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Hidden away in a winter wonderland, deep within the tunnels in the mountain, rests a group of cats who are happy to be secluded in their own little world. The cats who call this mountain oasis home are the wayward souls of WinterClan. And they are not to be trifled with. WinterClan cats are built on tradition, engrossed in their religion, and honed in the matters of honor. They embrace the blizzards, rejoice the colors of the northern lights, and worship under the stars. Believing that blood runs thick than ice, these cats are loyal to their own and their own only. Step between or upon the bonds of a WinterClan cat and be prepared for the avalanche that shall follow. The sophisticated, headstrong cats of WinterClan live not by the warrior code, but by the Code of the Northern Lights based upon their belief in their beloved god, the Northern God of Light, Lord Borealis. WinterClan cats are a different breed of cat and to believe yourself worthy of joining their ranks is a brave thought. Do not think for a moment that you will be welcome in this clan. WinterClan shall take you prisoner before accepting you as one of their own. So are you willing to resisk it all to live in this icy tundra?
the realm
WinterClan is home to a territory with a motto of survival of the fittest. The moutain here is not forgiving and the cats who call it home even less so. Ice, winds, storms, blizzards, religion, purity, class, and so much more make up the life of the cats here and for that reason alone, cats are weary of each step they take. It's like walking on ice, some spots are thinner than others, so be careful where you step. It's survval of the fittest around here, it's the only way to survive in the clan. The cats here have even turned on their own if need be, so no one is safe in the long run. Bloodlines, purity, caste; they're basically royalty symbols in this clan. The more WinterClan blood in your system the better, the more chances you have in life. Things like the better mentors, the better chances at a mate, and the better overall life all just becuase of your status in the clan. Your class helps too if your blood status is low, so work on your clan status. Don't get to low in class or status, or cause trouble or you'll find yourself doing a stunt in the prison cell with the tresspassers and other troublemakers of the clan.
god of light
Lord Borealis is the god of our hopes, lives, and light of our world. He's seen each night in the Northern Lights that surround the moutain, expressed in their beautiful colors and captured in the crystals of our home. We wear crystals as a way to honor him and becuase he has blessed them as well. (See more about crystals on another tab.) Lord Borealis is our god of light and life, for without light what is life? You can't live in the dark forever and for that we look to our dear god for guidance. He sends omens and prophecies Witch or Warlock. It is through them that much is deciphered but many religious actions are performed by the Knight of the Stars in the Lord's honor. To the Sovereign, he sends message of guidance and wisdom as he sees fit. In death we join him in the northern lights, becoming one with him in the end and acting as his messengers when called upon. But what more is there to our god? Much is still a mystery, and he has revealed very little to us so far, but there is a feeling that he will show us something soon.

Code Of The Northern Lights
1.) Honor thy parents, Ancients, and Keepers of Faith (the Blessed)
2.) Feed the young and nursing before oneself, for they are the life of the clan and are the key to the next generation.
3.) Your home is sacred. Protect it and fight for it with all you have. Even if this means your life must be lost, for the whole is greater than the one.
4.) Kill only what is needed to feed the clan. Send thanks to the Northern God for your success and skills.
5.) Keep to our borders, the Mountain and God of Light prove for us here. there is no reason to leave the protection of His grace and the strength of the Mountain.
6.) Take prisoner those who trespass, betray, dishonor, and steal from the clan. Only with the blessing of the God of Light through the Sovereign may they be taken as full members of the clan.
7.) Lost kits who seek a home, may find life within the clan’s borders. No abandoned, lost, or sickly kit may be left for dead. All shall be welcomed into the warmth of WinterClan, blessed be by the Northern God.
8.) Do not forget those who have passed before you. They once provided for the clan and deserve respect. Respect and honor them as you do the God of Light.
9.) Do not murder outside of defense. The Northern God has blessed us with life and we must cherish it wisely, even if the cat is from another clan. Murder only in defense, not freely or without thought.
10.) To leave the clan is to forsake your faith, family, and future. Choose wisely where you shall stand in the eyes of the God of Light and your ancestors.
WinterClan values bloodlines and blood status above almost anything. The more pure your bloodline the better your chances in life. You get the better mentors, training, arranged marriages, and more just becuase of your higher blood status. So what's your status? Is your blood mixed? Are you born in WInterClan but one of mixed blood? Well, you still have a chance, try and marry someone of higher status than yourself and hopefuly that will boost your children's chances. For warning though, you best act quickly for parents of purebloods tend to arrange marriages for their kits a week or so after their born to better their chances in life. The most wellknown and popular bloodlines in WinterClan right now are in relations to Cloudywinter, Smokesignal, and Wintrystar.
There are three different types of crystals in WinterClan: ranking, healing, and for burials. They are valued so highly due to their relation to the God of Light as represenatives of the northern lights with their multitudes of colors and appearances. In burials, they are used as a guiding source to those who have recently passed. In healing, they are an element to coduct better care and to offer spiritual healing. And finally, for ranks, it is a show of one's position in the clan and as a source to hold the Lord close to your heart.
Ranking: Worn on a necklace made of the user's choice of material but most commonly of vines or winter flowers or another form of cord. Dead members are buried with their final crystal of rank.
Scenic - Sovereign
Tourmaline - Heir
Rainbow/Amphibole - Witch/Warlock
Hematoid - Pupil
Smokey - Knight of the Guard
Rutilated - Knight of the Wise
Labradorite - Knight of the Stars
Chalcedony - Warriors
Milky - Apprentices
Clear - Kits
Carnelian - Ancients (are also allowed to carry their previous crystal of rank if they held a high rank such as knight or one of the other blessed)
No crystal - Prisoners
Rose - Symbol of Marriage

Healing: The crystals and gems are used for healing by WinterClan's Witch/Warlock or Pupil. They are rested around, on, or near the cat in question, are used in place of or along with herbs in most cases. This is due to the fact that herbs are difficult to come across in WinterClan, and these crystals are much easier to come across and are a gift from their God of Life. The Witch/Warlock or Pupil sometimes uses herbs, but they have to be traded for from other groups due to the harsh and cold climate of WinterClan's territory making herbs hard to find.
Angelite - general healing/well being, booster, used in most healing as a median or booster to the other crystals
Amethyst - aids the nervous system, relieves headaches, and treats insomnia, infection
Agate - mental health stabilizer, used in meditations and mental illnesses
Amber - found around the nursery and nursing queens and acts as a booster for milk production, used with broken bones as well
Blood stone - removes toxins and poisons from the bond
Jasper - strength, nightmares,
Lepidolite - stress, emotional, used in mediation
Fluorite - inflammation and pain reducer
Howlite - calming effect, used in meditations
Garnet - stimulates the metabolism, used in individuals who have no appetite or may have been starving. Used with digestion
Jade - pain reliever, mostly for joints
Lapis Lazuli - lung issues, such as asthma or difficulties breathing, vomiting
Hematite - cleansing of the blood and/or infection, and heart issues. May be worn by one who has chronic heart issues

Burials:In WinterClan crystals also play an important role in burials. When a cat passes away, their crystals are placed around their grave stone, as a memorial to those who have passed on. In addition, these crystals are also buried with the deceased to help ease their passing to the afterlife.
Black Onyx - to repel negative energy
Moonstone - safe travels to the northern lights
Citrine - promote positivity in death
Selenite - purification, enlightenment
We have four festivals a year as a means of religious and customs celebrations. There is one each season to celebrate something in relation to religion or customs involved in WinterClan. Life is tough on the moutain, and so even the little things must be celebrated to keep up moral. SO at each festival we have a conest, these contests, if you perform well, will help you gain status in the clan.

New Year's Day - The start of the year is the beggining of something new. Who knows what will come in the rest of the year and so prayers, hopes, and dreams are expressed and celebrated on thsi day. We look forward to what will come and celebrate what we just left. So shout out your dreams, scream your goals, and call out to the heavens what you want to do this your. It's a new year and thus a chance to become a new you.

Festival of New Beginnings - Here is the spring equinox, the first day of true spring and when the weather lightens up a little on the harsh mountain. So on this day we celebrate our youngest of the clan, the youths and the students. They are the bases of our future and so they are our beginning. It is through them that we will succeed in the future and so we must charish them now.

