or is threatened to have sex. Both parties must be consenting. Furthermore kits are not allowed to have mates or date outside of their age and elders cannot date or be mates with apprentices.

Advertising will only be permitted on the sub board (located here) and on their profiles. Users sending out messages or posting threads consisting of an advertisement of your own site or someone else's will receive a warning. Should you be interested in advertising or affiliating on/with Classic, please see this page.

Please do not spam the members of Classic. Spamming includes spamming threads and sending large quanties of messages to users. If you have a question about the contexts of spam, message an admin.

Clan leaders are allowed to create joining restrictions and either themselves or their deputies must approve every cat before the cat is accepted. A leader may deny a cat for any number of reasons, including unrealistic names. Leaders have the full right to accept/not accept them within their own clan.
Throughout the site, there is a general prohibition of cats with unrealistic fur or eye colors. Neon and fluorescent eyes are included in this prohibition. Acceptable eye colors include shades of blue, yellow, gold, orange, green, grey, purple if hereditary or due to a disease or injury, heterochromatic, and pink or red if the cat suffers from albinism.

Only Clan leaders can use the suffix -star in their names. No cat can use the prefix Star-. Names that have been used in the books are not allowed on the site.

Intentional incest is prohibited on Classic.

In regards to rule infractions and general debates over such matters, a user cannot be held accountable for previously unofficial rules and regulations, nor can they be found at fault of a rule that no longer exists. The current rules will be followed as they are for every situation.

Humans are only able to be roleplayed on the human roleplay board and in official threads created by the Entertainment Manager. All rules apply to roleplaying humans. In addition, sexual activities and drug use are prohibited in these threads. All other creatures are not allowed unless given permission by a leader for a Clan plot.

Warnings are to hold their value on Classic for exactly one year after they are given. For example, if a user was was given a warning on January 1st, 2018, that warning will be of merit, will not be expelled, and will only expire on the day of January 1st, 2019. A warning log is kept to monitor warnings.

Art theft and plagiarism are not allowed on Classic. To use image(s), layout(s), and /or any written work made by other people, you must get permission from the creator and/or give the creator credit. If you get caught breaking this rule, a staff member will notify you, and you will be given 24 hours to remove the piece in question. If you do not remove the piece within that 24 hours, you will receive a warning and an administrator will delete it for you.

No god-mode is allowed while roleplaying. No creature can become immune to attacks or invincible unless the creature is being used for a leader-sanctioned plot, nor can a kit be able to take on a full grown warrior, and no cat is allowed to kill another cat without both roleplayer's permission. You also may not maim another user’s cat without permission. Do not roleplay someone else's cat without their written permission.

Cyberbullying any of our members is not condoned on any platform. This includes platforms like Facebook, Skype, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. Proof of cyberbullying must be provided for the mods to discuss. Keep in mind that cyberbullying is different from an argument or disagreement and is not a term to be thrown around lightly. If you have concerns that you or a friend has been cyberbullied on or off of Classic by a member of Classic, please reach out to a staff member. Cyberbullying can be classified with the following criteria; those marked with *** will result in an instant ban, while punishment for those without the *** will be decided by the mods depending on severity.

1. Harassment: Sending offensive, rude, and insulting messages and/or otherwise creating a hostile environment for a user.
2. Denigration: Distributing information about another that is derogatory and untrue through posting it on a web page, sending it to others through email or instant messaging, or posting/sending digitally altered photos of someone.
3. Flaming: Inciting online "fighting" using electronic messages with angry, vulgar language.
4. Outing and Trickery: Sharing someone's secrets or embarrassing information, or tricking someone into revealing secrets or embarrassing information and forwarding it to others.
5. ***Impersonation: Breaking into an email or social networking account and using that person's online identity to send or post vicious or embarrassing material to/about others. Merely claiming to be another person without proof is also disallowed.
6. ***Cyber Stalking: Repeatedly sending messages that include threats of harm or are highly intimidating, or engaging in other online activities that make a person afraid for his or her safety.
7.Framing/Conspiring/Entrapment: including but not limited to falsely accusing a member for breaking any rule, tampering with screenshots, sending screenshots where the complainant has removed or edited their own messages, conspiring with other users to demean, spread rumors about, or otherwise harm another member, setting a member up to break a rule and then reporting them for it, and slander.

