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Patrol Title


The Covenant

Sed lex dura lex. "The Law is hard, but it is the Law."

It is the duty of a Shadowhunter to up hold the law of The Clave, Shadowhunters are required to investigate even the slightest possible rumor of the Covenant being violated.

Shadowhunters must respect all laws both of The Clave and Mundane. This means you must honor and respect the laws of other Clans.

Shadowhunters cannot reveal The Shadow World to Mundanes. Mundanes who wish to join MoonClan must be escorted to and remain in the City of Ash at all times untl they decide to ascend.

Shadowhunters must never commit a crime against a fellow Shadowhunter. These crimes are punished more strictly than crimes against Mundanes or Downworlders because to harm a fellow Shadowhunter is to benifit those who go against Selene and wish to do us harm.

Consorting or Collaberating with our enemies or anyone who wishes to do us harm is considered treason. Shadowhunters found guilty of treason will be subject to The Clave's harshest punishment. The End of their families existence among MoonClan and The Shadow World. The perpitraitor will be immediately be stripped of their marks and rank and he will be made Foresaken and left to go insane until they die. The Family members of the peritratoir are simply stripped of their marks and banished from MoonClan.

While taking a Mundane or Downworlder as a mate is frowned upon by the Clave any offspring resulted from such a pair will be considered of Shadowhunter blood.

A romantic bond between Parabatai is forbidden, there are no exceptions to this rule.


You shall have no other gods before Selene. Nor shall you worship another god(s).

You shall not take the name of Selene your, Goddess in vain.

Keep the Full Moon Sacred. No blood should be split this day.

Honor your family and your clan.

You shall not murder another outside of ritual ceremony other than in self defense.

You shall not put an outsider before your clan.

You shall not steal from the mouths of your clanmates. You must always bring back something from a hunt.

You shall not bear false witness against yours or any other clan.

Do not speak with a spirit unless it has spoken to you first
Do not ask favors of spirits.
Do not try to touch a spirit; nothing will happen but it’s considered rude
Always bow before and after interacting with a spirit
Shadowhunter Academy

The Shadowhunter Academy is a school for Shadowhunters-in-training. Clave born cats and Mundanes who are approved for acension are sent to the Shadowhunter's Academy to learn combat and hunting skills as well as Clave law and culture. Students at the academy spend three- four months here on average. Aside from their tutors no other full fledged Shadowhunters stay at the academy. This is to get young cats used to doing things on their own without their mother and father looking out for them.

Reputation Opportunities

Create a thread 12 points
Reply to a thread 12 points
Interact with your tutor 12 points
Participate in a training plot 12 points
Participate in a clan plot 12 points
Spar with a fellow student 12 points
Attend a clan gathering 12 points
Find a Parabatai bond (bonus) 25 points

Graduating Levels

Freshmen 0 Points
Sophmore 50 Points
Junior 100 Points
Senior 150+ Points

Shadowhunter Students

Darknesspaw 36 points | Fr
Hauntedpaw 24 points | Fr
Lostpaw 36 points | Fr
Nocturnepaw 132 points | Jr
Palepaw 24 points | Fr
Pearpaw 72 points | Sph
Promisedpaw 36 points | Fr
Ravagedpaw 0 points | Fr
Swirlingpaw 0 points | Fr
Vantapaw 60 points | Sph
Amaryllispaw 0 points | Fr
Astutepaw 0 points | Fr
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The Consul


Born into the period just before MoonClan’s transformation, Ravenlight grew up in a dynamic environment. This gave him an appreciation for MoonClan’s traditions, but led him to be skeptical of the rules. While rarely willing to outright break them, he does bend them when it suits his or his Clan’s needs. Above all that, the black Maine coon is loud and prone to outbursts, sometimes violent ones, when he gets angered. His demeanor does not even spare the kits, as he treats them much like he would treat any other adult. He means what he says. Sure, he does have sarcasm, but the underlying message would be what he considers to be true. He was a kit during MoonClan’s exile, and he believes that MoonClan needed to be more involved. If they involved themselves with their neighbors, they could make allies. They could protect themselves against the rest of the world. It was perhaps an unpopular view, but he saw it as a necessary burden to ease future ones. Being a Maine coon, he is quite large for a cat. His yellow eyes are the color of the sun at midday.


The Inquisitor


Born with the elegant beauty of silver velvet. His chest, throat, muzzle, belly, paws, and tail tip highlighted in luminous white. Dotting the areas of silver is a complex pattern of tiny black spots and swirling rosettes. Spacevoyager’s had a small pink nose, light citrine colored eyes, along with large bat like ears that add to his ever so odd features. While he is impressively tall and taller than the average warrior. While he isn’t as tall as his great grandfather Phthaloabyss nor his grandfather Echeveriajinx. His appearance carry fragments of forgotten bloodlines, clans and many stories. Along with it faded memories that scatter like dandelion seeds on the wind. He is Moonclan born and his mother’s family had existed in Moonclan for several generations. While his father’s family has only existed for two generations. While he is proud of his family snd considers himself a family man at heart. He is barely a baby deer that is just getting his footing. He is a newly named shadow Hunter with rising talent. He is a skilled fighter and strategizer that always seems to be thinking five steps ahead in dire situations. Not caring if he has to manipulate the behind the scenes for the sake of his clan. He would move mountains if he could. His loyal to Moonclan and their goddess Selene run deeps in his veins. While he isn’t quick to call others traitors. He tends to look down on the Mundane, Downworlders, as well as members from the other Forest Clans. Believes they are merely bugs beneath his paws and they can either join Moonclan and the guidance of Selene or be squashed like a flea. While his facial features may appear gentle and he will even greet you with a polite warm smile. On the surface he appears friendly it’s merely an act to get you to drop your guard. Deep down he is dangerous creature who is unpredictable in every sense. It’s unknown if you will get a gentle polite Spacevoyager or the cold, harsh exterior.


The Silent Brothers




Once, Snowshod was afraid of the dark. The light of his goddess Selene was the only comfort to him, and he would only venture out of the camp when she was full and bright. Time and time again, the darkness made him ill. When he tried to sneak out of camp as a young kit, a tunnel collapsed over his head and he nearly died; later, he was kidnapped and held in a cave until he managed to escape. When he was an apprentice on the night of no moon, he was attacked by a rogue raiser who stole away with his left eye; moons later, he was kidnapped again. Only this time, he was stolen during the day, and this time, his future mate Spookbat was at his side. With her support, he learned how to look after himself and found confidence in his own abilities. Snowshod still loves the light of the moon, but he doesn't fear the darkness anymore. Spookbat and Snowshow had a picture perfect life with four happy kittens - Bishop Carvedsnow, Frozenlaughter, Beetleboo, and Hauntedmoon - and though she has since passed on, he is eternally grateful to his mate for being the best part of his life. Snowshod's parents are Farmpelt and Cowflop, but after his mother's early death on the moonless night she gave birth, he was raised by his aunt Hollyfrost and briefly by her lover Shivershroud as he recovered in the medicine cat's den. As a result, he has great respect for the quieter pursuits of clan life, far removed from battles and hunting. In his old age he has retired to become a Silent Brother, trading his voice for his love of history. His family no longer needs him to guide their paws, and he hopes to serve his clan in this new way. Snowshod is an undersized white tom with black patches and one blue right eye.