Day of Entrapped Light - Our Lord Borealis is in need of celebration and thus we set aside the brightest day of the year. On the summer solstice, the brightest day of the year, we take the time to celebrate all that he has given us and all he will give us in the end. He is our Lord and our greatest strength and for that, we celebrate him. It is a day of dancing, of joy, of light spreading across the land. It seems on the nighst of the summer solstice, that the northern lights are the closest to the moutains that they'll ever be, close enough to touch.

Festival of the Stars - This is our final festival of the year and it is to honor the dead, those who have passed before us. Family, friends, clanmates, all have seen an end before us and thus we wish to remember them. Remembrance and celebration of their life are the kinds of things that happen on this day. The burial guards are decorated and the true celebratioins start after dark when teh northern lights can be seen clearly. We mark this day on the night of All Hallow's Eve and set it aside to pay our respects. The day time is for prayers and the cleaning of the burial grounds, but at night it's a party of remembrance.
alliances & enemies

DayClan - for many reasons, mostly because of the blind dating event which has led to the recent war against them. After lossing the war to them and being forced to accept and be nice to the demons, we truly hate DayClan.
RR - due to their alliance and involvement in the recent war against WinterClan with DayClan. We lost the war and are still upset about it which just adds to our dislike of them.
SunClan - we despise the Sun God as he has only ever shown to bring destruction and dispair. He nearly destroyed whole clans and created cats such as Pandora and Bluejay.
guards and training
December & January Guards: Tempesthaven, Tangledlight, Mangledmind, Mistypaw, Squidking, Or, Nebulapaw, Wickedpaw, Rowanstrike, & Talonstrike

Mentor & Students
Mentor & Ghastlypaw
Wolfspeak & Nebulapaw
Mentor & Wickedpaw
Mentor & Bluepaw
Mentor & Winterpaw
Mentor & Silverpaw
the plot
the shrine
The history of our Blessed are honored here
the saga
Information on the last plot is found here
Out of Character
We have a Halloween plot going on. It a celebration of the dead and you can find it on our forum! Also the diamonds to the left of this box are actually tabs, click on them and check them out!
Within the Kingdom
Have you heard the rumors? There's been a lot of those going around lately. Lilydawn has been hanging out near the border alot lately, wonder if she's got a secret lover? Or maybe she's trying to get away from Lioncub who has a cush on her. Rosemaryblight has been hosting fight clubs with the prisoners, some cats have even come to watch and have been betting their crystals! Robinring has been weird lately, super absent too, since his marriage was ended by Lord Borealis. Know who else is weird, Squidking, just a strange cat that one is. Thunderpaw hasn't show up to training all week, anyone seen him? Speaking of students and their training, did you hear what happened during Swiftpaw, now Swiftfreeze, and Polarblast's last training session? Polarblast died! Scaredbreath gave birth recently and her mate did not enter the den once all day, is there something going on there? Wolfspeak wants cuddles from his wife, but she's straight up refused hime, even in public! Arcticsong is pregnant, how exciting! Gingersnap has a clip on her tail, curious what that is all about. Meanwhile, Nikkohydragea has decided to marry a prisoner, how dumb is that?! Rumor has it that Howlingnight has a secret killing machine that lives deep in the depths of the prison, wonder if it's true.
PLAYED BY UNIQCRIM I am whatever you say I am. Indigocrown is rarely concerned with appearances or others opinions of her or anything else. Rumors may swirl but has found that ignoring them has allowed them to disappear quickly. She is descended from a long line of Winterclan cats who were always obsessed with what others thought of them. In the end it got them killed. She has decided its not worth the time or energy and is very secure in herself and her identity. She is a no nonsense warrior and has the size and skills to back her up. There are many misconceptions about her as she is not willing to offer up her experiences or opinions unless she feels it is important and has something to offer. The tabby cat is often pegged as anti social and snobby but she does have a mild case of misanthropy.
No Mate
7 / 7
No Kits
Played by simplylight "People think we're evil? Do I look evil to you?" Stalwart to the point of fault at times and gruff in nature, there is a thin wall between those pale eyes and whatever they desire. She's beastly and holds a presence of independence and pride well. Imagine a sunny field of daisies so delicate and beautiful they could make any cold heart sing, and in the middle there is a boldly off-putting pile of nettle just waiting to catch your paw? That's your picture of Tuskblood. Her name is Tuskblood for several reasons. First, her strikingly monstrous appearance. While she has a way of carrying her self that gives her a raw, rugged kind of beauty, there is no escaping that underbite. Two ivory, pointed teeth stick out from her lower jaw, and her muzzle is a bit flattened to make way for them. Her build is that of a smaller lion. Thick bands of muscles run down a big-boned frame, giving no doubt of her power. Long, dense ebony fur covers those muscles, adding to her size. On her strong-jawed face are two pale green eyes that almost appear to be judging at all times. No doubt, she is fearsome-looking. Many believe that she harbors a number of secrets about past battles and murders. She does not reveal whether those rumors are true or not... However, despite her rough nature, Tuskblood has a chaotic good soul. She is fierce in battle, yet compassionate to the point of sacrificing herself for her clanmates. She is not scared to voice her opinion and make known her desires, and she is fairly stubborn, but she is always considering what is best for the clan. Her desire is to create a prosperous, thriving army of cats who do not fear anything except for the bond of their hearts to be broken. Is she awfully prideful? Not necessarily. More like, she knows that her personality and appearance is abrasive enough to usually get her way. That being said, she does value alliances with the right people. They have to fit the mold she desires. Now, on to her past. Tuskblood found Summerclan when she was about the age of an apprentice. Some members traveled through her stronghold's territory while on a quest. At that time, there had been a ruinous battle between her little tribe and the neighboring tribe. What those Summerclan members stumbled on was a scene of grief. And there, in the rubble, was this young cat. She was now orphaned and horror-stricken. The group adopted her as their own and gave her a new purpose. She managed to meld together the religion and code of the strongholds to that of the warrior code. While she still has a connection to her ancestors and their beliefs, Tuskblood has always embraced other religions and clan life in general. Honestly, they are not that different. Her life was fine until she met Chimerahunt. She served her clan as a deputy for a long time, but when her heart told her to help Waterclan, she moved and left everyone behind. For the first time in her life, she might have loved someone but that was unrequited and short-lived. Tuskblood has never been one for deep, emotional feelings anyways. When it became obvious, painfully in fact, that she was no longer needed, she left Swiftclan, where her friends lived and she had been staying after the crash of Waterclan, to find her family once more. A bitter root had taken hold of her heart at that point, which both surprised her and made her shut off from the world and her former companions. She found some remnants of her family in the mountains near Winterclan, so after much thought she decided to join their ranks. Being a cat of strong will, she fit in to the climate well and grew to trust in her new family. These new beginnings brought her to where she is now, the heir to a clan full of new companions. Only time will tell what bonds and stories she builds here.
No Mate
No Kits
Played by shadow A brown, black, gold, cream, and white tom with one light blue eye and one soft rose eye, Chaostheory lives by the idea of being predictable in the most unpredictable of ways. Whether it's his mannerisms, emotional reactions, day to day decisions, tolerance of individuals – both familiar and strange, or the way in which he chooses to skin his prey and eat it, he is happiest when he goes against whatever boxed in approach you see fit for him. There's no way to predict how he'll receive you and no way to predict how he'll move against you, because while you may think you've outsmarted him and paved the path to best follow his line of thought, chances are he'll do the exact opposite of what you're thinking. An endless loop of hypotheses utterly obliterated, there's really no rhyme or reason to attempt to understand him, but boy does he love it when you try.
No Mate
2 / 2
No Kits
Played by complacentdevil A mysterious cat, with icy blue eyes and a coat of dusky brown, ending in dark points over his face and tail and striking white paws, who claims to know the territory of his home as well as anyone, and he can prove it too. Even at a young age he had amassed wells of knowledge of herbs and the ways of healing. A prodigy amongst healers he serves his clan well, though even with clanmates he holds a sharp tongue and a blunt disposition.
The Honored
This could be you!
Or you...
Or you c;
The Fragments

Indigocrown + 928
Tuskblood +
Chaostheory +
Fallingpaw +
Tempesthaven + 900
Cometfrost +
Fairytalesorrow +
Last Updated + 12.13
Tempesthaven + played by stardance
KNIGHT OF THE WISE +A pureblood WinterClan born to Pineflurry and Orchardbreeze. He is rather hot headed, and is often told to go stick his head in the snow. He doesn't think things through, rather he tends to use his instincts and act impulsively. He is in tune with his emotions, and also finds himself acting on them.
