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Renegade Regime
Living in a cold, night hospitable wasteland would chill even the warmest of hearts, and the Regime is no exception to this. Three-fourths of the year, the territory is covered in thick levels of snow, with temperatures even bundled up twolegs couldn’t stand for long, and little to no prey to be found. For the Regiment, shadows, darkness, and frigid nights are a safe haven, their cold land echoing the same cool stoicism they portray to outsiders. Militant and disciplined, they behave as a well oiled machine, achieving survival even in the frozen and rocky wilds through strict regimens and such fine tuned teamwork one might even think that one cat could read the mind of their fellow soldier.

Being as barren as the surface and tunnels can be, the Regime is no place for the faint of heart. Relaxation in any season besides greenleaf is disparaged, and quick paws or quick minds are a necessity if you wish to have your share of prey each day. Those who do not pull their weight don’t last long here, and cats who dare to challenge the status quo are quickly broken down or find themselves facing the frigid wasteland entirely alone.

Crystalline blue eyes and immaculate white paws. Stern and strong, but with a gentle heart known to only a very few cats who are given such an opportunity. She's was born and raised a faithful soldier of the Regime, her sole goal in life to serve those above her. Perhaps too, faithful, for she gave up the entirety of her youth to her duties, shirking friends and fun to carry out that which she was ordered to, day in and day out, without a moment's hesitations. This gave her great success in life as a respected soldier and terrifying Sentinel, collected and calm, but with a sorry lack of social skills. Until she met Sean. He was the chaos to her discipline, the lightheartedness to her cold demeanor. She brought him down to earth, so she likes to think, and he helped her to loosen up, dragging her into all manner of his crazy schemes. But it wasn't to last. Their son, Kotori, turned on the Regime, drenching the tunnels in the blood of his family and friends, and their daughter Zakiyyah, disappeared soon after, the two cats finding their new homes in the League. Their second litter arrived, only for Shule to disappear, the kits lost soon after, with no traces after even moons of searching. But with hard work, Shule found her way back, only for the world to have changed around her. Her brother, dead, her nephew, commander, and her second litter of kits no longer a part of the Regime. And yet, she still finds herself powering on, utilizing her newfound skills and never ending determination to keep moving forward, even though the ebony feline feels like nothing makes sense anymore.

Of slightly bigger built this stocky she cat is made of tougher stuff. A throw away she was left to die out in the harsh world all by herself. Although she has guesses Braelynn couldn't tell you what happened to her parents. She may not remember much but one thing she can recall is someone told her she would be useless and left her to die alone. Lucky for her she was thrown into Renegade Regime territory and tykes that are willing to work hard survive. As if to prove to herself she isn't useless she threw herself at Renegade's mercy and proved herself to be immensely useful. She dedicates her life to those that saw use in hers and follows orders without complaint. After all why should she complain? They could have allowed her to die out there all alone in the world. Instead they gave her a chance to live and she took it by the claws and held on. She lives her life solely for that of the group and nothing more.

Shimmery auburn waves cloak his body, white lightning running up his legs and creeping up the right side of his face, giving him the appearance of a broken china doll. His eyes are an extremely dark exotic green, only the barest gilded layer shimmering over them like a forest blanketed in fairy dust. Havilah is a tall tom with an imposing presence, always a scowl on his face, an edge to his voice. Now, he was never a particularly nice cat, but he used to smile and get along well with select others, specifically his close-knit family. He had it all: Parents anyone would envy, good looks, seemingly limitless potential. And oh, was he proud. Dangerously proud. He, like his father, Kyros, clung to the image of perfection, would even kill for it. Despite being only a kit, Havilah's name was whispered throughout the Regime as one to watch out for, one who would be great. But then... the picture shattered. His entire family was poisoned and only he and a couple of his siblings survived. While Havilah physically recovered, his heart never did. To cope with the loss of his family he killed a precious part of himself which left him incapable of empathizing with others or understanding things he's done wrong. He has no sense of humor, never plays around and keeps all others at an arm's length, including his surviving siblings. He is totally disconnected and although he does well in his duties his social presence is like a storm cloud. Havliah tries in vain to bring back the image of perfection he had in his youth but despite his best efforts he continues to spiral further and further away from it.


Valerian has always been known as a calm and gentle soul, always taking after his mother, a former raiser named Astrid. Everyone expected him to group up as a strong scout or mercenary like his father, Reisi, but it just wasn't for him. He knew from a young age his path was always meant to be a guider and has never once looked back. He loves the art of healing, helping, and cultivating. This tom is especially good at managing plants and finding new uses for them. He is always trying something new and different and knows when to get creative. Extremely aid back and tends to stay out of others' business. Valerian takes guider neutrality to the extreme and will never leave an injured cat or creature to die when there is something he can do and would even face his biggest fear to save them... at least in his dreams. Even he knows there are limits and this is a lesson learned over many years of time and practice.

(His name is pronounced Seen, not Shawn)

The bloodlust in his eyes always shined brighter than his smile. That was the peculiar thing about him, the devil's gaze reflected against his eyes, but the warmth in his smile that suggested everything would be okay. Never could there be a more chaotically gentle aura than the one he wielded like a weapon. That was his gift, the ability to be dangerous, yet fill you with all the words you never knew you needed to hear. He has an addictive kind of danger that could make near death experiences seem like action packed thrills. He isn't the kind of character to hide in the shadows, but flaunt the scars of his past like glamorous treasures. He's an open book horror story that makes broken look beautiful and despair look powerful. There's a war against himself, like two flickering images, one of light and the other of shadows, but both are losing. He turns his back on the Blind Protector raging wars on the very foundation of the question, what is good? Amber brown fur dominate his God given body, lone silhouettes of willow bark hues trickle down his scarred snout and are speckled along his sepia colored chest. Gold colors caress across the tips of his tail and ears like pressed buttercups. His eyes are an exotic gilded green with a long scar along his right eye gifted to him by his daughter, Adanna. There's a torment to the chaos he wields as though each stroke of wild anarchy he washes over a crowd takes a piece of light out of him, a piece of his foundation. That slowly he's falling apart, pieces missing and yet there had never been a more beautiful severed soul than his. He's a deadly kind of gravity weighing shadows down on shining souls till he corrupts or breaks them in all the ways his soul has splintered, cracked, burst. Don't be fooled by the devil in angel wings, he'll sing sweet melodies while cutting your throat.
[4/7 lives]

Should she call herself an Eerie? It's debatable, but she likes how it gets a rise out of Shule. About half of her life is dedicated to getting a rise out of Shule, it seems. You can't really blame her, though. One of the favorite moments in the former Commander's life was watching Shule's expression when Gossamer strutted in the Regime the first time and declared herself leader. Well, not really declare, persay. Gossamer Alessandra won it fair and square. She always wins things fair and square, holds onto them until she gets bored, and moves onto the next game. Chaos incarnate, she's a feline who can't (or simply won't) contain her bad impulses. If she wants it, she gets it, no matter the cost. Always with her paw in the pot, Goss is a trouble maker who thrives on upsetting others and absolutely resents the fact she lives in the actual earth, not because she doesn't like the Regime, but because Goss is a cat who simply does not like to get her paws dirty. Perhaps this is because she's absolutely stunning, her body wrapped in white furs swirled with the lightest of silvers, with shimmering blue eyes. Who would want to be dirty when you look like that? A bit conceited, there are a lot of things that make Gossamer Alessandra an absolutely terrible addition to the group. However, she is not all bad. Raised and groomed to lead, she can actually be quite quick on her paws. She also has a way of convincing others to fall into her traps, normally a game of some sort. Very rarely can a cat beat her in a game of strategy, something she uses to get what she wants.