The Painted Sisters









The Members
BEETLEBOOplayed by pao
Bright with laughter, full of wonder, sparked with life. Beetlboo is the son of Spookbat and Snowshod, two warriors who face demons both awake and asleep. His parents are trouble, something he realized when he was but a kit. It wasn't hard. Spookbat would slither into a corner and not come out for days, his father jumped at his own shadow; simple things like that told more than words ever could. For that, he chose to be their laughter. To be their wonder. Their life. Where they could not feel free to live, love, and laugh he would. When his parents weren't themselves this chocolate brown tom would tend to his siblings. While all he could bring them was laughter and fun, it was something to help lighten the days where they're own parents scared them. Even Beetleboo was scared most days, but he pushed it down to show only a smile. His dark yellow eyes would spark at the thought of a game, of his parents' being themselves, at the little things. Games came from things like saying boo at the shadows to chase away fear, from chasing beetles across the den, from finding mother the best leaf they could. Beetleboo understood from a young age that his family was broken, beaten, and in pieces. Yet, he learned to smile through the bad times and the good. To find joy in the little things. It was all a young cat could do in situations like these. So, just say boo to the shadows and smile a little, it makes the days a little brighter.

DELUSIONALHAVENplayed by NovaAmaro
A girl living in her own world, Delusionalhaven always had an adventurous and free spirit. Like most of her clan, she thrives under the light of the full moon. It was on a night like this that she met Burntphoenix, a Sunclan warrior. Delusionalhaven was a young warrior when she met Burntphoenix. For a long time her loyalty to her clan wavered. All she wanted was to be with this tomcat, and she briefly considered leaving Moonclan for him. She had taken her pregnancy as a sign of Selene’s blessing for the pair. However, when the time had come for her kits to be born she realized that blessing had been a curse. Scorchedwhisker and Poeticreaper were the only ones out of her litter of four that survived, and she nearly died trying to bring them into the world. The she-cat took it as a sign from the Moon god that the relationship needed to end. She left her two kits in the care of another queen and met with Burntphoenix one last time. The new queen ended the relationship and, in order to keep her surviving kits safe, told him that all the kits had died. She felt terrible for lying, but felt she had no choice. Burntphoenix was her first love, and in many ways he still is. But once things had ended she had to fight for her place in Moonclan once more, as well as for her two surviving kits. To her Burntphoenix will always her first love, no matter how things may have ended between them. Delusionalhaven spent all her time focusing on her two kits. They were her pride and joy. She would have done anything for them, and protecting them against anything. When Scorchedwhisker left, it broke her heart. The she-cat had fallen into a dark hole for many days after the departure of her son. Though she hasn’t quite recovered from her son’s departure, Delusionalhaven pulled herself up again for the benefit of her clan. She has a habit of treating Poeticreaper as though she was still a kit, as she’s the only one left and can be fiercely protective of her daughter. She is known to pray to the Moon god to keep Scorchedwhisker safe, and often wonders what became of her son

A medium-long furred, swirling black and white marbled tabby markings tom with blue/green eyes - just like his father, but with longer fur. Enigmaheart was born at the worst place, at the worst time, possibly the worst day in MoonClan and certainly on the worst day ever for his parents. Born to Syndrome-enigma and Daylight / Asphodel of SunClan who were force to flee to MoonClan after the successful tyrannical reign of the SunClan High Priestess, Foxstar and failing to assassinate her themselves. It could've been peaceful not looking over their shoulder every second, just like her parents second litter she would be jinxed to never meet their mother alive. Foxstar had an increasing snowballing power over the clans, Syndrome-enigma wasn't in camp - of course it was worst possibilities they could imagine - Asphodel was murdered just hours after her kitting along with others and the surrender of MoonClan followed. Syndrome-enigma couldn't even mourn he played misdirect to keep suspicion away and keep himself contained for the sake of their kits less they become orphans or worst if Foxstar or any of SunClan retaliated via the kits. He guided their kits and now - with sole parenting duty and high-risk misfortune looming over them - reinforced their training, giving them honesty about their mother and their history with SunClan when they became apprentices while encouraging them to still live for themselves and cultivate their individual personalities. Enigmaheart, like his father in his youth, is rather arrogant and self-centered, occasionally missing the point or the big picture - and with his mother's natural skills it's hard to get him out of it. This in part stems from finding out what happened to their mother and being fixated on avenging his mother and instilling the sense of having to watch his and his sibling's back. He places value honesty because of his father to the point of being very direct and brutally honest with others. Feelings take a backseat to facts and he doesn't apologize for that since he's not inclined to point things out unless it effects him or his work - then his perfectionist side comes out because he likes things getting done the 'right way' or efficiently at least. Enigmaheart isn't afraid to be reckless so long as it's on his terms and occasionally actively chooses to be. He's aimless in life so consequences have little weight to him and it's doesn't help his faith is hazy - born into it but barely there anymore - which in turn makes him morally ambiguous. His father from SunClan, with their 'Sun God' and his so called chosen a being who took so much from his family and other. Then raised in MoonClan with a 'Moon Goddess' who let it all happen. Why? His father tried to raise them in the MoonClan faith and keep this opinions out of it but Enigmaheart has a hard time with that. MoonClan took them in but looking back, their Goddess did nothing to stop the monster - and did nothing to save /her/, the brave soul who stood in her way almost every chance she had. So Enigma makes sarcastic comments every now and then to his father's annoyance and when family or select few are around slights the faith and deep down has every intention to test the boundaries and hopes a spirit will come to him just for his testing purposes. Like his mother and her parents before her he drips confidence and could be a leader as it shines through on patrols - his calm composure and bluffing stragety can even pay off every now and again. His recklessness and lax morals reflects in his relationships as well, he's always been a looker, flirt, and overall hellion for his poor father to manage. Enigma's even discarded known crushes or relationships to pursue his own interests cause his love is just as important too ya know - and if they like someone else more than it just means it's not his and he'll abandon it than waste his time on relationship. This tendency to walk away might be why he can't keep a relationship - he's never been able to compromise in youth even with his family pointing it out and making it plain as day he needs to work on himself. Relationships weren't his priority and he wanted someone to accept his terms to be by his side because love is a weakness otherwise - the way his parents were strong and supportive together with the same priorities and a mate with kits could be in danger if they didn't listen to him because then they'd be hurt and so would he .. and it would all be his fault right? Or something like that, maybe it wasn't worth it for him to invest in. Somehow in all his parents stories he misses the support and compromise they gave each other, that or he'd have to admit he's afraid to be hurt and suffer. He is the son of Syndrome-enigma (of SunClan/MoonClan) and Daylight 2.0 / Asphodel (of SunClan/MoonClan). He is protective of his family and that includes his adoptive sister Lily, despite her story she's just a victim in life's cruel game like him and his siblings. He has older siblings, and littermates Daylight 3.0, Nightchild, Sunfeather, Moonwing, Neverforgotten, Lilysoul, Opensky, Frenziedbarley and Immortal-love.