Mate + Pomegranatedecay | Kits + None | Caste + Seraph
Cometfrost + played by Ash
KNIGHT OF THE STARS + bio coming soon
Mate + No Mate | Kits + No Kits | Caste + n/a
Fairytalesorrow + played by childe
KNIGHT OF THE GUARDS + What good is a target on your back, what good is a gilded crown? One that is nothing more than an illusion, a blanket of security that one can't truly afford. Because with every position of power comes the threat of envy and deceit. Gather around, come sit and hear the story of a tom too honest to see that knife coming for his back. Once the proud older brother to our main character, he was the light of the little toms world; his personal shining star. There was no envy for his older brother, no chasm between them despite different mothers and the large difference in age. No there was only admiration and love. And he lost it all when his brother fell sick and died in-front of him, choking on his last breaths and in a rage. It was in those last moments our antagonist learned his brothers death was no accident. No someone had poisoned him for his rising glory and the little tom could do nothing. You see he had always been considered weak, more concerned with playing and flirting than making a name for himself as an apprentice. He could do nothing for his brother in his life, but in those last shared moments he swore he would do everything for his brother in his death. Born his mothers fairytale, her perfect ending as she passed in his kitting but regretted not a moment of it. He was raised by his shining half brother and toddled at the gruff toms side like a duckling. Loosing him as an apprentice ruined him for long moons, a ghost of the smiling thing he used to be. He was convinced he would never get his own fairytale ending, not without his brother by his side. And as such he became Fairytalesorrow, weak in mind and spirit. Or so everyone would think with his assertions of such. His favorite phrase is "I don't know or don't ask me." If not for his pure-blooded family history in Winterclan he would never have survived as long as he has. Or so he lets other believe. In truth Fairytalesorrow has a well crafted mask that hides most of his true intentions. He will not let himself be hurt again and will never be anyones fool. Instead he plays the jester to distract from the work he does behind the scenes. Fool me once and it's shame on me, fool me twice and I'm your enemy; you better tread carefully.
Mate + No Mate | Kits + No Kits | Caste + Seraph n/a
ASHENSNOW + played by Whitemuzzle Ashensnow is a long-haired white she cat with a sprinkling of gray fur from the back of her neck all the way down her tail. She has stunning green eyes that sparkle like fresh fallen snow in the moonlight. She and her brother Frostbite are all who’s left of their family, their parents having died in the battle with Primal Instinct. Even though she’s been through a lot, Ashensnow has a bright personality and wants to be of help anywhere she can. She loves WinterClan and wouldn’t ever think about living anywhere else. Sometimes she contemplative but mostly she enjoys being around other cats. Being pleasing to others is something she strives to do. She excels in hunting and loves to track down rabbits. Her fighting skills are average but still very formable, enemies can vouge for that. Caste + Seraph Mate + Brokensight Emberbrand + played by cleaver He looks so charming with his dark fur, with a few flashes of red buried in the depths of his thick coat. This risk-taker can't say no to any other cat and is willing to do almost anything for the fun of it. His dark coat made it difficult for him to blend in with WinterClan land, but it was his family's curse and he must continue to bear it. First appearances are deceiving with Emberbrand: he's a clever cat but very emotionally aware of himself and others, but he doesn't put it to any good use. His charm goes toward stealing the ideas of other cats and convincing them to do his bidding instead of taking the time to stop being lazy and do the work himself. He wants to be the center of attention and is incredibly vain. Highly annoying, but of a prestigious bloodline - some cats argue that he's the brother of a former deputy, Hazethroat, and the grandson of a shard. Usually, those rumors can be traced back to Emberbrand himself, so it's a bit of a mystery as to the truth of his origin. Caste + Grace Mate + Dappledglacier Frostbite + played by Whitemuzzle Frostbite is a long-haired light gray tom with a sprinkling of white fur down his back and tail. He has four white feet and a white tail tip. His eyes are a dusty blue color that reminds you of the eastern sky just before sunrise. A jagged scar runs down from his left shoulder and along his left side, a reminder of the battle with Primal Instinct. But there are more cats walking around with scars left by his claws. He is a serious and intense cat, one who you wouldn’t want to cross. He will speak his mind and not care what others might think. Frostbite is proud to be called a WinterClan cat and has no time for others who aren’t in his clan. He is a fierce fighter and will fight to protect any of his clanmates. His parents are now gone and his only family is his sister, Ashensnow. Caste + Seraph Mate + Griffonwing + played by uniqcrim Where his sister, Indigocrown, is stern and inflexible, he is fun loving and spirited. He is somewhat self conscious of what others think about him, but masks that as much as possible. Griffonwing does not like others seeing his weaknesses. Wants his strengths to shine through and make the day a bit happier for everyone. On the inside he is very lonely and sad and does not want others to feel the same pain that he does. Caste + Seraph Mate + None Indigochill+ played by SHADOWBLADEღ A long haired white tom with faint light gray face marking, grey tail, a red nose, slight eyebags and intense, deep blue-indigo eyes. "What's my problem? Well, I want you to follow me down to the bottom" Indigokit was born to happy little couple, one of his siblings weak and unfortunately didn't make it past kithood. That was the first or the worst, because he had to grow up during the war with WinterClan and PI. Looking back on it his poor mother might have been more than a little stressed out and might have been why she didn't handle the end trimester or nursey so easily and always seemed to be... looking over her shoulder. It must of have finally clicked when word broke out of Acornkit's body being sent back along with Frigidkit to send a message: "Every sunrise a kit draws their final breath." He was nearing apprentice age when the final fight would take place and his mother the great and brave cat he couldn't wait to learn from and fight with - she fought along side her mate and both would perish in the lengthy battle to end it all. Indigokit might have old enough, but ultimately didn't know how to fight - so he fought dirty 'disgraceful' one might call it and would gang up on one of the PI cats, and they kill them. Killing, intentional or indirectly causing their death - it didn't matter in that moment and it still doesn't today. It was the worst feeling he got and he never forgave himself or others for it. In a one day he lost experienced trauma, had his own near-death experience, and his support system with no one wise enough to help him process it all and turned on his clanmates by lashing out at them when they lamented his parents were heroes and died for a good cause. 'A good cause?' "And my problem? Our culture can treat a loss, Like it’s a win and right before we turn on them," How could they say that to him? "Yeah they were my heroes and you took them away because all you care about is your dumb cause!" He wanted to yell it louder but no one would've listened anyways. Unfortunately, calling his fellow clanmates out wasn't exactly giving him popularity points either. One of them or maybe two or more of the more prouder cats just whispered about how he was a bad fighter resorting to such terrible tactics and that it would be a shame to be killed by him. He got secretly discriminated against by his peers for that - regardless of rank the seed of doubt and fear got spread like teenage drama and before he knew it Indigopaw realized he stood in the very grave they dug for him - and he started it by giving them the shovel. Fine. The war was over but even Indigokit knew PI had won. "I'll mourn for a kid, but won't cry for a king." They took so much from him, he grew up fast that day. He thoughts he's not so proud that he would rather stay in back void of his mind but he's been insomniac since apprenticeship - if cat's could have eyebags he would - so he'd stay awake at night just burrowing a hole in the earth. Despite his setback, Indigochill still wants to be the best warrior he can be and prove them wrong - he couldn't make it as a Medicine cat/Witch and that's okay he's not sure he could live with the guilt if he lost a patient and he eventually would. So he'll support the clan he still loves - the younger generation don't know of the war, they don't know his secret disgrace, and he occasionally get marveled by the kits as Seraph and hopefully future Knight. That makes the pain of the past hurt a little less each day. "I’m not disrespecting what was left behind, Just pleading that it does not get glorified." Indigochill is a stoic and straightforward person with an innate ability to spark conversation with anyone, despite holding a reserved and quiet attitude most of the time; remnants of the once friendly and charismatic kitten he used to be. He is shown to be rather clever, knowing just the right words to say to manipulate others into replying to his words, allowing him the opportunity to get the upper hand. He does not seem to mind doing something underhanded if it means he can claim victory in a fight - he wants his opponents to underestimate him and he stopped caring about what his clanmates or others think of him a long time ago anyways. He's anti-social way made it clear he's not into making friends, but he's rather easy-going, docile and over all compliant to help his