Dawn, when it’s neither day nor night. When the world blurs and one might encounter something not human. Soma and Sundara, darkness and light. Which one is which? No one really knows. Born as naked as a mole rat, Sundara looks like a creature from the depths, ready for the reckoning, reaping one's soul. What exactly is Sundara? No one really knows. With one golden eye and one blue eye, it's said that Soma's eyes are the complete opposite, but which one is Sundara and which one is Soma? No one really knows. They say Soma only speaks in questions, and Sundara only speaks in literary devices. But who is Sundara and who is Soma? No one knows. If you ask Sundara what the difference is between the two, her answer is a laugh. It's pretty simple really. Sundara believes that the opposite of fire is water, while Soma believes the opposite of fire is no fire. It's pretty obvious really. But which one is Sundara and which one is Soma? No one really knows.


A mostly white she-cat with brown splotches that look more likes she's perpetually dirty than an actual color of her fur, and amber eyes. Bossy wannabe princess.


A shorthair black smoke tabby tom with frosty blue eyes. While most of Axiom’s fur is a stormy black, he has a few white patches: An off-center blaze, a splash on his chest and even a few of his toes, all snowy white. He doesn’t have a lot of meat on his bones but still manages to be incredibly cute, what with his boxy face and large, striking eyes. Axiom’s unique looks are thanks to his rare bloodline: His family - the Starkfields - are among the few remaining descendants of Avalon Everlasting, Renegade Regime’s sister group that has been lost to the ages. The unofficial historian of the family, Axiom tries to learn all he can from his mother and Renegade veterans of his bloodline’s history, all the way back to the founding of the two groups if he can. However, he is also deeply interested in other groups’ histories and lore, often disappearing for long spans of time to expand his knowledge base. Axiom loves to tell the stories he’s learned, both fairytales and histories, and finds it a thrill to see the excitement on his audience's faces. He gets really into it and is actually an amazing actor, so much so that most kits in the Regime tend to crowd around him whenever he is near, begging for a performance that he is always keen to give.

Bliss is a pretty little she-cat with icy blue eyes that are much too big for her face. Black fur tinged blue envelopes her lithe and narrow from, shot but thick, full and soft as a rabbit’s pelt. Her left ear has a notch in the tip from when she was captured by a twoleg as part of a TNR program. She’s infertile now but couldn’t be happier or healthier, as the cutter also “fixed” a malabsorption disorder that she had been suffering ever since she was a kitten. As a result her pelt smoothed out, she finally put on some weight and can now do things she never had the strength to do in the past. Bliss has always been swift with a sharp-nose but, finally healthy, all of her senses seem heightened and supercharged. She’s a natural at just about any new feat she tries - it’s like weights were literally removed from her paws. A new cat with a new name, Bliss has moved on from her dark past as the League’s Shaman and is now a confident, assertive she-cat. With her mate, Miracle, and the large family that she is now a part of, Bliss finally has everything she has ever dreamt of and more.

Caine has a sly way about him, and a dry, deadpan voice to go along with it. He's not exactly handsome by most cat standards, but makes up for it in honesty and wit. He doesn't tell a lie, though this can often backfire or creep others out as this also means he will describe in disturbing detail the horrific things he would do to hurt his enemies without a second thought. He isn't much of a fighter though, and relies more on his ability to exploit the weaknesses of those around him for his own gain, all while technically keeping to truth.

A large silver tom with intricate black tabby lines woven into his pelt. His neck is maned in brilliant white, and his eyes stand out, mismatched yellow-gold and orange-amber against the cooler tones of his fur.

During her birth there were complications, at the time Loelia hadn’t developed properly in the womb, she was far more premature than the rest of her siblings. Upon being born she had a hard road to recovery ahead. She was paralyzed entirely and it was Xuxa and her fathers call on whether they should continue to support her. She was nameless at the time, her skin tone was all wrong, and as time progressed she only grew worse, her fur wasn’t growing in and while other kits developed she did not. Her mother Xuxa wanted to take her off of support from the guiders and let her go easy feeling this was no way to live paralyzed staring up at tunnel ceilings all her life. But her father believed in her and her recovery and stayed with her. Loelia matured, but her joints are stiff to the point that she can only walk short distances before her back legs give out and she must drag them behind her. Wishing for something more she met Shaman Creek, a handsome Primal Instinct tom. Falling for him hard she surprisingly managed to leave home and join the league when she was five moons. All in an attempt to leave the Regime so she wouldn't be forced to work as a guider. Thanks to Creek and his dad Funk E'tan she was regularly given a purpose, helping out around the Shaman's den while also training with Elyon the assassin. Later Creek and her were relocated to DayClan by Funk E'tans orders. There she continued training, but her legs remained paralyzed. Creek managed to create braces for her legs that connected to her other legs like marionettes so when her front legs walked the back would shadow the movements. Using her core muscles she would be able to move irregularly too so long as she could rely on her core muscles. When the Regime set up camp underneath DayClan Loelia realized it was time for her to return to them now that she was the capable independnet warrior she always wanted to be for them.

The last surviving child of Adanna, as well as the last surviving grandchild of Sean and Kenya. Kind, caring, but in some ways poisoned from her time in the League. Leaving for vengeance, and returning seasons later with an attitude she never really wanted. Far more aggressive than days past, Miracle spends her time in the Regime now with her mate Blue, trying to unwind herself from the dark ideals instilled in her to survive her time in Primal Instinct. Ex-Chaman of the Regime.

With a name like Nottingham, it’s not surprising that she is the most odd one out of all the oddballs in the Needletoes family. Her mother and father, Sylvester and Hedwig, thought she was a tom when she was born and had already named her before they figured out otherwise. Nottingham, or affectionately known as Nott (or tunnel goblin), is a raggedy drifter of a cat. She's a scoundrel and doesn't put up with anything. Pirate-y and free-spirited, but also often to herself. She secretly looks up to her brother, Pip, and would do anything for him. Her attitude is indifferent and sometimes selfish, which drives her sister, Isolda, crazy. With constantly dirty black fur, a small stature, and large ears, it didn’t take long for the nickname “Tunnel Goblin” to come about. Honestly, she doesn’t mind it. It helps her avoiding conversation. This was the plan until Shule decided Nott had “potential” and made her scout superior. She wanted to deny the offer but suddenly the thought of making a whole bunch of cats do her dirty work sounded nice. But ugh, if she didn’t have to care for them in the process. Turns out she really does have a heart and has some sort of odd loyalty to her group mates. Therefore, she makes a decent superior and there are several that have come to admire her hunting, tracking, and thieving skills. Even though she’s short and skinny, many have come to respect her and she almost has a little group of bodyguards. This aids in her other side missions of finding and stealing all the treasures of the world…

A slender pitch-black tom with long, fluffy fur and striking golden eyes Primus has been through hell in back. His family had been a mess from the start with parents that would be at each others throat's constantly. Growing up in an environment like this isn't good for developing minds that could easily be imitated. Considering what he endured Primus came out to be a pretty okay cat with only minor baggage to him. Personality wise he is smart, obedient to a fault, and surprisingly rather upbeat however the damage was done and his heart was scarred. Seeing how his parents were at raising kits the tom never wants to have children of his own nor does he really want a mate. It would take a lot to convince him to love another but he outright refuses to bear children as to never be responsible for damaging others like he had been damage. Primus loves his brothers very much and would do a lot for them if asked to.