LITTLEDUSK - played by DOT
A plush dilute tabbico she-cat with white mittens and green colored eyes. She is a chatter box and a queen of gossip. She thrives on knowing everyone's secrets. When she gets bored and hasn't had her weekly dose of gossip. She will turn to spreading rumors about other cats or even other clans. She is not the best cat to bring to gatherings because she would be most likely to spill clan confidenial secerts. While she is a skilled hunter, she is rather clumsy and lacks the patience to consider any strategy.

SAGESPIRIT - played by ashestoashes
An older warrior who has seen things this cat has been through he ringer and back, but nothing as slowed this older cat down. Sagespirit is a skinny brown tabby cornish rex with green eyes who is truly a force to be reckoned with. He loves his four adopted sons Radientchaos, Astutecalm, Passionatefurry, and Virtuousblade very much and only hopes for the best for them. He is always around to be an ear for them and give any advice he can give to his boys. If someone were to hurt one of his children there will be hell to pay and isn't afraid to fight someone who brings harm to their way.

SOULMATCH - played by stealthybirb
A thick furred cinnamon and white tabby tom with turquoise and gold eyes. Son of Daylight and Syndrome-enigma. Grandson to Skystar, Barleystar, Uta, and Abandon. He is the youngest of his litter, giving him thirteen older littermates. Much like his mother, and his grandfather, and great grandfather before him, the tom has just a tad of a temper issue, to put it lightly. It's easy to irritate him, whether it's the heat, a roll of the eyes from a clanmate, or a passing tease, he tends to go off the rails a lot. Which actually tends to surprise cats, when he erupts at them the first time, as he is generally a quiet being, keeping to himself more than anything, observing and thinking rather than being a social butterfly. Sometimes, cats don't even notice him, only to see him, fur fluffed up, eyes burning with blue and gold flame looking up at them. Nonetheless, he's quite intelligent, if standoffish from those other than his relatives, and can make a great asset, so long as you don't irritate him, which is a feat in itself.

"I ponder of something great, My lungs will fill and then deflate, They fill with fire, Exhale desire" He is a skinny tom with swirling black and white marbled tabby markings - the same kind of tabby as his father, just with white fur. As far as Syndrome knows he was born to a sole warrior mother who didn't live and he himself was born very sick. The medicine cats had no idea what the causes were and thus no idea what he had. Was he just born a few days early? Was it a new sickness? Something contagious? Without even a name the kit was separated and referred to as having 'an unknown syndrome' and even being referred to as 'Syndromekit' with a low expectation he would live to have a proper name. Despite a few moons of weakness compared to the other kits he was gradually improving and eventually changing his name just didn't seem appropriate as he he already grew into it and no one had the heart to tell him his name wasn't a 'real warrior' name and that it was given to him because no one thought he would live. Yeah probably something you just don't tell a child until they're older. Alas the kit stands here today with his beautifully swirling black and white pelt. He is a very serious when he wants to be and can have total control is staying calm yet can still be easily triggered. He can be a bit arrogant as he heard great stories of his mother and father and how they both were a deputy at some point and saying he is prideful about it is an understatement. Despite his mild temper, he is nice and caring, and a stickler for the warrior code, often reminding others of it. He certain acts mature and could be described as confident and challenging. He's actually more likely to pacify others than start a fight, but trigger him and there will be no mercy when he rips your ears off. For the longest time he's shared fri-enemy rivalry with Daylight since they were young. As an apprentice he was one of the cats swayed to Shadow Stalkers from SunClan as a result of following Tawnykit/vixen at the time. His reintegration back into the clan left him feeling a bit of an outcast, and ashamed of himself after essentially being a traitor, in reality he was really just a misguided kitten at the time, whose only intention was far from the Shadow Stalkers."My pride is no longer inside, It's on my sleeve".He is severely claustrophobic, a trait only his fri-enemy Daylight has seen. He's done a lot of growing up - former days spent feeling invincible, doing whatever he wanted feeling like there were no consequences, overly proud of his 'accomplished' parents who just died before he could even remember their faces, and part of him acted out in bitterness he didn't have them around. The other half torn into wanting to be something they could be proud of. "I hate this car that I'm driving, There's no hiding for me, I'm forced to deal with what I feel, There is no distraction to mask what is real, . . . I could pull the steering wheel". Those thoughts, his former quarrels with Daylight that never went anywhere - he never really won against her - whether they were exchanging verbal banter or stealing prey, he just slowly stopped fighting her back. Maybe it was just growing old, or maybe he was growing old. . . He was finally growing up. He has no idea the truth about his family of whose living and whose not, with Mountainsound being the closest thing to a mother to Syn since he was sick and inhabiting her den for a majority of his kittenhood. He has a long road a head of him to find out the truth behind what he seeks, the answers or what his experiences might lead to, and whether he will be happy with what he finds, or if it will change him, for better or for worse. He's met his ever absence father, mother and a few of his half-siblings here and there. He considers Mountainsound's litter his adoptive siblings, or rather part of his monster size first litter due to having them around the same time. He left his second litter in NightClan in his and Daylight's departure to MoonClan where they adopted Lily (Inferiorchoice) and would have their third and unfortunately final litter after Foxstar kills Daylight hours after kitting and subsequently succeeds in taking over MoonClan forcing Syndrome-enigma to lay low and desperately keep their litter of 10 kits safe and raise them alone. ''Cause somebody stole, My car radio, And now I just sit in silence". He is the son of Uta (of PI) and Abandon (rouge). He has a mess of half-siblings from his father and three from his mother. With Daylight (2.0 / Asphodel) they have a total of 36 kits across SunClan, NightClan, and MoonClan. While he's got uncle Iroh vibes, he is still v bitter towards Foxstar/hour and still to this day does not attend any gatherings, nor go near territories or borders she resides in as he promised himself he would kill on sight, but to this day a murder he is not and he doesn't want to let her change that and hold that power over him. Does he let her win and honor all the suffering with revenge? or keep away to stay happy with the remainder of his family focusing on himself and guiding them? and what if murdering her is what would make him happy? He will attempt to outlive her out of spite though, or perhaps wait for the day Glowstar dies. . .

WICKEDSHRIEK - played by biyuu
A silver tabby tom with pale green eyes. Born as a kittypet with his brother Southspectre, their neighbourhood was terrorised by an out-of-control elemental that would end up killing the other cats in their social circle. They left their homes as a result; while Southspectre started on a quest for understanding, Wickedshriek began a quest of pure vengeance, vowing revenge against elementals for wrecking his home. As a shadowhunter, Wickedshriek is talented and dedicated to the cause, aiming for a promotion to luminary one day. Though he is much more social than his brother, Wickedshriek's authoritative streak and blunt attitude can put some cats off. Though he is undeniably a skilled hunter, Wickedshriek is insecure about his abilities and compensates for his perceived weakness with bravado.