clan and provide support for them be it another fighter holding the front lines or a distraction to lure the enemy and keep them away with his misdirect. The only thing he can't seem to be obedient about it arranged marriages. Indigochill isn't even sure he ever wanted a mate or kits, but he sure doesn't as heck doesn't want either by getting pressured into them. Indigochill was arranged with Scaredbreath, and at first the two seemed to be two sides of the same coin, neither was looking for love, neither wanted kits and neither wanted to even make friends. He wanted his distance, he wasn't perfect at keeping his hurting a secret, but she would know not to bring it up, play blind nd let him go on his way. "Promise me this, If I lose to myself, You won’t mourn a day, And you'll move onto someone else." Wow, perfect. While the marriage vows felt weird, something felt okay and they might have both genuinely awkwardly smiled that day. Life can be cruel trick though, and Wintrystar's passing reminder that couples are expected to eventually have kits, ideally in 6 months-1 year didn't help. Neither of them were really putting that much effort into it either. Maybe she was in love with the concept, maybe she just wanted things done her way, maybe she thought having a litter would really get them off their backs but she wasn't open to compromise and neither was he. So weeks of fighting, cue the animosity between them every time the other entered the room, and somehow it would led to an unhealthy, aggressive, kind of hate-love if one could even call it that. Or maybe just 'self-made anger with a release' that, for some reason, just made him cruel towards her. He doesn't know how it started, maybe just banter at first that started to cross the line, where blaming her everything became his norm but the winces of her eyes, the saddened look on her face and deep down he just crumbles when she started to cry. How did they get here? How did it come to this? It's not her, he swears it's just the marriage that just brings out the worst of him now and neither know how to stop it. "Find your grandparents or someone of age, Pay some respects for the path that they paved, To life they were dedicated. Now that should be celebrated." Caste + Seraph Mate + Scaredbreath JAGUARGHOST + played by woof The gods had two chances to kill him. For their inaction, the world suffers. Jaguarghost tiptoed into this life—soundless, like he knew the delicacy of his act—and has fooled and deceived it ever since. Born Coyotewild of SummerClan, charm never strayed much farther than the upturned edge of his maw, but the scars that have since slashed through his face left ridges untenanted by the same warmth. Old legends of SummerClan, especially after his vile acts as their captor, bespeak of the possibility that darkness and evil have always lurked in his soul, and that the day of the dogs was what finally unleashed it from its binds, allowing him to fully envelope himself in its allure. Despite his natural draw and silver tongue, anyone can see the vacancy in Jaguarghost's eyes, the way their silver depths are stainless as steel. WinterClan has yet to realize the horror in its ranks, masquerading itself in dutiful strength and polished copper armor, but, having evaded the gods' (and fox's) reckoning twice so far, his blackened heart has no more capacity to fear man. Caste + Tarnished Mate + None Jaguarspell + played by MorteAutumnal "As the light of the stars shines down; unwavering from the dark swath of indigo sky above, think of me as I was. Light and free. Free of ravage. Free of carnage. Free of scorn and spite. Think of me as I was." Stars twinkle in the shimmering green irises of a cats eyes as she gazes upward. Up to the heavens where her ancestors watch her, waiting for the day they will call her to them. But that day is not today. Quick as a flash, a pelt of russet like a fox, a cat lunges at her from the battle field before her. But her reflexes and training have been honed for battle since kithood. She is a warrior. She is of a strong bloodline of warriors, of powerful cats. Her form is lithe and we'll muscled, covered in a coat black like shadows and clouded with dark gray rossetes and silver freckles. She strikes out with her long claws, glinting like moonlight from her paws as her strike lands true and scars the other cat across it's face, stunning it and flinging it's own blood into it's eyes, twin flames of blue. Behind her another latches onto her hind leg causing a yowl to erupt from her and a hiss of pain but she will not be beaten. It is not in her nature. Twisting around she claws furiously at the shoulder of the other and as they release her leg she lunges, sinking her teeth into the shoulder of the cat before sending it screeching in pain, racing away. The russet cat recovers and tries to blindly attack again, but she leaps over it's hulking form and lands squarely on it's back sinking her teeth into it's neck and biting down. A pain filled scream tumbles from the mouth of the russet beast and she leaps off watching as it too runs off in search of it's clanmate. All around the battle is coming to an end. She gazes around in search of a light tabby coat and is relieved to see her mentor racing toward her. He stops and gives her head a quick lick. "Well done Jaguarpaw! You fought like a warrior, brave and true!" She can't help the excited purr in response to his praise. But it is cut short as she sees a large silver pelt leaping out of the bracken and landing atop her mentor. "No! Swiftfox!" The two warriors screech as the tear at each other but the silver warrior is larger and over powers her more wirey mentor, in a fit of rage it sinks it's teeth into the exposed under throat of Swiftfox's throat, clamping down with all the strength it possesses. With a startled yowl of terror she flings herself at the other cat clawing madly at his face, dislodging him from Swiftfox.Claws rack her flank and shoulder and neck but she is able to drive it away with a well placed strike to his eyes. Turning around she runs back to her mentor only to stifle a strangled cry as she gazes on his face, eyes open and unseeing, the light gone from their amber depths. "Swiftfox..." Bowing her head in sorrow she allows her clanmates to congratulate each other on their victory. Not yet knowing that they had lost a noble clanmate. "You have hardened Jaguarpaw. Into a skilled and fearsome warrior. You have shown great results in your training with first Swiftfox and now Darkstag. It's time you become a warrior" she flinches at her former mentor's name but carefully schools her feature back into a hard mask of pride. Nodding at her leader. "Thank you." The scars streak her pelt on her right side. Scars from the warrior who murdered her mentor...her father. In honor of her alluring eyes and ability to tend to trick and lure her combatants into making false moves or into a false sense of comfort she is named Jaguarspell. Every first day of leafbare, when the first snow sticks to the ground, she honors the memory of her father and mentor on the day he died. Jaguarspell is an alluring she-cat with a toned muscular body lines with a tight black smoke Bengal coat of rosettes instead of spots like a leopard. The tip of her tail is bright white like starlight and her eyes are a mesmerizing shade of pine green, dark and sultry with streaks of bright emerald green. She is usually mild mannered, aloof but not impolite. But she can be quick to judge and hot tempered, like her mother before her. Over the moons she has become increasingly moody but some chalk it up to her father's murder ..others the litter of kits she had and lost at birth. It's hard to say what sets off her temper these days, just don't get on her bad side. Seraph + Lilydawn+ played by goldcrest A fall from grace, some would say, but Lilydawn would have to disagree. There is no grace in a child nobody wanted, who was left behind and passed around like some broken toy. She's bitter, cruel, angry at the world and angry at herself. She has no clan blood to her name--which is a wonder as to why she is in the Grace Caste to begin with, though it may be her special connections to the previous Ghoulstar. One out of four of her adopted fathers, her and her late siblings were found and adopted by the four previous Mountain clan leaders, with a system set up so that they could live in each clan for a bit. She is the only survivor, each dying off some way or another. After their death's, she decided to stay in Winterclan--though she hopes to leave the Mountain clans altogether one day, a dream she has kept to herself. Doestar of Summerclan had left his own kits behind, stirring a bitter jealously within her. They were his, she was just something accidentally stumbled upon and decided to keep. She can be jealous, resentful, taking her issues of abandonment and anger out on those around her. She isn't above cruelty, and often hides her insecurities behind metaphorical walls and barbed fences. She's a dance alone in the dark, a broken crown, a dim hallway of fancy doors, all containing anger and regret. She struggles to control her emotions, taking it out not only on those around her but also herself. Lilydawn often neglects taking care of herself, coming off as scrappy and messy. They're mean, sarcastic, quick-witted and incredibly insecure--though she hides that. But deep down, she's a sad, scared little kid who wants to see her family again. Despite this, she had trouble connecting with her half-siblings, mostly out of jealously and bitter resentment. Tends to isolate herself and doesn't have many friends. Caste + Grace Mate + Limelight + played by cleaver The party doesn't start til she walks in. Limelight is always the last one on the scene: anticipation builds in the air until its so electric her fluffy fur starts to rise. A mystery is woven around Limelight, one of her own creations: every sweet story she tells is accompanied by a little wink or a knowing smile like there's more behind the scenes and she simply cannot wait to share the secret as soon as she's able. Despite her protests