"Worries slowly come and kiss / Tell me what's your name? / Once more, a mutual attraction / Faces disdain through virtue of comparison / No matter how many nights pass by / At a very dark corner, to a broken piece of me I will / Search and kiss and destroy." From birth it was clear to the Regime that Ren was to be a Mercenary. Being a Russian Blue mix, smokey grey-blue fur covers his entire frame, the color fading off only around the pink insides of his ears and pads and darkening to black on his nose. Blue-green fire pools into two socket, creating a pair of eyes that no one can erase from their memory. They bore into their targets, making the legs weak and minds weary. His build is not similar to a mercenary's usual. Ren has a tall frame, bounded together by thick well-built muscles, but they don't make him appear large. He uses this to his advantage, though, because many expect him to be a mere scout who can't fight. That statement strays quite far from the truth. He is merciless and ruthless in battle, taking out foes one by one. His endurance is amazing, but his high tolerance for pain can be a weakness because he doesn't always know when he's pushed too far. Ren's free time is devoted to training by himself and honing his abilities. He grew up with no family and siblings because his abandoned the Regime. His loyalty remained with the underground group even as a tyke, though, so he stayed behind. It was until he met, her. The crybaby she-cat who strayed too far over the Regime border. Her namve was Zen, and she was his sister. She had joined Primal Instinct and they met secretly outside the Regime border to talk about kit-hood. Of course it wasn't forbidden love because she was his sister, but let's just call it mutual hatred. They acted like siblings and cared for each other but secretly they both hated each other. They continued to meet until it became an outright battle between them to return stronger and wittier. It was an unhealthy sibling relationship where each tried to become better than the other but they still cared for each other. That was until the day Ren received the news from her mate. Zen had been murdered by another cat in Primal Instinct. He never got a name of the mate or killer but did figure out that she was pregnant. Call it insanity, but one of his biggest drives is to show his traitorous family how strong he is, to find Zen's murderer and avenge her, and to make them all pay for his loneliness. Of course, he is not murderous or insane, just hurt. This is a secret, of course, bottled up inside him. Most of his feelings end up in that situation until they explode in a training session, which is why he trains alone most of the time. All of this emotion is hidden behind a calm cloak. Many believe him to be quiet and shy, but that isn't correct. He knows how to bark orders just as well as the other mercenaries. Ren is a pool of mystery to everyone; deadly silence. He isn't hateful, though. In fact, he holds himself to the highest standard and is almost militaristic, but still kind to those who need it. "Wielding an incomplete love so tightly / I wanna know 'cause I don't know and I only know how to say no / But we're just a bunch of people with conflicting views of justice / Closing in on each other the moment it gets peaceful / Can I feel? Can you feel? / Life is a moment / I just wanna break down this impetus and hold you in my arms / No wound is inflicted just for the sake of licking them afterwards / One's pride would easily be the other's joke. Former Commander/Mercenary

Burdened with the responsibility of acting as the father to his two younger brothers after the untimely death of their parents, Sirius is the reluctant self-appointed head of the family. The orange tom has long forgotten what it means to relax and have fun, and always finds a way to keep himself busy even on the slowest of days. A control freak in the nicest sense of the word, he hates when things don’t go according to his plan and can be very snippy when things don’t go his way. He has a hard time making friends but he’s very loyal and will protect what’s his at all costs.

A huge golden tom with folded ears. He doesn't talk very often, but is known for his role in disciplining the youths. They genuinely fear him, although he is mostly non-violent, instead opting for punishments much worse than simply getting thrown around. In particular, Snorch enjoys performing bad opera when the younger ones step out of line. He is a rough, tough, and gruff cat all around but definitely gets his kicks out of humiliating other cats.

It took Wy a long time to find his place in life. He knew from the start he wanted to be an inventor: he always had a keen eye like his older sister Thunderstorm, and a sharp mind to go with it. His mind wasn't centered around memorization, but exploration: he comes up with creative solutions to problems and can rotate and bend his mental images to perform complex calculations he isn't distinctly aware of. When he looks at a rock, he tilts his head back and forth to gauge the height and analyze the composition before he jumps: is it a loose, sandy cliff that will crumble away beneath his paws, or is it solid stone that will hold his weight but offend his claws when they strike against it? He isn't consciously aware of the choices he's making, not after following his instincts for so long, and he's learned to follow his compulsions wherever they may lead. Occasionally, that's straight into trouble. When his brother was chosen as the inept, uncaring deputy, he wanted to support Chim, but he felt his family was just enabling his poor behavior. When the leader's mate came along, asking for support and gently suggesting they replace their deputy, Wyverndelirium thought he was making the right choice in joining with it. It led to a brief stint of deputyship for Wy… that ended in tragedy when he realized too late that he couldn't circumvent his new leader's evil, and was just falling down with him. After that mistake, he was lost, and he never really found himself again until he visited the Regime and found an old rogue friend, Undertow, had adapted to a new life there. After a near-death experience he made the brave choice to leave home once again and try again to find himself. Wy is an inventor that doesn't believe in the permanence of the world around him: it's made to be sculpted by his paws into something new and unique, just as they all leave their marks on the world, subtle as they may be. Even his mistakes eventually pay off, for him or for his family. When he was younger, watching his family fall in love, he often wondered if it would ever happen to him; he was intrigued by the idea, though he didn't feel necessarily compelled to follow it through. Wy didn't have time for romance, and other than a brief fling across borders with a friend, he hasn't found anyone to settle with. He isn't as handsome as his family - not sharp and watchful and dangerous like Chim, not sleek and rougish like Landon, not lithe and graceful like Swangrace - and once he thought that might be the reason for his failing love life, but he wonders if that isn't too conceited on his part. Surely some cats are capable of looking past his imperfections? Rounded and scruffy with golden-brown fur and pale green eyes, Wy is of average height with a medium-length coat that was once sleek from his fish diet. Now it's free and fuzzy, obscuring some of the unseemly scars under his fur. The deep bite marks on his throat aren't as easily hidden, the fur is bleached and stiff and the short hairs bend away form the marks like they're toxic, but he survived the wound and he isn't ashamed of it. Nor is he ashamed of the faint hazy covering over his left eye; his eye had always been faded and unfocused, and if affects his eyesight, he's never known any differently to realize it. There's a quiet, simple charm to his unassuming appearance, and perhaps if he put his mind to it, he could find someone else to love. He's still calculating if a mate is worth the investment.

A shorthair black and white she-cat with blue eyes - A little spitfire, loves to question everything. She adores her family and will listen to them, but has a hard time with other figures of authority. Seeks out challenges/danger for the thrill of it.

A dark grey tabby she-cat with striking amber eyes. The only she-cat of the litter and the youngest too. But she absolutely hates being coddled. If Huntleigh tries to shield her eyes from something, she is the one who will pry on his paws the hardest. Definitely inherited Huntleigh's rebellious streak, and ends up getting the same kind of lectures he got as a kit. But they rarely deter her. She has all the self confidence in the world, and doesn't let Sierra's games get under her skin. Her vice is that she's too bull-headed. The kind to run into danger just because someone told her not to. She lives off spiting someone else but will take full responsibilities for her actions

Sunshine tries to be so many things at once. He tries to live up to his name, to expectations, to his responsibilities as the eldest in his litter. But, sometimes, he just wants to sit and stare at the clouds as if they are telling him some deep, important message. Then he remembers he has so much he needs to do. Make accomplishments, be recognized, keep things in line… The more he focuses on these, however, the more he caves to the stress and wants to run away from it all. He knows in order to achieve what he needs to achieve he should not become so easily distracted so he tries to be very serious and stern but it is hard to keep up such a facade without it breaking from time to time.