1. Any member of the staff may be messaged in an instance of cyberbullying. The reporter will remain anonymous unless their participation in the investigation is necessary, or the situation calls for communication between the complainant and the accused, in which case the complainant will be consulted regarding the extent of their participation.
2. Valid proof must be provided in the form of appropriately edited but untampered with screen-shots (see below)
3. The user who reports an instance of cyberbullying is expected to maintain the confidentiality of any personal information of the user accused. This means blacking out or blurring real names, photographs and locations. The user accused will face the accusation under the username they have created for themselves onsite.
4. Any exposition of personal information from any party including the reporter of the incident and the user accused is considered cyberbullying in the form of “outing” (refer to clause 1 example 4) and will be treated as such.
5. False accusation is a serious issue and will not be tolerated. Complainants are expected to be transparent in their intentions and recollection of the incident.

1. Classic’s staff will be held accountable for their actions when investigating an instance of Cyberbullying and are expected to go no further than reasonable measures in investigating these instances
2. No member of Classic’s staff is permitted to reveal details of ongoing investigations with any user (in reference to the confidentiality rule) 3. Any staff member who receives a message concerning an instance of cyberbullying should forward it to the Communications Manager for validation
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀a. If a staff member receives a message with a screenshot that displays private information that is not
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ blacked or blurred out, they can still forward it to the Communications Manager for evaluation, but it should
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀be noted that the privacy policy has been broken and further action concerning repercussions should be ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀discussed.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀b. If a user is unable to edit or take screenshots, they need only message the staff member with the complaint, omitting the screenshot and instead explaining their inability to edit.
4. The viewing and/or browsing of an accused user’s personal accounts on social media platforms is considered an unnecessary intrusion and breach of privacy for our users, as any proof regarding instances of cyberbullying would likely be through private messaging and provided through screenshots.
5. Staff has no right to release personal or private information about any user unless the name is familiarized among the site or the release of information is permitted by that user. This includes the identification of a user accused of Cyberbullying by their true legal name unless it is already known among users of the site. The user should otherwise refer to the accused by the Username they have created for themselves as well as past usernames if applicable.

It is important to note that cyberbullying is a serious and often complicated crime with a lot of grey area. When an incident is reported, the staff will hear accounts of the incident from both the complainant and the user accused of the crime. Both users are expected to be truthful and transparent in their recollections of the incident that happened, and after deliberation, the staff will decide how to further proceed in the form of guilt or innocence, and subsequent punishment.

Puppet accounts are prohibited on Classic. This means that no member may simultaneously use two accounts at the same time. Secondly, should a family member decide to roleplay on Classic with the same IP address, the current member of Classic must inform staff of this so we do not give the member a warning for creating a puppet account. Failure to do so in 24 hours results in an admin informing the user to alert an admin if they create another account. If the user fails to report an account within 24 hours a second time they will receive a warning. Should anyone sharing an IP address receive a warning or ban, anyone under the same IP address will also receive the same punishment. Furthermore you cannot create a separate identity/ account with the intent of emotionally hurting others, deceiving the public, abusing new member status, or doubling votes. Additionally all returning ProBoard members who go under different usernames are expected to message the admins with who your original identity was within 24 hours. This will then be placed in a google doc directory that can be requested by the public, but is not made public on the actual Classic website.

1. Emotionally hurting others: Using a second account in an attempt to remain anonymous while emotionally hurting others.
2. Deceiving The Public: Using another account with the intent of making members believe something emotionally harmful that is false. Such as, faking life threatening illnesses, death, victimization, and any other emotional harm to the public. For instance using a second account to say that the main account member is dead when they are that person.
3. Abusing New Member Status: You cannot abuse "new member" status when you are not new. For instance in a debate setting you cannot say, "As a new member SummerClan's super confusing and I think that should change."
4. Doubling Votes: Using multiple accounts, or an account that is not yours in order to vote more than once.


Banned Members who committed Minor Offenses on Classic can be given the opportunity to serve a probation period. Minor Infractions on Classic include; advertising, god-moding, the usage of minor swears, the usage of less offensive remarks and sporadic spamming. If a banned member who committed one of these Minor Offenses asks to be unbanned, the Staff Members would discuss the possibility of granting this user the opportunity to serve a probation period. If a majority of our Staff Members agree, the banned member would be unbanned. During probation, the Member can't break the rules. Any broken rule will result in an immediate and permanent ban. If the member isn't assigned a single warning during their probation period, they would be unbanned and assigned one warning. Every redeemed member would receive one warning after probation, no exceptions. This warning is put in place in order to remind every member of their previous offenses to Classic.