that she is truly just a simple lady with simple desires, everyone knows she has something to hide, and that's the delight of the game. Limelight loves to be the center of attention, and her stories and dramatic entrances are only the beginning. She can call attention onto herself in an instant, thrilling about her wonderful day or fretting over any tiny detail that doesn’t go her away. Any inconvenience is worth sharing, every concern must be brought to everyone's full attention, because did that ratty-looking former rogue really have the audacity to step on HER tail? Limelight might want to be the center of attention, but she really only has eyes for other pure-blooded cats. The weak and dirty cats are worthy of interaction only at a distance, maybe the handsome ones earn themselves a few flirtatious remarks, but that's as far as she'll take them. She likes to parade about her newest toy, any young prodigy that catches her eyes, but she doesn't truly care about them. She will tear down anyone who gets in her way, and everyone knows it. In the future, Limelight wouldn't mind having her own collection of kits to raise - though she would treat them more as status symbols than living, breathing creatures - but only if they have the purest blood and most gorgeous pelts. They must be worthy of her love. Limelight is a long-haired pure-blooded WinterClan she-cat, her coat a rich tapestry with a myriad of light grey hues that dark over her legs and mingle with orange. Her black-and-white mask reaches past amber eyes to her pure snow-toned chest. She was born to Emberbrand and Dappleglacier, two arranged mates with a lineage reaching back to Goldenstar. Her siblings are Cottontail (her dearest brother), Warmglow (the weak blemish of her line she could do without), Phantommist (her improperly-behaved brother), and Subtletouch (her confident, like-minded sister). Caste + Seraph Mate + Nutmegaroma + played by uniqcrim His fur is as surreal as a painting, strokes of walnut brown, mahogany, and beige descend across his pelt in a woodland color scheme. Playfully His snout down his face is a white as well as his paws. He has dark as forest green eyes that shimmer with a trouble makers demeanor. Pine has dreams of being a hero, he knows his families got bad reputations, but he wants to prove that he can be a good warrior. The problem is that he must have his families bad blood trapped in him because every time he tries to do right he ends up doing wrong. Just bad luck you can suppose. He’ll try to help someone find their kit only to accidentally shove their kit into a river never to be seen again. Other times he might try to free a clan mate from being imprisoned only to watch them slaughter eight people and realize maybe they were in prison for a reason. Even sharing prey with someone he finds he accidentally gave them sick prey. His family couldn’t be prouder, but he’s constantly surrounded by swirling guilt over his reign of bad luck. He is the son of Mistyveil and Regin, Mistyveil was medicine cat/ first alchemist/ first witch/ ex prisoner/ ex prison guard of WinterClan. Regin was a prisoner the same time Mistyveil was. However his parents have since moved to SunClan changing their names to Mistyrose and Sparrowflight. Bio written by Faith. Caste + Tarnished Mate + PINEFROST + played by childe There is not a moment this toms head isn't held high and his nose isn't turned up; proud of his heritage and his position in the clan it's hard to go a single conversation with this tom and not hear some braggadocios boast. The slate brown tom with his hints of white around his paws is small but fills up a space with his very presence but not in a good way. For all that he is handsome his insides are ugly, cruel in his thoughts and actions he barley pays any mind to those he considered beneath him. In truth he laughs at their struggles both in front of them and behind their backs. Overjoyed to be continuing on his bloodline he's in for a rude awakening. Caste + Seraph Mate + Articsong Rimeswirl + played by uniqcrim Rimeswirl just showed up one day with no scent on her pelt to betray her origins. Yet her exotic looks point to the possibility of kittypet origins. Her knowledge though contradicts that idea, she just knows too much to have been raised by twolegs. Regardless of the truth she will not say. Oddly though she is quite adapted to the harsh climate of WinterClan. Her fur, while not long, is dense and plush; It easily keeps her warm as snow does not penetrate to her skin. Her paws are polydactyl, a natural snowshoe that keeps her above the snow. Her off white fur is marbled with seal tabby, swirls turn into stripes on her legs and face. Her pale eyes are a silver sage just slightly more vibrant at the center. Her rounded ears curl back and match her little stumpy tail. Her voice is soft and sweet with a hint of an accent, Russian or perhaps some other eastern european country. Rimeswirl is surprisingly devoted to the clan and its religion despite having grown up elsewhere. She is devoted to others perhaps to the detriment of herself. There is a temper though hidden in her sweet demeanor, one should not even think of crossing her. Stubbornness is another one of her less savory traits, often leading to fights with others. Yet she is a caring cat who strives to create relationships. Bio written by Atomheart. Caste + Snow Kitty Mate + Trespassing Scaredbreathe + played by SHADOWBLADEღ A long haired, diluted calico of white, grey and pastel orange she-cat with light teal eyes and red nose. "Got a sweet face, but I only play villain, Sugarcoat [-] so you never taste venom" Scaredbreath is what you get when you take a mostly innocent kit and throw it in the harsh blizzard of WinterClan and raised with their ideologoy. But lets back it up to how she came to be. Born to Silentsnow on a stormy winter night, Brokensight and Sacredbreath nearly died their very first night with Silentsnow passing during birth leading to her poor little brother to arrive into the world with a broken paw. However she and her brother were not quiet about their desires to become strong WinterClan warriors, and while Scaredkit ran circles around the other kits she always came back and supported him so that one day they would ran and play tag together, and later would become about being apprentices and warriors together. She and her brother were all they had and maybe it was the abandonment issues that convinced her she couldn't do it without his support strengthening her patience and understanding but also her righteousness and prioritizing her brother to the point of hurting her other relationships, exacerbating her fear ironically making her more isolated when her go to response now is turn things down to avoid the abandonment and disappointment. Thins only got worse when the two siblings became apprentices just before the battle against Primal Instinct and participated in the battle once it came upon the clan. Being bigger than most apprentices - be it good genes or just thick fluffy to keep the claws from ever touching her skin - Scaredpaw had confidence in her self and accepted the challenge to fight. Scaredbreath however had a bad habit of being very blunt sometimes and speaks her mind when no one asked, getting her into trouble against the war. She was frustrated and in pain from the fighting and snapped at the wrong cat - telling the 'freak' to get her alley cats out only made her angry and boy did she find out. There's a small, smooth scar on her shoulder blade noticeable only by it's bald spot and she would prefer you don't mention it. The other is long, skinny scar along her side that's harder to see but took forever to heal and still gives her phantom pains whenever something or someone gets near it and anxiety will make her instinctively snap at whatever has that misfortune. They proved their skills and their worth during the battle, both eligible to receive their warrior names following the end of the war and cemented her in the highest caste of Seraph. However, Brokensight lost one eye that day and was partially blinded in the other; his dreams of being a full-fledge warrior were killed that day. Brokensight remains pretty positive and the happy-go-lucky one and rather balances her nihilistic and unravels her misanthropy with each good day. As she stand now she's posh, sarcastic, confident, classist and nihilistic leaning towards misanthropic. Albeit, Scaredbreath is also very patient, protective, open, with a rather instinctual heroic nature and more accepting cat while still being based on Winterclan values. Scaredbreath often uses her charming smile and previous friendly demeanor to either catch enemies off guard and underestimate her or get cats to open up to her and study others around her as originally a coping mechanism to accept or deny a friendship and keep her in a one-sided control of that happening to prevent the whole abandonment/disappointment thing. It also turned into a game, finding out who was also pretending to be sweet and building group she could casually be cruel and talk trash with. "I'm not here for any truce --- your pardons" While mostly calm, composed and civil with her clan, she has quite the duality in that she's the first to reject truces, get irrational towards outsiders out of petty bitterness and starting swearing 'fleabag this' and 'fleabag that'. Wrong her even once and clanmates or not, you'll be quick to find out if she's in the mood to pack a punch. Naturally, she doesn't believe in second chances. Her strength and rather good deduction skills with occasional caution keeps her comfortable in her caste. "You should pipe down if you don't got --- to say, Ima head out watch me I just turn and wave" It also means she considers things and cats beneath her- while she doesn't actively look to start trouble on borders or gatherings she also can't keep her comments to herself and will probably get involved in things anyway and hold her opinion in high regard and be rather callous to those of lower caste or opposing opinion. Nothing personal, just don't get in her way, or she might put