A light calico she-cat with green eyes Topaz is truly a beautiful she cat. Topaz laughs constantly as she speaks, always giggling and smiling away with a bell like voice. It's a surprise to find that she is deaf in one ear, but that doesn't stop her from her ambitions or doing what she desires. Instead she has become rather cunning and manipulative to get what she wants. willing to take any job that gets her to where she needs to be. Not a very popular cat but who cares? It's not like Monesi is a popular family anyway.

A brown and white tabby stripped Main Coon she cat with pale yellow-green eyes. Zoya is not afraid of things like dirt, bugs, blood, or grime. Indeed this rambunctious gal is all tomboy loving to wrestle and is usually muddy by nature. She finds everything fascinating even the most grossest things to ever bee seen. Unfortunately she has a tendency to making her siblings squeamish. Actually she tends to make most cats squeamish in general. Nothing can tie down Zoya or her fun loving nature.

Loyal to the Renegade Regime but not loyal to some of the families this cinnamon and white tabby tom does what he does for his family. Dark marigold eyes show a rather mature calming side to Alese but that doesn't mean he isn't cunning or innocent. He has climbed the ladder and crushed cats underneath his paws to get where he is now. He pushed through the blood, sweat, and dirt to be here and still craves for more and better things. He wants more. To be more for his siblings and to help push them through success as to not be lazy like some of the others in this group. He only wishes to help support his family with the endeavors he goes through.

A siamese she-cat as large as she is full of attitude, with medium thick fur and vibrant blue eyes. Brought to the Regime following them freeing prisoners, she healed from the injuries given to her after her attempt on Bloodystar's life. She doesn't intend to stay long, and thanks to her.. different upbringing, she has no issues whatsoever in challenging authority when and if she sees fit, which can, at times, cause troubles with those cats who've harbored her all this time. Daughter of Skipstep and Littlestar.

You can tell a lot by embarking on a journey into the eyes of a stranger. Their passion for the emerging blossom or a distrust of the changing seasons are clearly evident through those crystalline globes. But what if the eyes aren't parallel in nature? Does two different optics mean two unique adventures, which in turn make one complex first impression? With white fur as crisp as the clouds that hover over a deep fjord, his heterochromia is what makes this grandiose tom stand out at first glance. Metaphorically speaking, his blue eye tells the story of a soul who longs for the light to reignite the flame to carry on each morning. It’s the tale of a soldier who lives in his daydreams to escape the darkness of reality. His visions of what should be and not of what truly is. It’s the timeline of one who thrives from other’s experiences and stories. That icy chasm of blue leads to a king who does life alongside his subjects, fighting through the torrents of life. That eye believes that hope and faith will carry you through, to always forgive and find hope in a new day, and everything works out in the end. The other optic, burning with a passionate amber like fire, shows a different character. It’s path leads to an abandoned lover who seeks his reconciliation. The story is one of a leader who raises his sword and shield against those who threaten his pack. It’s a tapestry of an individual who will take back what rightfully belongs to him, not caring whether tooth and claw are necessary. Depth and the wildness of nature make up the river that splits through the mountains, causing the birth of a a fjord. He is that wide, winding river that tears a path through the steep cliffs. Why such opposition between two windows of the soul? Not just because he was born with it, but because of a past that defines his individuality. Being born from parents who still hide their identity to this day, he's had to create his own persona. Often times, he’s had to become two different characters in the play of life to please those who never claimed him in the first place. Not only that, but watching his brother, Regn, walk away after many moons of living amongst the tunnels together morphed a hot flame inside his heart. Not only does that ember burn through his chest, but it is slowly forming a hardened heart. He is one who is fueled by tragedy, so he has learned to hone in that flicker. Two vastly different eyes create the picture of a cat who gives his all passionately, fiercely, wildly, and madly.

He might be the youngest of his siblings but Ilias refuses to be overlooked, instead he decides to shine as bright as the sun itself, giving off a presence that you can’t possibly ignore. He’s as sweet as he is courageous and gives one hundred percent of his effort into everything he does, no matter how minute the task. When he makes a mistake, and he does so often, he owns it. Going as far as to say he meant to do that from the beginning. Some find this endearing while others, such as his brother, Sirius, see this as a nuisance and an inability to silence his ego. An orange tabby tom with pale yellow eyes.

He's a wild card of a cat with intense green eyes and fluffy black fur that doesn't seem to lie down but sticks out like he stuck his paw on an electric wire. Sometimes it takes a random rogue to spice things up, right? Odanna comes off as harsh, full of himself, blunt, and menacing but those who really know him say he is full of secret kindness and loyalty that is only shown to those he trusts. It's unknown if this is true or not and he definitely doesn't make it a point to open up and let everyone see his true colors. He can often be described as intense and tends to fixate on situations and puzzle through them, often taking so much time that the situation fixes itself on it's own. It's not easy to tell what he is thinking or feeling at any given time, even though he speaks as if there is nothing he could be hiding. Odanna's past is about as mysterious as his emotions. It would take a mighty force of love or action to get him to spill anything. Honestly, he's fine with coming up with a different story each time someone asks. It's not like he has much to hide compared to others. He honestly doesn't open up easily or feel like it's anyone's business.

Inquisitive eyes, pale green, soft, kind, sparkling with happiness and knowledge. Mostly white fur patched with the occasional ebony, paws stained the same shade as the herbs that surround him each day. This tom is small, easily overlooked due to his size, indistinguishable from the average cadet in appearance. Depending on whom he's dealing with his personality seems to change. With tykes, he's curious and playful, to Cadets, soft spoken and kind, and those who're fully grown know his wisdom and determination. Focused to a fault, he'll lose himself in his work, staying up until all hours of the night, blind to the happenings outside the Garden, even those involving his own family. He's not a workaholic however, like his aunt is, he merely loves his job, and will gladly join in conversation or make plans with others when he can. The son of Slawn and Jasmine, he has three siblings, Venus, Diana, and Mars, and tries to visit them often. While he may be the smallest of his siblings, despite being the oldest, he is by no means underwhelming.

Son of Deal & Timerous. A feminine looking white tom with calico point markings on his face. His siblings are Sundial, Century, and Millennium. He usually keeps to himself, but loves his family dearly. He enjoys helping others, and, much like his father, has a peculiar obsession with time.


Since the moment Howlan was born, there was the expectation to not fail and, most of all, don’t be stupid and die. In other words, his mom made it clear that failure was never an option. She imprinted him with the expectation that he would need to improve the Regime in every way that he possibly could. For Howlan that was with kindness, always offering to fill in tasks that no one wanted to do or just needed extra help with. Howlan’s quite the charmer too, always trying to hook up with outsiders to provide more kits for the Regime and is quite the player, but a cold one too. He fights a fierce custody battle and ensures that any kit of his is raised in the Regime no exceptions. It’s all smiles and love until he turns on anyone who is the mother of his kits if they don’t give them up fast enough. His charm doesn’t come from a place of charisma, but instead from his analytical mind, able to accurately and lovingly access others. His smooth words often win over those around him. He’ll even use his words to ensure that certain things go the most smooth way possible in the Regime’s best interest, not the people’s. Howlan is a silvery-white ticked tabby tom with amber tiger-like eyes.