ASTUTEPAW { CHARM }played by pao
To most he is gargantuan, a real force to be reckoned with, but having grown up among three brothers who rival him in sheer size, Astutecalm never felt the least bit different-- not that he ever had time to think about it if it were the case. This tom is a hundred miles a minute; behind lavender eyes flick plots and plans of varying magnitudes, as every situation calls for an escape route in his mind, and he will spend as much time as necessary to hash out all the discrepancies until it's perfect. Infallible-- which is also what he strives to be. His coat is thick and, save for where it is broken up by white splattered across his chest and paws, largely the color of gray upon a stone. Fitting, as he is the rock of his brood: the rock that weathers through winter, the stone unmoved by the storm. He was adopted by Sagespirit, and his brothers are Virtuousblade (the valiant), Radiantchaos (the prankster), and Passionatefury (the livewire). He's the second youngest of his litter and thus finds himself doting on his youngest brother Radiantchaos, though that usually means spoiling him and giving in to his every whim. When it comes to Passionatefury, he balances his brother; Astutecalm is the calm where Passionatefury is the, well, fury. Astutecalm is the calm where Passionatefury is, well, the fury. It's not often he finds himself without his namesake tranquility, except for the periods where he simply isn't doing anything. When all the plans have been plotted, when all the prey has been hunted and the borders checked and rechecked again, he will find himself restless, anxious even, his mind too fast for him to keep up and steer it away from the dark thoughts that plague him. He will foresee doom unto his brothers, of what could happen if he isn't prepared, or he will envision the emptiness after death, should religion be a myth and the gods a lie. So he stays busy, even if it leads him to redundancy, and he shrugs it off when others tell him to "take a chill pill and relax" (others being Radiantchaos mostly). If it means he can keep his family safe, what does it matter that Virtuousblade gets a little annoyed about the unwanted advice he gives at all hours of the day? His brother's sanity is a sacrifice he's willing to make.

BLACKPAW { WIDOW } - played by ashestoashes
A short-furred solid white she-cat with blue-green eyes it is rather ironic that she is named something so opposite from her. Quiet like her mother she seems cold and slow to trust but unlike her mother she has a tendency to laugh quite a bit. Unfortunately her laugh isn't one of warmth and sound of mirth but sounds as cold and harsh as she seems (when truly it isn't meant to be cold.) It turns out she has a hidden talent of being a natural born killer, but that doesn't mean she likes it. In fact if she can she will try to avoid killing if possible.

DARKNESSPAW {DESIRE} - played by ashestoashes
Of dark grays and white he has sparkling baby blue eyes that seem to glitter with desire. Desire to be the best...desire to have the best...desire for others to be jealous over him. Because he IS the best and SHOULD have the best while others DESIRE what he has. With confidence overflowing him the tom can come across as arrogant but has a charm that helps most others over look that (for the most part.) As expected he is superficial so he goes for looks rather than personality as far as friends and attraction goes. Hopefully one day he will see that beauty goes deeper than the surface. That you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime you find you get what you need.

LOSTPAW { TREASURE }- played by racer
A golden tabby tom with blue eyes. All his life he was raised to be a rogue until one day a pair of strangers showed up and told him he was actually a MoonClan cat and the cat he had believed to be his father had stolen him and lied to him. Lost and confused he was forced to return to MoonClan. All of this made Losttreasure very angry. He refuses to accept his new life and tends to lash out and be hostile to his new clan-mates

BATKIT { ROSE } - played by Dot
Tiny brown tabby with medium length fur and green eyes. She’s a tiny thing that adores heights and scaring other cats. Maybe she learned it form her adoptive dad with all of his pranks, but she enjoys that little screech cats make when they’re startled or scared. She’ll hide up in tall trees or bushes, kind of like a bat, and jump down and scare others. A good laugh is all she’s after. Mischievous eyes, just like her dad and grandmother, are a family trait she inherited even though she wasn’t born into the family. She wants laughter and doesn’t mind finding it by scaring a cat or two, even herself. Pretty fearless, until she faces a snail. Those things are just creepy to her. Reckless, mischievous, and happy, she’s definitely her father’s daughter.

CHARCOALKIT { FRECKLE } - played by ash
Rather bittersweet but honest, she will always tell you what the truth is, or at least the version of truth that she sees. Charcoal can be harsh in her delivery. She also seems to have a difficult time with relationships and forming those long lasting bonds. Once she has, she is extremely loyal and would do anything for those that she cares about. Despite this, she is great at comforting others. Charcoal is a base of white, with black flecked all within her coat. Including along her facial features and ears. However, remains mostly white. Her eyes are a light shade of green, making her pink nose noticeable due to the contrast.

GREENKIT { STRENGTH } - played by Racer
She was named for the light green eyes that crown her skull, a callback her father was not expecting. Greenstrength is the spitting image of her grandmother, Kosma, who resides in Sunclan. Her inky black pelt splashed with reds and browns, like light creeping through the cracks. But it's not enough to take out the darkness that dominates her pelt. Even though her grandmother despises her existence, Greenstrength admires her yet wants to usurp her.

PASSIONATEKIT { FURY } - played by NovaAmaro
His orange colored pelt is almost as fiery as his personality, and his dark amber eyes glint like a powder keg ready to explode. Which for the most part, he is. Unable to share his feelings, this tom cat will always come across as frustrated or angry with the world. Passionatefury was never known for his patience, unlike some of his other brothers. His temper has always been his strength, but it has always been his weakness as well. His weapon of choice, aside from his claws and fangs, is his sarcasm. Every word out of his mouth drips with sarcastic venom, most of it directed at Virtuousblade. The two can never seem to get along, and are always at each others throats. The only one that can seem to get through his thick skull is Astutecalm. Where Passionatfury is the brawn of the four siblings, its Astuteclam that acts as the brains. Whenever the orange maine coon has one of his more infamous bad days, he will always seek out Astutecalm until he can calm down and actually breath. Because of his short-temper, Passionatefury has a problem with authority figures. He’ll always pick arguments with them, always push their buttons. Most of the time it never ends well for him, but this seemingly bad boy can never get the hint. To him, its all in good fun. Until someone drags his brothers into it. Despite the arguments, and teasing, his brothers mean everything to him. Passionatefury will not hesitate to fight for them, or with them, and will do everything in his power to keep them safe.