you in place. That said she respects confidence, honesty, and loyalty like any other cat. Someone who can and does stand by her side - to fight for each other is all that matters in her book it's just all the details and past trauma that tend to get in the way and muddle her decisions and complicate her relationships/friendship sand make her a wildcard in how she will react to something if it goes against her values. The only thing she can't seem to get right is her arranged marriage. Scaredbreath isn't even sure she ever wanted a mate or kits, but she was arranged with Indigochill, and at first the two seemed to be two sides of the same coin, neither was looking for love, neither wanted kits and neither wanted to even make friends. He wanted his distance, he wasn't perfect at keeping his hurting a secret, but she would know not to bring it up, play blind and let him go on his way - she wanted her distance too and she didn't want to talk about their burdens- except more so she could maintain some control of the relationship. Wow, perfect. While the marriage vows felt weird, something felt okay and they might have both genuinely awkwardly smiled that day. Life can be cruel trick though, and Wintrystar's passing reminder that couples are expected to eventually have kits, ideally in 6 months-1 year didn't help. Neither of them were really putting that much effort into it either. Of course if she could keep track of her fertility days she's probably intentionally mark the days she wasn't fertile but now if she could its be easier to mark the one fertile day for them and be done with it. She just wanted things done and over with, that having a litter would really get them off their backs at least for a few years, if only cats could have menopause. But she wasn't open to compromise and neither was he. So weeks of fighting, cue the animosity between them every time the other entered the room, and somehow it would led to an unhealthy, aggressive, kind of hate-love if one could even call it that. Or maybe just 'self-made anger with a release' that, for some reason, just made him cruel towards her. She doesn't know how it started, maybe just banter at first that started to cross the line, where blaming her everything became his norm but the winces of her eyes, the saddened look on her face and deep down he just crumbles when she started to cry. How did they get here? How did it come to this? Her rank means nothing against the same rank, even she can't get herself permanently exempt from marriage if she wanted to. Something about her or the marriage that just brings out the worst of him now and she has no control to stop it. Caste + Seraph Mate + Indigochill Sinkingsaturn + played by achromatic Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Sinkingsaturn's father found himself buried by the weight of all the responsibilities his position entailed, crushed by the globe he held on his shoulders like Atlas once did. Inherit the earth. Blessed are those who suffer persecution, for the kingdom of heaven is theirs. Sinkingsaturn's mother, the late Frozenstar, had protected the clan all her life and she had died in the dirt, never seeing the seeds she sowed grow into the fruits of her labour. Inherit the kingdom of god. Sinkingsaturn's brothers had been the rock she had found herself relying on. Jupitermoon for his humour and wit. Stainedneptune for his warmth and comfort. When her father left, her brothers had broken apart like the earth's crust, solidifying the fault lines that cracked through the roots of their family tree, leaving her to pick up the broken shards. Inherit the earth. She laughs, claiming that her father never gave her the patches on her bengal coat–no, it was born from the cracked dirt that rocked her to the core, turning the once bright, happy kitten into the sardonic creature she is today. She doesn't know where the bitterness resonates–was it when her younger brother was born? When Silverspectre stopped speaking? When her father left? Or when her mother died, her legacy buried by the avalanche of their family's trauma?–but Sinkingsaturn's the only one left behind. Perhaps it is why she's so loud, so blunt, so willing to fight anyone despite her small size, why she puts away any doubt long enough to call it courage, hiding every bit of vulnerability behind the blue-eyed mask she's had to put on all her life. Blessed be the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. If inheriting the earth meant inheriting the earthquake and the fault lines that destroyed everything she used to be, then she'll be everything but, for surely, Sinkingsaturn will stare at the gods defiantly as she sinks into hell, lest she wastes her life being meek for an earth that never deserved her. Caste + Seraph Mate + Soullessabomination + played by Stardance Soullessabomination used to be a typical happy, giddy kitten, she never let the weight of her family's hell get the better of her. She was always an optimist, determined to believe in the good in everyone. This all changed when she became an apprentice and was given an abusive mentor. Her guardian Snakefang often disagreed with her mentor's way of training and would try to intervene the best he could. Her mentor’s goal was to crush her spirit, day after day, any optimistic spirit was met by his claws and when his claws couldn’t cut her spirit out he muzzled her mouth shut for hours during training to prevent her from reassuring herself. Soullessabomination wouldn’t be able to recall if there was an exact moment or if it was a slow process of madness, but at some point her mind snapped, detached from her heart. Her eyes glazed over with an empty coldness and she spoke very little. Her mentor repeatedly told her she was soulless abomination that was only good for violence and cruelty. She believed every word of it becoming a cruel and menacing warrior. Soullessabomination has very little emotion and will even turn on her siblings if commanded to. However she is very close to Snakefang, one of the few people she shows any emotion towards. Soullessabomination is WinterClan’s hollowed out puppet, however you can still catch glimpses of her true spirit. Although her spirit is crushed it’s still there waiting for someone to melt her heart and restore her back to the happy girl she used to be who wasn’t afraid to feel. She is very large in size and has silvery and grey tabby fur with a white muzzle and underbelly. Her eyes have a smokey white streak across them giving her a majestic appearance. She has gilded green reptilian eyes and long fangs like her father. Caste + Snow Kitty Mate + Squidking + played by bauble A blizzard shook the heavens on the night he was born, and scarce could be heard over the howling winds, save for the howls of the child born within it. The elders who were witness whisper that he never shook the fury of that night — the storm seems to have bonded to his soul, and become a part of him. Squidking was born from old and proud Winterclan stock, but his cavaliering has thrown him from grace. He’s a spiral in a world of squares, a swashbuckler who’s tight with his favor, but loose with his affection. Silver words flow freely — and paired with a barbed charm, he can singe and ensare with equal abandon. He grew up with a stir craze in his soul; he’s always had a paw halfway out the door, ready to explore the world. But his pride keeps him rooted to Winterclan, where he’s determined to rise back to the Seraph class where he belongs. His fur is as ink black as night, and his eyes are reflective steel, like two shiny silver dollars. Caste + Seraph Mate + Waywardpass + played by simplylight With the wind at your back and future before you, it's not hard to feel hopeful that you'll get somewhere in life. He spent the majority of his life traveling the mountains, searching for meaning. With a coat of long, grey and white streaked fur, massive snow white paws, and brilliant misty blue eyes, it appears that he was born for that role. This wayward path that earned him his name brought him and his two little companions to the land of Winterclan. From there, he found his purpose. Although he was cast to the side for having no relation to Winterclan, Waywardpass found his place among the rubble to be a teaching one. In the eyes of those who are looked down upon, life is bleak. His personal mission has been to find what motivates and gives hope to those whose lives seem to have none. Some say he has a savior complex, and he would agree. It's not unusual to see him lifting up the fallen and giving to those who are in need. The intrinsic motivation for these deeds is what keeps him awake at night. Why is he trying so hard to help? Is he really a good cat or is there a lust for power driving him to build this army of cast outs. Waywardpass often finds himself frightened of his own desires. Is his hope to find meaning truly a desire to conquer? Caste + Snow Kitty Mate + Wolfspeak + played by Bauble It’s said that the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. But what if the opposite is true? What does a lone wolf do when he finds himself packless? The slings of misfortune have rendered this tom chilly and distant: he’s a cat of few words, who prefers to fade into the riffraff of clan life rather than draw attention to himself. His stoic demeanor offers no clue into what he’s seen, but the memory of his losses are ghosts that dance behind his eyes. The ghosts count seven: the father who taught him honor and responsibility, the mother who taught him loyalty and compassion. Three brothers who taught him strength and determination, and two sisters who taught him faith and mercy. Like his parents, his pelt is a long grey-brown, with black hair on his back, and lighter tones on his underbelly. He likes to think he inherited his big black paws from his brothers and sad blue eyes from his sisters. When their blood painted the snow, his heart was forever locked in a cage of ice. But the blood of his heritage still thrums through his veins today, chanting one mantra: serve the pack. That pack is Winterclan now. Caste + Snow Kitty Mate +