Dusky brown fur sweeps across his hourglass form with shadowy under tones wisping in and out of his fur. He has white at the back of his back legs and white at the front of his front legs with a sliver of a crescent moon marking beside his right eye. His dead turquoise eyes seemingly stare right through a cat’s anatomy. He often becomes bored of his own identity and will switch between characters he creates for himself giving a different name for each. He’s doesn’t have multiple personality disorder as he is in control, but adores trying new personas and playing pretend. He's close with his father Lex. However growing up he learned that he was actually raised by his aunt Glowstar and uncle at the time, Lex. His real parents were Commander Shule and Sean. Dusky ultimately decided to stay in SunClan until his father and mate moved out to the Regime. That is until his best friend Bloodyrondo became priest of SunClan, by then he had kits and returned to be priest promise. By the time the drama wore away his kits all wanted to stay in SunClan. His daughter had become soothsayer, but mysteriously vanished one night. His son had been revealed to be the Sun God reincarnated and his daughter became priest promise, while his other son wanted to stay to protect his sister. Dusky respected their choices deciding to stay, but unfortunately was drafted into the Regime's bootcamp for his crimes while working with Bloodystar. When he has served his time will he decide to stay in the Regime or return back to SunClan.

BIO. Kotori's daughter. Raised Superior Havilah.

Kotori is a small jet black tom with a half crescent moon face and exotic gilded green eyes like his fathers and a long scar over his right shoulder. He has a high snarky, naturally sarcastic voice that often gets him in trouble. He comes from Renegade Regime, but is a quarter Primal Instincts. This prince of ultimate sass is known as the graduation day serial killer back in his home clan. He killed three retired medicine cats and two of his siblings as well as injuring an elder, three kits, and an apprentice with an a failed attempt at murdering his father. He stole the extra lives of the chamans and leaders in order to have nine for his dearly beloved Cyra to have. His murder all from the result of two star crossed lovers. Silver scars outline his body, desperate defensive wounds his victims inflicted upon him. He may take some offense if someone called him ugly so he often pampers himself, covering up the scars with anything that could blend into his liquid black fur. It’s not uncommon to see him sharpening his claws into a perfect manicure just for him to chew them up again. Despite being a murderer his anxiety levels are higher than he lets anyone know. He often gives backhanded sassy comments towards other people as a coping mechanism and calling him a compulsive liar wouldn’t be far from the truth. His compulsive lies are what brought him to his murder spree, constantly faking tears and smiles towards people he never liked. Repressing back the storm inside of him until it came free on his graduation day as a spy. He is capable of caring for others, but never above his own life, except for Cyra who he will kill and die for. However he holds a distrust towards everyone despite no one giving him a reason to distrust them. He’s often a coward to his own emotions.

BIO. I'll add it here at some point. Ex-Spy, Kotori's littermate. Extra tall.




The Commander of the Regime is the most respected cat within the group, and the best of the best at what they do. They know how to do every single trade and specialty within the group, and take full responsibility for the state of the Regime during their leadership. As with clan leaders, their word is law, and upon promotion, a Commander is granted seven lives. Rarely does the cat in this rank get time to relax. The Commander is picked from the Scout and Mercenary Superiors, and generally, the cat who’s had their rank the longest gets the position, but this is not always the case.

The most skilled healer in the Regime, this cat nurses the sick, heals the wounded, and often receives dreams from the Blind Protector. This cat has the most direct line of communication with the clan’s ancestors, and is capable of seeing and speaking with the dead. They are granted two lives, and are respected for their abilities to speak with the ancestors. Because of the nature of the Guider rank, many Chamans are old, or otherwise disabled in some fashion.

The best Scout, and the most revered cat in the Regime, next to the Commander. Also the most overworked, as this cat is responsible for keeping the entire Regime fed. The Scout Superior is equal in rank to the Mercenary Superior, and they oversee Scouting patrols, and training of Scout Cadets.


The best Mercenary, equal in rank to the Scout Superior. They arrange mining, tunnel, and surface territory operations, as well as ensure Mercenaries and their Cadets are keeping up on their combat skills. This rank also oversees the group’s Privates, and ensures they are suitably shown the harsh realities of life.


Replacing the rank of Raiser Superior is Origin Superior, an RP position. This cat can be chosen from any rank in the Regime, can be of any gender, and not only do they command the Raiser subset of Auxiliaries and watch over Post Kilo, but they play Matchmaker for the Regime. The feline in this rank will often set cats up on dates, encouraging them to become mates and have kits. The Origin Superior is also required to bring kits into the Regime regularly, whether by having kits with their mate, or even stealing them from other clans, if they can get away with it. Most cats respect the Origin Superior, as they are often the one to have set up a cat with their mate, and generally have a closer relationship with this Superior than any other.


The best Guider, second only to the Chaman, who they will succeed, in terms of skill. This Superior oversees the day to day of all Guiders and the training of Guider Cadets, and is incredibly skilled in not only the art of healing, but in being able to grow plants and raise animals. It is only when a Guider becomes Superior they start to see any sort of respect, and it’s nothing akin to what their fellow Superiors see. Because of the nature of the Guider rank, many Guider Superiors are old, or otherwise disabled in some fashion


The most revered and essential rank, and by default, every single cat is put into this rank as a Cadet, with exceptions only for disability or being drafted into the ranks of the Mercenaries. They most often hunt off Regime territory, as the Regime itself generally has little prey to offer. This rank has two specialties: Predator & Pirate

The strongest Scouts, who work best in teams. These cats hunt in packs, tracking large prey such as foxes, eagles, hawks, and wild boars. Just one of these creatures can feed many cats in the clan, and then the bones and hides can be used for trade or in weapons and defensive construction to keep the Regime safe. Idolized more than the other Scout specialty for their ability to bring down prey other clans can't. This rank loves to offer their services to other clans dealing with predator problems, provided they get to keep what they kill.

The hunters of your standard prey animals. These are the smallest Scouts, the quickest on their paws. These cats, thanks to their size, are able to squeeze into the tiniest spaces to get a mouse, or cover extremely long distances to hunt... or steal, prey from just about anywhere, and then slip away without being noticed.

The limited fighting force of the Regime. Cats in this rank are drafted whenever a position opens up. They consist of cats who are either older and no longer able to travel long distances like scouts, or, more often picked from tykes or cadets to be trained specifically for this role. Capped at 15. This rank has two specialties: Miner & Trapper

When cats of this specialty are not needed to fight or protect the Regime, they spend their time doing hard labor to produce necessary materials for trade, and who keep the tunnels stable. The strongest mercenaries are picked for this rank. This specialty is extremely hard on the body, and tends to wear cats out physically far before other ranks and specialties.

Mercenaries of average strength, but highly intelligent. These cats use traps to hunt on Regime territory. Especially cunning trappers might even be able to trap a fox to be used for its fur and meat. These Mercenaries know the tunnels and surface of the Regime territory best, and though they're not, or no longer, Scouts, their quick wits are highly respected. Most times, this is the rank former Scouts choose, if drafted to become a Mercenary.

