Welcome to WCC2’s 2021 Halloween Event! The goal in this event is to collect as many treats as possible. Treats can be used to redeem prizes through trading OR by collecting a certain amount to unlock special site & discord features (see below for more details).

So, now that you know what to do with treats, your next question has got to be “How the heck do I get them!?”

-Ways to collect treats:
-Create or reply to a thread
-Click on floating treat that will randomly appear on the site
Give compliments (Compliments give you a chance at earning a high number of treats!)
Set up a shop (See events below)

But be careful friends... Where there are treats there are also tricks.

Special Events
Prank War
This month there is no Clan OTM but instead HALLOWEEN Clan OTM! This award is given to the Clan who has successfully pranked the most other Clans. Any member of a Clan can go to another Clan and prank them by putting “PRANK” at the start of the thread title. In order for it to succeed, when the second person posts it will display a message. Prank or no prank. (a brand new feature created just for this event!) on their reply. Successful pranks will be recorded by posting them on THIS thread.
- Each of the current admins will post 3 open threads in the winning Clan’s board - that’s FIFTEEN THREADS!
-Two special adoptables threads will be created for the winning Clan with descriptions written by Faith and artwork by Racer.
- Announcements will be made on the main site’s homepage, site’s inbox and Discord to join the Halloween Clan OTM!
- Roleplayers that successfully manage to pull off 15 pranks before the event is over will be given a prankster role on discord!

Candy Collector
The user who has the most treats at the end gets an exclusive award displayed on their profile AND a bonus prize from Racer, details TBD!

Survive The Night Text Based Adventure
If your character survives the text based adventure they can participate in a special horror challenge to see who is the ultimate survivor. Winning gives you 150 treats to spend how ever you wish as well as a special Halloween Surrvivor role on our discord! Your adventure starts here!

Want to gather more treats while also taking from your competitors? Roleplayers can set up shops to get additional candy from their fellow roleplayers by providing services. Roleplayers can spend candy on these shops, or save their candy to try and get bigger prizes. To set up a shop, just create a thread under the general board title "____'S Halloween Shop", set your prices, and earn some treats.
Art: Draw your character
Bios: Write bios for you
Friend & Enemies: Gives you friends or enemies for your character to have in rp

Treat Raffle
Perhaps your are more the gambling type. You can also spend your treats on a raffle ticket to earn some awesome prizes! Raffle tickets cost 10 treats each, and the winners of the raffle will be decided by a rng on halloween night! To purchase a raffle ticket, click HERE! If you have a prize that you would like to donate to the raffle, contact Racer. Raffle Prizes:
- Get a drawing of your character by racer
- Get a drawing of your character by Jadie
- Dibs on a kit in Foxstar+Glowstar's upcoming litter
- Custom Discord role and color
- Pick out an emoji to add onto Classic's discord
- Disaster Master - the winner of this prize gets to pick a disaster to befall the next gathering
- Custom layout coded by cleaver - clan or character

Classic's Pumpkin Patch
Give a lineart image of a pumpkin and let people carve into it by drawing on it or coloring it as they please. Pumpkins get displayed on Classic

Art contest
Draw a wcc2 character in a costume. Winner decided by a google forum vote. Entries must be submitted by 10/27/2021 on THIS thread, and the winners will be announced on halloween night.
Your Candy
Site Collaboration
Site Collaboration
Work together as a site to unlock a special Halloween theme for Halloween night by collaboratively getting enough treats. If we are able to collect 5,000 treats as a site, a special halloween theme with a new site wide feature will be unlocked on halloween night.

No Clan Left Behind
Work together to get every clan above 50 contriubtions the week of halloween to win a special prize for the whole site! This prize is super top secret to be announced next sunday on the 24th!!!

Capture The Pumpkin
A special white and orange pumpkin has appeared, and all the clans and groups want to grab it for themselves. This is combination of a discord game, and a site-wide game. In order to steal the pumpkin you must figure out what clan currently has the pumpkin by looking on the Capture the Pumpkin discord channel.

To steal the pumpkin for your group, you must make a contribution in the clan that currently has the pumpkin and reply on "capture the pumpkin" discord channel 0with a link to that contribution and which clan has stolen the pumpkin. THe contribution must be made AFTER the clan has stolen the pumpkin. The first person to post on discord that they have stolen the pumpkin, gets the pumpkin for their clan. Whomever has the pumpkin at midnight on Halloween night wins!
The winning clan of the Capture The Pumpkin contest will win a new clan layout from one of the artists who have volunteered. Layouts take a lot of time and energy to create, so please respect the artist's rules and time. Eah artist on this list has agreed to make a clan layout, but you need to work with them. Layouts will be created at the artist's conveinence. Artists to choose from: achromatic, racer, cleaver, honeystorm.