High Warlock


A skinny, brown patched tabby she-cat with bright green eyes. Lilysoul was born at the worst place, at the worst time, possibly the worst day in MoonClan and certainly on the worst day ever for her parents. Born to Syndrome-enigma and Daylight / Asphodel of SunClan who were force to flee to MoonClan after the successful tyrannical reign of the SunClan High Priestess, Foxstar and failing to assassinate her themselves. It could've been peaceful not looking over their shoulder every second, just like her parents second litter she would be jinxed to never meet their mother alive. Foxstar had an increasing snowballing power over the clans, Syndrome-enigma wasn't in camp - of course it was worst possibilities they could imagine - Asphodel was murdered just hours after her kitting along with others and the surrender of MoonClan followed. Syndrome-enigma couldn't even mourn, he played misdirect to keep suspicion away and keep himself contained for the sake of their kits less they become orphans or worst if Foxstar or any of SunClan retaliated via the kits. He guided their kits and now - with sole parenting duty and high-risk misfortune looming over them - reinforced their training, giving them honesty about their mother and their history with SunClan when they became apprentices while encouraging them to still live for themselves and cultivate their individual personalities. Lilysoul grew up rather ignorant to the looming impending doom to her big bundle of a family at first. With so many kits to look after and only on parent trying frantically to keep track of all ten fleeing kittens was no easy task. Lilysoul was one of the quieter, well-behaved and easy to overlook kits of her litter. She's easily fascinated by stories of their clan so it's no surprised she's rather spiritual, well-educated in her clan's history, lore, legends and has the upmost respect and faith in it. It's to her annoyance her brother Enigmaheart can't take anything serious and is usually the one to chide him, while looking up to and getting along great with Lily, the adopted sister she looks up to. Her struggles started to come out after learning the dark story of her mother's death planting paranoia that would only grow into her apprenticeship and warrior-hood. "Meltdown on my best friend's couch" Lilysoul, unlike her parents, lacks any of their skills - she doesn't have her mother natural instinct or her father's iron will and determination to craft them either. Her skinny, thin frame gives her nothing to work with aside from running away and she doesn't want to be a coward when she has so much to live up to. Next to her brother, Enigmaheart who bleeds perfection, she knew she would always be in their constant shadow; she gave in rather quick, and she hasn't been able to see any value in herself since then. So it must be StarClan's test she inherited her parents, maternal grandparents, and great grandparents temper. She's the first to get offended directed at family, friends, or clan and have to just bite her tongue on anything more than sharp words. Maybe it's her lowkey competitive side she has to kill each time it comes up because you can't be competitive when you're not competition. Or maybe it's her stubborn side - so painfully selective and she can't put it to good use like pushing herself in combat, no she'd rather get stubborn about wallowing in her pity party, spending way too much time 'collecting' catnip and accepting defeat before she even tries. Are we sure this one's Daylight and Syndrome's? She can't admit it or show any of it wen her family is around cause they'll just pour encouragement, insist she work on herself to the point she'll feel bad she can't make progress, and probably get her hopes up when they just don't get what its like being the weak one. Sure there's always someone stronger, or better than her at something but it the whole clan and maybe even the others too - she's afraid if they were ranked she be placed last - and she'd be a disappointment when her family is sitting in the top ranks. She gets so frustrated about it she could just cry but she's also lowkey dramatic so... "I get dramatic when I'm drunk but don't sympathize". Keep her away from any fermenting berries and she'll be fine, just the occasional late-night whining to her friends - she's kinda shameless and openly vulnerable to her best friends, a status which you too can achieve after knowing her for about seven whole minutes. "It's what they call the young life crisis, pour it on ice". On the up side though, she's very protective and endearingly thoughtful of others. She has her father's heart and deep down she has her mother's bravery and undying loyalty and selfishness, it's just a matter of time before she finally breaks through and discovers it.



Ascension Process

The Ascension Process is the process in which Mundanes train in order to ascend and become Shadowhunters.

The option is open to lovers and adopted children of Shadowhunters, and, in some rare cases, other Sighted mundanes interested or selected to become a Shadowhunter.

Any cat who wishes to ascend must first petition The Clave for permission, The Clave will then consider the petition for at least three months before approval, during which the history of the Shadowhunter who had applied, as well as his family's, is reviewed, and the background and nature of the possible Ascender is examined and evaluated. Essentially, this is done without the knowledge of the Ascender until The Clave either approves or denies their petition. The Ascender is then told about his/her situation and is then given another three months to train and study to learn about Shadowhunter Law, culture, and that of the Shadow World.

Ascension Ritual

Once their training is complete The Ascender is ready to fully Ascend this is done in a ritual were The Ascender must drink Shadowhunter blood in order to transition into a full fledged Shadowhunter. Before or after they drink the new Shadowhunter would have to speak an oath, either with or without prompting.


Ascendants who drink from the Cup are either unaffected by the process entirely or killed outright. When the process fails for whatever reason, the Ascendant suffers extreme pain before finally dying; the Ascendant's body is charred, his/her skin cracking, and looks as if it was burned from the inside, with his/her black veins bulging out from the skin.

If the Ascender survives this process, he/she is rendered a full Shadowhunter. Mundanes who Ascend to become a Shadowhunter may then create and submit their own Shadowhunter names for approval.

Shadowhunter Oath

I will be Selene's Cup, offering my blood to our mission.
I will be Selene's Mirror; when my enemies behold me, let them see her face in mine.
I hereby promise: I will serve with the Goddess' courage.

The Mundanes
Name here - played by user
Cat here

FLORALPAW {MOTH}played by ashestoashes
Plush lavender-cream calico she-cat with green eyes. She is obsessed with flowers and often wears small blossoms behind her ear. She has a small fear when it comes to bodies of water due to a dare when she was a young kitten. She finds Selene fascinating and acclimated to Moonclan the quickest out of all of her siblings.

FOGPAW {SPIRE}played by Dot
Dark flame point Siamese tom with blue eyes. He adores the stars and all their beauty. He is an astronomer at heart who doesn't believe in Starclan. He believes the stars are powerful in their own right and that the sky doesn't contain a bunch of dead cats. He was the only elemental born in his litter. It's very unknown why he is an elemental and he doesn't even know himself. It's a fact he keeps to himself. He has empathic abilities that allow him to feel other's emotions and to even see them in the form of auras. His abilities cause him to suffer from migraines that can be debilitating at times. He has a twin brother, but doesn't remember him much, because he ended up in Moonclan at a very young age.
LOSTEDEN - played by Dot
She is the vibrate color of the dusk. When the sun begins to dip below the horizon giving away to the dark night sky. The color of the moon painted on her limbs, chest, muzzle and stomach. Soft darker spots dapple her ginger fur. She is a rather lanky cat and has a slender built. Her eyes are dark amber the color of the sun. She feels like her fur is a curse for being a vibrate ginger. She has always tried hard to prove to her fellow clan mates that she belongs within Nightclan. Jumping through hoops to prove her pure blood statues regardless of her appearance which looks like she would belong in Sunclan or Dayclan. She is close-nit with her brother Dawnbringer . She's been close with him since they were kittens in the nursery. She has fond memories of her childhood. Being told stories about the cosmos and the moon that lit up the night sky for Nightclan. The cosmos have always fascinated her whole life. It was only natural that her father named her and her brother after the night sky. She heard tales from her father about the stars in the sky. Stories that connected to the strange patterns in the night sky. The tales always fascinated her more than they did her brother Dawnbringer. Her brother found them to be boring but listened to them anyway. She had a close relationship with her brother growing up. They were each other's rock when their mother died. She also developed a friendship with another kitten named Darkkit. She became the shoulder that Darkkit could lean on after she lost her sister. Duskveil had a average apprenticeship. She struggled on learning a few tasks because of her bright pelt, but worked hard with extra lessons with Darkpaw who later became Darkmeadow and her mate. As a young warrior Duskveil narrowly died when on a hunting trip when a venomous snake almost bit her. Her father pushed her out of the way and ended up sacrificing himself. Duskveil has lived with the guilt ever since. Leading to her being more protective of her clanmates, her brother Dawkbringer and her mate Darkmeadow. She is very traditional and holds her fellow clanmates to higher standards. Casts a judgmental eye to those that go against Nightclan. She would meet death head first if it meant her sacrifice was benefiting Nightclan. She suffered an injury that caused her to stay in Moonclan for an extended period of time. Rather over protective of her son Fogspire.