The dregs of Regime society, and the respected retired. Those in this rank have failed out of absolutely every other rank within the regime. The only exception to this is those who retired from Mercenary, Scout, and Guider, bearing the title “Veteran” and are generally respected as having done their duties long enough to have earned the less stressful life of an Auxiliary, and granted the ability to live in Post Delta. This rank has two current specialties, however more may be added based upon the Regime’s evolving needs: Blacksmith and Raiser

When a cat is useless in every other context, they get stuck doing whatever work the Regime has for them to earn their meals. One such job is making the very items, weapons, and defenses that help the Regime to function. They are given items, and if there's one thing they actually are good at, it's making the exact same items over and over and over. And if they're not making something, then they're trying to come up with improvements. This allows more creativity, albeit a more repetitive lifestyle. One that's thankless to boot.

Generally, Origins and the Origin Superior keep tykes in line, but a few of the lowest of the low keep an eye on tykes as needed. They are most useful to the Regime in the Summer, when the majority of kits are born. Seen as worth little to the Regime, wherein even tykes seem to not respect them all that much, they are heavily encouraged to have kits of their own, and provide value to the group in that way. Luckily for them, the Regime stops short of forced marriages.

NOTE: Nursing Origins, and cats recovering from injury do these jobs until they can return to their duties. Veterans are absorbed into this rank as a title, rather than an entire position. Auxiliaries who did not retire due to age, and the resulting loss of ability cannot gain the title Veteran. There is no Superior to this rank, as none of these cats have hope to even be a Guider any longer. Sentinels keep these cats in line.

This rank consists only of cats who cannot be Scouts or Mercenaries. These are cats with disabilities, or who have otherwise proven incapable of hunting/fighting, but can still learn herbs and heal their groupmates. Guiders are considered a failure rank, or the last step before retiring, as some Scout and Mercenaries choose to become this rank when they can no longer fight or hunt, but do not wish to retire. This rank has two specialties: Farmer & Forager

Other than healing, even the letdowns must find a way to provide prey. These cats do so by growing plants and raising what animals they can in the Regime’s inhospitable environment. The farmer's job is cyclical. The plants feed the animals, the remains of the animals and old herbs feed the earth, and so on and so forth, keeping the herb stores whole, and bellies full in times of hardship.

Rather than growing herbs, these cats are experts in memorizing what is safe and what isn't. They're strong enough to withstand the territory's cold to gather nuts, herbs, edible plants, even bugs. These can be used in their own duties, or fill bellies, though most often, these are given to the farmers or pirates to feed or bait small animals.

The Regime only has two spies. These spies are blessed by the Blind Protector to have an endless cycle of reincarnation. The spy is sent by the commander on the missions from the most brutal to the simplest. This can include assassinations, blending in with a clan to gain intelligence and more. The spy is essentially expendable, for they will always come back to the Regime one way or another.
- Reincarnation is essential for a spy. If their cover is blown, if they die on mission, if they become too difficult, death helps restart them. However they have all their past memories, each death is a more experienced spy.
- A spy can leave the cycle of reincarnation to live their own mortal life, not coming back next time they die. They will leave the loop and a new spy will be placed with a reincarnation cycle. Leaving the cycle is seen as a selfish move, as their eternal purpose is to serve the Regime, not have their own life.
- A spy has a name they keep throughout life times, it is not up to them to change it, it is up to the Blind Protector. Only if a spy leaves the cycle is the new spy given a new name.
- Spies are typically not allowed to have mates or kits because of how frequently they can be demanded to die to be reborn again. Because they are essentially the commanders tool they have to gain permission to have a mate and kits.
- Roleplayers who have a spy can choose to keep the spy once they leave the role or to let other roleplayers have the character to continue on the lineage

The Regime has four Sentinels. These are the cats that are trained specifically to protect the Commander and Chaman. Their other duties include supervising the Auxiliaries, in lieu of a fifth Superior. Two cats guard the Commander, one guards the Chaman, and one supervises the non-Raiser Auxiliaries. Their duties rotate daily. Sentinels are considered the most loyal out of the whole group, and most often former Mercenaries or Commanders inhabit this rank. Traditionally they have three claw scars over their heart to prove it, like a badge, but it is by no means required.

When a she-cat of any rank becomes pregnant, they are an Origin. Throughout their pregnancy, they are given extra prey and transferred to Auxiliary duties, so they do not strain themselves. They are treated very well during this time, and it is the most relaxing time in any she-cat’s life. The mate of the Origin (or whoever they’re dating at the time), continues on their duties, but is given more free time to spend with their mate throughout the pregnancy and first moon of the kits’ life. After the kits are weaned, the parents go back to normal duties. If the Origin isn’t married, but the father of the litter is in the Regime, and wishes to be in the litter’s life, he is given the same treatmeant as if he were the Origin’s mate.

Any cat or mated pair in the Regime, who adopts kits, regardless of the tykes’ ages, are given a moon of lesser duties to bond with their tykes, similar to how the father of a litter an Origin has is treated.

Due to the ever present need to ensure the Regime is fed, safe, and functioning, Tykes don't necessarily get a relaxing childhood. Respect and discipline are the first things they're taught, and from the time they're weaned, they're pressured into doing work for the Regime. Younger tykes, once weaned, spend time helping within the Regime itself, split between the non-Scout ranks to do menial work. At around three or four moons, most tykes start helping out with the Scouts, and are often sent on missions with them to do things like set up camp, get in the smallest spaces even the tiniest Scout can barely reach, and occasionally be used to draw predator's attention. Such a job isn't without risk, and it's not out of the realm of possibility that a tyke is killed or disabled in the line of duty.

Outsiders with attitude problems, belonging to the other clans or groups. The only reason the Regime takes them in is because they can be used to help the group. They're treated extremely harshly, but still given a lot more care than the Prisoners, and rarely have to worry about actually dying... despite what the Regime may imply. These cats are given a reality check as to the harsh realities of the world, and worked to the bone to be taught discipline, respect, and come to appreciate just how much of a luxury their lives in their other clans are. It is rare, but possible, that a Regime cat can be put into this rank, and if their attitude does not improve following bootcamp, these cats may be exiled or imprisoned, depending on their attitude and reason for being in boot camp in the first place. MoonClan cats chosen to become Luminaries are also of this rank, and receive the same treatment to give them the necessary skills to serve MoonClan well. See Bootcamp for more info.

Political prisoners, traitors, and cats older than ten moons who wish to join the Regime. Prisoners in the Regime serve a singular purpose. Hard labor. They are given the most dangerous and dirty work, the worst prey, few herbs, and none survive long. It's not that the Regime wishes for their death, necessarily, simply that they cannot afford to keep useless mouths, and unless it's absolutely required to keep a cat alive for political reasons, well, prisoners are expendable. Regardless, prisoners never remain in the rank long. They are either promoted to a proper place in the Regime, set free for political gain, or die of injury, starvation, and/or disease. Generally, the cats within this rank are either promoted or dead within two moons, and it’s not uncommon for cats who began their time in the regime as prisoners to wear out far quicker than other Regime cats, or end up disabled during their prison time, and be forced to join as a lesser rank. The Regime generally resorts to bootcamp or exile over keeping Regime cats as prisoners, except as absolutely necessary to keep the group safe.

