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Primal Instinct
We have risen from the ashes. For too long, our tarnished souls and ebony hearts have been denounced by the haughty clans. Vera E'tani revised the definition of what it means to be a cat of Primal Instinct. Now, no one is safe.
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Renegade Regime
Discipline is something taken very seriously here. Unity is what makes this group strong in mind, body, and soul. The tunnels may be dangerous, but we thrive there together.
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A semi-nomadic group with a focus on family, this small group of cats are prolific foragers and adapted to working with few resources. SwiftClan cats focus on working together and establishing communication with themselves and the other clans in order to survive.
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Revolutionary Groups
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Pride Month Adoptables - Revolutionary Groups Edition
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The Revolutionary Groups are comprised of Primal Instinct, Renegade Regime, and SwiftClan. All three groups have set up societies completely separate from the traditional Clans of Classic -- Primal Instinct in the massive dark woods and city far away from the other Clans, Renegade Regime in tunnels under the Clan territories, and SwiftClan who never lives in the same territory for long. Thus, their cultures are totally different from the expected Clan hierarchy. Renegade Regime has formed a complex military structure centered around several underground posts, and while they are often misunderstood, they are not evil. Primal Instinct, on the other hand, is a ruthless groups of cats and do not welcome newcomers, marking their borders with the blood of the unfortunate souls who crossed them. SwiftClan is a very peaceful clan allowing others to roam their lands and are almost pacifists in nature.
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