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Scaredbreath + 929
Senescence + 50
Shadowbard + 455
Sinkingsaturn + 974
Skeletalrose + 911
Sludemilk + 817
Snakefang + 552
Soullessabomination + 115
Squidking + 986
Swiftfreeze + 194
Talonstrike + 961
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Wolftundra + 657
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BLUEPAW [fox] - ash In truth, she'd never thought both her parents would have abandoned her. Her siblings were as shocked as she was, but she also knew one thing. Life went on. She was young when she made her way to WinterClan, but her father and mother had raised her much on the border of the clan. It was a choice she felt was for the better of herself. The siamese-color point feline wanted to feel as if she had a home again. Without her father and mother, she needed a purpose. At the age of seven moons, only a mere week after her parents left, she made her way to WinterClan. Her soft features and blue eyes seemed to fit right in with the looks of the other felines, her thick coat proving perfect for the conditions. Perhaps she was simply lucky she'd been so close to WinterClan in the first place. Now she finds this is where she will build her life. apprentice Mate + none Mentor + Dappledglacier Ghastlypaw [GAZE] + played by uniqcrim Ghastlygaze has always been considered a bit of a strange cat. Obsessed with the night, the associations of night, and ghosts. Yes, ghosts. Sometimes, when he sits and listens, he thinks he can hear them calling out to him. It is comforting almost. The feeling that their is more beyond this material plane gives him strength. So, he is often found at the burial grounds to revel in the comfort of the dead. The dead are far more comfortable than the living, after all. He prefers to speak in cryptic, vague sentences rather than being specific and is often elusive to others. He is protective of his sense of self and guards himself rather closely. He would rather be in an arranged marriage and hold them at an arms length rather than let someone in close to see who he truly is. Being raised as the son of a leader can be hard and the expectations around it have hardened him into a good warrior, but also a hard one. He crumbles easily on expectations and is not always known for being there when you need him most if you expect too much from him. Caste + Grace Mate + none Mentor + tba Nebulapaw [ICE] + played by Shadow A black she-cat with bright ice blue eyes, she is result one of two of a cross-clan experience between Nightfreeze, a WinterClan she-cat, and Wolfsgrin, a SummerClan tom. Of course, this information is unknown to her, as she is legally the daughter of Nightfreeze and her arranged mate, Snowflurry. A she-cat with a personality that contradicts itself, very much like her choice in actions and eventually life path, she is seen as fun loving, happy go lucky, go with the flow, and relaxed with certain persons in certain situations, and on the flip of a coin can be emotionless, distant, and cold. There is one constant in her personality, behavior, and choice of action and path, however: she is fearless. She would step in front of a threat if it meant saving those she felt were innocent or did not deserve such a reaction. She may one day find herself coated in scars, but each will have been earned with a determination that the actions she took were the only ones available to uphold her morality, even if to others it's quite grayscale. Caste + Snow Kitty Mate + Mentor + Wolfspeak Silverpaw[night] + played by vexingode A tall, stern looking tom, with icy blue eyes and a lilac point coat. he looked similar to his two sisters but was much bigger and like his name suggested much more silvery looking. His mother lead Silvernight and his siblings to believe their father abandoned them, then at just 7 moons old, so did she. Eventually finding his way to Winterclan and making it his home. The confident and dashing tom is a skilled warrior without a doubt, but his protectiveness of his sisters may be his downfall. He trust very few except those who took him in and fed him, always keeping a close eye, weary of betrayal. Position: student Caste + Mate + Mentor + tba Wickedpaw [LEGACY] + played by faeish The youngest of four kits, this she-cat has a very stubborn and “take what I want” personality. Wickedlegacy has soft calico tabby fur, looking a bit wispy and majestic. It consists of mostly brown and ginger colors, though darkens towards her face, with almost black looking fur stretching between her ears and to her eyes. Her chest and muzzle are a silky white, untouched by other colors. Her round, captivating blue eyes make her all the more intriguing. Wickedlegacy has a very flirtatious attitude, leading on other cats to get what she wants. In this way, she is also quite the fibber. This cat has never seen any problem with lying to benefit from the situation, and uses her charm to manipulate whoever will let her. Caste + Snow Kitty Mate + Mentor + tba Winterpaw[grace] + played by vexingode Abandoned by her parents, left with her siblings to fend for themselves. Wintergrace is a strong independent she cat. her thick coat and soft blue eyes, she looked similar to her color point sister, just with faded tabby stripes. She seams confident and independent, really she is just afraid that if she grows attached to anyone they will just abandon her, like she was on that cold snowy day. Caste + Mate + Mentor + tba
Cloudywinter & Flickeringflames' Litter
Glacialkit [WIND] + played by uniqcrim The epitome of pureblooded perfection. Elegant and eloquent, prim and proper, sweet and sarcastic. She knows her manners, her religion, and carrying on her families legacy and winterclans blood is, and always has been, a top priority for her. She is genuinely dedicated to Winterclan's ways and chooses to follow old fashioned values and traditions. Is generally short on patience for those who do not follow old ways and is very judgmental of cats around her. Like a true winterclan cat she appears to be icy cold, but to her inner circle and proper friends she is fun and lighthearted. Caste + Seraph Mate + n/a
Sacredbreath & Indigochill
DELIGHTFULKIT [TROUBLE] + played by SHADOWBLADEღ A white, longhaired cat with heterochromia- icy blue and chartreuse eyes. A kitten's unchecked ego can be a dangerous thing when you're at the top of the food chain and spoiled by all means. Delightfulkit might have seemed like their namesake at some point but is no better than their sisters in attitude. Delightfulkit prefers and is most placid among their family and the Seraph class, it comes with the perks of comfort and sense of control which pairs almost too well with their passion for mischief and entertainment. Overconfident and bit too smug when no one is looking, or no one important that is - Delightfulkit is a bit of a chaotic perfectionist, complimenting their own work and even when it's all ruined if it's done in what they could call a 'beautiful disaster' then it would all have been worth it. Dramatic are they not? Occasionally speaking playfully in a formal way and in the next breath, casually criticizing and putting down anyone deemed lesser than. Life is like a game they most enjoy when it's unfolding entertainingly regardless of how chaotic or the consequences, or when they can be in the center of attention. Maybe it's something in the way they were raised or just bad roll of the dice to seemingly inherit the flaws and bad attitudes of their parents. It's easy to grow up pretty lonely after losing their sisters early on and having distance father and a mother who should've stayed as just the 'fun aunt' than take on the needy challenge of kits when she already acts as a caregiver to her brother. Not that Delightfulkit never feels loved - although poorly adaptable to love and affection, Scaredbreath makes every effort to keep her kits pampered and feeling adored. Delightfulkit also has the most normal and calmest moments and conversations with her and their uncle Brokensight. Half the time they keep Delightful feeling grounded and on the right path where chaos and their view of 'entertainment' doesn't matter, or rather it doesn't need to exist so destructively. Sometimes they tell Brokensight they could not tell their mother; sometimes they want to be scolded and feel like a normal kit and geta different reaction than getting everything handed to them. Perhaps that's why they view Brokensight more as a father figure over their own apathetic biological one. Morality and empathy are two aspects they are not skilled in, unfortunately sadism and self-preservation tends to be the first two things at the top of their priority list. Their heart tends to be more aligned with that of a mercenary than a warrior's earning them the suffix '-trouble', as sweet and endearing they may pretend to be like their prefix, calling cats 'darlings', 'kitten', 'sweetie' or using nicknames to help others forget the fact they stopped caring about their name so long ago to even remember it. They would hate to disappoint the few they consider family, but sometimes trouble just can't be helped. Caste + Seraph Mate + n/a
Dappledglacier & Emberbrand
Morningkit [ORCHID] + played by faeish A cold and collected she-cat. Her long thick coat consists mostly of orange, broken only by white on her muzzle and chest. Morningorchid is a quiet and proper she-cat that tends to keep others at a distance, physically and emotionally. She has a certain disdain for toms, always taking what they say with a grain of salt. Caste +seraph Mate + n/a
Jaguarghost's Litter