Because the Regime is under snow three quarters of the year, a schedule for those wishing to have kits has been established. Summer is when most kittens happen, and when mated pairs are most heavily encouraged to have or adopt children. Most cats hope to have their first litters in summer. For the rest of the year, all mated pairs are divided into the remaining seasons, and during the first month of each season all mate pairs are given less duties and extra prey in the hopes that these pairs will give the Regime enough kits throughout the year, while not overwhelming Post Kilo. Cats are heavily discouraged from having kits outside Summer or their assigned season so as not to burden the Regime with a potential excess of kits in their snowy seasons.
⅓ of mated pairs are sorted into the Spring Category. Spring is the season before Summer, and prey is gaining abundance. However, from the long moons of being overworked, the cats are the most stressed overall in this season, and miscarriages, or issues during kitting/with the kits are common.


On the day after the first snow melt, around the end of May to beginning of June, a huge festival is held, both to celebrate another year survived, and to encourage cats to have or adopt kits. A feast is held, with romantic places set up all over the territory to encourage pregnancies. This is the optimal time for pregnancies and kitting in the Regime, given the surplus of prey and herbs, which allows the Regime to be much less stressed.


⅓ of mated pairs are sorted into the Winter Category. This is the season after Fall and before Spring, and the coldest, with least amount of prey. Pregnancy during this season is harsh, and sometimes kits or Origins starve, or are lost to the weather. However, kits born during this season are said to be the hardiest and best in their ranks.


⅓ of mated pairs are sorted into the Fall Category. Fall is the season after Summer, and cats are relatively relaxed from the Summer. However, prey is less abundant, and Predators are far more common. Origins and young tykes being killed by predators or illness is most common in this season.


Innovation in the Regime has been paramount to their ongoing survival, though many times innovators get brushed under the rug as lazy, due to their position among the Auxiliaries. Even so, many toil on to make lives in the Regime easier, hoping for any recognition they can get.

There’s no particular cat credited with this invention or it’s improvement. Most traps in the Regime are made from wood and vines traded to them by other clans, though a few clever cats may have stolen some from the twolegs, if they’re witty enough. These traps are then used by the Mercenaries to be able to trap animals for the group, to be used either as prey, or for the Guiders to breed.

The cats of the Regime follow the Blind Protector. In life, his name was Tarak, a blind tom who created the Renegade Regime, sister to Abana, the creator and worshiped ancestor of Avalon Everlasting. He doesn’t make appearances often, and when he does, it’s usually to the Chaman or Commander, the former of which he gives the ability to see and speak with the dead.

In the Regime, there’s hardly such a thing as a break. Workaholics are the norm, and especially among the Scouts, relaxing is considered laziness, and looked down upon. The harder a cat works, the better they’re seen among their peers, though once you get to Auxiliaries, this mentality tends to flip somewhat. As the lowest on the totem pole, with no way to climb the ranks beyond their station in life, these cats tend to value their individuality and creativity more than their work ethic, and they’re more likely to do the bare minimum to earn their meals, taking the time to properly rest, relax, and pursue enjoyable things, and are far less likely to burn out than cats in other ranks as a result, though they pay for this ability with the overall disappointment directed at them by their fellow groupmates.

Due to the lack of much of anything besides stone, minerals, and snow on their own territory in large part, making deals and building up relationships with other clans is imperative to the Regime. The Scouts will offer out their skills in exchange for prey, take in cats who need rehabilitating, and give what the Mercenaries can mine for resources or food in turn. As such, the Regime tends to be viewed as a neutral party to most conflicts, rarely will they make enemies. Rather, if they must help, they’re more likely to do so by giving resources to the side they support more, though some Commanders may think they can get away with playing both sides.

A rigorous process by which cats within and without the Regime are rehabilitated. The Regime takes outsiders into this rank both because they can help the Regime stay afloat, and because it builds their relationships with other clans. It’s harder to fight a clan when you made friends in the tunnels, after all.

Bootcamp is all about showing the cats who go through the program the harshest realities of life. These cats get the worst prey, and if there isn’t enough to go around, they’re more likely to go without than a normal member of the Regime, and must work twice as hard as anyone else. Cats in this program remain until they are rehabilitated, meeting the criteria of whatever the leader who sent them requests, generally a more obedient and reasonable attitude.

Privates are most often forced to wake far before dawn by the Mercenary Superior, engaging in daily runs, having to catch their own breakfast within the Regime territory, or risk going without. The particulars of the program itself varies from Superior to Superior, but the day to day is most often along the lines of hunting, trapping, and battle training, prioritizing the needs of many over that of a single cat, their work ending far after sundown, with only roughly an hour before their late bedtime to relax either in their post, or with the Auxiliaries. Iif the group is behaving well, they tend to get up to an hour more free time, and looser rule on where they can go, something that’s highly valued, and cats close to phasing out of the program are likely to heavily police new recruits to ensure they themselves don’t lose what precious little time they have.



H.Q is the command center for RR and is the largest of all the posts RR lives in. It is where the Commander, Chaman, Sentinels, and Spies reside. It is also where the Mercenaries and their Cadets live. Other ranks' Cadets and Auxiliaries may only enter the post when accompanied by a full Guider, Scout, Mercenary, Spy, Sentinel or one of the Command. H.Q. is the heart of the Regime. This is a common place for the commander to give announcements and plans of action to be formed. The large amethyst in the center is about the size of a fully grown oak tree, it’s not uncommon for cats to climb and lounge on the impressive crystal. There are two fountains on either side of the crystal that no longer run, but still hold water from the well water that has cracked below the concrete. Dead Nettle blankets the floor, many cats grow up very fond of the purple colored flowers.

This is the post where Scouts and Scout Cadets reside. Nestled in the cave just south of the Headquarters, it rests by the river and is a very quiet and peaceful place to rest. It’s a good space to practice hunting in your spare time as well. This post is also where prey is stored.

This is where the Origins, Origin Superior, and Tykes live. Just down past the CrescentHollow, there is a path of tricky tunnels to follow in order to arrive in Post Kilo. Having been near an entrance, they set up struggles that any outsiders wouldn't notice in order to give them an alarm for any pending danger. Raiser specialty Auxiliaries travel here in the early hours of the day to aid the Origin Superior in raising the tykes.

Found just north of the Headquarters and nearest to Post Delta, there is a lovely spring nearby and a river along the outside of the cave that helps build beautiful gardens and has nice space to store and organize their herbs. This is where the Guiders & Guider Cadets live and work.

The home of the Auxiliaries. Located next to the Garden, with a short cave joining the two, it’s the warmest and most peaceful place in the tunnels, with a hot spring in the back that can sooth aching muscles. Previously the Veterans’ post, it was turned into the post for Auxiliaries upon their creation until a proper post could be set up.

This is the story of how RR and AE were formed long ago.
This also talks about the spiritual guides of each group, Abana for Avalon and Tarak (The Blind Protector) for Renegade Regime.

The promise Garrison Starkfeld saw between his daughter and son was wrong...

What made Avalon Everlasting and Renegade Regime's bond special was that it was a bond forged by that of a brother and sister, separated by the rages of war, and found a way to respect each others differences when they finally met again.

Abana saved the cats of the city, while Tarak took the ones looking for refuge underground. That was how the two groups were originally formed.

There was once a group that went by the name of Black Vision. They roamed the forests where the Outcast Clans now stand, they lived in the trees near a rather large city.

There was a chieftain and an oracle that lead the group together, which was where Renegade Regime got the idea of the Chaman and Commander leading together, even though as time progressed, the Chaman became more like the Commander's trusted adviser and personal medicine cat.