Interactive Map!

MoonClan's territory is made up mostly of heavily forested terrian, with an open moorland making up their most southern touch of territory. To outsiders MoonClan's territory looks plain and simple. That's how they like it. The truth of the matter is that MoonClan is home to a lot of hidden gems and ancient secrets that they don't want the other clans to know about.

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The Cathedral is where The Painted sisters call home. It is a long forgotten Cathedral now overgrown with grass and lush plants and flowers in every color imaginable. This is what the Sisters use to make their enchanted paints. Only Female Shadowhunters are permitted to enter The Cathedral by Tradition and Law.

Even more hidden than the Silent City, the Cathedral's location remains unknown, despite its age. It is reached through one of a number of entrances scattered around the territory, the oldest of which is found in Alicante.

The Cathedral
Interactive Map!

The Shadowhunter Academy is a run down homestead that has been left in little more than ruins. It is located on a cliff over looking the river on the Northern part of MoonClan's Territory. Many Tutors have tried to liven up the place and all have failed.

Shadowhunters sent to the Academy usually attend only for further training at the age of six moons, after being tutored in Shadowhunter basics at the Insitute until that point. Some young Shadowhunters, however, do not attend the school because their guardians simply chose not to send them, or they weren't accepted because of certain reasons, such lack of previous knowledge of Shadowhunting basics or poor physical condition. An exception to the age rule is also in some situations, as is the case with the much older students, such as Mundane recruits.

There are two 'streams' at the Academy: one for the students who were born Shadowhunters and another for mundanes (called dregs by some of the students and tutors). The curriculum for the Shadowhunters is more advanced, with classes for reinforcing their already existing skills in fighting, and Marking themselves up with runes. The Mundanes, having much more to learn to catch up to the Shadowhunters, study rudimentary combat skills, basic Shadowhunter history lessons, and memorized the finer points of the Covenant—things most of their Shadowhunter classmates already know by then. The two tracks spent most of the day in separate classes, but they began every day together at the training field.

Graduates can then choose to go on to attend the Scholomance.

The Shadowhunter Academy
Interactive Map!

Alicante, Also referred to as "The City of Glass" is a hidden temple located behind the waterfall in MoonClan's territory. It is named for it's constantly flowing water pouring down the walls making them look smooth and glisten like glass.

The Temple serves as a scared place to worship The Godess Selene, it is said here is where The Consul is closest to the Moon Godess. Some lucky few have even claimed to see glimpses of Selene herself wandering the Temple it's self. The Temple's secondary purpose is to serve as a burial ground for Shadowhunters who have died from anything aside from in combat.

Alicante "The City of Glass"
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The Scholomance is a Shadowhunter school where the most elite of Shadowhunters are trained to deal with demons and Downworlders.

The Scholomance trains the most elite Shadowhunters, particularly those that graduated with the highest honors from the Shadowhunter Academy. Before admittance, one had to pass a series of harsh tests. What was learned at the school was not to be shared with others. Students who graduate from the school become Luminaries. The Overseer of this Academy is the most elite of the Luminaries Prima Lux or First Light.

The Scholomance is a castle, with towers and corridors carved into the side of a cliff underneath the Shadowhunter Academy. It is said to be much harder and lonelier than the Academy, and some of the students have wound up failing out with nervous breakdowns.The main entrance to the Scholomance is through the side of the cliff face.

The Scholomance
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The City of Ash is the burned down ruined remains of what may, or may not have been a two-leg house at one point. It's territory offers very little shelter and can be dangerous to narigate if you aren't used to setpping over rocks and debris every where you look.

Unfortunately for them The City of Ash is where The Mundanes and Downworlders call home. It is located across the river, away from the Institute. Because Shadowhunters look down on Mundanes and Shadowhunters as their lessers they were assentially cast aside in this charred chunk of territory. Luckily for it's inhabitants though, the surrounding forest is lush and filled with prey.

The City of Ash
Interactive Map!

The Institute in an old seemingly abandoned church that functions as MoonClan's main camp. Thedifferent rooms inside make up the various dens that house their respective Clave members. The Insitute can also sometimes Serve as an Aslyum for Mundanes and Downworlders under the protection of Shadowhunters.

The Institute
Interactive Map!

The Silent City is the base of operations of the Silent Brothers. It is an extensive and complex "city" of levels and chambers so vast and deep underground. It is made entirely from the bones of dead Shadowhunters.

Found on the upper level of the city is the council chamber. Beyond this are several other levels kept mostly a secret from and off-limits to non-Brothers.

At the lowest depths of the city are a series of levels that holds the necropolis of the Shadowhunters—the graveyard, ossuary, and mausoleums—where the bodies of those who died in battle are buried, entombed, and sometimes burned and used to fortify the City's structure; those who died of other means, are not accepted in the City and are instead buried in other places, including Alicante.

On the very lowest levels are the prisons of the Silent City, known to hold both the dead and the living. Here are several jail cells, where the worst and most dangerous of Law-breakers and wrongdoers guilty of great crimes are confined and incarcerated, whereas those guilty of lesser violations are kept in Alicante, or in the keeps of the Institute. Some criminals are simply kept there before they are called to stand trial before the Council. Sometimes, it is also used as a holding cell for those they need in the city overnight.

Much like The Cathedral, the Silent City can be reached through one of a number of entrances scattered around the territory. The Silent Brothers, and occasionally Painted Sisters, use this to their advantage to quickly travel between distant places to be rapidly deployed where they are needed. However, because of the secrecy of the Brothers with their city levels, regular Shadowhunters are not permitted to do so by tradition and Law

The Silent City "The City of Bones"

The Shadowhunter's Codex

What Is The Clave?

The collective name for the political body made up of all active Shadowhunters. All Shadowhunters that recognize the authority of Selene and her Consul make up the Clave. When Shadowhunters reach adulthood at age 12 moons, they declare their allegiance and become full Clave members.


THE CONSUL - The Leader of The Clave, the cat resposible for all Shadowhunter affairs They Are the Voice of Selene and are responsible for passing on her teachings to the Clave.