VELA / ELMKIT [HUSH] + played by goldcrest Outwardly, Vela is the calm, gentle waves of the sea, the lulling rock of a sailboat, the stars reflecting on the water, but just behind her glassy baby blues, a confusing, violent storm rages. Implemented as a young kit, raised under the cruel and powerful iron fist of her father, she learned early on to be seen and not heard, to be obedient, to be controlled. Love was cruelty, and cruelty was authority. Her self-worth was determined by how useful she could be, how many times she could jump when she was told. Beneath the gentle waves, beneath the storm, there is a world hidden from everyone, even herself— reefs of creativity, swimming thoughts and feelings and opinions, all kept locked in a special, sacred treasure chest, the key discarded, the X erased off the map. Without any guiding, demanding force in her sails, she is a motionless ship. Nothing and nobody. If there isn't anyone speaking for her she says no words at all. The need for control, for authority, has tied into her relationships and her need for love; they are intertwined, there is not one without the other. There has always been a sense of otherness about her, of isolation, solitude, confusion in the face of socialization. It was how she was raised, only knowing her siblings and her father. The outside world was as real as her dreams of it were, and she knew early on how to lock those away. There could be nothing more to her than complete and utter, silent devotion. Still, despite her struggling, despite her willpower, her gentle, optimistic nature is often present in the way she stares at the world around her with a quiet curiosity, the way she could find something good about every little thing, the way she loves love, the feeling, the idea. Truthfully, her dusty-grey, feathery pelt is only befitting to a kind soul, but there is a wariness to her elongated, sloped features, and often she can shift and shape them until they fit the perfect image of who she is supposed to be. Caste + Tarnished Littermates: Canes, Australis, Borealis MUTTKIT [SNARL] + played by ian If you refer to her and you expect her to respond (if you call her Muttsnarl, it will depend on her mood), you will call her by her birth name: Canes. Canes, the hunting dogs. In the constellation's mythology, the dogs snap at the heels of Ursa Major, the bear. The dogs chase the bear, a much larger and more dangerous opponent, around the North Celestial Pole, an endless pursuit of snarls and loud barks, even though death loomed because at any time, the bear could turn around. The dogs would be no match for the bear, yet they chase. This is an apt metaphor for the cat herself: a wild hunting dog who will snarl and snap and take no prisoner, completely devoid of the fear that cats feel to remain connected to their humanity. Fear is not an emotion she feels: in fact, there seem to only be two. The first mood is blood curdling rage, the kind of rage that makes her almost homicidal. This part of her is the part that weaponizes her claws, that forces cats to submit, that enforce her the rules of her father upon her siblings. This mood was carved into her, her rabidness prized because it left her tethered to Jaguarghost's will. After all, an attack dog needs a master to give her orders, to tell her what to guard. The other mood is only slightly better, closer to neutral, although kindness and gentleness are conceptualized as weakness in her head. Canes really stood no chance in becoming anything other than a sadistic little thing; any time she stepped out of line, she was quickly corrected. Out of all of her siblings, she was most willing to submit, most eager to accept his rule because she thought it would make her strong. Even if she hadn't been, though, even if she had been resistant to Jaguarghost's will, it would have still been unlikely that she would have been saved from this unstable, snapping state. After all, she looked like Aspenstar, from her small frame to her short white fur all the way to her mismatched eyes, a perfect replica produced completely by chance. It is unlikely her father would have treated her any differently once she opened her eyes; she would have always been groomed to be his right hand. She's accepted her role quite well, obsessed with living up to the former NightClan leader's honor. Caste + Tarnished Littermates: Vela, Australis, Borealis
Motherless Kits
Merrykit [FAIR]+ played by simplylight She has the looks of a beggar with large, innocent baby blue eyes and a light fawn coat that never seems well groomed. It seems as though she could want for nothing with that ragged babydoll appearance. The reality is that she wants everything. Merryfair is not a cat that settles. She is constantly changing like the seasons and adapts her personality to her surroundings. It is apparent to her that she could get her way, but she'd rather work for it, earn it with her own two paws. She's the kind of cat that will work herself sick, but for what reason? Her paths do not lead to clear goals so her desires keep moving forward but she keeps moving sporadically every direction. Caste + Snow Kitty Ravenkit [ROCK] + played by simplylight Calm [ kahm, kahlm ] - 2. (of the weather) pleasantly free from wind. At first glance, Ravenrock is not much. He's not the largest cat in the clan and not the kind of cat you would look at and say, "Oh yeah, he could murder someone." He's an average-sized soot-furred tom with a long, feathery coat and soft blue eyes. While most would see his weaknesses, he possesses a great strength. He is a cat that endures. Life has not always been easy, it's messy and depressing, but he is a lookout above the harsh storms, like a raven on a rock. Often mistaken as a quiet cat, he actually has an opinion on everything. He can be critical and witty all in the same moment of time, but never furious. It's as if he has a barrier around his emotions, keeping them in check but still able to have constructive conversation in the middle of an argument. His quiet voice cuts through the whirlwind of emotions flying about and anchors them back in. Caste + Snow Kitty Mate + No mate Yewkit [BERRY] + played by MorteAutumnal Listen to me girl, you have castles in your bones, coronets in your heart, if he threatens you with battle, you raise him a whole war, the last time I checked, Queens coward before no man." - Nikita Gill. Feather soft fur white as alabaster, fresh as the first snow fall of leaf bare. Eyes the dark and jaded green of new pine needles, winter lush yew, streaked in the gold of dawn and the fire that roars like a lioness in her heart. Yewberry has always been a curious and headstrong she-cat, often prone to wandering off in search of adventure. Her sharp tongue has a tendency to get her into a bit of trouble sometimes but she at least always has the good grace to apologize if she is wrong. She is a force to be reckoned with, with a fierce loyalty to her clan and kin and friends, unwavering in its blazing light. She knows she is destined for greatness. Caste + Grace
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Blackenedfrost + played by uniqcrim True to her position, Blackenedfrost is a true stereotypical ancient. Stubborn, sassy, old fashioned, argues with authority, and will not hesitate to bite your head off if you’re in her space or messing with what is hers. This she-cat is a strong believer of Starclan and the old ways of Winterclan, before there was a caste system and takes great pride in that. Her family is her pride and she will defend them with all that remains of her tooth and claws. Many wonder how she and her mate, Beavertwist, ever managed to make things work with such different personalities, but that is a story of many days past. She is a skinny black and white she-cat with light green blue eyes. Caste + Tarnished Mate + Beavertwist Brokensight + played by pao Life did not start out great for this tom. Born to Silentsnow on a stormy winter night, Brokensight and his sister Sacredbreath nearly died their very first night. Silentsnow passed halfway through birthing Sacredbreath, leading to Brokensight being born after she'd died. The medicine cat at the time had a race against time in order to save the kit's life. Pulling him from his mother's womb, the poor little tom arrived into the world with a broken paw. It would be moons before he'd be able to even walk on the paw, let alone dream of becoming a warrior. But dream the orphan did. He and his sister were not quiet about their desires to become strong WinterClan warriors, but alas, fate would intervene once again. The two siblings became apprentices just before the battle against Primal Instinct and participated in the battle once it came upon the clan. They proved their skills and their worth during the battle, both eligible to receive their warrior names following the end of the war. Brokensight would not receive his name for moons following the battle. He was stuck down in the last of the fight, blinded by an attacker from Primal Instinct. The grey and cream tom lost one eye that day and was partially blinded in the other. His dreams of being a full-fledge warrior were killed that day. But he was honorable in his discharge to the elders den and moved on in life with pride. His sight may be mostly gone, but the tom is still able to function around camp just fine. Once upon a time, his eyes were a beautiful green color, but now the one remaining eye is dull and resembling more to a blue-green coloring. Brokensight vows that if the camp was ever attacked, he'd defend it and all of his clan mates with his life; sight or no sight, it wouldn't matter to him. WinterClan is his home and he will defend it with his all. Caste + Seraph Mate +
Fierydaemon + played by Jetclaw The daughter of Burningsummer former leader of NightClan and Devilhorns of MoonClan. This proud she cat has fallen far from her pedestal she once had long ago when her mother ruled. Fierydaemon is a ginger and black tortoiseshell she cat with amber eyes that blaze with furious fire. The logic has faded replaced with an anger and irritation of being displaced and forgotten. Worsened by stumbling into WinterClan by mistake when she left SummerClan territory finding it beneath her. She regrets it now as she must live at the lowest rung in WinterClan's order. But her fire isn't about to be snuffed out by a little cold and trouble. She's made of sterner stuff, she'll endure, and she'll come out stronger. At least, that's what she hopes anyways. Caste + Snow kitty Mate + Crime + Trespassing on WinterClan's land
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