This Oracle and Chieftain were a mated pair, and their kits held the ability to lead. She-cat's were rare in this old and now forgotten group, and so, when they were born, they automatically assumed whatever territory their parents held and the suitor of that she-cat would become the alpha of that territory.

Abana and Tarak were birthed from the first, and only, litter of Garrison and Olive Starkfeld, the last Oracle and Chieftain of Black Vision.

So, of course, Abana was the one that was going to end up gaining a mate and therefore co-lead the clan with her suitor. That is, until a great war in the human world took place. Suddenly, the trees were no longer a safe place to be for cats and other animals alike. Days of siege came and went, and soon, a bomb fell upon the very territory of Black Vision, costing Garrison Starkfeld his life.

With his dying words, he told his son and daughter that they were to lead Black Vision together as the first and only unmated Oracle and Chieftain in the history of the group. He saw the potential of a strong and commanding leader within his son, as well as a governed and understanding oracle within his daughter. He thought they would bring peace and prosperity between the group for years to come.

But he was terribly wrong.

The first day the siblings were placed into power, they squabbled and bickered over what should be done in order to save their homeland and families. Abana wished to save those that had ran into the city during the great explosion that had torn through their camp, while Tarak wished to go under ground and hide from it all. They bickered and bickered until the moon was high in the sky, and then finally, the went to bed to rest for the next day.

The next day, they both went through the same argument over again, this time with even more fervor and anger. They were full out yelling at each other over the sirens, claws unsheathed, a battle was soon to be fought. The raced forward... but instead of meeting each other with tooth and claw, a great eruption of rubble sent the two flying in different directions, separating them from each other in more ways than one.

Tarak, left blinded by the explosion, was picked up by one of the Armies commanders, while Abana was found by an influential man in the war (imagine Winston Churchill.). And so, the birth of two new groups was sent into motion.

After months of being nursed back to health, the two both set forth, following the path in which they had wished to take without the other sibling. Abana continued to watch the man who adopted her speak with people, quickly picking up terms and ideas that she would have never dreamed of knowing before, and on one such occasion, while he was speaking with somebody known as the "President" the idea hit her.

The cats of the city needed a republic that cared closely for them and brought them all closer together. Something that would give them all a say in their lives, and so, she began to rally those that were in need and in danger to her side. Whispers were sent in all directions that a black cat with a blue scarf would take them in and give them the way out of their desperation.

Cats that had been pets of doctors and nurses flocked to Abana, willing to do anything in order to save the many cats that were more than just slightly harmed from the constant bombings. The medical staff became the best in all the land, and new skills were set forth and taught to the members.

And so, the nickname "Avalon" was given to the name of the group, since it was both a refuge to those that needed it, and the name of the factory that the group had taken up residence in. As years passed though, the she cat realized that with a group the size of Avalon Everlasting's proportions would easily be caught, so a plan was devised.

This was why Avalon became a nomadic group, to hide from the humans.

Though, Abana was only president until the group had managed to find a way to stand on it's own without help, and so, she stepped down even though there were many a protests because of it. She became known as the "Mother of Nations" and from that day on, she became the symbol, and mother, of the group Avalon Everlasting.

Tarak, on the other hand, took a different path than that of his sister. Being blind and worried for the future. He listened to his gut and took off into the forest, rallying his old family members and group mates up as he went from territory to territory, leading them all the safety of the tunnels below. Leading them below and protected them from the battles above. Tarak later died from illness and was revered as a savior for bringing all the cats into the sanctuary of the darkness. Over time Tarak’s name was lost and he was remembered for his physical features of a ghostly white cat with blinded eyes. So the Blind Protector was born and his spirit forever wanders the darkness of Renegade Regime.The history that resides in all the hearts of the Regime. Its all has a deeper meaning besides death and murder it also shows the birth of their lives and how they live now. The safety they enjoy and the darkness that is lighter than the sun above the surface. Here where a cat can live peacefully but yet we don't let ourselves get soft just cause we live underground... never will that happen. We are strong willed and every tyke born to the wise old veterans there is a piece of the Protector in all of us. We may not be spiritually connected like the Commander and Chaman but the same strong will and fighting strength is there deep in us and it keeps us going keeps us alive keeps us happy. Hear our story how we began and how it was all started.



The driving force that leads many a cats down the wrong path.

They lose their way, going mad with greed that they will never fulfill.


What all of these foolish cats are missing, the will power over themselves to know how to come about this power and most important of all, keep it. Life. Take my power from me, and this is what I will take from you. I have fought long and hard to become who I am today and no one, not clan cat, kittypet, or rouge will take that away from me. Life is cruel, a lesson I have learned since the beginning of my childhood.A lone figure stared at the top of the cliff, facing the strong wind that blew from the south where a storm was brewing.

He grinned, his face cast in shadows as overhead the heavy clouds built upon each other, announcing their arrival with an occasional rumble or peal of light that disappeared as quickly as it came. The figure turned his head to the wind,pelt flowing behind him as the fierceness of the wind threatened to blow him off the cliff. The waves crashed beneath him, clawing hungrily at the rocks as if rising to eat the sands of the shore, only to be pulled back by an unseen force. A challenge between the force of nature and those that try to control that power were at war; a war where there would be only one survivor- the winner. A hint of a grin touched cat as he nodded to the oncoming storm accepting the challenge that had been laid down between them thousands of years ago.

Each side had chosen it’s pawn, it’s one hope of survival, he himself was a testament to that. He had prepared for this his entire life and soon, very soon, his plan would unravel. "Soon" he whispered to himself, eyes lighting up as he watched the waves below. He had killed, bleed and trained for this time. The only ones who could have possibly stopped him had been eliminated throughout the years, leaving only a very few in his way. In his heart, he held the power of will, his own as well as each one gained through knowledge from his mentors, each greater than the last.

His training began when he was merely a kit, born in the region far away from the forest of Clans, in a city that is no more. He had been alone at first, fighting for the few few days of his life, a battle that he would have lost if an unforeseen series of events took place. It was during the night of a coupe', fireworks that lit up the sky in flashes of red, gold and black. The ground was shaking as the scent of fear and terror began to fill the air. It was there that he was found and pitied hours later in debris by a twoleg, who had shown mercy to a small shivering kit and rescued him from a place that was no more. This is when the training began, the drive of these twolegs that soon became the kit's own. It was here by various mentors that he was taught to fight, to kill.

As he began to progress through the ranks, each system built so much like the twolegs military that respect was something he became accustomed to. He rose quickly from a kit that no one thought would survive to thriving among the cats that lived and fought as a group. The final test was in the form of the leader of this band of cats himself. It was from those twolegs so long ago that he learned about who he was and what his purpose was with the life that had been spared. To work alone meant death while working with comrades meant you all lived to fight another day.

Soon he would be the most powerful cat and no one in this forest would have greater power than he. Frowning he turned, beginning to pad slowly back down the hill, ignoring the sea’s angry cries at his back. That, nor the way the waves crashed onto the shore, soaking his pelt with sharp needles of salt, could stop him now. For his plan was already in motion, no matter how much the great powers may scream their fury. With a single twitch of his whiskers, the figure vanished, leaving nothing behind him as he disappeared into the darkness, already plans forming in his mind as he disappeared underground, his comrades following close behind as they entered the void. Those foolish cats would be looking for an attack around them, never below. And this darkness, was his domain now and no one could beat him here.

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