THE INQUISITOR - The Second in command under the Consul, Until they are ready to take over as Consul The Inquisitor's main job is to uphold the law and settle all domestic disputes within the Clave.

THE SILENT BROTHERS - Male cats of the Clave who serve as the keepers of lore and knowledge. They are the archivists, researchers, and medics for The Clave. The Process of becoming a Silent Brother makes it so that the tom may never speak aloud again but, instead, can project their voices inside the mind of other cats. They reside in the Silent City and are tasked with watching over the bones of dead Shadowhunters who have died in combat. They also record MoonClan’s history and major events by painting them on the walls of The Silent City.

THE PAINTED SISTERS - The Female counterpart to The Silent brothers. These She-Cats do not need to take a vow of silence. They are chasrged with making and enchanting the paint that The Clave uses to mark their pelts with Runes.

THE COUNCIL - The oldest Shadowhunters in The Clave, who deal with matters of immediate importance that are not large enough for the entire Clave to become involved in.

SHADOWHUNTERS - Clave born cats aged 12 moons or older who have sucessfully completed their training at the Shadowhunter's Academy.

LUMINARIES - Luminaries are The Elite Shadowhunters trained in survival skills and advanced combat in order to fight off demons and deal with downworlders.

Mundanes and Downworlders

Any cat born outside of The Clave is considered a Mundane and seen as a lesser to Shadowhunters and The Clave.

Any cat who posesses some sort of ability greater than the gift of sight (the ability to see ghosts and demons) are considered Downworlders, and are more often than not, strongly disliked by The Clave. (See Elementals)

Both Mundanes and Downworlders alike are permitted to join MoonClan but in order to preserve Clave secrets and uphold The Law They are immediately escorted to a secondary camp known as The City of Ash where they will remain until they decide to ascend, if they ever do.


THE HIGH WITCH/ WARLOCK - The High Witch or Warlock has a very heavy work load,they are teacher, healer, friend, whatever you need them to be. They are a Downworlder who The Clave has chosen to not only look after The Mundanes and Downworlders that reside in the City of Ash but they are also task with teaching Students at the Shadowhunter Academy (Replaces Medicine Cat)

FLEDGLING - The High Witch/ Warlock in training.

PETITIONERS - Mundanes or Downworlders who have petitioned The Clave, and are pending approval to ascend.

ASCENDANTS - Mundanes or Downworlders going through the Ascension process.
Runes & Marks

Disclaimer: These runes may or may not actually work, but MoonClan simply believes that they do. They however definetely do not work outside of The Forest Clans

Shadowhunters were given runes by the Goddess Selene. These runes, or Marks, are painted on the Shadowhunters' fur with enchanted paint made by the Painted Sisters, and gives different effects and abilities. The paint used is water resiliant and cannot be washed off but will fade over time or once the rune has served it's purposes

When a young Shadowhunter is set to begin his or her formal training, usually around the age of 6 moons, they receive their first rune, typically the Voyance rune, in a formal ceremony done by Silent Brothers. In some cases, like when the child of former Shadowhunters chooses to join their ranks at a later age, they receive these runes later; another special case is the reception of a different Mark than what is usually given first when the child is weak or sickly.

Runes are typically painted on the fur with black paint but the color of the paint may vary depending on the circumstances.
Selene, Idris and The Afterlife

Cats in MoonClan worship the Moon Goddess Selene. This practice started ages ago with the first MoonClan leader to renounce StarClan, a former BrookClan cat known as Wastedstar. Back then the cats of MoonClan knew of their deity simply as The Moon God. It was thought that the Gods of the sun and moon were brothers and rivals. It wasn’t until the former leader Nightstar came to power that it was revealed their beloved Moon God was not only a Goddess but, she had a name. It was Nightstar’s connection with Selene that helped MoonClan develop a closer spiritual relationship with their Goddess. Since then Selene has had a deep connection with every new leader, visiting them in dreams more frequently, and whispering her guidance and wisdom to them whenever they need it most.

Idris is MoonClan's version of StarClan, and it is where their soul joins Selene when it is finally removed from the cycle of reincarnation.

Limbo exists for all cats, but, while most Clans view this afterlife with dread, MoonClan celebrates it. MoonClan cats know that they will be blessed to wander among the living for as long as it takes for them to settle their earthly matters and then rejoin the cycle of reincarnation.

Some cats only briefly enter limbo while others remain there for decades. What triggers the cycle of reincarnation is different for every cat. Spirits are visible only to cats gifted with the Sight unless on Hallowed Ground. Spirits can be visible to any cats on Hallowed Ground but only if they wish to be seen. Typical spirits cannot be touched and most cats cannot speak to them until they have nearly completed meditation training. Some cats simply lack the skill and struggle to see them, even on Hallowed Ground, and never hear their voices.

Cats in limbo can go wherever they want but those from MoonClan typically choose to remain within Alicante, only occasionally venturing to The Institute. Only the spirits of Shadowhunters are welcome in Alicante. The rest are free to roam the territory as they please.

Shadowhunter spirits in limbo can go into a “hibernation” where they physically disappear but do not cease to exist. Typically they inhabit an item (stones, pendants, etc) within Alicante and rest there until called upon by the living or other spirits.

Living MoonClan cats deeply respect the spirits. They do not take them for granted and go through great lengths to avoid interfering with their afterlives as much as possible. The living provide and maintain a safe dwelling as the spirits transition into their next lives. In exchange, the spirits offer advice and serve as a library of MoonClan’s history should that knowledge ever be needed.

Once a MoonClan cat exits limbo, it becomes reincarnated and begins a new life. This is not a standard StarClan reincarnation as the future life knows very little of its past. This cat may sometimes have flashbacks of previous lives but rarely does it escalate further than feelings of deja vu. Often a MoonClan cat never learns the name of their past life or lives. It is believed that each life teaches a different lesson.

A reincarnated cat does not necessarily look or even have the same gender as its previous life. While it is common for a reincarnated cat to be born to its previous life’s blood relative, that is not a given, either. A reincarnated cat usually does retain a quirk or two from their previous lives. A nervous twitch, a favorite food, simple things like that.

Reincarnated cats must be born on Hallowed Ground although not all kits born on Hallowed Ground are reincarnated. Reincarnated cats have an advantage in meditation (due to glimpses of their past lives). A cat typically joins Selene in Idris by its ninth life; however, there are some that reincarnate indefinitely. It is unclear why this is allowed to happen but, the older the spirit, the more it is respected.

Demon (or Hollow; Soulless):
A wicked spirit that comes into existence when a cat who has entered limbo consumes multiple spirits of other cats. This is not a fast process and is absolutely deliberate. These spirits are powerful, dangerous and an absolute scourge to MoonClan territory, as the Hallowed Ground gives them strength and offers them spirits of the highest quality.

Demons first came into existence when a cat wanted to become a god and assumed that devouring souls was the way to do it; however, such a task is only suited for the divine. MoonClan cats are especially desirable to demons due to the fact that one soul can hold the weight of multiple, even hundreds, of lives.

Demons can prove a true threat to the living. Typically they possess cats and drive them mad by whispering in their ears, haunting their dreams and turning their loved ones against them. Some especially powerful demons can even do bodily harm.

There is no way to return a soul back to its purest state after it has been turned. Some demons may wish to repent but there is no going back.

MoonClan cats are forbidden to talk to or interact with demons. Even speaking of demons is considered taboo but still done in secrecy

Parabatai, Trials and Oath


A parabatai is a pair of Shadowhunters who fight together as lifelong partners, bound together by oath, regardless of their gender. Their bond is not reflected only in their closeness and willingness to lay down their lives for one another, but also in oath—one sworn in front of the Council.

Not all Shadowhunters are required to have parabatai; it is actually less common to have them. A Shadowhunter has only 12 moons to find and choose a parabatai; once older than that, the ritual is no longer open to the Shadowhunter.


A Shadowhunter may choose only one parabatai in their lifetime and cannot perform the ritual more than once. Most Shadowhunters never have any parabatai at all; so, being fortunate enough to find someone worthy of becoming ones' parabatai is considered a blessing. This ritual bond enhances the natural feelings of love and friendship that already exist between the pair; however, this does not prevent rivalry or hate from forming between them.

The parabatai runes placed upon them enable them to draw on each other's strength in battle. They also maintain a strong connection between one another and are able to sense each other's life force; Shadowhunters who have lost their parabatai describe being able to feel the life leave their partner, and when something supernatural happens to the other. n addition, Marks made by one parabatai upon another are stronger than Marks drawn by others.


The parabatai bond is broken, normally, only by the death of one of the members of the partnership. However, the binding can also be cut, or may fade, in some rare circumstances: if one becomes a Downworlder, if one leaves their life as a Shadowhunter to be with a mundane, or if one is stripped of their Marks and becomes a mundane, and if one is exiled.

When one becomes a Silent Brother or a Painted Sister, the bond dissolves naturally. Additionally, when the bond is severed or twisted in any way, when they are separated or if a great distance is placed between them, the partners would feel the connection break, or could feel constant or sudden painful sensations comparable to literal tugs to their hearts, or some other strange feeling easily associated with it.

The only bond forbidden to the parabatai is the romantic bond, and it has become a rule upheld by the Clave, written into the Law.


parabatai must be bonded in childhood; that is, before either has turned 12 moons old. They are not merely warriors who fight together; the oaths that newly made parabatai take in front of the Council include vows to lay down one's life for the other, to travel where the other travels, and indeed, to be buried in the same place.


Trial of Water
Prospective parabatai must undergo some tests before their ceremony to make sure their bond is true; the trial of water is one such test. The test itself is kept secret and must be done without prior knowledge to it being taken—knowing ahead of time and preparing can tamper the results.

The pair consume water from the river. The waters of the river will cause them to hallucinate. The objective is to see if they both go to the same place in their mind and, when put to the test in this hallucination, that they both risk their own lives to save the other, defying the point of where they should die in order to rescue one another. Passing the test proves the existing link between them before the bond makes it official.

Trial of Fire In the actual ceremony held to bind the parabatai—referred to in name as "the Fiery Trial"—there will be three rings of fire on the ground: two for the individuals, and a third one in the middle that will serve as the shared ring, seemingly symbolizing the union or joining of the pair as parabatai. The words of the parabatai oath are spoken, and parabatai runes are exchanged and placed on each other.

WITNESSES Two witnesses are required for the ritual, though their presence is mostly symbolic and are typically two people of importance to those being bonded. During the ceremony, each stands near the person who chose them's ring of fire.

Entreat me not to leave thee,
Or return from following after thee—
For whither thou goest, I will go,
And where thou lodgest, I will lodge.
Thy Clan shall be my Clan, and thy God my God.
Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried.
The Godess do so to me, and more also,
If aught but death part thee and me.
Other Traditions


Newborn Shadowhunters have spells cast on them to protect their minds from demonic influences. These rituals protect the Shadowhunters from demon visions and possessions directed towards them. Technically, the ritual is mainly only necessary for those who are in danger of being targeted, so people with Shadowhunter blood but who are un-Marked and raised among mundanes, with no one knowing what they are, will remain unaffected, or minimally so, by the lack of the spell. The rituals are performed by a Silent Brother and an Iron Sister. Since Shadowhunter blood is mostly dominant, if a Shadowhunter has children with any cat, their children will still be a Shadowhunter.


To honor a Shadowhunter's death, most of them are burned, and their remains are later interred. Those who die in battle are buried in The Silent City, Those who die by any other means are buried in Alicante.

However, those whose deaths are not considered honorable, such as criminals, and monsters, are instead buried, whole and unburned, in other places.


During funerals, or when a Shadowhunter dies with another present, their name and the words Ave Atque Vale, which means "hail and farewell" are spoken.

Before being set on the funeral pyre, the Shadowhunter's body is presented so that words of mourning can be spoken and those left behind can pay their last respects. The eyes of the dead Shadowhunter are bound with white silk, and they are laid to rest with their forelegs crossed over their chest. Then traditionally conclude with a the words Pulvis et umbra sumus.—"We are dust and shadows."

MoonClan burial ceremonies were generally for Shadowhunters only, but an exception could be made for those who died in the service of the Clave.


The color of marriage is gold. Shadowhunters generally wear gold runes on their pelts. Marriages are often done in Alicante.

A tradition in Shadowhunter weddings involves a significant person to the bride and groom: who would "give away" the bride/groom to her/his partner and welcome the other into the family. THis person would be of significance—a father, mother, sibling, child, friend, parabatai, or an elder who symbolized the whole family—chosen by the bride/groom. It is not always necessary or even possible to have This significant person.

The Shadowhunters mark each other with permanent runes of love and commitment over their heart and arm, signifying their love and devotion for one another.


Relationships with mundanes are generally looked down upon by the Clave. In fact, marriage to mundanes is forbidden. However, Shadowhunters can be with Downworlders; they simply cannot be wed in a Shadowhunter ceremony because the Downworlders cannot bear the rune that is a part of this ceremony.

To be able to marry a mundane, a Shadowhunter will have to leave the Clave and become a mundane, stripped of their Marks. There are three rules for those who leave the Clave. First, the Shadowhunter must sever contact with any and all Shadowhunters they have ever known, even their own family. Second, they cannot call upon the Clave for help. And third, the Clave can still lay claim to their children, wherein they can their children will be made aware of their lineage and will be offered to become Shadowhunters every moon until they are 12 moons old. However, this can be avoided if the prospective mundane lover Ascends to become a Shadowhunter.
Colors and Meanings.

Black for hunting through the night

For death and mourning, the color’s White.

Gold for a bride in her wedding gown,

And Red to call enchantment down.

White Silk when our bodies burn,

Blue banners when the lost return.

Flame for the birth of a Shadowhunter,

And to wash away our sins.

Gray for knowledge best untold,

Bone for those who don't grow old.

Saffron lights the victory march,

Green will mend our broken hearts.

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